daisy-in-the-doghouse.jpg Daisy in the doghouse

OMG! I cannot even tell you how FUN this card was to do! LOL!

I have NEVER done anything like it before.

I told you that I wanted to make a special card for Kathie, for the Daisy book she made me –>HERE

I wanted it to be as special, and as awesome as her book. OK so it won’t be AS awesome as her book, but still  heartfelt, and a thought out thank you, so I hope she likes it.

I wanted to do another “shaped” card. But didn’t want to duplicate my Hydrant, and I did do a Dog Bone shaped one a while ago, that got published.

Here it is-

mytime-doggy-treat-paper-made-easypg-52-june-2007.jpg Paper Made Easy- June 2007 pg 52

BUT, I struggled, cause I wanted to give her something with a photo of Daisy.

Plus I am HUGE on making every card SPECIAL!

Then the LIGHT BULB went off!

I took a photo of Daisy that I felt could be cut up, and made 3D! I printed off 4 of the same photo. It was a 4×6 size. I then began cutting and layering her head! She is just as cute in a 3D photo! LOL! It made it POP out at you like she was right there.

I originally had her standing-like in the photo. Then I thought, how cool it would be for her to be sitting in a dog house?

So I got my coluzzel and cut a 1/2 oval using Bazzil textured cardstock. I had layered the colluzzel over her head to figure the correct size.

Then onto the roof.

The bone and sentiment are from Puppy Love by CTMH (I swear I LOVE that set SOOOO much-same set used for the hydrant card).

It came together relatively fast. About 45 minutes. Not too bad.

Doodlebug paperfrills were used on the roof-and for the grass.

I think it is SO cute!

Jason said it needed MORE. HELLO! Her head POP’s right out at you! What MORE do you need?

You have to know when to STOP sometimes.

I think I’m going to try MORE photo 3 -D cards!

Although I think you can cross a line between cute to CREEPY! Maybe stop while I’m ahead! LOL!

Thanks for looking.

Till Tomorrow-