Hi everyone

Checking in quick here.

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter. I know my family did.

I’ve been a bit more busy than usual with some family stuff, so wanted to pop by quickly.

My mom’s surgery was rescheduled last minute to May 2nd, so everything in life has gotten shuffled around. I’ve been running around a lot, and the kids are on vacation. That being said this vacation will be packed with appointments, and a couple of fun trips to the Zoo, and Aquarium (or Museum of Science-whichever they choose). Then preparing for the next release, and my mom’s stuff to name a few things going on.

That being said thought I’d share the next round of challenges here. Sadly I’ve not had time to partake, but the Sketch and Palette Team have really outdone themselves 😀

Check it all out on the blog

Pretty Pattern 06

Pretty Palette 06

OK I’ll be back with some fabulous new peeks at the May Release items on Friday!!

See you then!