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Let the releases begin!

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Hi everyone!

I’m back! Finally. The kids are on vacation, and we all got the worst tummy bug the last few days. THAT is never fun. Jay and I were also sick at the same time, so that makes it even harder taking care of the kids. Usually only ONE of us gets sick first, but not this time. Thankfully it didn’t last too long.

Anyway we are all on the mend now!

Hope you are all enjoying whatever weather you are having. We had now yesterday, rain today. Poor Jay. He got a snowmobile this winter and hasn’t gotten to use it much at all. Usually in New England we get slammed with snow, and this season has been relatively MILD. Don’t tell him, but I don’t mind too much! Getting the kids all done up in their winter gear is exhausting.

I’m getting ready for the My Time Made Easy ™ LLC March Release. Peeks start tomorrow!!

You all begged for peeks so this time we will give it go!

Here is a snippet of a sample of what is to come!


There is something for everyone this release….wait until you see….


More tomorrow!

But to get your new stamp fix TODAY Pink Cat Studio is having their February Release!!

Lookie what we have here…..


Check out the store today to get yours —>HERE!

You HAVE to see all the Design Team samples! They are AMAZING! Check out the PCS Blog–>HERE!

Could it get any cuter?!! Melissa is just so amazing. I LOVE her stuff! LOVE!

I especially love the Sick Lily and Billy!! I so should have remembered to pull those out to play this past week. Instead I had too much fun using all three of the Lily Bug images!!

Now I don’t know what it is but I am in quite the CARD funk!! Obviously it certainly has NOTHING to do with the UBER cute images :D. Between designing stamps, templates and cut files my brain just doesn’t want to think CARDS! So I apologize for the lack of that certain something that is missing.

Hello Friend Lily Butterfly


OBVIOUSLY she was going to be my absolute FAVE! I don’t think she could possibly get cuter!

I so enjoyed coloring her. I normally would go with PINK or PURPLE but tried to step outside my little color box! And normally she’s have blond hair! So I was proud of that.

I got this paper pack and cannot for the life of me remember when, or where! I loved the flowers along the bottom of one of the pages. There are some funky flowers in it, and some lady bug paper (scroll down for a peek at that).

 I decided to layer the flowers on to a tag (part of my next release!). I uses a rub-on and a epoxy sticker for my sentiments here.

Now here is a quick project Amber did for her BFF Emma


Being the “bad mom” I am (as this party fell mid release week for me) we didn’t make a card (GASP!) I KNOW! I’m awful! Trust me I have plenty of guilt! I so should have used the craft hour the day before to do that with her, but totally spaced. I was lucky enough to remember to take her shopping for the gift! LOL! I’m sure some of you can relate.

 So the morning of the party I told Amber we had to make a quick tag instead. I mean QUICK! The bag was pink and purple (see told you I love those colors! LOL!) and so I had Amber stamp and color Lily. I gathered all the Copic markers in the colors we needed (yes believe it or not my 5 yo is allowed to use my precious Copic markers! She does a wonderful job and takes good care of them!), and she got to work as I wrapped the gift.

She colored her (except for the cheeks) and I cut her out because we had like 10 minutes left till we had to leave for the party.


We punched a flower out, punched a hole in the center, and grabbed a Blow Pop!

Amber signed it ( with pop in flower because I didn’t even think to just slide it out I was in such a flurry) then we taped it to the bag and we were done!

I BARELY had time to get a photo. But she was proud so I took the 3 minutes we didn’t have to make sure I got at least these.

I would have liked to at least wrap the pop with tulle and wrap the stick but Emma didn’t care. She was happy to get a candy tag.

OK moving on….

Lily Bee


She has a beehive hair do and all! Love it. I had this paper from Basic Grey for what seems like over a year, and have FINALLY got around to using it. It actually became my inspiration for my colors. Again I would have gone with other colors typically….but was so happy to try something different.

The sentiment is from another PCS set: Fairy Friends

I thought is was cute, even though she is a bee! LOL! She is a bee fairy to me.

OK another cute lil bug….

Lily Lady Bug


This one used that Lady bug patterned paper and some ?Cosmo Cricket paper I believe. I love mixing paper companies/patterns/colors.

Now this is the typical Lily color scheme you’d see from me and yet my least favorite of the creations! LOL! GO FIGURE!

I kept it sweet and simple. I love the colors, but my layout was truly lacking something. I needed a sentiment but it just never came together. See we all hit walls and ruts. If the release wasn’t today I would have let this sit until something sparked my fancy. I should have used a sentiment that came with the set, but I wasn’t seeing where. Probably that upper right corner, but it may have unbalanced the card…anywho….what is done is done.

I hope you enjoy all the eye candy from the team! You really need to check it all out.

Please come back tomorrow as you will NOT want to miss what we have to share. For the next 3 days some team members and I will be taking turns sharing peeks at what is to come from the MTME March 1st release! Something for everyone.

The Pretty Packaging © templates alone will leave your jaw on the floor-I promise!

See you then.

I can always count on Melissa at Pink Cat Studio to come up with the CUTEST images.

She is my cutesy fix 😀

It feels like forever since she has had a release (and it has been about a month or so) so it was overdue! She has some really sweet images for Valentines Day, some in rubber, and others in Digi downloads so be sure you check it out —> HERE! SO much variety


Today I am working with a NEW! Lily Valentine Fairy


She is just the sweetest thing.

I have missed using her stuff. I’ve gotten so busy….its just fallen to the wayside. But Lily is my FAVORITE so it was nice to se aside some time to just play.


I knew I wanted to package up some candy in the In a Pinch © Pretty Packaging template. I also knew I wanted to use RED and some other non-traditional Valentine colors, so I got inspired by the heart paper, and added some flowers from American Crafts.


Admittedly this was created during a MOJO lacking moment, and when I was completely exhausted. No excuses though, but now I’m thinking (with a clearer head and some creativity) I could have totally omitted the heart paper! LOL! Oh well…..


I had to cut her all out. I so love the coloring and colors (of this portion anyway)

Be sure you go to the BLOG to see what all the team members have out together to get yourself inspired.

Thanks for stopping by

A digi and a dino kind of day

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Guess who is having another Digi Release?

Pink Cat Studio  You NEED to CHECK THEM OUT! Trust me when I say you WILL see the lil birds and Lilly & Billy with the cups of cocoa for SURE!

In the meantime I did make this SWEET creation


Isn’t it just YUMMY?

I loved the bright retro sort of holiday colors. Every good card needs GLITTER!

Once again I used my Copic markers to color my ribbon 😀 I like the layers on this one.

Melissa so has me on a digi kick!

Speaking of Digi’s… Noah had a bunch of birthday parties to attend this past weekend, with one more to go next weekend.

That means the DREADED boy card!! I’m not sure WHY the idea of making anything boy themed feels like a challenge, because once I get going, I’m FINE, but it just does. I definitely need to expand on the BOY selection I have going.

That being said, when pondering WHAT I would use for an image I decided that PCS Digi images-Dino Cosume would work perfect!



This is my fave of the 2 I designed using the dino image. I love the bright colors, and the “dino teeth” on the side of the card. I think this lil dino is just the cutest ever. I have been lacking mojo for cards these days, but given that fact I think it came out CUTE!

I used RIBBON but didn’t make a BOW! I was proud! LOL!

I’ve been on a button kick these days too. They just go on everything. Especially BOY stuff. Seems like one of the ONLY acceptable embellishments.


As you can see I drew in some grass, then added my sky. Easy peasy.

The sentiment is from a CTMH set that I had for quite some time now. I need more dino sentiments!!!

It’s Your Day


Here he is in blue. Cute as can be!!

I was a bit stumped on my paper and layout, but it came together, somehow. I SO need MORE paper! How can I have STACKS and STACKS and STILL can’t find the right one? I don’t get it.


Instead of drawing my scene I airbrushed it using my Copic air gun, and makers.

I shouldn’t stress too much since it was for a 7 yo! I don’t think they even noticed the card! LOL!

The stars & sentiment are from Papertrey Ink —Star Prints. This is a must have set! Love it.

Now I have been asked NUMEROUS times about HOW to use Digi images. You can print them right off on your cardstock, and YES! you can use Copic markers too! At least that is what I do. They can also be resized, and flipped so if you wanted something facing the opposite way, you can have that option. There is a TON you can do with them. “I” am not an expert with digi stuff. I usually just get my size and print. Nothing overly fancy.

BUT if YOU are unsure and want to give a try CHECK THIS OUT<—-free image and video for you!

Then there is one for resizing—->HERE!

PCS and Squigglefly are my go to places for Digi images! Another place that has them is All That Scraps. I honestly usually just get them in rubber there! LOL! But they have a great selection too.

Now be sure to check post #2 out!

New Digi Trio

Oct 22, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Pink Cat Studio

I have NO IDEA how Melissa at Pink Cat Studio is keeping up, but she is literally WHIPPING out some FAB Digi Designs! She is making me wish for even MORE crafting time in my day 😀

Today she is releasing THREE. So check them out —->HERE! Ther e is also a contest! Check the –>BLOG

I did get 2 of the 3 images made into a sample for you. Nothing fancy, as my time was slipping away. Been a busy week. (I know I always say that, but it is so true!) I got these late since I had a hour to squeeze something out of 😀

I think seeing things can be quick and simple is nice sometimes too. Knowing you don’t need hours to be creative. Actually there isn’t too much I create that takes a long time. Unless it is the actual template design. Some of those can REALLY be consuming. We have one coming out this month that was my absolute most difficult, ever! I won’t tease you with that now, let’s get to the Digi’s.

This one is Snowflake Fairy


Isn’t she adorable?! I used some stickles, and glittery ribbon from Michael’s Craft store (holiday section). I love purple as a wintery substitute for BLUE! She is just adorable. You cannot see that I spritzed the bkgd with a amethyst as well. Sorry for my photo. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped my photo lighting, and BROKEN the bulbs! They aren’t cheap so I’m so angry with myself.

Purple being my favorite color, is yet my LEAST used color in crafting! Isn’t that weird??? You’d think it would be #1. I have to say it isn’t the EASIEST color to work with either.

My favorite “color” for crafting are various shades of red/ pink, anything with brown, black, and blue’s are used often as well. Now for fave colors to wear, I’m a jeans and anything black or brown! LOL! I will say I have expanded to COLOR in my wardrobe as MUCH as possible the last few months. I especially love TEAL. Now sure why its my new fave, but I just want to buy any sweater/shirt in that color!! I also wear alot of shades of pink/red, like in my crafting.

How about you? Any crafting colors use go to OFTEN?

Not sure why I was so propelled to talk about this! LOL! Just came to me I guess. I think you should challenge yourself to use your LEAST used color/least fave, in a creation today.

Now I have my next card using Santa Owl


I call this one Hooty HO HO HO

I LOVE adding this Razzleberry to Poppy & New Leaf. Its the SU! New color (sorry I don’t recall the name of the pink :C I think its Razzleberry???)

This card is 5  X 6 1/2. I should add a sentiment! I kept the general card SIMPLE since I wanted to FOCUS to be on the UBER cute image. Again  you cannot see the fact that there is “snow” (aka cool gltter) on the ground and in the tree :C I’m so upset about my lighting.

Well I’m off to order MORE bulbs. This time I’m getting 6! They are so expensive! I can’t stand ordering more, but I obviously need them!!

Thanks for popping by!

PCS Itty Bitty Christmas Release

Oct 13, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Pink Cat Studio

Well the Pink Cat Stamp release is here!

Now you can FINALLY get your hands on Itty Bitty Christmas!


Check out Melissa’s blog  for a plethora of amazing samples from the team 😀 I was drooling over that the team put together! The whole set is just beyond CUTE!!

I have one more sample for you as well

You’re Sweet


I loved the little elf couple!

I made this for my hubby as a “just because” card. Granted he was puzzled as to WHY I was using CHRISTMAS images in October! You THINK he’d get it, after years of me designing for companies, that THIS is the “holiday” season! LOL!

Well now you don’t have to wait to put in your order and make your own holiday cards-or “sweet” cards 😀

Thanks for stopping by!

PCS Itty Bitty Christmas Peek day #2

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This is post #1 of #3 today! So make sure you catch ALL of them!

I am just LOVIN the newest release to come from Pink Cat Studio 😀 It is called Itty Bitty Christmas. The release is TOMORROW! Yeah! One more day to wait 😀

When Melissa was designing this set I begged for a Gingerboy 😀 She was such a sweetie to oblige my request 😀

So here he is……


How CUTE is he???

When I began stamping him I saw this tag I had been HOARDING from a K & Co Christmas stack (from last year). I KNEW he was the perfect purge for my coveted tag! I actually used ALL the same elements on all my creations this release! Not sure WHY I’m on this “use the same stuff of several different things” kick, but its workin great 😀

I then decided to purge another tag on this cutie patootie

Elf Surprise


He is just beyond fun!

Aren’t they just so cute? I tell you Melissa makes my “job” so easy every month!!!

Check out Melissa’s blog for all the designers samples D

Be back tomorrow with another sample and the set for you to view in its entirety!

Thanks for stopping by.

Itty Bitty Christmas, and a NEW Challenge Blog!!

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Happy Monday! 

Well today it is time for a peek at the latest and greatest release from Pink Cat Studio Stamps 😀

I am so excited to share a new release this month called Itty Bitty Christmas!

These sets will be available on Wednesday Oct 14th!

I have 2 samples to share today!

First up-O’Christmas Tree


How cute is she? I feel like I’m always saying that! LOL! Its so true though.

I went with the expected Christmas combo-and I like it 😀 I used some OLD stripped paper to tie in my colors here, and a tag from K&Co. last year’s paper stack. I usually hoard stuff I love, but it was TIME to say bye! bye!


I think it was finally put to good use!

This was made during my mojo rut :C So again she was simple and cute.

Next up I have Fairy Christmas


her candy-cane wings just crack me up! Same colors here. Nothin fancy! She was cute enough.

I pierced a swirly fairy trail, and added some snowflakes.

The border is a Martha punch. I love red, pink, new leaf, and gray all together. So bright, cheery and FUN!

Well this isn’t the last of the samples by far!

Check out Melissa’s blog for all the designers samples 😀

AND get this! 2 of my best friends are this month’s Guest Designers!!

Tracey & MacKenzie


So check out their work too!
Tracey’s comments about me got me all teary! Hugs to you my friend 😀 You are the best!

 On another note: You may have noticed (or not) that I haven’t had a My Time to Create Challenge in a couple of weeks. After MUCH agonizing I realized that I HAD to stop my challenges here. I am just to stretched thin these days. I meant to post something sooner, but have had more going on than anyone even knows. All good stuff!!!! Just stuff I can’t really share yet. That being said……I don’t have the appropriate time to dedicate to that and everything else. Sometimes we need to cut back, and prioritize! It is hard to have to stop something or say NO! but the time has come where I have other things (all stamping related :D) that are filling that space right now. I have many goals (and limited time) and a family to tend to. My kids are older and the demands are greater (that is not a complaint :D-just a fact). So that being said I had to end the challenges here.

I will still have the occasional challenge or something…but nothing weekly!!!

Now-my dear friends have decided to not only continue the challenges, but kick it up a few notches!!! They have all dedicated a blog and everything to it! It is called Just Us Girls and you can find them —-> HERE!! Seriously FUN! So check it out. I’m so proud of each of them and hope to support them in any way I can. They are each SO talented and fabulous! I’m happy to call them my friends. What can I say? They just ROCK!

 Now one last announcement!!

I am taking part in sponsoring a HUGE giveaway for a GREAT cause!!! You will REALLY want to check this out —->HERE!!!!

So thank you for stopping by! More to come tomorrow!

I know, can you believe it?

I’m so excited!!

 Today Melissa is opening an online digital stamp store with a great selection of brand new Halloween and Christmas designs. So now PCS will have two stores, one for rubber stamps and one for digital stamps. You can check out the new store at:

DON’T fret you rubbah luvah’s (hey Paulette and Tracey, does that bring back any memories for you?)!! She will STILL have her normal rubber stamp releases! The rubber/digi images will be different images. So best of both worlds for those diving into digi stuff.

These images are $3 each.

With the economy, maybe these are more affordable for you too 😀 I mean seriously, I spend $3 at least once a week on coffee 😀

NOTE:I keep all my digi images in a special file so I can EASILY locate them 😀 Organization is key to using what you purchase.

You can see the regular store –>HERE<—

Now I’ll share 3 samples I got made in a jiffy.

First up- My FAVE!!!

Little Ladybug Box


Now cute is this gift box?

 I was recently asked by one of my readers if I had any ladybug party favor ideas! Well, yes I do!

This little ladybug box was made using the My Timeless Template: Rounded Wrap Up! It makes the perfect pairing with Melissa’s NEW! Itty Bitty Betty:Ladybug Can you imagine the FUN party invites and matching favors this can make? LOVE IT!

Now both are INSTANT downloads, so you could start making your own Ladybug box in 5 minutes 😀


For this project:

I printed my box on smokey shadow cardstock. Cut and assembled as directed.

I then lined the bottom with my bitty box basics paper.

I made my wings by cutting a mat layer in red, and cutting two 1/2 circles 😀

Punched some circles, and was ready to go!

I adhered JUST the top flap so the wings would pop forward. They have dimensionals under the wings.

The top is tied closed with ribbon, and 2 cardstock antennae were added. SO cute 😀

The girl was printed on white cardstock, then colored with COPIC markers! Easy Peasy.

Now we have : Let it snow

 snowboy.JPG My time was tight so I whipped this simple lil card up WOW! Did this ever get washed out! The coloring in the background is SO light-sorry! Didn’t have time for the photo set up. I love the lil boy elf! Of course, the penguin too!! How cute having them slide down a candy cane! WOW! Love that. There is some glittery snow on the ground 😀Obviously some silver snowflake table confetti, swirling around. I think this one was cute 😀 Since I LOVE the candy cane image……. elf-girl-2.JPG Much better photo! How cute is she? Again simple card-but I love it.The digi images were quick and easy, and I colored them at soccer practice! LOL! Now THAT is multi-tasking 😀   

Check out these blogs to see some fabulous cards and projects using the new digi stamps:

Becky Carafa –

Emily Leiphart –

Inge Groot –

Jodi-Ann Lee –

Lauren Meader –

Lauretta See –

MacKenzie Bruckler –

Maria Bell –

Mariska van der Veer –

Sparkle Smith –

Suzanne J Dean –

Tracey Cuccia –

Vicki Garrett –

Let’s be honest, the images sell themselves, but once you hop around to see the eye candy, I’m sure you’ll add more to your MUST HAVE shopping cart 😀

I’m dying to hear your thoughts today 😀

Be back with more tomorrow!

Haunted Happenings

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Hi peeps!

Today is post #2 for today, so be sure to scroll on down!

I have been quite busy switching creative gears back and forth. It can really confuse the MOJO, let me tell you!

I know, I just took you through Christmas, but now we are switching gears back to Halloween!

We still have 1 1/2 months until Halloween, so PLENTY of time to get stuff done D

Back the the Halloween talk! I have a peek at some Halloween images from Pink Cat Studio! This set called Itty Bitty Halloween, and it will release tomorrow 😀

The set is UBER ADORABLE!  Melissa developed a whole NEW! line of character’s, that are of course FAB!! They are called Bitty Betty and Bitty Bobby. OH! and don’t worry, they will be back for the next release! (WINK!)

So first up-my personal favorite project I created……

Haunted House


How cute is this little project?

The creepy monster popping out of the grave!!

I wanted to go for slightly creepy in a cute way! Make sense? I’m not a scary/creepy kind of girl. I’m more cutesy.

TODAY the My Timeless Template: It’s on the House, was released! I seriously LOVE it to pieces!  I HAD to use it when I saw this creepy, crawly image!

I printed my template, then scored it, every 1/2 inch,  to look the house boards. I also distressed it a bit. Now I could have gone TOTAL haunted house with this, but I wanted the image to be the focus, and of course—> POP!! I didn’t want to get off track by creating just a haunted house.

Going with creepy and cute…some details….


I used some layered buttons-white, avocado,  and colored BLING to make a 3D eyeball sticking out of the image! EW! The hands look like they are going to grab it!


I also used a button and MORE colored bling, along with some embroidery floss for a fun-and cute spider like detail on the ribbon. The ONLY spider I would ever think of calling CUTE! LOL!


Then the lil bat punched out, holds the “trick or treat” tag.

I just like it. Inside this I would put a bag of gummy bugs (they sell them at Target). My kids actually found them, and ate them before I could use them here-SORRY! Gotta love it.

Now for another project!

Taffy Treat Take Along


This project used the My Timeless Template: Lolli-pop Along 

Turning the “lolli=pop” insert base over, it creates a “bucket” of sorts to hold your goodies! My kids (and I) LOVE Laffy Taffy. I thought this was a fun item to just package up, and place inside. Plus they are in your expected Halloween colors 😀

The glittery white layer is suppose to be the full moon! LOL!

How seriously cute is the sentiment?


I love her! I love the cutesy scared look she has on her face as she holds closed that creepy cute pumpkin, for dear life! LOL!

I added a web and spider stamp to the background. The candy corn is some ancient patterned paper I found in my stash, so I cut out the candy corns.

This was an EASY PEASY project.

Perfect treat.

Well I am done for today! Lots more to share tomorrow. You don’t have to wait long since Melissa is releasing them early for you! No long ended suspense!

Check out all the designers blogs for more great samples.

Pink Cat Studio Blog

Guest Designer -Heather

  • Becky Carafa
  • Jodi-Ann Lee
  • Lauren Meader <—that is me (obviously!)
  • Lise Roy
  • Maria Bell
  • Mariska van der Veer
  • Sarah Anderson
  • Vicki Garrett
  • Make sure you tune in tomorrow for my 2 other fun projects, and the peek at the entire set that will be released tomorrow 😀

    Thank you for popping by!

    On a side note 😀 I cracked open my Cricut!!

    I was honestly  PETRIFIED of it! Once it was open it just looked so complicated and overwhelming. But, I watched the intro video and found that VERY helpful!!! After seeing that I wasn’t scared at all. They did an excellent job explaining all about it, I feel. Especially since I’m a visual person. I’m not good at “reading” instructions. I need to see it, or DO it myself.

    I actually used it today to make the tags, layered flowers/leaves on Amber’s birthday party favors! Its a FUTURE My Timeless Template 😀 so I’m not sure when I will share the photos. Trust me though, its FABULOUS! One of my faves so far!

    I also used my Sure Cuts Alot program for the tag part. Not sure if I did all that stuff correctly-I had to have a cartridge IN my Cricut to even get the paper to load prior to printing the tags I designed, using just the stuff that comes with the SCAL 2.0 program. I bought a couple of other .svg files to test the waters too, but couldn’t “play” too long as Amber’s party is Sat, and we have a FULL schedule this week. I’m on major crunch time.

    I guess my bottom line is WOW! I LOVE my Cricut Expression! I can’t believe it took me so long to get one! LOL! I do need to go get the tool kit, and of course I want EVERYTHING! The time it saves me from punching or die cutting my own flowers ALONE was worth it. Oh! And I can totally see needing a new mat, and most likely will get some extra cutting blades 😀

    OK I’m really done now!LOL!

    Anyone with SCAL 2.0 advice-please share! LOL! I’m so clueless. I have to check out some of the links to videos people sent too! It is hard to even know where to start some times.

    Calling all dog lovers!

    I have a project, just for you 😀


    What a fun filled day I have here.

    Today is the release for Pink Cat Studio-Fairy Friends


    Isn’t it SO cute?!!

    I had a blast using it.

    I THINK I saved the best for last with this one!!

    What I am really excited about are the 2 projects I created using it, and the fact that I ACTUALLY got a video done for you! (I know its been a while! But they are quite time consuming)

    I did my best to keep it short and sweet, so that I could post it on YouTube! You all know how LONG winded I can be, so staying UNDER 10 minutes is a NIGHTMARE for me! :C But I got it done, and *just* under 10 minutes-WHEW! I had to cut out my banter that I often put as the intro to the video, to get it done. I know, you don’t need to see me blabbering on and on anyhow, so I’ll type some of what I said instead.

    So let me tell you what is in store for ya!

    A few weeks ago, I asked for any feedback you wanted to offer on My Timeless Templates ©. Well, all you animal lovers asked for PET specific templates, to package up stuff for our furry friends, OR furry friend lovers!

    Now sure exactly WHAT type of market is out there for PET/Animal theme stuff, but I did have an idea to hold you over till I have the AH! HA! moment 😀 (which I am totally NOT promising will ever even happen :C)

    The Dog Fairy was PERFECTION for executing this idea too.

    I used The Perfect Match © Box template, to create an ADORABLE Hydrant themed gift box! This box was designed, based on a  card I did —> HERE!

    (OK while searching my blog I also found a cute 3D photo card I made of my own dog —->HERE! LOL!)

    So here we go 😀

    See how amazingly versatile the My Timeless Templates can be?!

    Now here are some photos of the projects (those who are peeking in from work! LOL!) to hold you over until you view the video!

    Now I did two of the same design-one girly and the other more boyish. I will post photos of each so you can see how easy it can be changed up.

    Girly Ter*RUFF*ic front


    Boyish Front


    Girly Side View


    Boyish Side View


    Side 2


    Now this is what I have packaged up-inside


    I put a homemade dog cookie, with the dog bone shaped cookie cutter, in this gift box 😀

    You could also package up just the mix, and let the person make the cookies them-self!

    You could put a personalized dog tag in there, for the new puppy owner……..or have a dog themed kids party (like Clifford or some other dog like Bolt!) and make these the “doggy bags” filled with “doggy treats”!

    No matter what you do for this, its seriously, way cute! (Or at least I think it is :D)

    Well that is it for me today! Im working feverishly on NEW! Templates for the PTI release! YIPEE!

    See ya tomorrow.

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    Owner/Designer of My Time Made Easy* My Timeless Templates © by Lauren Meader for Papertrey Ink* SCS Dirty Dozen-past* A Chemistry With Paper-past* All That Scraps-Senior Designer - past* Green Grass Stamps-past* Gina K -Stamps for a Cause guest designer* Lizzie Anne Designs - past* My Favorite Things-Senior Designer -past* Our Daily Bread Guest Designer-past* Papertrey Ink - past* Pink Cat Studio- past* Reporter for Craft Critque-past* Say it with Letter Guest Designer* Stampavie -past* Storage Ink & More Guest Designer* Team Member for Scor-Pal*Su Ink & More-Past* Unity Stamps-past* Smile Box Avaitor-past*Numerous guest designer positions

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    All content included on my site is COPYRIGHT ©2013 Lauren Meader. Original artwork is shared for your personal inspiration and enjoyment only and may not be used for publication, submissions, or design contests.

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