I have to say you ALL know how to make a girl feel good 😀

As for me taking a photo of the quadruple colors in my hair….ARE YOU KIDDING?! Do you think I wanted PHOTO documentation of that?! NO WAY!!!!!

I honestly didn’t expect to get anyone saying they liked the color! LOL! I figured you’d all say OH NO! What now! LOL!!! Its a very big adjustment, but ONE compliment for a WOMAN equal 100 from a man! Thank you all for such a warm response to my hair trauma story. Its been quite the adjustment for me. You all helped me feel better about it.

I’m getting the TRIPLE take from those I know. When people would say WOW! You totally changed your hair!”  I kept saying it was a dye job trauma, and I had no choice, then I quickly explained it to people!! Now I’m just smiling and saying “I needed a change”. So, thank you for letting my confidence build a bit. I guess no one needs to know WHAT really happened, if it looks OK now. You all definitely made me feel better about it.

A lot of people have been shocked that I didn’t BALL. Honestly, the MAIN reason I didn’t cry was because at least my hair didn’t break off, and I remember when Alexa lost her hair to Cancer. She had GORGEOUS, thick, dark hair, down to her waist. We cut it to her shoulders before it fell out, but it still came out it CHUNKS. THAT was one of the hardest things  for me to see. She would just sit on the couch and grab a handful, and look at me with tears in her eyes. Her expressive communication then was harder for her, but she was VERY upset about this. I just told her It is going to be OK. it will grow back. I’d say “You don’t need hair to be beautiful. ” So HOW could I cry after telling her all that?! I had my hair. Wasn’t my favorite color, but I wasn’t sick. I just made a crazy dye mistake. I had to repeat the same words I told her to myself. Granted I didn’t feel beautiful, but I didn’t have Cancer or anything like that.

 I kept wanting I change! LOL! Guess I got it.

Jay says he likes it, its just going to take time to get use to. He does like the style alot, despite the fact he about DIED when I cut my ahir. I told him this is exactly WHY we women get into hair RUTS! You men want us to look the same all the time!! When he came home after work yesterday he was still a little shocked when he saw me again! LOL! Its just SO different. For the 9 years he’s been with me, I’ve always had long blond hair. Granted in my early 20’s it was more healthy and curly.

My kids love it! LOL! Not sure WHY. Amber wants her hair “painted” too. Since THAT comment I have secretly HID all her paints! I know her too well.

 I LOVE the cut and style. In fact I did curl the ends yesterday and it looked REALLY nice 😀 I also have a “Cute” ponytail, and my hair is full of body. I haven’t had much “movement” to my hair in some time, so it feels REALLY good, and yes MODERN! For all that I’m really happy.

MANY people asked WHAT dye I used. I used Loreal. My PROBLEM most likely happened because I tried a different color, since last time I dyed it, it go TOO light on the bottom. I’m NOT blaming the company. I’m sure it was a number of issues, and like most problems USER ERROR!

So thank you again. I feel good about this NEW ME! LOL! Jay said as long as I don’t get a NEW man, he is fine with the NEW ME! LOL!

I’m off the the doctors with the kids today. Alexa will have her follow up to ensure she is recovering from her pneumonia. I’m happy to report (so far) Noah & Amber don’t seem to be sick, nor did they have any reaction to the H1N1 nasal spray, so THANK GOODNESS!!!

Now I promised some eye candy. Sorry I didn’t get to it yesterday! I worked on some eye candy for tomorrow’s post!

Without further delay…….


Don’t Peek!

I think I’m finally getting my card mojo back. It’s hard to go from one design mindset to another. When I’m on a roll designing NEW templates, or creating with the templates, it can be hard to switch to just a FLAT surface again! LOL!

Isn’t this lil guy so cute. Looks like he could be in big trouble too 😀 Not sure if he is wrapping or un-wrapping. Noah has 4 birthday parties over the next 2 weeks! So I needed to make some BOY cards. NO pink in this one 😀 This was Noah Approved! LOL!

When the girls have a party to attend I’m now off the hook, as they make their own cards 😀 Noah, well he is too busy playing with BOY stuff to care about crafting these days.


I got inspired by my patterned paper colors, and just colored away. I usually have my paper picked PRIOR to coloring my images. Makes life easier. When I just color first, it can be harder to complete a project when I try to match evrything up, after the fact.

The “Don’t Peek”sentiment comes from Tiny Words Borders & Centers Set 1-3/16″ . I just used markers to color each letter to match! So simple and CUTE!

This cut dog is named Ruffles: A Present for you! He is from Stampavie  the Helz Cuppleditch collection. I love her stuff.

The paper is a mini stack from Making Memories. I’ve had it forever, and use it often.

I think this came out pretty cute, and BOYISH. I know there is a BOW but go with the GIFT theme. I also made sure my bow matched the bow in my image. Its a little detail but I found it to be important.

Well once again, thanks for stopping by!! I’ll be back tomorrow with some NEW! Release images from PCS!

Until then