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April Release is HERE!

Mar 31, 2013 Author: mytime | Filed under: My Time Made Easy

April is here and there is no foolin’ that the release is fantastic!

We have released:

NEW! Pretty Packaging Templates

NEW! Pretty Impressions Stamp Sets

NEW! Pretty Printable Digital Paper Collections

NEW! Pretty Pieces Cut Files

Also be sure you check out our  Pretty Package Collection, where you will always save 25%!

We’d like to introduce you to our 3 NEW Design Team members today who each have projects for you!

Wendy McGaffey

Romaine Rancier

Dawn Barwick

After a warm welcome, please hop around and visit:

  • Lauren Meader
  • Debbie Marcinkiewicz
  • Jackie Randolph
  • Karien vab der Westhuizen
  • Kimberly Morrow
  • Lisa Kind
  • Lori Hairston
  • Lori Kalus
  • Mary Vogel
  • Pattie Goldman
  • Tangii Crain
  • Tracy Holmes
  • Now it is my turn to share some more GREAT ideas that we have this release.

    There is a template I am quite excited about!!

    I designed this specifically for my 13 year old daughter Alexa


    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    2 3/4 Inch Wide

    3 1/3 Inch Tall

    8 1/2 Inches Long

    Looking for a Sole-Mate? Then this is the perfect “sole” for you! Designed for my oldest daughter Alexa, this is a super fun and funky shoe that has endless design possibilities! Make it like your favorite classic sneaker, design it for the girls or the boys! A great gift box, or party favor, it is sure to be a perfect fit for any occasion!

    Now if you really want to “step it up” a bit, you can make this sneaker and gift it in our amazing Shoe Box template! Be sure you check out our amazing set of images Sole-Mates, that coordinates perfectly with this template, as well as our inspiring collection of patterned papers that will really dress up this shoe, with very little effort!

    I used the zebra print from the NEW Purse Patterns paper collection, printed on fuchsia cardstock.

    I made a set with every “rocker” girl/boy in mind called Sole-Mates!

    I think we can all agree this set is sure to put the fun into any project and convey the perfect message with “sole”!

    The Sole-Mate is perfectly detailed, and sure to be a huge hit at any party.

    Pretty HOT girl version don’t you think?

    Now I will share the BOY version, as it is super easy to switch it up!

    Made from just a textured black cardstock, and white accents this was definitely a jaw dropper at Noah’s friends birthday party!

    It is so fun and actually easy to make.

    I stuffed the sole full of candy and added a gift card to Toys R’ Us (always a great gift to have on hand too)

    There are many tag options so I created mine to suit my needs.

    What do you think? Pretty fun!!

    A great one for the teens too.

    Please view our Gallery for project samples, and alternative ways to use all our amazing coordinating products!

    Also if you haven’t already, you can follow us on Pinterest, as we have over 16 pinboards full of ideas, we are also on Facebook-so LIKE US there, and follow us on Twitter!

    We will return tomorrow for more great gift ideas previewing our latest products.

    See you then.



    April Release Preview: 2

    Mar 30, 2013 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

    Happy Easter!

    I hope you are able to celebrate with those you love most today.

    To celebrate I’d like to share a quick poem

    Easter Joy

    Jesus came to earth,
    To show us how to live,
    How to put others first,
    How to love and how to give.

    Then He set about His work,
    That God sent Him to do;
    He took our punishment on Himself;
    He made us clean and new.

    He could have saved Himself,
    Calling angels from above,
    But He chose to pay our price for sin;
    He paid it out of love.

    Our Lord died on Good Friday,

    But the cross did not destroy
    His resurrection on Easter morn
    That fills our hearts with joy.

    Now we know our earthly death,
    Like His, is just a rest.
    We’ll be forever with Him
    In heaven, where life is best.

    So we live our lives for Jesus,
    Think of Him in all we do.
    Thank you Savior; Thank you Lord.
    Help us love like you!

    By Joanna Fuchs

    Thank you to each of you who stop in month after month and visit us to see what is next. I know MANY of you have followed me and my family for many years, and the constant support has been life changing, so thank you!

    Without further delay let me share with you who to visit:

    Sexy Soles

    Shoe Box

    Sexy Soles

    I have had these heels done and ready to go for SO LONG, it is fun that the time is now here.

    Fashioned after a pair I own and love, I think you will love them too!

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    2 3/4 Inch Wide

    3 1/4 Inch Tall

    8 1/2 Inches Long

    Sometimes you need a little something sexy, to slip a little something special into. Make this for any girlfriend, teenager, bride, or bride to be…this high heeled shoe is sure to dazzle them!

    I packed up a gift card to Target in one, and some pretty silver nail polish in another, for a few gift or favor ideas.

    I made these from black cardstock, trimmed with some dazzling BLING! The bottom has a red sole to mimic that famous shoe designer we all know and love, but most likely cannot afford, so now we can create our own and live vicariously!

    The sole insert, and heel was cut from the Dainty Damask © pattern, recolored black.

    I added some bling to the buckle of the shoe as well.

    The back of the shoe has a tag from our NEW! Shop Til’ You Drop set, which was cut from the Fabulous Frames © cut file.

    This makes the perfect gift holder or party favor for any occasion! Use this to hold a gift card, money, make-up, nail polish, mini liquor bottles, sexy underwear, chocolate/candy, or details for a invitation to a party!

    Now if you really want to “step it up” a bit, you can make this high heel shoe and gift it in our amazing Shoe Box template! Be sure you check out our amazing set of images Shop Til’ You Drop, that coordinates perfectly with this template, as well as our inspiring collection of patterned papers that will really dress up this shoe, with very little effort!

    Need something less “sexy”….try our Sole-Mate template! It’s a super fun sneaker 😀

    Now as you have seen, NO pair of shoes is complete without a box for them to fit into….

    Shoe Box

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    4 Inches Tall

    5 1/2 Inches Wide

    9 Inches Long

    Well it doesn’t get much simpler than this…here was have our own version of your standard shoe box! Sometimes you just need a great sized box, that is simple, but fashionable, and can fit so many great gifts.

    If that is what you WANT, then this is what you NEED!

    You can fit cards in here as well.

    The box tag sentiment comes from the NEW! Shop Til’ You Drop set.

    You can make the Shoe Box label read whatever you want it to!

    That makes it so much more fun.

    I love the bottom corner tabs on the ends as well. Sometimes it is the SIMPLEST of details

    Think of all the great uses of your typical shoe box, then add to the fact that you can now create and customize your own for a plethora of amazing gifts.

    This gift set was created to be given with the Handbag you saw from me in yesterday’s post.

    If you feel excited and inspired then wait until tomorrow when we release all our NEW PRODUCTS!

    You won’t want to miss them!






    April Release Preview:1

    Mar 29, 2013 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    Happy Spring!

    While I wish I could report sunny skies and warm weather that has yet to happen in New Hampshire.

    I am certainly looking forward to nicer weather. As April approaches I am just in awe at just how fast time flies by. My children are growing quickly and I find that my life is ever changing from one season to the next.

    It has been a while since I posted some family photos here, so here you go!

    Doesn’t seem real to me that my kids are now 13-Alexa, 10 Noah, and 8-Amber.

    I’m wishing I could just freeze time and enjoy every moment I am given with my children, husband and family.

    The cute little faces I am use to looking at are changing, and my children don’t look like babies any more, more like little adults.

    3 Pieces of my Heart

    I am always thankful to God for each and every day that passes.

    I’m thankful for health and well being of my family. I feel blessed beyond words.  Every day IS a GIFT.

    I wish you all the same as we enter into a new season, and get ready to celebrate Easter.

    With that being said the design team at My Time Made Easy ™ LLC would like to share some projects in celebration of our release on April 1st.

    Here is WHO you can visit for a sneak peek at what it to come:


    Sole Mate

    So without further delay let me get ready to share my project with you all.

    This month we have a FABULOUS release for all the lovely ladies who like girly things 😀

    H is for Handbag

    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    3 Inches Wide

    7 Inches Long

    10 1/2 Inches Tall

    I made this for my sister-in-law Heather for her birthday, and as you can see in the above photo, I loaded it up with all sorts of goodies!

    Let this take the place of that all occasion, “typical” gift bag we give to our very best “girl” friend.

    We have stepped it up with this super girly version of a “handbag”, that is the perfect gift instead! It is a gift within itself.

    Fashioned after one of my personal favorite handbags, this template is large enough, and is just the perfect size for so many gifts! You can package up a new wallet, gift cards to a favorite shoppe, a collection of beauty, hair, or bath products, cosmetics, jewelry, a clothing item such as a shirt, scarf, gloves, nightie, socks, slippers or something homemade…to get just a few of the many ideas going!

    Makes the perfect template for any occasion such as birthdays, holidays, bridal gifts, bachelorette parties, or party favors for any event!

    Now for the personal touches I added to this gift

    The Handbag was created from black cardstock, as was the decorative “trim” pieces. The handle was cut from white cardstock. The decorative layers were made using the Dainty Damask © collection, recolored to black, and the diamond pattern is from the Flutters and Flowers ©.

    I made a monogram tag using the frame & letter H from the Merriest Monograms © . It is such a stunning set, and it really made this gift a WOW! The tag was cut using the Fabulous Frames © cut file.

    A girl can NEVER have too much BLING! I added some bling stickers around my buckle which was cut from a silver cardstock, and added bling to the handles as well.

    On the pockets I lined them with a string of pearls, and some pretty felt roses that can be removed and added to your shoes, or a headband!

    This template has an amazing collection of Pretty Printable Paper called Purse Patterns that is sure to help you create a simply stunning handbag with little effort! We are also releasing the Go Shopping collection too, so don’t miss that!

    Want to “step it up” another notch? Pair it with the Sexy Soles template!! Nothing goes better with a great handbag, than an even sexier pair of shoes!

    Just endless possibilities for packaging up some amazing gifts for any girl in your life!

    Now if you LIKED that you will LOVE everything else we have to release this month, so please stay tuned, and return tomorrow for MORE!



    Winner of the $10 Gift Certificate!

    Mar 8, 2013 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized

    Congrats to the random winner of our $10 Gift Certificate to My Time Made Easy ™ LLC is:

    Angela (Toucan Scraps)

    cute bunny.
    i think my favourite project was Scrappinmad-Karien’s


    Congrats to Angela! Please contact [email protected] to redeem your gift certificate!

    March: Year in Review (Giveaway)

    Mar 3, 2013 Author: mytime | Filed under: My Time Made Easy, Uncategorized
    Today we are wrapping up our projects for our March 2013 Release. We are each going to share a project for our Year in Review which is when we use OLD products, and make them NEW again. Since you cannot possibly get too many ideas for the products you spend your hard earned money on, we like to bring the focus back to those products to help maximize your crafting budget.
    So look and see who has done what!

    Now leave a comment back here after you check out what the team has done, and tell me what your favorite project was. Then you will be entered for your chance to win a $10 Gift Certificate to use towards your next purchase at My Time Made Easy ™ LLC. It’s THAT simple.

    Winner to be announced on the 7th!

    Now I like to usually combine old & new products, and since I had another project using our Egg-stra Special template that fit in perfectly I thought no time would be better.

    I knew I wanted to use it to create a bunny, and I had NO IDEA what colors, papers etc I wanted to use, so I let my daughter Amber decided that this color from the Fun Flowers © would be cute, so we went with it.

    So we made the body, and then layered on the paper. Then the next obvious step was to make it into an actual bunny.

    I used some GOOGLIE eyes I had on hand.

    I used the muzzle, heart nose, arms and feet from the Bouncing Bunny © cut file.

    I just used some decorative layers for the ears. Added some flowers, and a little bow to match.

    Cute and simple, and my daughter LOVED it. Mission accomplished.

    You can now create your own Easter Egg or bird’s egg, or design this to look like your own bunny, or try a chickie, a bird, owl, or anything that has a oval body! A little creativity will go a LONG way with this one.

    We want to see what you do, so if you do decide to try something “out of the box” send a link, email us, post ir on Facebook or Pinterest.

    I’ll be back to announce our WINNER of the $10 Gift Certificate on the 7th.

    Good Luck!


    A little something…

    Mar 2, 2013 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy
    Thanks for returning to see what else we all have to share.
    I’m happy that the orders are rolling in, and the feedback has been great with all the changes we’ve made. It’s wonderful to get nice emails of support, and hear that you all seem to be enjoying our new design team members creations!
    Check them out again today for some more refreshing ideas with our products:

    I am going to share what I have created with our newest cut file we have released this month called Bag-sket.


    Available in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, WPC

    Completed Project Size:

    2 3/4 X 2 1/2 Inch Wide

    5 Inches Tall

    The team had suggested this as a card, and I felt allowing it to become a super quick “bag-sket” would be even better!

    Whether you want a “bag”, or a card, this sweet little “bag-sket” is a great two for the price of one, cut file. Now you can have a super cute basket shaped card, OR a fun little treat bag, designed to look like a basket. Perfect for Easter, Spring, Mother’s Day, or whenever!

    My sample here was super simple!

    I used white cardstock as my base, then I cut my  Bag-sket panel and decorative layers using the Picnic of Patterns © collection, as I felt it was very SPRING and basket like! LOL!

    I added my sentiment from the Secret Surprise © set, as it was PERFECTION!

    I love the little felt flower sticker in the corner, and my sweet little GNOME candle peeking out of the “grass”!

    I hung this on the door of my friend who actually hates GNOMES because I wanted her to SMILE and think they CAN be cute! If she still hates them than she can enjoy burning the candle. If she loves him then she can keep him on her desk and think of me! LOL!

    She is still undecided as to his fate, but it did make her laugh 😀 Her daughter instantly took the basket for herself and is storing her own little items in it. Gotta love recycling.

    Until tomorrow!




    Egg-stra Special Basket

    Mar 1, 2013 Author: mytime | Filed under: My Time Made Easy
    So here we are again with more to share.
    You really cannot get too many ideas for uses of products. Each purchase you make should have multiple uses so you can maximize your crafting dollars. The team and I are here to help give you a plethora of ideas every month for each product you purchase.
    So come take a look at the following designers:

    Today I will get to share yet another fun project using one of our newest templates the Egg-Stra Special Template.

    As I mentioned previously *The bottom could be used on its own to create a “basket”, or the top could be used on its own to create a bee hive!* So I thought I’d share the basket sample here today!

    Using *just* the bottom of the Egg-Stra SpecialTemplate today to make my sweet basket here:

    I had a large candle from Bath & Body Works that I wanted to give to my mom’s friends sister (follow that ?) who is going through chemo for Colon Cancer. It is their Stress Relief scented one that smells amazing. It fit just perfectly in here, and it is in a silver leaf patterned holder too.

    Simple gift that cost about $6

    I don’t KNOW her friends sister personally, but I do know my mom’s friend, so I made this in hopes that this little something will brighten her day, and let her know my family is praying for her.

    I wanted to keep it quick and simple since I was on limited time (I am currently in school! Long story.), but still wanted to make something from the heart, so I used a celery cardstock as my base, and chose the Farmhouse Fresh © paper collection for my basket. I chose this pattern because is mimicked a basket weave, but has the leaves and berries too.

    So keeping it simple I dressed it up by adding my flower which I made using the Rolled Bloom Modern ©. These flowers are SO easy to use, and its so fun to be able to say I MADE THAT FLOWER!!! People’s jaw will usually DROP when you say that 😀 Gotta love it.

    I believe this took about a 1/2 hour, start to finish. Not too bad considering it would take me that long just to get out the door to the store. I was able to customize it to fit my wants/needs and NOT leave the house. It took 2 pieces of cardstock (at 0.09 cents each) and 1 piece of paper that I printed myself (so maybe 0.20 cents at most, given cardstock, and ink use), then my flower was a 1/2 sheet of cardstock, so another say 0.06 cents at most! So a total gift wrap cost of 0.44 CENTS to make, and I saved my money on gas, and saved my time running out to the store.

    I ended up placing this in a large cello bag, and tied it off with a tag I had created previously, and just printed/cut and went. Due to my hectic work schedule I didn’t have time or energy to get a final photo, but you get the idea.

    My mom said her friends sister was very touched by the gesture and she couldn’t believe someone who didn’t know her would make something just for her. Now THAT is heart warming. I have been on the other end of such gifts when Alexa had Leukemia and I can tell you they made all the difference. From the handmade cards to anything else people sent for her or I, it was SO TOUCHING to think that people took a moment to think of us and send something along. The entire wall of her hospital room was FULL of cards from people all over the world! People/staff all over the hospital would come by to admire the handmade cards from people all over the world. It was so amazing. We still have every single one!!!!!

    I’m telling you its little gestures that make the biggest difference.

    So give it a try. Make something simple for anyone who may need a little pick me up. I bet you end up feeling better than they do! LOL!

    OR if you make a ton of stuff and have NO ONE to give them to, try sending them to a Cancer center in your area! Or maybe you have another organization that has touched your life. Any place that people are in need of care it is appreciated, I promise you. You can spend your time doing something you love, and then you get to give back to those less fortunate.

    It’s a win, win!

    See you back here tomorrow.

    March Collection Winner!

    Mar 1, 2013 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized
    Thank you to everyone who participated! We all enjoyed hearing who inspired you so far this month.
    We will have another Giveway on the 4th! So check back again then if you didn’t win today.
    In addition to a Giveaway here, be sure to follow us on on Facebook! We have separate GIVEAWAYS that we will be doing for our fans as well.
    The winner of our March Collection is #41 CLICK HERE TO SEE PRIZE PACKAGE!
    Congrats to: 41 Alicia Chaparro
    Alicia writes:

    It’s so hard to choose just one. Lauren you are constantly inspiring and your creativity always shines through. I always look forward to seeing what you will come up with next. The beautiful jeweled Egg-stra Special Template shared by Debbie Marcinkiewicz was so detailed. I loved the sting of pearls in a flourish along the sides and the added touch of the silk flower were the perfect finishing touches. I can see using this template as a jewelry box. The Frog Prince using the Display template by Lori Hairston was so inventive. The lipgloss as a treat inside was the perfect play on the theme and beautifully done. Well done to all of the design team! Thank you again so much!


    Alicia contact me at [email protected] to redeem your prize!




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