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OH BOY! Where did my day go?

Sorry-I have just been as busy as a bee. My day totally got away from me, but I have come back (as promised) to post the Saturday My Time to Create Sketch Challenge for you all-if you need a starting point and inspiration to get creative this holiday weekend.

So here it is!

Sketch 35


If you have a chance to play please link your creation HERE

The top element is meant to be a open FRAME, but you are obviously allowed to interpret any way you see fit!

Here is my take on it-

Spooky lil cat


Isn’t this cat SOOOO cute? I loved coloring it yellow. These are your TYPICAL Halloween colors, and I can see why! They just work for the event! Sometimes we don’t need to reinvent the wheel and that is the case here. He looks like he is having a BLAST!

I loved the 3D pumpkin for his treats, popping out, and the fact that the glittery circle looks like the Halloween moon!

I used some felt web ribbon from Martha Stewart on this, and love the interest and texture it added!


This image is part of the NEW! C.C. Designs Release and it is called Halloween Candy

Check out the BLOG for you chance to WIN new release stamp sets!!

This set includes  5  (REALLY CUTE) rubber stamps attached to cling foam ready to be cut out.

Price: $12.50

Stamp set will be available Monday September 7th at 10:00pm est.

Now be sure to check out what the team made:

  • Alicia
  • Dana G
  • Jennifer
  • Kendra
  • Kristen
  • MacKenzie
  • Maria
  • Odette
  • Pam
  • Tamara Harder
  • Tracey Cuccia
  • Tomorrow we have a blog hop 😀 That will feature the C.C. Design team samples using the Fall Kit 😀

    Again sorry so late :C

    My Time for a Sketch!

    Aug 1, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch, Stampavie

    OK peeps, this is post 2 for today, so scroll down!

    I’m off to balloon rally, so I have be quick 😀

    Today’s challenge we have a sketch!


    If you get to play along please link here

    I will be featuring the TOP 5 on my blog next weekend, with a link to their blogs!

    This feature of the TOP 5, will be called My Time to Shine 😀 So I hope you find time to play 😀 This will also help others find new blogs full of talent, that they may not have seen before too! So rock it out girls!

    Here is my take on the sketch


    Ruffles Birdwatching

    I kept is clean and simple so the focus is on the main image 😀

    This adorable dog is from Helz Cuppleditch. I loved him peeking out of the Daffodils 😀 This was one of the images I colored while Jay was recovering in the hospital! LOL! Too fun. I then went on to find some simple, patterned paper, to complete to look!

    The Hi there sentiment is from Mega Mixed Messages

    Now its time to check out the team’s take on the sketch 

  • Alicia
  • Dana G
  • Dawn Easton
  • Jennifer
  • Kendra
  • Kristen
  • Lisa
  • MacKenzie
  • Maria
  • Odette
  • Pam
  • Tamara Harder
  • Tracey Cuccia
  •  They are all fabulously talented ladies! I feel blessed to have gotten to know each of them, and call them my friends 😀

    OK I’m off for the day!


    Hi everyone!

    Im running off to t-ball and stuff and wasn’t home at all yesterday, so this is a QUICKIE post that Ill come back and edit later! SORRY!! Duty calls

    Today’s challenge is a Sketch! Hope you like it.

    Here is the sketch 


    If you get a chance to play along link it HERE!!

    I’ll come back to edit this!

    Here is my peek! A VERY loose interpretation! LOL!


    Mine couldn’t fit all the way over! LOL! Same idea though, with some added touches.

    Stamp is from Stampavie Rachelle Anne Miller line-Rainy Days

    My umbrella is 3D too!

    Here are the My Time To Create Challenge Team Member Peeks:


    A HUGE thanks to Kristen who has really taken the lead roll and helping me keep organized! She did the icon for today!!!

    THANK YOU GIRL!!! I’d be so lost! My team has been fabulous, as are their peeks! So check them out 😀

    Check out their blogs for MORE!!

  • Dana G
  • Dawn Easton
  • Jennifer
  • Kristen
  • Lisa
  • MacKenzie
  • Maria
  • Odette
  • Pam
  • Tamara Harder
  • On a side note: Please pray for my friend ‘Alicias son Ethan 😀 According to his Caring Bridge site (whcih I just cannot even read -breaks me apart) they did NOT get good news about Ethan.  The disease progressed in his bone marrow.  They’re bringing him home and setting up supportive care.  


    Apr 22, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

    A month or so ago I was asked by Danni from Danni’s Dreams- to participate in her blog challenge called Flutter By Wednesday’s. She features a guest, so I figured-why not?

    Danni-knowing my LOVE for Butterflies/Fairies, was totally asking the right person! How could I say NO?

    I had fun taking time out of my INSANE schedule of events to “play”! We all need that. This is what its all about. I have been purchasing some Greeting Farm images (which I am just in complete LOVE with), and sadly they sit un-used. Waiting to be inked. So I knew NOW was the time to finally ink one up!

    So I used my Eva Fairy (I have a few more on the way! YEAH!)

    I like to call this Bliss


    She looks so happy, calm, and at ease. Like she took a deep breath of the fragrant flowers, and is enjoying her day. I’m am joining her! :D)

    I’m in love with the colors-ripe avocado, spring moss, teal, aqua, and melon berry-with some orangey color-that I don’t know the mane of but am loving too.

    I used my  Sketch 28 for this design, which really helped make things so much quicker. Sketches are always a great starting point. Happy I finally used my own sketch! LOL!!!

    Here is the my close-up


    I totally LOVE making images pop out of their little “box”. I think she looks like she’s flying right towards us.

    I’m happy with my coloring on this too. You can’t mess her up, she is SO cute!

    So that is all for this post.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Calling all Saturday Sketch Fans!

    Apr 17, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

    This is posted a bit early. 

    Time for a Change!

    It must be Spring Fever! Im so ready to change SOOOOO many things. I don’t know what I want to do. I’m so antsy.

    This is where YOU come in 😀

    Saturday Sketches! REVAMPED!

    Time to spice this up people!!

    I’m plain old BORED to death with the way the Saturday Sketches have been.

     If YOU have a suggestion as to what YOU want to see here- SPEAK UP!!! Let me know! I’m open. It can be other things you may want to see as well. I’m tired of the same ole, same ole, with the sketches. Now, don’t get me wrong,  I like the sketches but I want something more exciting. Maybe just a new outlook on them?

    So I’m hoping to give it another go, and get excited again, OR I may just end the weekly challenge. Not sure yet.

    Im thinking about a “Timeless Temp”, which is AKA-guest blogger to do a month of sketches, hosting one of their own, on the week of the Papertrey Ink release. That is my INSANE week. They would also take part in a inspiration challenge, which I will host here twice a month. Not sure yet. I’ll wait to see what the world thinks!

    What do you think about that?? Inspiration challenge? Yes… or NO?! Should I just do away with the sketches? Post occasionally instead, no team??

    I feel like there are SOOOOO many challenges already out there, why bother? Maybe just post more videos instead?! I dont know! I have so much I already do, I can just continue with that stuff.


     Depending on the feedback………if I continue the sketches……

    I am going to have another “design team” call for my Saturday Sketches. So, if you are interested, try one of the 3 sketches posted here today, and link it, you then need to put a note in the comments section that you want in!

    I’ll let you all know what direction I’m going Monday, for sure.

    PS- You don’t have to want to be part of the sketch team to par-take in the sketches this week OR leave a suggestion/comment!

    You dont need a blog-just a place to upload your creations!

    I will be rounding the team out to about 10 players. Some of the girls have gotten busy, and won’t be playing, so we need more players!

    Here are the requirements for the Saturday Sketch Team:

    *I need you to be able to post at least 3 Saturdays a month. Obviously family and life come first-so don’t STRESS if something comes up! Just let me know. I send you the sketches several at a time in advance, so plenty of time. Yes you can use it for design team work too!

    *I also want to include peeks of the team samples on my blog every week! This will let everyone see a PEEK at what they will find, when they visit YOU!  I’ll need a PEEK photo of your sketch by THURSDAY, each week!

    * You must link everyone on the team each week.

    * The LAST Saturday of every month  is a review of sketches! So you get to go and pick any older sketch you choose.

    So let’s get started! In case we move forward with this.

    Here is an OLDIE but GOODIE!


    This is the sketch I missed last week! YIKES! BAD HOST!


    This weeks sketch challenge


    Now link your creations HERE!

    I have some samples but will share later. Camera is dead, and I am dead tired! LOL!

    In the meantime, make sure you check out the sketch samples for this week:

    Dawn Easton

    MacKenzie Bruckler

    Maria Levine

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I appreciate the feedback too 😀

    Also check out Leigh Ann’s Blog! She has blog candy and is giving away a My Timeless Template!! Isn’t she cool! She loves them THAT much! Thanks Leigh Ann! You ROCK!

    OK Im off to bed.

    Yes! I AM here…and with lots to share

    Apr 6, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

    OK I have been flooded with emails asking me if I am OK!

    Thanks everyone 😀 I am doing alright. Just busy. Its nice to know you miss me when I’m “gone” :D.

    Maybe you forgot but I had a Wedding to go to for the weekend, and don’t think Jay would have been happy if I interuppted our SCARCE ALONE time weekend to BLOG or STAMP! He’s very good and patient with everything I have to do for “work and I felt he truly deserved my undivided attention-besides he OFFERED to take me shopping at the Christmas Tree Shop! Now THAT proves how happy he was! LOL! We don’t have one around here, so it was REALLY fun to go (on his dime of course! LOL!) and have him not be annoyed with me OH-ing and AH-ing over everything. He actually said at one point-Are they filming you right now?! You sound JUST like the commercials! LOL!

    Anyway-the Wedding was FABULOUS! We had a SUPER time!

    Here we are with the Bride & Groom!


    I know you are waiting of photos my version of the PERFECT “little black dress”.

    As you can see, shocker-I didn’t find anything in black, but I did find one in a deep eggplant! My favorite color!


    This baby zipped up and ended up being a little big 😀 I had to pin it 😀 LOVE THAT! To be 5’10 and have 3 kids, then PIN your dress cause its too big ROCKS. Especially when just days before it was too tight from the surgery. All that NOT eatting anything other than fruit paid off! LOL!

    I have to say its a BAD angle! LOL! The top is a little LOW, but it was as good as it was going to get!


    I was TRYING to have you see the side details!

    I’m obviously not a good poser! I felt SO ridiculous, and the stance is horrifying.

    And here I am modeling the luggage on the floor! LOL!


    But, despite is all, I loved the dress and got LOTS of compliments in it. A compliment from WOMEN is like a thousand compliments from ONE guy, in my opinion! LOL!

    The dress kind of sweeps to the side, hence the gathering. It was very comfortable and I felt GOOD in it. When you feel good in what you are wearing you look even better I think. You exude confidence. So buy stuff you feel great in!! Even if you are pickin the kids up from school. It makes a difference.

    I made Jay match me. He definitely got harassed by his friends for it too! LOL! But I think we looked super cute 😀

    Here is a photo of us the WE took! LOL!


    Here we are!!

    I used a self tanning lotion! What so you think? Thank the good lord the SPOTS go absorbed. It was a self tanning disater! LOL! I was all brown and splotchy the first 2 days. I was going to look like a leopard. I put the first day layer on with gloves so I wouldn’t get orange palms-NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! Anyway its lookin real good now.
    I’m not entirely sure how I feel about puttin on a LOTION that can change the pigment of your skin for a week with ONE application! Does that idea not freak anyone else out? I guess its better than getting skin cancer!

    Then this is one someone else took


    I straightened my hair, and had curled it with an iron. I swept half of it to the side, and wrapped the ponytail with my hair. Something different. I can see how people have the SAME hair for 20 years. Its hard to break out of your comfort zone. It also doesn’t help when you hubby doesn’t like your hair, styled differently, until his friends say its HOT! LOL! Suddenly what was “OK” is NOW amazing.

    Now my hair is naturally curly so usually take the curl AWESOME! NOT this time. I have NO IDEA what happened (maybe my age! LOL!) but the curl just FELL out! GRR!!! Oh well. I think it still looked OK. I just kept TWIRLING my side pony to make it more elegant. I have no idea.

    I am VERY behind on my work! My 2 weeks of surgery stuff and sick kids has really slowed me down. I have my post surgery appointment today-hopefully I get the A.O.K to work out again because I ate MORE food at that Wedding in a few hours than I normally eat in a WEEK! LOL! I kid you not. People said WHERE are you putting it?! LOL! I hadn’t eaten much in 2 weeks so I was starving! LOL!

    Anyway-let me fill you in on what I am behind in! LOL!


    All That Scraps is having their Stamp release today!! (I do have MORE samples, but will post later in the week)

    They have 4 sets!

    Ladybug Friends, Tweeties (my fave), Ginger Snaps Celebrate, and AmyR Birthday Sentiments

    Check out the BLOG



    Also Stampavie is now having a bi-monthly challenge! There is BLOG CANDY involved!! Check out—> the BLOG I didn’t get mine done :C I CONFUSED the sketch and the next challenge (don’t take pain meds and MAKE your stuff! Not a good mixer) so I have to re-do it using the the SKETCH! LOL! Oh lordy!

    AND I still have my last weeks sketch too! OYE!

    So I will get to that.

    OH speaking of sketches……I forgot mine too! LOL!

      Only I DID get a card done for this week. Just didn’t get to post it.

    My sketch team must want to scream! LOL! Sorry girls!! I just can’t keep up with myself these days.

    Check out their take on the sketch too

  • Dawn Easton
  • Kendra
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • mytimess29.png

    Sketch 29!

    Hope you give it whirl-link it up here!

    Now for MY sample! 

    This uses a NEW!! set I bought from The Greeting Farm called Forest Friends.I LOVE their stuff, but hadn’t bought anything yet! Then I saw this one so I had to cave !


    I just got some PRETTY patterned paper from American Crafts, and thought it would be a fun pairing for my card here.

    I cut out the owl and his branch and made it work.

    I made the cute little flower-to match the “circle” theme from the paper.


    I obviously changed up my version of the sketch a bit, but that is the FUN of it!

    Now for tomorrow-I am participating in a Blog Hop for JustRite Stampers!

    I will share the GIFT BOX I made for the Bride & Groom! It is GORGEOUS!!! I was immediately asked by the hotel events coordinator if I would make them for them to sell! Um, NO! LOL! Im too busy. But that is how ROCKIN it was 😀

    OK I have a lot more to do and share, but it has to wait. DEADLINES! DEADLINES! DEADLINES!

    Till tomorrow

    Hi everyone Im back! Loopy but here.

    So here is the scoop.

    I was of course REALLY freaking out yesterday. After I typed my post the hospital called to see if I could come in ASAP, since their big surgery got cancelled. It was a very long surgery and all I could thing was either

    a) The person had it done sooner due to emergency


    b) they died!


    So I figured if I got in sooner I wouldn’t need to keep freakin out, and I may get to actually go home and sleep in my bed.

    Problem was I had 2 kids home sick so HOW was I going to get there EARLY?! My mom wasn’t coming till 11am

    Well by fate, my dearest friend Paulette called because she was working from home due to a migraine that hit her  the night before. She popped in on my blog and read how I was feeling, so she called to check in on me. Well being the sweetest person in the world that she is, she came down to take care of the kids so I could go early. Then my mom would get here to relieve her.

    I showed up at the hospital about 10am and they whipped me together in like 15 minutes.

     I asked about the catheter and the doctor said as long as I pee before I go in, no need! WHEW! I was all in a tizzy for nothing.

     I have to say I really like the doctor I had. He is amazing. Definitely the kind of guy you want doing your surgery.

    Before I went in he said “Are you in the mindset of staying here or going home?”

    I said Listen I pushed out 3 kids, all 9lbs, with the first I discharged myself AMA 5 hours after giving birth so I could be with my baby, then with the other 2 I was quickly up and running. I think I can go home. I’ll see how I feel, but that is my goal.”

     I had the staff rolling with my talking about my feelings and funny thoughts of surgery and all kinds of other funny stuff. It was great. I told then if they nicked my Vegas nerve I wasn’t going to be happy and a few other funny things as we all waited.

    Next thing I know Im off to the OR.

    They give you something to sedate you as you go in. So you start getting loopy. I must have been REALLY funny because while I don’t remember what I said but Jay and everyone else was laughing hysterically, and I said I think I better stop talking at this point.

    They put these leg things on me, and after only one leg, all I remember is looking at the ceiling. I don’t even remember closing my eyes. Then I hear Lauren time to wake up!

    I was SERIOUSLY- kid you not, dreaming about a template!

    I woke up and said ” I’m awake whats wrong?”

     They said “nothing we just needed you to wake up. You did great.”

    What! Its done?

    “Yes, its all done. In a few minutes we will call your husband for a shirt visit.” 

    I said “Do I have to stay awake?”

    They said “No!”

    I then said “You just interrupted a really important dream. My template was almost done! Now I don’t know how to finish it”

    They guy was very confused! LOL! Anyway I couldn’t keep my eyes open to save my life. I never felt so tired.

    Then all of the sudden I felt the PAIN and VERY itchy all over my body.

    I was having an allergic reaction to the pain med. So after some Epi I was fine I guess.

    I have 4 holes in my body.

    The doctor asked if I had been really tired the last few days, and I said yes why? He said my gall bladder was getting infected!! Good thing we had it out when we did.

    Then lots more pain meds. Whats amusing is the pain in my should was far worse than the abdominal pain, for the most part.

    Are you all familiar with Clog dancing?

    Well that is what my abdomen feels like! That a line of clog dancers happily trotted across my body, one at a time! LOL! It actually feels like when you have the wind knocked out of you and can’t really breath. I love to sleep on my side, and no matter what side it HURTS-alot.

    Im happily living on 2 vicodin every 4 hours-and that is RARE for me to take meds.

    I have actually decided that my FUTURE idea of gettin a tummy tuck, will never happen! LOL! I only have 4 holes in my body, and feel like this, I can’t imagine a HUGE scar like the one from a tummy tuck.

    Anyway…..I was able to go home at about 5:30! So surgery at 11 home by 6pm! The staff was in shock! LOL! But that is where my healthy eatting and exercising come into play.

    I loved hearing the doctor say ” You had no fat to go through so it was so quick and easy”

    I asked him to repeat that to me! LOL!

    Then one of the nurses was like “Holy cow your legs are so skinny. I can’t believe you had 3 kids” I was in HEAVEN!! I work out so hard now, and those were words I never thought I’d hear! LOL! I could have lived there! LOL!

    Anyway so far so good. Jason is taking amazing care of me. At one point he joked about getting a picture of me in the hospital for my blog! NICE!!!

    My mom came to care for the kids, and cleaned my house! THANKS MOM! She also made a killer dinner with lots of yummy homemade bread, and gave the kids a bath. Aren’t moms great!

    My neighbor is making me dinner tonight! Isn’t that sweet.

    I feel so loved.

    Then I pop on to check my emails and I have hundreds of get well wishes and over a hundred on my blog! WOW!

    Thanks everyone. You made a girl feel special.

    OK Im getting tired and am in pain so Im signing off- below this I began typing before surgery. I don’t have the ability to go into details.

    Back to bed for me, but thanks again for everything


    I don’t know if you remember, but the last Saturday of every month here, we are going to just do a sketch Review! That means you get to browse the OLD sketches and pick one you like or that inspired you!

    I now have a Saturday Sketch page for you EASY viewing (thanks Sara!!) and my NEW! Badge! So if you want one, just click and you will be able to get the “code” for your sidebar.

    If you get to play this week send a link here

    I STILL have to do last weeks. Sorry I’ll get to that one!

    But for this week I loved Sketch 20


    So I used it again

    I’m sitting here WAVING hi!


    This little piggy says HI!

    My layers are a little different, but I think its adorable. I colored with my Copic markers of course

    Paper is Papertrey Ink, and patterned paper is by Chatterbox

    This is ANOTHER NEW! Release to come, from Stampavie-Rachelle Anne Miller Spring collection called Happy Piggies. I LOVE them.

    Im not going into all the details as I NEED to get back to bed.

    SO thank you for the well wishes and stopping by!!

    No promises for a post tomorrow.

    I am definitely taking my time to recover so I don’t end up with a complication.

    I just can’t do it all!

    Mar 20, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

    OK so my gallbladder attack REALLY put a lurch in my stamp time!

    What little time I did have, I had to prep for Stamp New England (Im most likely there by the time-you read this-Saturday Class! Ill post video/photos soon!!!) and JUST got done at 10pm (Friday)I cant wait to meet everyone!

    I also spent the day at the doctors and getting info on my surgery for my gallbladder removal on Friday! Everything looks good for that process, but Ill be living on a VERY BLAND diet till then. I will have it done laproscopically. I don’t HAVE to have the surgery but it is highly recommended as I have TONS of stones!! My doctor said another attack is HIGHLY probable as this has started quite some time ago. I don’t want to live like this any longer than necessary-and the thought of another episode BEYOND freaks me out.

    Ill have an afternoon procedure so they want to keep me overnight-especially since I never had any surgery or history of any healthy issues they want to be cautious.

    Anyway-All that being said Im so happy to read I’m not alone! Thanks for the kind words and sharing tips and your own experiences and advice! Needed it all.

     Well that brings me to the “I can’t do it all!” part
    I have a sketch but NO sample :C I will definitely get one done this week-promise!

    I have a huge to-do list before Im out of commission for several days. Im going INSANE just thinking about it.

    OK onto the sketch. Im really tired and need to go.

    The keyword is mytimess28


    I hope you get to play along!!
    Link it HERE!!

    Check out the team!!

  • Dawn Easton
  • Kendra
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • Lastly-thanks for stopping by and making my day

    I can’t wait to see YOUR take on the sketch and share the fun we had at the class!

    Till tomorrow-

    Sketch 27-A RAK request

    Mar 14, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

    NOTE: This is POST #2 for today!  Don’t miss my template peeks below this post!!


    OH BOY! I need to NOT do sketches when Im in the middle of a template/Papertrey Ink release! YIKES! This is so much more work. Its KILLING me! LOL!

    But todays post is well worth it

    Anywho………………(a term I get from my mom! LOL!)

    If possible, I would like for us to use this weeks Saturday Sketch to RAK my dear friend Alicia and her family. If you aren’t aware her son has caner (you can read that by clicking the link I provided) and they could use some cheer!!

    I have already gotten so many emails for her address already (thanks), but if you need it Email me .

    Granted you don’t HAVE to use this as a RAK but if you were stumped for a starting plcae this is it!

    Thank you in advance for the RAKS, prayers and wishes for the Weiman family. It personally had touched my life and my heart.

    Alicia will be obviously taking a break from the sketches to be with her son as they go through a very difficult time.

    I DO have an Ethan update for you! Im so happy Alicia has found time to keep me posted.

    You may know Ethan received a barn with 2 horses from Make A Wish. I believe a week or so before Christmas his favorite horse passed away! Isn’t that terrible!! Anyway, Make A Wish just sent him a NEW! Horse on Thursday (I think) and he is just over the moon happy. It really warmed my heart to read that.

    Ethan deserves for his life to be blessed and a miracle to happen. Thats what I am praying for.

    I made a couple cards for Ethan, Ava and the parents (I have to wait to share some as they are upcoming releases!).

    So with all that being said here is your sketch! It would be great flipped too!


    Keyword mytimess27

    Be sure to link your creation here!!

    Now here is my card for Alicia and Dave using the NEW! Papertrey Ink– Wishing You set:


    I found this to really help me convey my feelings for this family.

    I wanted something cheery. Like a ray of sunshine in the mail. A paper hug, from my family to theirs!

    I took several of the sentiments in the set, and grouped them into my card front. I love how this turned out.


    Th tulip is 3D, as is the dragonfly.

    I love the colors that I pulled from my SU! paper.

    I LOVE tulips! They are my favorite flower.


    This is what the Tulip means:

    The meaning of tulips is generally perfect love. Like many flowers, different colors of tulips also often carry their own significance. Red tulips are most strongly associated with true love, while purple symbolizes royalty. The meaning of yellow tulips has evolved somewhat, from once representing hopeless love to now being a common expression for cheerful thoughts and sunshine. White tulips are used to claim worthiness or to send a message of forgiveness. Variegated tulips, once among the most popular varieties due to their striking color patterns, represent beautiful eyes.

    Instead of a flower I used buttons.

    I think its cute. I needed something there, just wasn’t sure WHAT.

    Now don’t miss the samples from the Sketch Team!

  • Dawn Easton
  • Kendra
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • I can’t wait to see your take on this!!

    Ill see you later tonight at the release party.

    In the meantime don’t miss Nichole’s blog as well as

    Becky Oehlers

    Lisa Johnson

    Melissa Bickford

    and last but not least  Maggie’sblog, as this is her last release with us as a Distinguished Guest Designer! 

    She really rocked it out I think.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    See you tonight at the release party!

    Saturday! My favorite day of the week!  Watch out because Im LONG winded today

    I have been creating up a storm here, and my mojo is on FULL SPEED AHEAD!

    In creative mode I took a leap of insanity! This leads into my ” life is cruel “spiel.

    On  huge whim I chopped over 8 inches OFF MY HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It hasn’t been this short since I was 12! Granted it was almost at my waist so its not BOY hair, but to me its close! LOL!

     Im freaking out a bit, I must say. You’ll see it in my next video. I want to die! LOL!!! I don’t know what came over me. I knew it needed a TRIM, so I started, then just kept CHOPPING. I mean CHANGE isn’t that bad right?

    After I was done, I went to get some retail therapy to heal my upset over my poor hair episode! It was better than eatting the HUNDRED plus candy bars we have to sell for t-ball!! More of the life is cruel rant……

    Now we are talking 112-KING SIZE yum-a-licious candy bars-Take 5 (my fave), Caramellos (OMW! another fave) Kit Kats, Reese Peanut butter cups, Hersheys’ and Hershey’s with Almonds.

    LIFE can be so cruel sometimes! Can it get much worse in the area of temptation? Add PMS to the mix and forget it!

     Not only is it EASTER candy time (my weakest time of year because of Cadbury Cream egge, and the Cadbury mini eggs which ONLY come out at Easter), but I get stuck with these 2 huge boxes of candy. NOT COOL!!! 

    I work out EVERYDAY! I have worked SOOO hard to get healthy, and avoid BINGING on candy! I’d probably get SICK-literally from the chocolate if I even attempted it.

    have lost 62lbs and fit into my pre-kid clothes! I’m starting to get those 6 pack abs!! YEAH! I see definition starting! I have a “2 pack”! LOL! My stomach is flat-arms toned, thighs tight!! My butt looks good, and I can slip on a size 7! For being 5’10 -30 years old, and having 3 kids, thats awesome in my book! I REFUSE to let myself break down and feed (literally) into the temptation of those candy bars. I may have to lock them up, but I am not going to do it.

    I had ONE Take 5 yesterday-after the box starred at me for almost a WEEK, and swear that is my limit!! I’m ready to raffle them off here, just to get rid of them.

    This is what happens when you put TWO kids in t-ball. Not only do you have to pay $30 per child to register, but you then have to SELL 56 candy bars PER kid! If you don’t, you STILL have to pay for the box!

    With the economy being so bad I think thats a little insane! Its basically costing $86 per kid to play baseball! Now MY kids aren’t old enough for “baseball camp” and other stuff. We are talking, whack the ball off a TEE kind of baseball. Can’t cost THAT much.

    Anywho, can you tell Im stressed?!

    If I can’t sell both boxes (we have to pay for them anyway) Im totally doing a LITERAL Blog Candy here! I’ll keep you posted!

    I took a quick break to blog, and share the sketch for this week with you all.

    I know! Did you forget that was the point of my post! LOL! Boy did I get off track today.


     CLICK ON Mister Linky below to add your link!


    Now if you blog hop you will know that Mister Linky is become QUITE popular! So I am jumping aboard and giving him a go. I think this feature will also help YOU blog hop to see other peoples versions of the sketch, each week!

     Now MY Mister Linky is a bit different! I did join the membership, so I can have the “usual” Mister Linky you see everywhere else. BUT, I have to have a special template enabled on my blog template, before I can post that style of Mister Linky. So I hope to get that going next week. Its up to the blog powers that be-when they have time.


    Now for those of you who blog, and are more FRUGAL 😀 I found there is a FREE version! YEAH! Who doesn’t love free right??

    That is the version I have installed here on my blog!

    Does the SAME thing-just click it to add and view the links. Now they are all in one place, just pop up on a separate page.

    Again this is the FREE version, and the other one will get installed here soon.

    OK now onto the sketch!

    I am so in love with it. I do want to take more time to make a few more, but have “work” to get done first.

    Its  Keyword mytimess26


    Happiness is…

    I in going to say “I love” a lot in the post I think! LOL!

    I Love the outcome of this card!

    I also love that I used 4 different stamp sets to get 1 complete look.

     I used With Sympathy,on the base, and the scallop panel. I love the swirlyness of it. I added some flowers from Honey Bees.I actually like pulling flowers from various sets for adding to the vine, rather than using the ones that come IN the set! LOL!! You really should try mixing up your sets and maximizing the look. You don’t HAVE to stick to ONLY the images that come in a set. Take some creative liberty and try to mix and match. You will have so much fun if you do that.

    I also used the PTI anniversary set, Everyday Classics. That can be seen HERE! I love the bird in that set, and found it was perfect for this too. The sentiment is from Tags for Spring. Another FAB set.

    I adore the monochromatic feel this has. The monchromatic look is always a great way to go if

    1) you are in a color rut!

     2) have limited time

    3) limited supplies

    4) want to quickly mass produce a card set-that matches perfectly

    5) want a striking look-easily!

    I got this combo idea from my GORGEOUS dark pink new ribbon from —->My Little Ribbon Shop

    The colors in this particular ribbon match Papertrey Ink Berry Sorbet cardstock, and then Stampin Up! Cranberry Crisp.

    Its been a LONG time since I ordered ribbon, and have been sick of the ones I already have, so I ordered a few to spice up my collection 😀 I got my order in 2 days! That was way quick!

    Anywho, thats for stopping by, and I hope you try Mister Linky to add YOUR take on the sketch today.

    Don’t miss what the Sketch Team did

  • Alicia Weimen
  • Dawn Easton
  • Kendra
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • I’m heading back to the stamp cave 😀 I hope to get my template peeks done (WHEW!!) and 2 videos this weekend.

    That should all keep my mind OFF the candy!

    On a side note I have some new workout videos Im loving!! Since I talked so much about candy, I better discuss working out too! LOL!

    One video I LOVE-Jason got me called Skinny B*tch  (I got the body one)

    ( I know-not a nice name :C, and they do swear on the video, so if this language offends you, you won’t want to purchase it (or do it when the kids are home from school!!)) I will say that are pretty amusing during the workout (not the swearing part! LOL! Just the talking)

    This is a fabulous workout! Talk about targeting areas I didn’t know existed even with other videos! That is great!! You want to keep your body guessing and always work new areas. I like that they are like 20 minute segments for particular “areas’. Its a great 6am workout (which is when I do it-pre-coffee too!). You aren’t JUMPING around, but get a amazing workout. Really works those are to tone areas. I think you can do it not matter what your fitness level is. I do have to say they are fabulous with the INSTRUCTIONS on HOW you do the exercises-you just gotta follow along and pick up where you can. You will get the moves on some after a few times doing the video. Like most, I say just go at your own pace, do what you can, and if you don’t make it through ALL of exercises just keep trying to improve!

     Remember you don’t NEED to got the the gym to work out and get HEALTHY (remember NO DIETS! Diets are temporary and don’t really work long term for a reason!) Just make Healthier choices!

    You can do it.

     Now another I love is Denise Austin 5 minute Target Toners!

    (Now Im not saying that I don’t still LOVE Mitch Gaylords workout! I do, and he still visits me once a week or so-but I need to mix it up or Ill get BORED!)

    You MUST know WHO Denise Austin is! She has been around since I was a kid! My mom use to get up at 6am and do her workouts by the beach! LOL! I remember it like it was yesterday! LOL! All I can say is if THIS workout is what she does, to look THAT HOT at her age, count me in!!! She is in killer shape and has had 2 kids. When I grow up I want to be Denise Austin! LOL!

    Another FABULOUS one-excellent for everyone! No jumping around either. Works on TARGETING those hard to tone areas. I swear she is the reason I lost another 4lbs, and 1 inch off my waist! I do her videos at 6 am too!

    Now if you are going to TRY to tell my you can’t find 5 minutes in a day to get some areas worked on, YOU are only fooling yourself!

    You can pick ONE area to work out, customize your workout, OR work the GROUP of a certain area-like Upper body lower body. it will group the workouts to target that area. I usually to the GROUP (so a whopping 25 minute workout) and alternate what parts I work each day.

    The downfall-she talks in tune with the music and its a little weird at first! LOL! The first time I did this work I laughed more than I worked out because of the way she spoke through it. Basically its a current version of a workout vid-you’d expect to see in the 1980’s. If you get it you will see what I mean.

    I can tell you, its worth every penny. Especially her ab workout and waist cincher! LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK now Im really going! I hope if you set some goals for yourself you are working on them DAILY! Its like AA. You need to work on it daily, one day at a time! LOL! Avoiding each temptation as it comes. Choose better snack foods and keep yourself “full” so you don’t BINGE!

    On a quick side note…anyone else’s kids KILLING eachother these days? Or is it just mine?

    If I didn’t chop my hair off I’d have surely pulled it all out by now. Where is SPRING?!!

    OK, really going now.

    Until tomorrow…….

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