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Pretty Palette #17

Jul 9, 2011 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, My Time Made Easy, Pretty Palette Challenge

Hi everyone!

I hope you have all had an enjoyable July! I’ve been a little MIA, as I usually am in the summer (except for release weeks) since my children are home from school and I try to get out almost daily. They are like fish this summer and long for the water, so my time is spent by some body of water, be it the town pool, a lake, beach or sprinkler park. I’m sure you are all much the same, as I.

So, this week I participated in the Pretty Palette Challenge #17!



Granted my entry is a very loose interpretation on the colors…but it was a start!

OK so its HEAVY on the orchid, but I couldn’t resist! I didn’t plan on all the yellow…but hey, it was the Palette that got me going. The Pretty Printables Digital Paper:Hearty Stripes © does have the navy and blue in it, so I cheated a bit!!

I used the Sheila Seahorse  from the  Underwater Wonderment  set (Sheila Seahorse <—also available in a single) as my main image. The swimming trail is actually from the Bee-Loved © set (available in both digi and acrylic), and the sentiment from one of my fave sets Sensational Sentiments © (available in both digi and acrylic), for my sentiment, which I thought was cute since the  seahorse is swimming along, off the card.

Well I hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend! I know our weekend is jam packed with a bunch of festivities.

You will want to check out the Pretty Palette Challenge today on the MTME BLOG—>HERE!

The colors were chosen in honor of the 4th of July!

Well in addition to team members partaking in the color challenge, several of us have yet another day of projects for you!

Today you will definitely want to visit:

  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Lisa Kind
  • Monique Hansen
  • Tangii Crain
  •  I am going to share another project idea with you using the Carry Clutch!

    $ale!(((SIGH))) I’m in love!!

    If I were sewing a handbag right now, these would be the colors for me 😀

    Obviously I was heavily swayed by this pattern paper from the Blooming with Elegance Pretty Printable Digital Paper Collection. I am just in love with the colors, and patterns in this collection.

    I think this pattern looks just like one I would by a handbag in 😀 I’m a HUGE Vera Bradley fan, so this reminds me of what I may find in her collection.

    As you can see, this time my clutch sides aren’t angled out, but slightly scored, to tuck in.

    Honestly I could make a million of these, each one different from the last. When I think of all the Pretty Printable Patterned Papersthat I could showcase! Way too fun! It’s the papercrafting version of sewing 😀 And its far quicker! LOL!

    Now for the purty lil’ details.

    The latch

    I had a bohemian style, fabric covered brad that was a perfect match to my Clutch design.

    You can use snaps, or magnetic closured for a realistic closure 😀

    Inside the Clutch…

    I used some of the Blooming with Elegance Pretty Printable Digital Paper. I just wanted a pretty printed bottom this time.

    The handle covers have bling centered brads for an upscale, and more elegant look.

    The tag was created using the purse, and $ale sentiment from the Money Well Spent ©  set.

    The pocket

    Upon creating this one, I wanted to add a pocket to the details. I previously had no need for a pocket, but then thought, why not?! So, I used the decorative mat layer from the Grab a Cup © template, and it was PERFECTION!!!

    I used THIS TUTORIALfor the faux stitching of my pocket! So easy, and a perfect look every time.

    I am going to be putting a gift card in the front pock (it’s a perfect fit :D) and then some sweet treats inside!

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates:

    Carry Clutch, Grab a Cup

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set:

    Money Well Spent

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper:

    Blooming with Elegance, Dainty Damask

    Thanks so much once again for stopping by!

    Tomorrow you won’t want to miss our Group Post: A Year in Review!

    See you then

    It’s almost July and that means that on the 1st My Time Made Easy ™ LLC will have another amazing release of coordinating products for you!!

    Each month gets better and better 😀

    This month we have 2 Pretty Packaging Templates, 1 amazing & unique Pretty Impressions Stamp Set, 2 Pretty Pieces Cut Files, and 3 Pretty Printables Digital Paper Collections!!

    Today we will be sharing a Group Post to peek some amazing projects that are being released tomorrow July 1st!

    Be sure you visit:

  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Kathryn Berthiaume
  • Katie Cotton
  • Lisa Kind
  • Monique Hansen
  • They each have some AMAZING projects that are sure to get your creative ideas flowing 😀

    Also be sure you check out the MTME Blog!!

    The Pretty Pattern Sketch Team has posted a NEW! Sketch and samples today! Also check out the latest from the Pretty Palette Color Team has done!

    Now let me share my project samples and some information about some of what we are releasing this month!

    Be Dazzled!

    I’m very excited to share this template and stamp set combination with you all!

    I designed a stamp set that was designed with the jewelry maker in mind, or those who love to gift it!

    The idea for this set came from a dear friend of mine Sonia, who makes and sells jewlery at Sonia Jung Designs! I have gotten many of her stunning creations from her store, and love to give them the proper presentation!

    The stamp set is called Be Dazzled , and I will get to the details on that, following the template information.

    The template is called For Keeps, and it offers a dual base option! So like another 2 for the price of 1!!

    Here is some info!

    For Keeps Pretty Packaging Template

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

     Completed Project Size:

    5 1/4 Inches Wide

    4 1/2 Inches Tall

    1 2/3 Inches Deep 

    Note: There are 2 box base options with this template. The lid features a stunning window option, which you can choose to use the window cut out, or just decorate the lid as desired.

     This Pretty Packaging was originally designed for you to package up those gifts that dazzle!

     This versatile box is sure to quickly become a favorite with its endless design options.

     The For Keeps Base 1

    This base features alterable cut out options, that allow you to display your gifts of jewelry (handcrafted or store bought) such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets or even rings.

    Alter the cut out options, as you see fit, to suit your gift!

    The lid fits perfectly over the top of the base.

    Due to the base angle, your items will fit inside perfectly.

    You an display items on one, or BOTH sides of this base!

    HOW FUN?!

    The optional window allows you to put your gifts that dazzle, on display!

    Here is a sample of this template, as seen above, ready for displaying a fabulous gift set:

    Isn’t this stunning?

    I wanted you to be able to see the printed window I created for the box window.

    I designed my label on the box using the Be Dazzled Set. Once I created/layered my images, I then printed the label on my transparency sheet!!!


    Yes! You can print (in color too!) on transparency sheets! I get mine at Target, and they are by Printworks.

    Look how clear and crisp my image is. I will do one with full color at some point soon to show you how cool this can be!

    Now onto the jewelry display…..

    Here I am displaying a necklace and earring gift set.

    The rest of the necklace hangs into the box base. The base open on the bottom, so you can easily manipulate everything.

    The jewelry is displayed on an angled base, so that these items lay nicely against it, and really showcase the items displayed  inside! It also allows your lid to slide over the top without getting stuck! 


    Now how cool it is that you can choose to design and display your gifts already packaged up, or remove the window so they can be surprised 😀 This is great for all of you out there her design/sell jewelry, especially at craft fairs! No more BORING jewelry boxes, that you already anticipate that there is jewelry in them before opening.

    This is a far more fashionable, functional and FUN way to present such dazzling creations.

     You can alter the cut outs to suit your project needs as well. 

    This base was altered to just hold earrings. The top is the same.

    You can then use the lid with the stunning window cut out, to display your gifts beautifully

     The window cut out was designed to coordinate with the Be Dazzled Pretty Impressions Stamp Set, and Be Dazzled Pretty Pieces Cut File. See the next project for details on that!

     The For Keeps Base 2

    This base is a boxed bottom, which is your 2nd base option.

    This option was created for those times you want to package something IN a box base! Not everyone wants to gift jewelry, and you may just need a super fun and functional gift box, so this is it 😀

    Simply put your gift inside.

    In this one I designed it a little differently, as my gift will fit IN the box base, instead of being on display.

     Now the gift ideas are truly endless.

     Be sure you check out the Be Dazzled Pretty Impressions Stamp Set, and Be Dazzled Pretty Pieces Cut File, as these were used in my samples today.

    Let me share the stamp set details now!

    Be Dazzled Digital Stamp Set of 39 Digital Images $12

    Have you longed for the perfect set of images to compliment and dress up your gifts that dazzle?

    Then this is the set for you!

    For all of you out there who make, sell, gift, or package handmade or even store bought jewelry, this is the set for you!

    There are many sentiments in the set to help you describe exactly what you have gifted/created.

    You can layer the sentiments and use them with the tag images in the set.

    Sentiments Include:




    Made With:


    10 K

    14 K

    18 K

    24 K


    Sterling Silver

















    One of a kind

    You’re a Gem!

    For a dazzling person

    There are some floral images and 2 labels within the set.

    Here is the close up view of the tag on one of my boxes:

    Isn’t this stunning?

    I love all flowers, and thought that this set could use a few flowers to accent the amazing set of sentiments.

    I just created my tag, then colored it with my Copic Markers!

    I used the same tag frame as in the transparency window project above, only on this one, I printed my floral label, adding the sentiment “For a dazzling person”, and cut it out using the Be Dazzled Pretty Pieces Cut File. The large label fits perfectly into the labels in the Be Dazzled Digital Stamp Set.

    The large label has many uses, but was made to perfectly accent and decorate your boxed gifts.

    The smaller tag (not shown here today) was made for you to label your gift item! It is perfectly sized to hang off your dazzling gift.

    You may want to check out the amazing For Keeps Pretty Packaging Template (shown above), as that was created to fabulously feature your dazzling gifts of jewelry, or other items you wish to package.

    Be sure you also check out the Be Dazzled Pretty Pieces Cut File, as it was designed to cut the 2 tags in this set.

    Here is some info on the tag:

    Be Dazzled Pretty Pieces Cut File $2.50

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    This is a set of 2 tags, designed to coordinate with the tag images from the Be Dazzled Pretty Impressions Stamp Set. These 2 tags are perfect for all your paper crafting needs be it for adding to your cards, frames, scrapbook pages, gifts, and of course any of your Pretty Packaging creations!


    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates:

    For Keeps

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set:

    Be Dazzled

    Pretty Pieces Cut File:

    Be Dazzled

    Well that is a lot to take in, in one day, so please come back tomorrow for our July Release, where you will be able to see even more projects and get all the details on our latest release. There is another template to share, and lots more ideas, so see you tomorrow!

    Time for a Sketch!

    May 12, 2011 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, My Time Made Easy, Pretty Palette Challenge

    OK It’s a miracle!

    I am actually posting a challenge, the day of the challenge 😀

    I’ve been running like crazy, so it feels good to be “on time”. I won’t mention that my post is still a little late today, but hey, I got it done didn’t I?! LOL!

    WARNING: This is going to be short & sweet!

    OK today we have the Pretty Pattern Sketch 09

    CLICK HERE for details and to enter your own creation 😀

    Now for my take on it!

    The Buzz

    I loved this sketch because it left you wide open for interpretation!

    Rather than use an image I chose to utilize the pattern of my Bee Mine © patterned paper.

    I put my bee from the Bee-Loved © ,  cut using the My Bee Loved © cut file. A little bling, bling on the bee body, and it was done.

    This card seriously took maybe 5 minutes to make 😀

    Gotta love it.

    OK I gotta run. I’m completing project for the June Release.

    In a few days we also have our May 15th Digital release, so come back to see what we have in store 😀

    Hi everyone!

    I hope you are having a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    Isn’t every day Mother’s Day? I mean in some way I know there is always a “moment” that makes me celebrate being a mom. Now that the kids are at the funnest of ages, 6, 8 and 11, they do their own things to make me feel special. I LOVE their handmade cards, poems, and gift ideas. Jay and I always make the kids pick out their own gifts, and its really cute to see what their idea of what they want you to have is 😀

    Well I’m going to keep this brief because I have the day planned for me 😀 I want to enjoy my children and I hope you enjoy yours (or your own mother,grandchildren, fur babies!).

    I went to see my mom in the hospital yesterday and we arrived home pretty late, so this is a little later than I intended. Sorry about that.

    So today we have our Pretty Palette Challenge.

    CLICK HERE to view the Pretty Palette 08 Challenge and add your creation!

    I SHOULD have made a Mother’s Day card, but wasn’t thinking about that as I was running crazy all week, so all I could think was COFFEE! Stay AWAKE! Must have energy! LOL!

    So here is my take:

    OK so I added chocolate to the color mix. I always view chocolate and black as neutrals and fair game to add to any color combo, just as white, and ivory are! LOL!

    Obviously this card uses all stamps 😀

    I LOVE the “To Go” coffee image from On Display 1 © ! I stamped, colored and cut it out several times, for some added dimension. The steam from the cut was done using the Fanciful Flourishes © set.

    I chose the sentiment in the upper right corner, and to make my pattern along the card bottom from the Fancy a Cuppa? © set.

    I just had fun with this, and went where inspiration took me 😀

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I’ll be back really soon.

    Be sure you check out ON THE BLOG, what the team did using this color palette!



    I’m back again today and the team and I have some more eye candy for you!

  • Catherine Doucette
  • Lisa Kind
  • Monique Hansen
  • So today I have some challenges to post that I needed to catch up on.

    My mom’s sugery which was Monday(she is doing well), the May release and kids vacation, as well as a vet emergency put me behind!

    Daisy, our 3 year old cockapoo, had the “pleasure” of diving into Alexa’s Easter Basket (which  Alexa had left on her bed). Daisy began vomitting in the morning, and the first time I thought she ate too fast. Then I found 2 more “episodes”, and realized that it looked like chocolate. I began to panic a little, and asked the kids if they left anything out. Amber informed me of Alexa’s mishap (thankfully) and upon inspection  of the evidence I realized Daisy had eaten an entire (large) box of Junior Mints (which are dark chocolate), 2 Reese Peanut Butter Easter Eggs, 2 (at least) Cadbury Chocolate creme eggs, and that is what I could tell.

    I called the vet immediately and he told me to give her 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide to further induce vomitting. While I didn’t think that would be neccessary(or that I could even do that) as she already seemed to get rid of a ton on her own, one look at her and you could actually tell she felt ill :C I had Noah help me as we took her outside. He helped me hold her down, so I could give her the peroxide. I used a child medicine spoon dispenser. It allowed me to get into the side of her mouth and pour it in through her teeth. She was clenched and I couldn’t force her jaw open, so I poured it into the side of her mouth. She drank it.Within 2 minutes, the amount to chocolate that came up was INSANE!

    We then had to rush her to the vet as it was determined she had eaten a leathal amount of dark chocolate. Daisy is only 12 lbs, so it only take an ounce, and she ate well ove that. There they induced more vomitting and gave her charcoal, as well as a few other things needed to be done. $564.80 cents later Daisy was OK.

    As we were leaving the vet, they offered to give each of the kids those Lindt Chocolate bunnies. I had to ask “Are you kidding me? I appreciate the offer, but no thank you. We’ve had our fill of chocolate for one year!”

    That was quite the expierience. Thank goodness we were home when it all happened. If something bad happened to Daisy I know Alexa would have felt awful, as she was very upset by the incident. Poor kid.

    Anyway….I have a few challenges to catch up on before we wrap up our last day of release projects, so let me share those with you now.

    Pretty Pattern 07

    CLICK HERE for details and to enter your creation!

    Here is my take on the sketch!

    Bright Day

    I used the NEW! Bee-Loved © set for my card!

    I colored the daisies with my Copic Markers, and added stickles to them. I cut the bee out using the My Bee Loved © cut file.

    I also used the spotlight technique by stamped the flower in white, onto my black base, and matching it up to the colored flower panel! Too fun.

    Next upis the Palette Challenge

    Pretty Palette 07

    CLICK HERE for details and to enter your creation!

    Celebrating you!

    I had a vision for this card some time ago, where I cut out the center of the All A Flutter © butterfly, and you can see the Fresh Cut Expressions © Collection 2 patterned paper underneath! I altered the colors to suit the challenge!

    Doesn’t that look so amazing? Too fun. I just scaled down the pattern and there you have it!

    I added the flower from the Bold Botanicals © set, colored to match my paper.

    The sentiment is from the Just For You © set.

     I actually made this for the Birthday Blog Hop for our team member Lisa, but failed to get it photographed and uploaded in time :C SORRY Lisa!!

    Well that is all for today.

    I’ll return tomorrow for our Group Post: A Year In Review!

    Hi everyone

    Checking in quick here.

    I hope you all had a fabulous Easter. I know my family did.

    I’ve been a bit more busy than usual with some family stuff, so wanted to pop by quickly.

    My mom’s surgery was rescheduled last minute to May 2nd, so everything in life has gotten shuffled around. I’ve been running around a lot, and the kids are on vacation. That being said this vacation will be packed with appointments, and a couple of fun trips to the Zoo, and Aquarium (or Museum of Science-whichever they choose). Then preparing for the next release, and my mom’s stuff to name a few things going on.

    That being said thought I’d share the next round of challenges here. Sadly I’ve not had time to partake, but the Sketch and Palette Team have really outdone themselves 😀

    Check it all out on the blog

    Pretty Pattern 06

    Pretty Palette 06

    OK I’ll be back with some fabulous new peeks at the May Release items on Friday!!

    See you then!

    HI everyone!

    Hope all is well with you all.

    Life has been quite the whirlwind here, but I am managing to get everything done that I need to, I think! LOL!

    Today I want to share my contribution to the Pretty Palette Challenge 04

    Use the KEYWORD MTMEPPC 04

    Click here to view the Pretty Palette Challenge 04 details, and enter your own creation 😀

    Now it’s my turn to share. Granted I’m a few days late, but better late than never right?

    I have to say I had the best of intentions, but it turns out my kids and life had intentions of their own, making my ability to finally post, later than I wanted!

    So without further delay…my card!

    A Happy Life

    Our friends are buying their first home the end of the month, and I wanted to send them a card, with a little gift card inside 😀

    I loved the colors for this weeks palette, and actually had other ideas, but this is what transpired as I began creating. Funny how that happens huh?

    I found that the Fresh Flowers © digital paper was the PERFECT match to the color combo 😀 So I used the flower pattern on my decorative panel layers.

    I also used the Pretty Patterns Sketch 04 for this!

    Click here to view sketch

    I chose to use the label from a Secret Surprise © for my layer. I cut it using the Secret Surprise Label ©.

     The house image from the Just For You ©  set, which I stamped, colored and cut, is for the additional layer to the right.

    The butterfly is from Tending The Garden © , the flutter trail is from Fanciful Flourishes © .

    My sentiment is from So Sentimental © ! I love it. It is the perfect sentiment for such a happy occasion.

    I made my “grass”, and patterned paper along the bottom of my card by using the Puckered Up Patterns © . So simple and fun. I love making my own patterns, and using unexpected stamps for regular things, like “grass”.

    So there you have my well intended card.

    Come back tomorrow because we have the next Pretty Palette Challenge, and the team and I will be peeking the new digital images, being released on the 15th (Friday)!

    See you then 😀

    How are you all enjoying the projects so far?

    Be sure to visit the MTME Blog for our latest Pretty Palette Challenge!

    I know I had a blast with everything this month 😀

    It’s funny how excited I feel every release. I always think THIS ONE is the best. Each new template has me head over heels and each month I get a new favorite! LOL! I think the best part is, each month when I go to link the product and I view MY STORE I think WOW! How did I ever come this far? It’s amazing really. Now I have an amazing library of gift packaging to use anytime I want to give a gift, and look amazing 😀 Seriously most people I gift these completed packages to never even care what is inside! LOL!

    Today we have a lot more to share with you so pay a visit to:

  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Tangii Crain
  • Well let’s start today off with some “repurposing”!

    I like to try to make everything as versatile as possible, and while not every single one CAN be, I have to say every element of the Keep It Template is useful 😀

    This particular template comes with 3 “templates” which are used to create the finished product Keep It. Each one as useful as the other. So,today I thought I would share a  new use for one of the three templates that come in the Keep It Template!

    A Stack of Drawers

    This is the drawer file, that is to be used on the bottom of the template!

    A very sweet 3 drawer gift set, complete with hand stamped patterned paper, pearl drawer pulls!

    Now think about the fun things you can package or sort/store in this beauty!

    Mini note cards

    Ghirardelli chocolate squares

    A photo box 😀

    Hair accessories

    Jewelry (especially handmade)

    craft supplies

    endless possibilities!

    I cut the 3 drawer bases in a gray cardstock, and the actual drawers in a lemon cardstock.

    I stacked the files (adhering them together) then made my decorative panels.

    I love the color combination of this, and the elegance of the finished product.

    This ribbon is actually quite stunning in person.

    It matches perfectly because it has the hues to yellow/gold as well as the hues of the gray/silver in there.

    My wire butterfly was the perfect little addition to this but you can add a charm, monogram tag, mini bird, flower, or whatever else you want to dream up.

    Now the paper!

    I made it myself,  by repeatedly stamping  one of the flower silhouette from the  Occasional Labels © set in a pale gray ink, then using my markers to color the flowers. I added a little more yellow to each bloom by using a dimensional gel pen!

    I also used a larger silhouette flower from the Framed Elegance © set. That was stamped in the same gray ink, but stamped off once, then restamped for a very subtle, but stunning “filler” in a larger scal, to take up some of the white space.

    Supplies from My Time Made Easy ™ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates: Keep It

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: Framed Elegance, Occasional Labels

    So I hope you liked my take on this template.

    I have another great idea to share tomorrow, so I hope to see you then!

    Hey everyone!

    Get your creative ideas going because
    I’m back with another Pretty Palette Challenge!!


    CLICK HERE for challenge details and to enter your submission.

    Now this was the little snippet you got on the MTME Blog 😀

    It is a sneaky peek at what is to be released for the April 15th Release!!

    I’m not giving you anything else, until then!

    ANY guesses??

    It can’t get much more fun than this 😀



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