boxed set Digi Cake Gift Pack of 4

I cannot believe it!

“I” Lauren Meader, computer challenged paper crafter made my very FIRST Digi card! The photo at the top is of the set of 4 I did, boxed together). Individual cards are shown below.

What is SO great about that?

Well Im so computer challenged, that its a miracle I can email, let only use a digi kit!

After seeing the stamp set  pre-view of Eat Cake on Nichole’s blog ——>here, I HAD to try it out.

She posted step by step directions for using these kits ——> HERE,

Let me tell you those visuals and everything were SO good even “I” could do it! Im a very visual person and often dont need/use directions I just pull it apart visually-so THANKS NICHOLE!! Your instructions were PERFECT!

I downloaded them all-after making sure I did the first one right.


I dont have a fancy editing software like Microsoft Word, but I DO have Word Pad. I know you can laugh-thats not even real editing software! LOL!

BUT you can still use these kits.

If you are like me and dont have it,  just follow Nichole’s directions in Chapter 1

then for chapter 2 here is what I had to do.

1) Went into my files and opened them up. As reccommened, I had created a seperate file for the Digi kits to make it easier to find

2) Right clicked on image I wanted-clicked “Open with” , then went to PAINT.

3) Clicked on image in paint, then Ctrl a, Ctrl c. (this means the control button plus the letter)

4) Opened a window with Word pad. Clicked in there, then did CTRL v.

Now you can make duplicate images (move cursor and click CTRL v again), or make the images smaller or larger-whatever you need! WAY COOL! Prints in seconds!!

I used my Papertrey Ink-White cardstock in my printer.

I made FOUR cards using the downloads from this free kit-

Eat Cake Digital Card Kit

ALL supplies are from Papertrey Ink Eat Cake Download (including patterned paper).

The cardstock was also Papertrey Ink White. I used flower punches and ribbon for other accents.

Here they are!

digi cake 1 1  digi cake 2  2   digi cake 3  3    digi cake 4  4

Just click on each photo for a larger view!

Pretty cool huh? I was quite proud. All 4 cards took 1 hour! That includes the printing and editing :D.

I had so much fun doing these.

Dont get me wrong -I still NEED my stamps! This was just a fun alternative. And since I want the new set-it tied me over a little bit till the 15th.

I made these for a friend who I bought a Digital Photo Calendar making kit. I thought I should make her cards digiatl too to show it can be easy. AND she can give them as gifts to everyone ;D

Thanks for looking. Let me know what you think-or if you tried it send me a link.

Did you see the Riendeer Kit? OMWord! I NEED that reindeer made into a stamp!!!

OK off to get the kids Christmas photos done.

Wish us LOTS of good smiles-at the same time!