Yes, I am FINALLY back!

I am a mom first, so my family has kept me really busy 😀 It is summer, so I like to get together with my friends and their children for frequent day trips with the kids. On top of that the dentist has kept us busy, and Amber recently go glasses! It’s been really crazy (as I expected since every summer is nowadays), and I’m taking whatever time I can to enjoy my family 😀 I will post photos after this release, I promise.

Sorry for my longer than expected absence, but there has been much to do for the August release, and even more for September! I’m very excited about the line up of sets and templates I have for the next few months! Things just get better and better!!! My brain is on overload now that I’m warming up back into crafting mode since our vacation earlier this month. I have to be honest the mojo was SLOW to return.

Now lets get to the long awaited eye-candy!

So get your coffee, tea, water, soda…or whatever beverage you fancy, because I have MUCH to share today.

It’s that time again! Project Peeks for the My Time Made Easy â„¢ LLC August 1st release are here! Note most products shown will not be available until that date.

At this point, I really feel like ANYTIME I make and share ANYTHING new its like Christmas for me!!! I can’t believe I’m able to share what I love with the world every month!

We are releasing a bunch of new stuff this month so be sure you stop by each day for the next 10 days!

TODAY if you want to see even more, you will definitely want to stop by and visit:

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  •  I am over the moon to bring you my first release peek using a NEW! template: Tote-All Package, and of course ad NEW! stamp set: Money Well Spent!! Details about both are within this post and of course will be on the website on August 1st.

    Today is all about the SHOPPING! One of my favorite things to do 😀

    So here is my sampling of new products.

    Tote-ally Priceless Gift Set


    Tote-All Package $5

    Completed Project Size

    6 1/2 Inches Wide

    6 Inches Tall

    1 3/4 Inches Deep

    Available in PDF, SVG, WPC. DXF, and GSD


    NOTE: Template is for the large tote. Mini tote was created using the original template, resized to be smaller using cutting machine software.

    Well the name says it all!!

    You can “tote” just anything you want in here! Plus it will be so stylish and FUN! This template truly is the Tote-All Package!

    Designed after some of my favorite fabric purse totes, I thought we could have a fun “gift bag” with some unique options! There is a sweet angled/tucked bottom that allows you some space for all sort of gifts! Let’s face it, sometimes you just need a awesome gift tote/bag. This is definitely “it”.

    The tote base is wonderful on its own-just add some sweet ribbon handles!

    This is the standard version:


    I love how this turned out. I used the Pretty Printable Digital Paper :Purse Patterns for my tote “fabric”. For the decorative stip I stamped the flower from Sensational Stems, with the circle image from the Just For You set to make my own pattern for the front of this.


    I think this look *just* like a fancy fabric bag you would purchase! Can you say…….H*E*A*V*E*N*!!!!!!

    Again this is styled after some of my favorite tote bags. Take a look–>here.

    This is the mini version, close up.


    I used the border image from Paper Pattern Pieces to create my decorative strip. I wanted the design to be similar to the large one and this was a perfect option!

    I resized my template (and all of it’s pieces) to be at 55% the original size. Its SO cute!!!! Now it is about 3 1/2 inches tall and 3 3/4 inches wide (at widest point).

    I wanted to take this basic tote template idea, and step it up a little by adding a fun flap closure (which is included and optional for use-I will show you ways many ways to use this template in the days to follow).

    Here you can see both of my tote bags, open.


    Because I used a knotted ribbon handle the tote lid is adhered up a little higher. This allows for easier closing and less bulk at the flap seam 😀 I do offer other tying options which you will soon see. I also include instructions for tying your ribbon handle with the template purchase. Wait until you see my super tying tip in there! Makes everything so much easier!

    I also decided to add a optional pocket, which can be used to hold a tag, or mini card. It also fits a gift card in there perfectly!

    Here is the back of the gift set:


    Here you can tuck a tag, gift card, or mini card (as I said above), or even some cash!

    While the pocket is totally optional it is also totally CUTE! (even if you do leave it empty! LOL!)

    I used the same stamps as on the front of each tote, to create the pocket decoration on each.

    This is the close up view of the large pocket:


    As I did on the front, I used the circle image from the Just For You set, and the flowers from the Sensational Stems set to create this pattern.

    Now for my mini tote:


    I put the hanging tag inside the pocket on this one. Super cute.

    This is the close up of the pocket on my mini tote:


    I used the border image from Paper Pattern Pieces to create this smaller version

    Whatever you fill this with it is sure to be “Tote-ally” fantastic!

    If you like shopping the Money Well Spent © set makes the perfect addition to this template!

    Now if you are wondering what this template looked like before all the fun stuff was added…..

    Here is what this set looked like BEFORE decorating


    I think it is important that as much of a project is as complete and as detailed as possible! It really makes all the difference in the world to a professional looking project.


    See the tucked in angles at the bottom? Just like a REAL tote.

    I think this template is perfect for using our Pretty Printable Digital Paper to create your OWN dual sided papers!! You can easily mix and match your own, as I did here.

    The outside of my tote used the Pretty Printable Digital Paper :Purse Patterns from our August Release.


    This (above) is the paper sample of the front and back, prior to assembly.

    Here is the INSIDE of the tote, using the Pretty Printable Digital Paper: Botanical Beauties: Candied Applejack (from the July Release).


    See mixing and matching is an AWESOME thing!

    I love being able to pick and choose WHAT patterns I want to use together, rather than having purchased dual sided patterned paper, with patterns already mixed together. I find I’m more apt to hoard papers that I love, till I no longer even like them, which leads to a huge waste of $$!! We have some AMAZING patterns so be sure to check them out —>HERE!

    View my tutorials HERE! There is one on using the digital paper, in case you have questions. We also have some FREE items on our site so you can try our products RISK FREE 😀

    Now let me share with you the HOW TO, on making the cool stitched flap!


    I used my Cricut (and Sure Cuts A Lot software) to cut my lid out from the sweetheart cardstock. I then wanted an additional layer in brown color, so I set up my cricut to cut out that layer, and made sure to add the flower cut out from Fanciful Flowers (which I resized to my liking).totelid.JPG

    BEFORE I CUT:I made sure to SHRINK my chocolate lid layer to 95%. I then went ahead and created my stitching layer (from white cardstock) by resizing another lid to be at 90%.


    Once that was done I layered the tracing template, onto my tote lid, and used removable adhesive to keep everything together!


     I then took a white singlo gel pen, and traced the lid outline, just like the photo above.


    After tracing the lid with the singlo gel pen, I use a paper piercer to poke holes along the edge, giving me a truly realistic stitched look, that is not only perfect but SUPER easy!


    Now once that was done, it is then layered to my main lid piece, where the pink base shows through to create he pink flower center.


    Isn’t that just so simply, yet so SWEET! I just embellished with buttons for my flower center and was done!

    Now lets get on to some of the details about the amazing images what were also used to create this set!


    (don’t worry-we do have some masculine images in the set as well!)

    Money Well Spent Set of 19 Images $20

    *Also available in digital format* $12

    This set has 3 coordinating cut files based on images within the set:

    Game On ©

    Purse-onality ©

    and Handy Man.

    (you will learn more about these soon!)

    Now to further your creativity in gift card giving I have several Pretty Packaging Templates and Cut Files that you can use to “dress up” those gift cards even further!

    Shop Til You Drop

    Tuck-ered Out

    Tote-All Package

    Lunch Box Love Notes

    I am one of those people who gives a lot of gift cards! They are the perfect gift for any occasion. My problem: never having the perfect stamp set to gift them. I also want the receiver to know that I still put a lot of time, thought and heart into their gift, even though they are doing the actual shopping.

    Well now the problem is solved! I have created a set of sentiments with coordinating images, that are perfect for every gift card giving occasion!

    Whether it is for a birthday, friend, shopping spree, home improvement, or a gamer, you will find the perfect sentiment to suit your needs! Combine this set with other images you may have and the possibilities are endless!

    One of the best features is that all of the letter “S”, are dollar signs 😀 I totally love that about this set.

    There is a large label in the set. This has a few benefits!

    1) It actually covers an actual gift card.

    2) It fits perfectly on top of the metal hinge top tins.

    Note: Metal Hinge Top Tin can be found here:

    3) When the images are stamped within the label they can look just like a credit card!

    4) Great for ANY age.

    Here is the super sweet gift card tin just to show you what I mean:


    Retail Therapy!

    Who doesn’t want, need and love a little of that?

    I so wanted even MORE ways to dress up the gift of shopping for everyone. Especially with the holidays fast around the corner (I know! I said “it”! Hate me all you want, but it is SO true, the holidays are going to come faster than you think!), this is a great set for such gifts ALL YEAR LONG!

    As you can see the label is the perfect fit for the tin, as well as the perfect cover of a gift card.

    I have to say I love all the little shopping elements. I had a hard time finalizing WHICH ONE’S would go on here! I LOVE the dollar symbol so you can add an amount if you like too.


    I obviously love haing things MATCHY MATCHY! That is what got me paper-crafting in the first place! My need to coordinating gifts/cards/tags.

    This is the gift card inside the tin:


    Seriously how super sassy, and cute, and totally re-giftable!!

    Sentiments include:

    Money Well $pent

    Retail Therapy


    Just a little something


    You’re Pricele$$

    Guilt Free $hopping $pree

    A Gift For You

    Game On

    Thought this may come in handy

    For a FAB Purse-on



    Now that is what I call HAPPY SHOPPING and gift giving!

    As you can see I took advantage of all the possibilities when I created my gift set today.

    Here is the mini tote again:


    I used the purse in the set for a tag I made myself just by cutting a rectangle, and using my hole punch to snip the sides 😀

    I added the shopping sentiments to the top, then added the “sale” sentiment. Easy peasy and oh so cute.

    This is the tag ( on the larger tote) I made for the Tote-All Package set


    As you can see I used the same tag like I made above, and this time I used the shopping cart image from the Money Well Spent set, and with a little masking-I added the present to the inside!! I think the possibilities for that are definitely endless!

    Now using the same “gift  boxes” I made this…..


    Using ALL the same elements as in the Tote-All Package set I made this tag using the Tag You’re It © Cut File.


    For this I used the same technique as above on my tote lid, for my tag.


    I think the gift packages are so cute and perfect for any celebration where a gift is in order 😀

    The bottom present is stamped, and cut out, then adhered with a dimensional for some 3D POP!

    I stamped the ” Just a little something ” sentiment from the Just For You set at the top. I love how it perfectly fits my tag!


    Supplies from My Time Made Easy â„¢ LLC

    Pretty Packaging Templates: Tote-All Package

    Pretty Impressions Stamp Set: Money Well Spent, Sensational Stems, Paper Pattern Pieces, Just For You

    Pretty Printable Digital Paper: Purse Patterns, Botanical Beauties: Candied Applejack

    Cardstock by Couture Cardstock: Ganache, Sweetheart, Blessings

    Ink: Sei, SU, and Momento

    Pretty Pieces Cut File: Fanciful Flowers (for flower cut out on tote flap), Tag You’re It ©

    Other: Buttons/ Brads by SU, Ribbon by May Arts, embroidery floss

    Well that is all for today! I still have much to share and so much to do, so I really hope you stop by and visit tomorrow to see what we have “in store” for you next!

    I appreciate you all for stopping by and if you have time letting me know your thoughts. Summer can be crazy busy and I have be AWOL so I appreciate you all for hanging in there with me as I battle the hazy crazy days of summer with my family and balancing a buisness 😀

    Enjoy your day.

    Until tomorrow.