Calling all dog lovers!

I have a project, just for you 😀


What a fun filled day I have here.

Today is the release for Pink Cat Studio-Fairy Friends


Isn’t it SO cute?!!

I had a blast using it.

I THINK I saved the best for last with this one!!

What I am really excited about are the 2 projects I created using it, and the fact that I ACTUALLY got a video done for you! (I know its been a while! But they are quite time consuming)

I did my best to keep it short and sweet, so that I could post it on YouTube! You all know how LONG winded I can be, so staying UNDER 10 minutes is a NIGHTMARE for me! :C But I got it done, and *just* under 10 minutes-WHEW! I had to cut out my banter that I often put as the intro to the video, to get it done. I know, you don’t need to see me blabbering on and on anyhow, so I’ll type some of what I said instead.

So let me tell you what is in store for ya!

A few weeks ago, I asked for any feedback you wanted to offer on My Timeless Templates ©. Well, all you animal lovers asked for PET specific templates, to package up stuff for our furry friends, OR furry friend lovers!

Now sure exactly WHAT type of market is out there for PET/Animal theme stuff, but I did have an idea to hold you over till I have the AH! HA! moment 😀 (which I am totally NOT promising will ever even happen :C)

The Dog Fairy was PERFECTION for executing this idea too.

I used The Perfect Match © Box template, to create an ADORABLE Hydrant themed gift box! This box was designed, based on a  card I did —> HERE!

(OK while searching my blog I also found a cute 3D photo card I made of my own dog —->HERE! LOL!)

So here we go 😀

See how amazingly versatile the My Timeless Templates can be?!

Now here are some photos of the projects (those who are peeking in from work! LOL!) to hold you over until you view the video!

Now I did two of the same design-one girly and the other more boyish. I will post photos of each so you can see how easy it can be changed up.

Girly Ter*RUFF*ic front


Boyish Front


Girly Side View


Boyish Side View


Side 2


Now this is what I have packaged up-inside


I put a homemade dog cookie, with the dog bone shaped cookie cutter, in this gift box 😀

You could also package up just the mix, and let the person make the cookies them-self!

You could put a personalized dog tag in there, for the new puppy owner……..or have a dog themed kids party (like Clifford or some other dog like Bolt!) and make these the “doggy bags” filled with “doggy treats”!

No matter what you do for this, its seriously, way cute! (Or at least I think it is :D)

Well that is it for me today! Im working feverishly on NEW! Templates for the PTI release! YIPEE!

See ya tomorrow.