OK I have been flooded with emails asking me if I am OK!

Thanks everyone 😀 I am doing alright. Just busy. Its nice to know you miss me when I’m “gone” :D.

Maybe you forgot but I had a Wedding to go to for the weekend, and don’t think Jay would have been happy if I interuppted our SCARCE ALONE time weekend to BLOG or STAMP! He’s very good and patient with everything I have to do for “work and I felt he truly deserved my undivided attention-besides he OFFERED to take me shopping at the Christmas Tree Shop! Now THAT proves how happy he was! LOL! We don’t have one around here, so it was REALLY fun to go (on his dime of course! LOL!) and have him not be annoyed with me OH-ing and AH-ing over everything. He actually said at one point-Are they filming you right now?! You sound JUST like the commercials! LOL!

Anyway-the Wedding was FABULOUS! We had a SUPER time!

Here we are with the Bride & Groom!


I know you are waiting of photos my version of the PERFECT “little black dress”.

As you can see, shocker-I didn’t find anything in black, but I did find one in a deep eggplant! My favorite color!


This baby zipped up and ended up being a little big 😀 I had to pin it 😀 LOVE THAT! To be 5’10 and have 3 kids, then PIN your dress cause its too big ROCKS. Especially when just days before it was too tight from the surgery. All that NOT eatting anything other than fruit paid off! LOL!

I have to say its a BAD angle! LOL! The top is a little LOW, but it was as good as it was going to get!


I was TRYING to have you see the side details!

I’m obviously not a good poser! I felt SO ridiculous, and the stance is horrifying.

And here I am modeling the luggage on the floor! LOL!


But, despite is all, I loved the dress and got LOTS of compliments in it. A compliment from WOMEN is like a thousand compliments from ONE guy, in my opinion! LOL!

The dress kind of sweeps to the side, hence the gathering. It was very comfortable and I felt GOOD in it. When you feel good in what you are wearing you look even better I think. You exude confidence. So buy stuff you feel great in!! Even if you are pickin the kids up from school. It makes a difference.

I made Jay match me. He definitely got harassed by his friends for it too! LOL! But I think we looked super cute 😀

Here is a photo of us the WE took! LOL!


Here we are!!

I used a self tanning lotion! What so you think? Thank the good lord the SPOTS go absorbed. It was a self tanning disater! LOL! I was all brown and splotchy the first 2 days. I was going to look like a leopard. I put the first day layer on with gloves so I wouldn’t get orange palms-NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! Anyway its lookin real good now.
I’m not entirely sure how I feel about puttin on a LOTION that can change the pigment of your skin for a week with ONE application! Does that idea not freak anyone else out? I guess its better than getting skin cancer!

Then this is one someone else took


I straightened my hair, and had curled it with an iron. I swept half of it to the side, and wrapped the ponytail with my hair. Something different. I can see how people have the SAME hair for 20 years. Its hard to break out of your comfort zone. It also doesn’t help when you hubby doesn’t like your hair, styled differently, until his friends say its HOT! LOL! Suddenly what was “OK” is NOW amazing.

Now my hair is naturally curly so usually take the curl AWESOME! NOT this time. I have NO IDEA what happened (maybe my age! LOL!) but the curl just FELL out! GRR!!! Oh well. I think it still looked OK. I just kept TWIRLING my side pony to make it more elegant. I have no idea.

I am VERY behind on my work! My 2 weeks of surgery stuff and sick kids has really slowed me down. I have my post surgery appointment today-hopefully I get the A.O.K to work out again because I ate MORE food at that Wedding in a few hours than I normally eat in a WEEK! LOL! I kid you not. People said WHERE are you putting it?! LOL! I hadn’t eaten much in 2 weeks so I was starving! LOL!

Anyway-let me fill you in on what I am behind in! LOL!


All That Scraps is having their Stamp release today!! (I do have MORE samples, but will post later in the week)

They have 4 sets!

Ladybug Friends, Tweeties (my fave), Ginger Snaps Celebrate, and AmyR Birthday Sentiments

Check out the BLOG



Also Stampavie is now having a bi-monthly challenge! There is BLOG CANDY involved!! Check out—> the BLOG I didn’t get mine done :C I CONFUSED the sketch and the next challenge (don’t take pain meds and MAKE your stuff! Not a good mixer) so I have to re-do it using the the SKETCH! LOL! Oh lordy!

AND I still have my last weeks sketch too! OYE!

So I will get to that.

OH speaking of sketches……I forgot mine too! LOL!

  Only I DID get a card done for this week. Just didn’t get to post it.

My sketch team must want to scream! LOL! Sorry girls!! I just can’t keep up with myself these days.

Check out their take on the sketch too

  • Dawn Easton
  • Kendra
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • mytimess29.png

    Sketch 29!

    Hope you give it whirl-link it up here!

    Now for MY sample! 

    This uses a NEW!! set I bought from The Greeting Farm called Forest Friends.I LOVE their stuff, but hadn’t bought anything yet! Then I saw this one so I had to cave !


    I just got some PRETTY patterned paper from American Crafts, and thought it would be a fun pairing for my card here.

    I cut out the owl and his branch and made it work.

    I made the cute little flower-to match the “circle” theme from the paper.


    I obviously changed up my version of the sketch a bit, but that is the FUN of it!

    Now for tomorrow-I am participating in a Blog Hop for JustRite Stampers!

    I will share the GIFT BOX I made for the Bride & Groom! It is GORGEOUS!!! I was immediately asked by the hotel events coordinator if I would make them for them to sell! Um, NO! LOL! Im too busy. But that is how ROCKIN it was 😀

    OK I have a lot more to do and share, but it has to wait. DEADLINES! DEADLINES! DEADLINES!

    Till tomorrow