This is posted a bit early. 

Time for a Change!

It must be Spring Fever! Im so ready to change SOOOOO many things. I don’t know what I want to do. I’m so antsy.

This is where YOU come in 😀

Saturday Sketches! REVAMPED!

Time to spice this up people!!

I’m plain old BORED to death with the way the Saturday Sketches have been.

 If YOU have a suggestion as to what YOU want to see here- SPEAK UP!!! Let me know! I’m open. It can be other things you may want to see as well. I’m tired of the same ole, same ole, with the sketches. Now, don’t get me wrong,  I like the sketches but I want something more exciting. Maybe just a new outlook on them?

So I’m hoping to give it another go, and get excited again, OR I may just end the weekly challenge. Not sure yet.

Im thinking about a “Timeless Temp”, which is AKA-guest blogger to do a month of sketches, hosting one of their own, on the week of the Papertrey Ink release. That is my INSANE week. They would also take part in a inspiration challenge, which I will host here twice a month. Not sure yet. I’ll wait to see what the world thinks!

What do you think about that?? Inspiration challenge? Yes… or NO?! Should I just do away with the sketches? Post occasionally instead, no team??

I feel like there are SOOOOO many challenges already out there, why bother? Maybe just post more videos instead?! I dont know! I have so much I already do, I can just continue with that stuff.


 Depending on the feedback………if I continue the sketches……

I am going to have another “design team” call for my Saturday Sketches. So, if you are interested, try one of the 3 sketches posted here today, and link it, you then need to put a note in the comments section that you want in!

I’ll let you all know what direction I’m going Monday, for sure.

PS- You don’t have to want to be part of the sketch team to par-take in the sketches this week OR leave a suggestion/comment!

You dont need a blog-just a place to upload your creations!

I will be rounding the team out to about 10 players. Some of the girls have gotten busy, and won’t be playing, so we need more players!

Here are the requirements for the Saturday Sketch Team:

*I need you to be able to post at least 3 Saturdays a month. Obviously family and life come first-so don’t STRESS if something comes up! Just let me know. I send you the sketches several at a time in advance, so plenty of time. Yes you can use it for design team work too!

*I also want to include peeks of the team samples on my blog every week! This will let everyone see a PEEK at what they will find, when they visit YOU!  I’ll need a PEEK photo of your sketch by THURSDAY, each week!

* You must link everyone on the team each week.

* The LAST Saturday of every month  is a review of sketches! So you get to go and pick any older sketch you choose.

So let’s get started! In case we move forward with this.

Here is an OLDIE but GOODIE!


This is the sketch I missed last week! YIKES! BAD HOST!


This weeks sketch challenge


Now link your creations HERE!

I have some samples but will share later. Camera is dead, and I am dead tired! LOL!

In the meantime, make sure you check out the sketch samples for this week:

Dawn Easton

MacKenzie Bruckler

Maria Levine

Thanks for stopping by!

I appreciate the feedback too 😀

Also check out Leigh Ann’s Blog! She has blog candy and is giving away a My Timeless Template!! Isn’t she cool! She loves them THAT much! Thanks Leigh Ann! You ROCK!

OK Im off to bed.