But it was time for a BIG change!!!!  This is me today. I took this just this morning.

Although this was NOT really what I had in mind 😀

Prepare yourself for a story people!

I’m dying to hear what my mom thinks too! I know Im going to hear that I look JUST like her!

I don’t think ANYONE who knows me would recognize me!!! In fact taking the kids to school I got the TRIPLE take! Even the girl at Dunkin Donuts was in shock!

I have ALWAYS been Blond! Until I turned 13! My hair got darker, and I was so upset. My mom let me dye it from then on, so I have never really had dark hair.  Well, until now.

I’m not sure WHAT my issue has been lately, but I have been saying I need a change! I’ve still kept up with exercising and take care of myself, and I love getting new clothes, but that hasn’t been enough. I don’t want to look back on photos and see I look the SAME decade after decade!! The dreaded HAIR RUT!

 One day I just chopped off 8 inches of my hair. No reason. Just CHOP! I haven’t had short hair since I was 10! Its generally at LEAST a bit past mid back, or longer.

I have had a hard time with my naturally curly hair since my surgery. Its been half straight, half curly and just plain difficult! So I cut it, and have been straightening it these days. OK that is a bit different. Still not anything NEW.

 Well, I decided to TRY dying it myself Saturday. No big deal. Been there done that a million times. Something different happened THIS time.

I let it set for 20 minutes. Washed it out. I then took the towel off my head while Jay was in the kitchen cooking, and the LOOK on my husbands face was SCARY!!!!!!! You know men never notice ANYTHING. Well not usually. THIS he noticed. I looked at him puzzled, and said “What is the matter?” He said “Oh my word! Lauren have you SEEN your hair?” So I quickly RAN to the mirror. There I saw it! My hair was BLUE, WHITE and GRAY, you may even say some green!!!!!!!!! HOLY SMOKES!! (OK those weren’t my exact words, but lets just say it was a disaster!) I have NO idea what happened with the dye I used, but apparently my hair was NOT happy with it.

Jay kept saying OH! NO! That is REALLY bad Lauren. What are you going to do? You can’t leave the house! At least no without a HAT! Amber said “Mommy what did you do to your hair, its like a clown!” and she went on to giggle.


I was FREAKIN out. There are no words to say how panicked I was. It was too late to go the a hairdresser. So I waited till Sunday morning and went to the ONLY place open, it was at the mall. I called ahead, and told them my “problem”. She said they could definitely fix it for me. So I put my Hoodie on, and off I went. THANKFULLY the hairstylist is RIGHT near the mall entrance door! So I think I went in virtually unnoticed. HOODIE ON!

 I walked in, where there was about 12 people in there. I took the hoodie off and gave her my name. Then everyone just STOPPED. They all looked at me in horror! Now THAT had me even more panicked! I said “Please tell me you have seen something like this before!” The girl at the counter said “Something like that, but not that bad. Oh boy! This is going to be a while” By now I’m about to CRY. Especially when MY hairdresser comes to me and her hair is an inch long and FLUORESCENT GREEN. I said “OK I don’t mean to be rude, or judgemental, but would you understand if I was about to freak, that the girl with the green hair was going to help me fix mine?” She laughed and said, Honestly I’m their best colorist, and I will get you all fixed up. Promise.

So trusting her with my hair, I got in the chair. I mean honestly could it get ANY worse? She said my hair had like 8 colors in it.

I guess the dye damaged my hair in the process (it was ONLY on 20 minutes!!) and they wanted to cut it up to my CHIN. Uh! NO!!! That can’t happen. So we cut it to just below my shoulders and did some layering. I have to say I LOVE the cut! It feels FABULOUS and is SO much easier to work with. I can curl the layers under and it just bounces. Feels good.

The process took 4 1/2 hours between “filling” , conditioning and redying like two or three times (I lost count).

The PROBLEM was they had to dye my hair as DARK as I would allow. They wanted to go alot darker, but I couldn’t do it. So now I have what I THINK you’d call chestnut kind of hair! I have to wait 4 weeks before we can highlight it. Its REALLY strange seeing myself in the mirror or anytime my hair falls within my view.

I wanted a change so I guess I got it! LOL! I am really happy with the cut for sure. The dark hair is going to take some time. I go back in 4 weeks, so I’ll keep you updated. I guess my advice would be DON’T dye your hair yourself!! Pay the $$ to have it done right the first time.

Could be worse. My hair could have broken off.

On a another note:

Alexa is doing very well. The Tamiflu and Zithromax have really helped. We definitely caught it just in time. I’m keeping her home this week, just to be safe for her, and for other people’s children.  She doesn’t have the best immune system so I don’t want to throw her back into the germ infested school before she recovers from what she already has.

I want to thank you ALL for the wonderful comments and prayers. They help us a lot.

I’ll have some eye candy tomorrow. I’ve just been OBVIOUSLY busy with my family and hair drama!

Thanks for stopping by 😀