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Do you believe that we have *only* 54 days till Christmas? THAT is insane.

I have a ton to do in preparation for the holidays, and that includes creating our family Christmas cards. Our Papertrey Ink Senior Design team Challenge is to incorporate your photos, into your holiday cards!

The holidays are the perfect time of year for sending cards and photo updates to all your family and friends. I always do some sort of photo card each year. There are SO many possibilities. I generally make several different versions, then pick one. I like to try to have our family photo taken BEFORE Halloween so I have PLENTY of time to think about my design and colors. You can see that post —>HERE! If I need to order supplies, then I should have enough time for everything to arrive, even if it goes out of stock.

 Today I have three different versions of our family photo cards to share!

First one


Well who doesn’t LOVE the traditional FAMILY photo? I know those are my favorite cards to receive too.

This is clean, simple, and easy to mass produce!! Obviously switch out my colors/images, for your own, to match your project.

I used the trees from Merry & Bright/Additions, and the sentiment from Silent Night. You may see some TWINKLE in this. I chose to use the snow flurry from the Snowfall set, stamped with my glue-pad, and sprinkled on some glitter! (you can find these sets –> here!) The flurry goes around my sentiment, over the trees and around to our photo.

Using the SAME images, here is yet another idea…..

Ornament Trio


Now this idea isn’t new, but it was fun to actually execute! SOOO simple, and your non-stamping family will think you are a GENIUS.

Now you can take this super cute idea, and no matter how many people are in your family, you can feature them on your Christmas card! Remember ODD numbers look best in an overall design. It is more balanced! I luck out with 3 kids 😀 But I certainly could have altered the design to fit Jay and I in this card too. Quite honestly my kids look far cuter  than we would!!

Last but not least….for a more FUN family photo card

Holly Jolly Santa


Now this could be a card, turned Christmas Tree ornament! Just put some ribbon on the back 😀

I got inspired my MYSELF last year –>CHECK IT OUT

This time I made a photo card instead.

How fun would this be to make/send this holiday?

Well there are MANY more ideas for you to use your photos in your holiday cards, so be sure to check them all out!

  • Becky O
  • Lisa Johnson
  • Michelle Wooderson
  • Nichole Heady
  • Pine
  • and our Guest Designer Annabelle
  • As always thank you for stopping by! I hope you were inspired

    Limelight Sketch & Product Challenge!

    Oct 29, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

    Post #2 

    Hey everyone!! Thanks for the comments and emails as of late 😀 You are the best!

    Hope you are having a good day (whatever time it is).

    Now lets get to business shall we?

    Do you all know Mandy from Limelight Paper Crafts? Well she is just wonderful!

    Recently she contacted me to host a sketch and a product challenge! How FUN is that? Of course I was HONORED!

    I hope you get excited and play long too! Be sure to check out the BLOG<— for complete details and linking your creations!

    So here is the sketch


    The Deets:

    **Use the sketch above and try to incorporate your favorite BUTTERFLIES!!

    **Key word for SCS upload is LLPC033.

    **Post a comment with a link to your card right here on the challenge post by Sunday, November 1, at midnight (or before winner is drawn Monday a.m.).

    **PRIZE ~ One lucky winner will receive TWO Stampendous stamps: Mod Dot Butterfly and Ruffled Butterfly!

    Don’t forget to enter the code BOO in the Comments section at checkout at to receive 20% off of your entire purchase! Through Saturday only! 🙂

    My sketch card


    Sending Whimsical Greetings

    So I took the sketch and dressed it up a bit! The point of a sketch is that starting place! I got inspired and one thing lead to another. I loved the outcome.

    The butterfly stamps are by Jillibean Soup! LOVE THEM! As is the patterned paper! I couldn’t resist coloring them to match my paper 😀 The sentiment is designed by my friend Jessica-it is called  Butterfly Wishes. Of course you know I LOVE IT too.

    Close up


    Posting this card today made me happy. Just what I needed!

    I have had a lot going on, and have so many new things to come. During this time of change, to me, butterflies mean so much! They signify change, time beginning and ending, a journey, and hope (to me anyway!). I feel like this is an ever evolving theme of my life! Always a journey I will take with NO regrets! I have prayed a lot about certain things in my life as of late. I believe God has answered me too. May not be what we want to hear, but when we get to where we are going, it will all make sense. I trust him. We always have to remember that everything has a purpose. I truly believe that. The good, the bad and everything in between. Sometimes change is good. Sometimes what we think was bad, was later for the best!

    I have so many BIG hopes and dreams. I am always setting new goals. I woke up with a fabulous feeling today! I am not just a dreamer, I am a do-er. Nothing is just handed to us. I work hard in everything I do. I know nothing is impossible with God,  faith, hardwork, and a little confidence doesn’t hurt either! All that being said (I swear I didn’t mean to pour it all out like that!) if you are having a difficult time, are facing change or need a change…. remember that the journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a single step!

    Till tomorrow

    A digi and a dino kind of day

    Oct 29, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Pink Cat Studio

    Guess who is having another Digi Release?

    Pink Cat Studio  You NEED to CHECK THEM OUT! Trust me when I say you WILL see the lil birds and Lilly & Billy with the cups of cocoa for SURE!

    In the meantime I did make this SWEET creation


    Isn’t it just YUMMY?

    I loved the bright retro sort of holiday colors. Every good card needs GLITTER!

    Once again I used my Copic markers to color my ribbon 😀 I like the layers on this one.

    Melissa so has me on a digi kick!

    Speaking of Digi’s… Noah had a bunch of birthday parties to attend this past weekend, with one more to go next weekend.

    That means the DREADED boy card!! I’m not sure WHY the idea of making anything boy themed feels like a challenge, because once I get going, I’m FINE, but it just does. I definitely need to expand on the BOY selection I have going.

    That being said, when pondering WHAT I would use for an image I decided that PCS Digi images-Dino Cosume would work perfect!



    This is my fave of the 2 I designed using the dino image. I love the bright colors, and the “dino teeth” on the side of the card. I think this lil dino is just the cutest ever. I have been lacking mojo for cards these days, but given that fact I think it came out CUTE!

    I used RIBBON but didn’t make a BOW! I was proud! LOL!

    I’ve been on a button kick these days too. They just go on everything. Especially BOY stuff. Seems like one of the ONLY acceptable embellishments.


    As you can see I drew in some grass, then added my sky. Easy peasy.

    The sentiment is from a CTMH set that I had for quite some time now. I need more dino sentiments!!!

    It’s Your Day


    Here he is in blue. Cute as can be!!

    I was a bit stumped on my paper and layout, but it came together, somehow. I SO need MORE paper! How can I have STACKS and STACKS and STILL can’t find the right one? I don’t get it.


    Instead of drawing my scene I airbrushed it using my Copic air gun, and makers.

    I shouldn’t stress too much since it was for a 7 yo! I don’t think they even noticed the card! LOL!

    The stars & sentiment are from Papertrey Ink —Star Prints. This is a must have set! Love it.

    Now I have been asked NUMEROUS times about HOW to use Digi images. You can print them right off on your cardstock, and YES! you can use Copic markers too! At least that is what I do. They can also be resized, and flipped so if you wanted something facing the opposite way, you can have that option. There is a TON you can do with them. “I” am not an expert with digi stuff. I usually just get my size and print. Nothing overly fancy.

    BUT if YOU are unsure and want to give a try CHECK THIS OUT<—-free image and video for you!

    Then there is one for resizing—->HERE!

    PCS and Squigglefly are my go to places for Digi images! Another place that has them is All That Scraps. I honestly usually just get them in rubber there! LOL! But they have a great selection too.

    Now be sure to check post #2 out!

    2009 Family Photos

    Oct 28, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me, family stuff, My family stuff

    NOTE: this is an ALL family post, so if that isn’t your thing, you may want to skip it. I am really happy with the way things went so I’m sharing it!

    Well I DID it! I was able to accomplish my goal of getting our family (Christmas) photos done BEFORE Halloween!!! Last time we had our photos done I did this, and SWORE I would always go before Halloween. The problem is the time creeps up on you, and this was already a busy week. BUT I made it a priority, and we got it done! Gotta love the TO DO list 😀

    Also if you kids are a wee bit older, you can ask for a later evening time to ensure you are in and out. Most younger kids are in bed! If you go during the day it can be busy with babies and toddlers, so keep that in mond. I’m by no means a photographer, and don’t know if this is all exzsctly true, but it is my personl expierienc as a parent, from getting my children’s photos over the last DECADE!

     Going before Halloween is so much less busy, there are good deals, and you get your stuff MUCH quicker!! People aren’t thinking CHRISTMAS yet!

    The DOWNSIDE to going BEFORE Halloween is you can’t get any Christmas backgrounds, so if that is your THING then you will want to wait! I didn’t want a Christmas themed bkgd since these are going on my walls, so I just dressed us in cheery holidayish colors!

    Photo Tips:Now they tell you keep clothing SOLID, darker colors are best, and LONG sleeves, so it doesn’t distract from your face!

    SO for the first time we gave Target a try! I have to say I was impressed!

    We had a coupon and paid no sitting fee, only $3.99 a sheet and got a FREE 8 X 10 !

    Funny thing happened: When I was picking out photos I kept saying “I’ll take that in 81/2 X 11”-and the woman was like “You mean 8 X 10? ” I’d say “Yeah that is what I meant!”, then I’d do it again. I had to apologize and tell her I kept thinking about cardstock sizes and that is ALWAYS the measurement that pops into my head! LOL!

     With the coupons we saved $150!! We ended up buying like $130 worth of photos! LOL! So we saved more than we spent, and given the fact we haven’t had photos done in like 2 years that isn’t bad at all! All I know is if Jay doesn’t have a heart attack, its a good deal!

    The camera was a Nikon like mine! I kept telling Jay I NEED that lens she had for Christmas! LOL!

    Another PLUS: For ONLY $4.99 you can buy the online service that allows you to legally share your photos online, email them to family/friends, post them as your screensaver…..all sorts of stuff, which is nice!

    Now I am going to share ALL my photos here (legally!) I have to admit it was REALLY weird seeing myself with DARK SHORT hair! It looked really nice when we left the house, but it was raining (GRR!) and they had NO mirror! Oh well. The kids looked good, so that is all that matters.

    Since the kids are all older it went really well. OH! That and we did promise them each a box of candy if they cooperated! I’ll be honest, with three kids I am NOT above bribery!! A mom has to do, what a mom has to do! Plus we don’t celebrate Halloween, so they won’t be getting loads of candy this weekend.

    So without further delay here we go!

     Family Photo 1


    Jay & Noah have the SAME sweater on! Amber and Alexa are dressed the same too. I always like to make them match!

    Me, Im just in a black shirt. Trying to blend!

    Family Photo 2


    Family Photo 3


    OK so I think this was the one we got for our Christmas cards and Im totally kickin myself! I loved the one just above this! GRR! It was HARD to see on their screen and they couldn’t put them side by side. Once I got home and could access them online I saw I liked the one above this! Oh well.

    I’m going to call anyway this morning and see if we can change it. EEK!

    Family Photo 4


    I liked this one, but wasn’t a fan of us on our knees. We look strange! Maybe if we CROP it!

    This was very funny……


    I thought this one was SOOOOO cute! The kids got a kick out of it too.

    The woman said it should be our Christmas card, but I want people to SEE the kids faces, and NOT gross them out too! LOL!

    Jay & I


    Who is that with my husband! LOL!

    It isn’t often we have a photo of Jay and I

    Now we have our trio


    Then this is where they try to make you go for broke……..


    This would be $30!! Thankfully I wasn’t a fan of the framed images, and heck, I am creative, I can make my own collage!

    Here is Alexa


    I LOVED this photo of her. I was really proud of her that she smiled and kept her chin up! We ONLY got this one close up because the second after this shot was taken, a tear streamed down her face! She is VERY shy and having a stranger in her face made her scared and SAD! Poor girl! So we let her off the hook. 

    Now we get back to the UP-SELL. The woman saw how much I loved this photo…..


    Talk about pulling on mom’s heart strings! I felt bad saying NO! But it gave me a FAB idea for making my own 😀

     I love this photo of her because it is a genuine Alexa smile 😀 She is doing so well, I couldn’t feel more blessed.

    Now we have Noah


    How did he get so OLD? He will be 7 on November 13th! He is a whole head taller than Alexa (who is 10) I can totally see him as a TEEN here! He is in the CHEESY smile phase, but she did a good job getting him to really laugh.

    Here is his close up


    Love the toothless smile!

    Last but not least, Amber


    I think she could have just posed and posed forever. The woman suggested I bring her back for her own photo day! LOL!


    You can tell she doesn’t feel good in this one. What a cute lil face.

    Then her close up….


    She actually does this head tilt thing on her own alot when she wants something, so I thought it was really cute.

    I really loved ALL the close up photos she did.

    I’m not doing School photos since they come out TERRIBLE, cost $15 for ONE sheet, and don’t make your child look good at all. Last year Noah had a FAB smile but they layered him on a NEON blue bkgd! I paid for GRAY she claimed that was the correct color from what I ordered. Apparently SOMEONE is color blind, and I know it isn’t ME! That one just went into the drawer!

    SO once these come in I will be changing our frames.

    Thanks for letting me ramble on Its not often we get group photos done. I should TRY to go more often. These years REALLY fly by so quickly. Before I know it I will be asking for photos of my grandkids!

    Tomorrow I’ll have some eyecandy for you.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Swiss Pixies Peek

    Oct 27, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: All That Scraps, Cards

    Hi everyone!

     Family photo night is here! I’ll let you know how it goes. Amber is definitely not feeling 100% and I am keeping her home. She is still active, so I’m holding out hope that she just needs the day of rest and fluids, then by days end will be back to her usual self (I know! I’m overly optimistic about this!). I have been sucking down Vegetable Juice and Naked (that is the brand!) Fruit Juice to try and keep myself healthy. My kids don’t really like either so it is so hard to help booth their immunity this time of year. It’s really yummy and filling 😀  Helps me get all my fruits/veggies in.

    Note to anyone who ordered from my Etsy Shop: All orders shipped via Priority yesterday morning! So you should get them tomorrow 😀 Unless you are in another Country! I’ll be updating again soon, and I will keep you posted.

    Well here we are at day two of almost a week-long countdown peeks at All That Scraps! There are a total of 7 sets releasing for November 2nd. So I’m sure you can guess we have ALL been busy. Make sure you check the BLOG daily for your chance to win the set that is being shown, and for even more ideas from our Design Team!

    Today we are peeking one of my favorite collections: Swiss Pixies!!

    This is such a cute line of images that Christine has perfected. I love them. There are 3 this month. I was able to get 2 samples done.

    I call this one BRR!


    I think she is beyond cute, and I had so much fun coloring her!

    These colors are FAB: Black, Melon Mambo, Bermuda Bay, Spring Rain and White. Definitely a cool wintery combo. Beats the traditional colors 😀

    I airbrushed my background sky. If you are on the fence about the Copic Airbrush system-GO FOR IT! It is so fun! I would recommend getting additional air-cans as the started kit doesn’t last long at all. Especially while you play and get use to the system.

     I used my singlo white gel pen to make snowflakes. I had some tinsel like ribbon that I chose to use for my SNOWY ground. Then the silver snowflakes are table confetti that I found at Target last year! Its my FAVE use of snowflakes! They are so shimmery and cool, and there is 4 sizes! Love it.

    Now we have my 2nd card-much more simple.


    Sweet Pixie

    I love this color combination: Melon Mambo, Plum Pudding, Kraft & White.

    I kept this one simple. She is so cute on her own. I just colored then cut her out. Add a pompom to her hat.

    I did stamp some snowflakes on the white layer and sprinkled on some pale purple/pink glitter (practically unseen here). This can now be an ANYTIME kind of card. I may stamp a sentiment inside when it is time to send this to someone. I know what you are thinking!! You all know  I rarely ever even send cards! Its like the shoemakers family has no shoes! My family doesn’t get cards! Except for the holidays, because I do make all my gifts. I hope it sort of makes up for it. I get so forgetful, then when I do recall its so late! Is it bad that I make cards and gifts JUST because I enjoy it, and NOT with the intent to actually send them?! I will say I have NEVER bought a SINLE card since I began stamping 5 years ago, so that is good. I will pull one out of my stash ina hurry. but prefer to MAKE one special for each person when I DO actually send something! I like to have them in mind 😀

    Well that is all the chatter for me today. I hope you are looking forward to these!

    HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! There is a WINTER KIT available. LIMITED TIME (Ends tomorrow) so CHECK THIS OUT!

    Till tomorrow

    A Fairy Sweet Peek

    Oct 26, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: All That Scraps, Cards

    Well I know I promised you all some BOY cards, but I completely forgot that today was the first day of peeks from the November (I KNOW! NOVEMBER ALREADY!! Can’t believe I just typed that!) release at All That Scraps! This really creeped up on me!!

    The images you will see over the next few days will release on Monday November 2nd.

    The first set to be shared is called Sweet Fairies. There is a set of 4. They are from a new designer at ATS.

    Before I go on, I have to admit they aren’t my usual style. In fact I was a little nervous that I would make them look HORRIBLE! That can be one great thing about being on a design team. It can push you to try new things, and expand your horizons.

    I have come to use MANY images that at first glance I wouldn’t think I would like, and was surprised, and then had other images I thought I’d love and found I really didn’t! LOL! Ever have that happen? You get SO excited about a set or image only to get a HUGE block when finally using it? Then you have another set you weren’t sure about and you fall in love? Overall I’m generally in love with everything, but there is that occasional SHOCK set! LOL!

    Anyway, despite my nervousness I think I am happy with what I did create with this set.

    The image I chose was my favorite of the 4 because she looked MOST like a butterfly to me 😀

    Funky Lil Fairy


    Well what do think?

    She came out pretty cute, I think. Very whimsical.

    I wanted a real POP of color so I used Melon Mambo (SU!), Black and New Leaf (PTI). I loved this combo, especially with this whimsical image.

    I just let myself have fun coloring her! I love the green hair and eyes, with added stickles! I often get stuck in the “they have to look like real people” kind of rut, and since she is a FAIRY, she can be ANY color. Sky is the limit. So I just had fun letting go of that mindset. It’s actually fun to use different colors if hair 😀


    My “leaf” rectangle layer was done using my Cricut Expression: Storybook Cartridge. I layered a sheet of adhesive labels onto the back, then poured on some glitter! I LOVE the look I was able to achieve with it. Loving my Cricut Expression, for sure.

    I then added some Prima Flowersfor that lil something extra! I felt like it made her appear to be fluttering between them.

    Now it’s up to you to decide if this image is ALL YOU!

    All That Scraps is expanding their images, and lending itself to various new styles (as you will soon see).

    Now for more Sweet Fairies  peeks, you need to head over the the ATS Blog <—– where you can also enter to win your OWN  Sweet Fairies set.

    (Note: If that post isn’t live yet, just check back in)

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I may have my hands full here today, as I think I spoke too soon! Amber woke up with a headache and I THINK she has a temp. I’m going to let her “wake up” and eat before I take any action. She could just be warm from being bundled up. Fingers crossed! I just sent Alexa back to school, so I hoped that was the END of germs for a bit. I really LOATH this season.

    Take care

    Home-made with love

    Oct 25, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, JustRite Stampers, Stampavie

    Warning: I’m very “chatty” this morning. Not sure why, maybe it’s the coffee 😀 

    Hope you are all enjoying the weekend. I’d love to hear what everyone has planned for the week. I like knowing I’m not the only one running like a chicken with her head cut off!!

    Alexa returns to school tomorrow. I’m a bit terrified, but I can’t keep her home all winter. The rest of us haven’t gotten sick so that is promising.

    Noah has his 3rd birthday party to attend this weekend. I will share the cards I made for those tomorrow. I need to brush up on my BOY themed skills! I’m always ALL GIRL.

    Today we are going to get some pumpkins and stuff from our local farm, as I wonder HOW I can clone myself to be in THREE places at once on Friday at the children’s Harvest Parade! Each of my children has a party, and the older 2 participate in a town wide parade, while Amber is at the school in her first parade, that takes place THERE at the SAME time! I’m so torn!!!! I’m actually going to tell the afternoon K teacher about the time conflict and see if she can maybe begin the K parade a tiny bit earlier! I’m sure I’m not the only parent with a child in K and older ones in the school. Doesn’t hurt to ASK. If it can’t be changed I’ll go to Amber’s parade first, then FLY downtown and PRAY I make it to the END of the parade for the older two. Still have no idea HOW I’ll be at three parties. Each child is expecting me to be there. CRAZY!

    Jay just got a Snowmobile, which he has to pick up today, as a late birthday gift from me :D, and it appears it is from the husband of one of my local area stampers name Monika!! Small world.

    Amber also has her “induction” into Daisies. A younger form of Girl Scouts. That should be cute. She is very excited about it. She made me pick out a “fancy dress” and everything! LOL! I fear she may over-do it, so I’m trying to find something middle of the road. She actually wanted to wear her Sleeping Beauty gown! LOL! I had to say NO! on that for sure.

     Tuesday we are getting our family photos done. We are giving the Target Photo Studio a shot! Cross your fingers!

     I use to be SO good about getting regular professional photos done. Alexa, as a baby had photos every three months!! With Noah we went regularly too. Then poor Amber….getting THREE kids to the photo place and have them ALL look good proved to be too exhausting for me! So things tapered off.  Once Alexa got sick, I got busy, and before you know it, its been 2 years since we have been! THAT is terrible!! I got hardly no photos the first year Alexa was sick. I couldn’t stand reliving that time, and seeing her look the way she did. I’m not sure if I regret that or not. I don’t think I do. I just see there is over a year with LITTLE photos of my kids, and Amber was so young, so I feel like I missed a year of her life. I wanted that time to be put behind us with little “documentation” to relive that difficult time. Having photos of the other 2 shouldn’t have gotten away from us, but it did.

    So all that being said, I do take a LOT of photos on my own, so that is good. We are due for a group photo. I hope everyone looks good at the same time! Seems like the more people in ONE photo, the bigger the chance someone isn’t going to look good when everyone else does! LOL! Alexa is shy and is so beyond the camera person waving a stuffed toy in her face to make her smile! She is 10, not 2. So if she won’t look at them or smile it cold be a LONG shoot. I really hope she participates without too much fuss. Noah is in the CHEESY smile phase. Oh and my dark hair! I’m still not use to it, and I’m not sure how I feel about long distance relatives getting a peek at it yet! LOL!

    Last but not least, this morning I have been packing Etsy orders from my shop, to go out tomorrow morning! So if you ordered something, it is going postal then!

     I also have some SEWING projects I want to take on once I get my sewing machine back from Jay’s mom. The holiday’s are coming and everything I give will be HOME MADE! (in some way) They are simple projects, like my felt stocking and what not. I like QUICK sewing projects! Nothing too involved.

    With the home-made theme going, here is a card I put in my Etsy shop, but had yet to post on my blog….

    Home-made with love


    When I saw this image from Stampavie called  Home Sweet Home by Helz Cuppleditch I just loved it! I LOVE hearts, and images that contain hearts, so this was SO me! I loved the heart topiary too. Just so cute.

    I have issue’s deciding what COLOR I make any house image I create. I usually go with some sort of yellow! LOL!


    I had fun coloring this, and while you cannot SEE it, there are stickles on the grass and topiary. Really nice sparkle. I added the same stickles to the flowers I created, along the bottom.

    Since this is suppose to be like ‘From our house with love” I added the little rounded tab on the left side. The sentiment is only part of the image from Recipe Borders & Centers Set 1-3/16″  which actually reads “homemade with love”. I didn’t need the entire circle so I only used the 1/2 I wanted. I do that often with these images, and find it helps me maximize their use! I think we should all look at things that way.

    Well I have much to do, so I better get running. I’ll be back tomorrow with my BOY cards 😀

    Till then

    Boy am I wiped. Who would think that sitting at a computer could be exhausting? 

    I just spent the entire morning FINALLY updating my Etsy Shop!  Many of you asked if I could do that, since some of you are looking for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holiday gifts! So I did that. I put 4 new pages worth of stuff, so be sure to scroll on through! I didn’t realize HOW MUCH I actually make! I still have SO much more to post, but need a break. So maybe in a few days, I’ll get to some of the older stuff.

    When I opened up my Etsy Shop I meant to update it ANY time I posted here, but I have had a lot of “behind the scenes” stuff going on here and didn’t get to it as often as I wanted to, so I apologize! If you ever see anything here you want, and it isn’t listed, let me know and I can list it for you.

     All the being said here is one of the NEW! Items up in my shop 

    Here comes Santa Claus


    You can find it HERE

    I used my NEWEST template Around Town Tote for this gift bag. Perfect for the holidays! This template s just the best for making a great size gift holder, fast and EASY.

    I had some gorgeous patterned paper by K& Co. that I used to cover the front. Of course I went with the traditional holiday color scheme.


    I fell in LOVE with this Noel Santa image from Stampavieby Sarah Kay. Her images generally scare me to DEATH, due to their vintagey feel and detail, but I am actually stepping out and using them more, and as I have success I begin to feel more comfortable with them.


    I colored and cut him out, then put him into a sleigh that I created using my Cricut Expression Winder Woodland Cartridge! I have to say I’m in LOVE with my Cricut! Don’t know what I did without it. If you thought about getting one and have put it off……….add it to your Christmas WISHLIST!! Now keep in mind I’m in love and I don’t SCRAPBOOK! I can only image how much more I would use it if I did. It’s really fun.

     I also made my poinsettia with the cartridge as well. Too fun. I think it really adds to the detail too. I have to admit I’m not overly impressed with too many of the cartridges they have available :C I am loving the ability to use the Sure Cuts Alot 2.0 (<—this is the best price I have ever found) to download stuff from the web. Granted I haven’t had time to even do much of that, but knowing I can makes me happy.

    Now for my tag detail I found this sentiment from Christmas Joy Borders & Centers Oval 1-3/4” x 2-5/16”.


    I stamped it in versamark, then gold embossed it.

    It added a really nice touch to the bag, and tied in with my Magic of Santa theme. Afterall for kids, Santa is magical!

    My ribbon is a gold trimmed wired ribbon I got in the holiday section of Michael’s.

    This was really just one of those projects where everything easily fell together.


    This is definitely the type of bag that WON’T get tossed out after the gift has been opened! It will be passed along for many holidays to come.

     I’m excited that soon this will get a new home.

    I hope you are getting into the spirit of the holiday season. Is it too early to say that? Sadly I’ve been doing Christmas stuff since AUGUST and the holidays aren’t even here, and I’m already SOOOOOOO OVER IT! LOL! I’m sure once its time to put up our tree I will get back in the spirit 😀 Don’t worry if you are just getting into it, I still have a bajillion holiday themed items to share as the days push on.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Until tomorrow….

    New Digi Trio

    Oct 22, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Pink Cat Studio

    I have NO IDEA how Melissa at Pink Cat Studio is keeping up, but she is literally WHIPPING out some FAB Digi Designs! She is making me wish for even MORE crafting time in my day 😀

    Today she is releasing THREE. So check them out —->HERE! Ther e is also a contest! Check the –>BLOG

    I did get 2 of the 3 images made into a sample for you. Nothing fancy, as my time was slipping away. Been a busy week. (I know I always say that, but it is so true!) I got these late since I had a hour to squeeze something out of 😀

    I think seeing things can be quick and simple is nice sometimes too. Knowing you don’t need hours to be creative. Actually there isn’t too much I create that takes a long time. Unless it is the actual template design. Some of those can REALLY be consuming. We have one coming out this month that was my absolute most difficult, ever! I won’t tease you with that now, let’s get to the Digi’s.

    This one is Snowflake Fairy


    Isn’t she adorable?! I used some stickles, and glittery ribbon from Michael’s Craft store (holiday section). I love purple as a wintery substitute for BLUE! She is just adorable. You cannot see that I spritzed the bkgd with a amethyst as well. Sorry for my photo. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped my photo lighting, and BROKEN the bulbs! They aren’t cheap so I’m so angry with myself.

    Purple being my favorite color, is yet my LEAST used color in crafting! Isn’t that weird??? You’d think it would be #1. I have to say it isn’t the EASIEST color to work with either.

    My favorite “color” for crafting are various shades of red/ pink, anything with brown, black, and blue’s are used often as well. Now for fave colors to wear, I’m a jeans and anything black or brown! LOL! I will say I have expanded to COLOR in my wardrobe as MUCH as possible the last few months. I especially love TEAL. Now sure why its my new fave, but I just want to buy any sweater/shirt in that color!! I also wear alot of shades of pink/red, like in my crafting.

    How about you? Any crafting colors use go to OFTEN?

    Not sure why I was so propelled to talk about this! LOL! Just came to me I guess. I think you should challenge yourself to use your LEAST used color/least fave, in a creation today.

    Now I have my next card using Santa Owl


    I call this one Hooty HO HO HO

    I LOVE adding this Razzleberry to Poppy & New Leaf. Its the SU! New color (sorry I don’t recall the name of the pink :C I think its Razzleberry???)

    This card is 5  X 6 1/2. I should add a sentiment! I kept the general card SIMPLE since I wanted to FOCUS to be on the UBER cute image. Again  you cannot see the fact that there is “snow” (aka cool gltter) on the ground and in the tree :C I’m so upset about my lighting.

    Well I’m off to order MORE bulbs. This time I’m getting 6! They are so expensive! I can’t stand ordering more, but I obviously need them!!

    Thanks for popping by!

    No peeking…

    Oct 21, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, JustRite Stampers, Stampavie

    I have to say you ALL know how to make a girl feel good 😀

    As for me taking a photo of the quadruple colors in my hair….ARE YOU KIDDING?! Do you think I wanted PHOTO documentation of that?! NO WAY!!!!!

    I honestly didn’t expect to get anyone saying they liked the color! LOL! I figured you’d all say OH NO! What now! LOL!!! Its a very big adjustment, but ONE compliment for a WOMAN equal 100 from a man! Thank you all for such a warm response to my hair trauma story. Its been quite the adjustment for me. You all helped me feel better about it.

    I’m getting the TRIPLE take from those I know. When people would say WOW! You totally changed your hair!”  I kept saying it was a dye job trauma, and I had no choice, then I quickly explained it to people!! Now I’m just smiling and saying “I needed a change”. So, thank you for letting my confidence build a bit. I guess no one needs to know WHAT really happened, if it looks OK now. You all definitely made me feel better about it.

    A lot of people have been shocked that I didn’t BALL. Honestly, the MAIN reason I didn’t cry was because at least my hair didn’t break off, and I remember when Alexa lost her hair to Cancer. She had GORGEOUS, thick, dark hair, down to her waist. We cut it to her shoulders before it fell out, but it still came out it CHUNKS. THAT was one of the hardest things  for me to see. She would just sit on the couch and grab a handful, and look at me with tears in her eyes. Her expressive communication then was harder for her, but she was VERY upset about this. I just told her It is going to be OK. it will grow back. I’d say “You don’t need hair to be beautiful. ” So HOW could I cry after telling her all that?! I had my hair. Wasn’t my favorite color, but I wasn’t sick. I just made a crazy dye mistake. I had to repeat the same words I told her to myself. Granted I didn’t feel beautiful, but I didn’t have Cancer or anything like that.

     I kept wanting I change! LOL! Guess I got it.

    Jay says he likes it, its just going to take time to get use to. He does like the style alot, despite the fact he about DIED when I cut my ahir. I told him this is exactly WHY we women get into hair RUTS! You men want us to look the same all the time!! When he came home after work yesterday he was still a little shocked when he saw me again! LOL! Its just SO different. For the 9 years he’s been with me, I’ve always had long blond hair. Granted in my early 20’s it was more healthy and curly.

    My kids love it! LOL! Not sure WHY. Amber wants her hair “painted” too. Since THAT comment I have secretly HID all her paints! I know her too well.

     I LOVE the cut and style. In fact I did curl the ends yesterday and it looked REALLY nice 😀 I also have a “Cute” ponytail, and my hair is full of body. I haven’t had much “movement” to my hair in some time, so it feels REALLY good, and yes MODERN! For all that I’m really happy.

    MANY people asked WHAT dye I used. I used Loreal. My PROBLEM most likely happened because I tried a different color, since last time I dyed it, it go TOO light on the bottom. I’m NOT blaming the company. I’m sure it was a number of issues, and like most problems USER ERROR!

    So thank you again. I feel good about this NEW ME! LOL! Jay said as long as I don’t get a NEW man, he is fine with the NEW ME! LOL!

    I’m off the the doctors with the kids today. Alexa will have her follow up to ensure she is recovering from her pneumonia. I’m happy to report (so far) Noah & Amber don’t seem to be sick, nor did they have any reaction to the H1N1 nasal spray, so THANK GOODNESS!!!

    Now I promised some eye candy. Sorry I didn’t get to it yesterday! I worked on some eye candy for tomorrow’s post!

    Without further delay…….


    Don’t Peek!

    I think I’m finally getting my card mojo back. It’s hard to go from one design mindset to another. When I’m on a roll designing NEW templates, or creating with the templates, it can be hard to switch to just a FLAT surface again! LOL!

    Isn’t this lil guy so cute. Looks like he could be in big trouble too 😀 Not sure if he is wrapping or un-wrapping. Noah has 4 birthday parties over the next 2 weeks! So I needed to make some BOY cards. NO pink in this one 😀 This was Noah Approved! LOL!

    When the girls have a party to attend I’m now off the hook, as they make their own cards 😀 Noah, well he is too busy playing with BOY stuff to care about crafting these days.


    I got inspired by my patterned paper colors, and just colored away. I usually have my paper picked PRIOR to coloring my images. Makes life easier. When I just color first, it can be harder to complete a project when I try to match evrything up, after the fact.

    The “Don’t Peek”sentiment comes from Tiny Words Borders & Centers Set 1-3/16″ . I just used markers to color each letter to match! So simple and CUTE!

    This cut dog is named Ruffles: A Present for you! He is from Stampavie  the Helz Cuppleditch collection. I love her stuff.

    The paper is a mini stack from Making Memories. I’ve had it forever, and use it often.

    I think this came out pretty cute, and BOYISH. I know there is a BOW but go with the GIFT theme. I also made sure my bow matched the bow in my image. Its a little detail but I found it to be important.

    Well once again, thanks for stopping by!! I’ll be back tomorrow with some NEW! Release images from PCS!

    Until then

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