Today I have a card to share-posted after my rambling!

What an exhausting night we had. I was up almost 24 hours. It’s amazing when MOMMY ENERGY kicks in.

Yesterday Alexa left the house at 5pm to go to her biological father’s house. His wife picked her up, and they went to the Outback for dinner. Quickly after eatting Alexa got white as a ghost, and said she needed to lay down, and wanted a “bucket”. Basically she felt nauseous. Kim felt her head and she was burning up! So she took her to their house where she went STRAIGHT to bed. His wife called me at 9pm to tell me what was up. Me, knowing how quick Alexa goes from her usual self, to CRASHING said we needed to get her to our area hospital.

They wanted to just keep her there and let her sleep, but I can’t have my “baby” be sick and NOT with me. I would be a wreak, and I know her too well to know this is “nothing”.

 They live over a hour away-and honestly the hospitals in that area are HORRIBLE! I spent many years for HOURS in their ER waiting rooms with Alexa having a 104 fever as a BABY! Anyway, I NEEDED her with me, and in a place that knows her, and her history! She can LOOK “OK” but be REALLY sick. It’s really strange.

Anyway-we get to the ER, which was full :C I was a bit nervous we’d get stuck there for a while. I had brought Alexa a face mask too, so SHE wouldn’t pick up anything more than she had.

Her father got there before me, and began filling stuff out. I put in HUGE letters CANCER REMISSION. That is a huge RED FLAG that we shouldn’t be stuck in the ER any longer than necessary! THANKFULLY maybe 5 minutes later we were in the back. Alexa was as white as sheet. Overall though she didn’t look THAT bad. Again that is a weird thing with her.

Anyway, I have to say I had the most AMAZING group of people treating her. I can’t even count the number of ER visits and hospitalizations we have had in our 10 years, but these people-EVERY SINGLE ONE was so amazing. They were so nice, efficient and just genuinely caring. They treated Alexa so well too. To the point where I am actually going to write a letter on each and every person we had dealings with. To have such a amazing TEAM when your child is sick, means so much to me.

What I liked most was that they actually LISTENED to me and my take on her! Plus there is a LOT to take in. She has had a LOT go on in her 10 years, including showing up at an ER seemingly sick but not too bad, only to get progressively worse and sent by Ambulance to a larger hospital.

They thought she “sounded” OK in her lungs.  I told them that she can sound OK, but will often have a creeping pneumonia. Well we were sent right to xray! Low and behold, yes! We have pneumonia in BOTH lungs! The doctor was shocked but said “You know her best! You’ve been through a lot with her, so who am I to say otherwise, and you were right. I never would have said she had pneumonia, and by tomorrow we’d most likely be in BIG trouble.” It is NOT often you meet doctors who are willing to actually HEAR you, without a fight, or second guessing you. And I was right ! LOL! Sadly on top of that Alexa also has the Flu. Not good. Now she is on Tamiful and Zithromax. After not getting home till almost 5am, I had to bring her back to the doctors at 10am.

She already had her flu shot too, about 2-3 weeks ago.

We got Noah and Amber the H1N1, but obviously Alexa can’t get that, yet. She will also need her pneumovax.

Anyway, I’m just sharing. I’m a little freaked with the whole FLU dangers and whatnot, but am just trusting God will watch over her and the rest of our family. Its a bit scary.

On another note…..thought I’d share a recent card I made, that makes me happy! LOL! I need happy. I decided that I’m going to send this to the team at the hospital, that made my night nothing but pleasant, considering the circumstances!


A gift for you

I think this image is just beyond sweet.I am in LOVE with the Gillian Robertsline from Stampavie. Each one is adorable, but THIS one is my favorite, so far.  Maybe because it reminds me of something I bought recently. I  purchased a stuffed Dog (I bought like 5!) named Colby, from KAY Jewelers. (It inspired my entire design) Part of the proceeds ($7 to be exact) from EVERY sale benefit St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research!! So if there is a KAY near you, you can buy the SUPER cute Colby dog too, for a good cause! I have to say I was VERY disappointed to NOT see this promotion on their site, and the ONLY thing I could find to share, that showed you the dog and the promotion was THIS!


Doesn’t Colby look just like this bear? I know! Colby is a dog, but to me they look alike 😀 This image  is Bear & Robin. I colored him with my Copic markers. If you don’t own these yet…WHY?! I love my Copic’s. Use them EVERYDAY! LOVE. I honestly can’t even consider coloring with anything else. I totally feel they are worth every EXPENSIVE penny spent 😀 I also used the colorless blender to get my hat pattern. I added a pom pom, and made the hat cuff 3D as is the bird. You cannot see it but the “snow” on the ground is a really pretty glitter I got in the KIDS section at Michael’s! DON’T buy those LITTLE tubes of glitter in the stamp/scrapbook section of your craft store! They are overpriced! Go to check out the KID craft section FIRST, where you get a HUGE bottle, at about the same cost (sometimes cheaper) as a TINY bottle. I swear it’s the SAME stuff.

I also airbrushed my sky. Then I dotted my background with my Singlo white gel pen. I had this silver snowflake “table” confetti from Target last year, and it makes the BEST card accents!! I can’t recall who makes the paper :C Sorry.

Well that is all for me. Sorry I was quite long winded.YIKES! LOL!

Thanks for hanging in. In the meantime I hope you and your family are happy & healthy during this terrible season of germs!