So here we are again with more to share.
You really cannot get too many ideas for uses of products. Each purchase you make should have multiple uses so you can maximize your crafting dollars. The team and I are here to help give you a plethora of ideas every month for each product you purchase.
So come take a look at the following designers:

Today I will get to share yet another fun project using one of our newest templates the Egg-Stra Special Template.

As I mentioned previously *The bottom could be used on its own to create a “basket”, or the top could be used on its own to create a bee hive!* So I thought I’d share the basket sample here today!

Using *just* the bottom of the Egg-Stra SpecialTemplate today to make my sweet basket here:

I had a large candle from Bath & Body Works that I wanted to give to my mom’s friends sister (follow that ?) who is going through chemo for Colon Cancer. It is their Stress Relief scented one that smells amazing. It fit just perfectly in here, and it is in a silver leaf patterned holder too.

Simple gift that cost about $6

I don’t KNOW her friends sister personally, but I do know my mom’s friend, so I made this in hopes that this little something will brighten her day, and let her know my family is praying for her.

I wanted to keep it quick and simple since I was on limited time (I am currently in school! Long story.), but still wanted to make something from the heart, so I used a celery cardstock as my base, and chose the Farmhouse Fresh © paper collection for my basket. I chose this pattern because is mimicked a basket weave, but has the leaves and berries too.

So keeping it simple I dressed it up by adding my flower which I made using the Rolled Bloom Modern ©. These flowers are SO easy to use, and its so fun to be able to say I MADE THAT FLOWER!!! People’s jaw will usually DROP when you say that 😀 Gotta love it.

I believe this took about a 1/2 hour, start to finish. Not too bad considering it would take me that long just to get out the door to the store. I was able to customize it to fit my wants/needs and NOT leave the house. It took 2 pieces of cardstock (at 0.09 cents each) and 1 piece of paper that I printed myself (so maybe 0.20 cents at most, given cardstock, and ink use), then my flower was a 1/2 sheet of cardstock, so another say 0.06 cents at most! So a total gift wrap cost of 0.44 CENTS to make, and I saved my money on gas, and saved my time running out to the store.

I ended up placing this in a large cello bag, and tied it off with a tag I had created previously, and just printed/cut and went. Due to my hectic work schedule I didn’t have time or energy to get a final photo, but you get the idea.

My mom said her friends sister was very touched by the gesture and she couldn’t believe someone who didn’t know her would make something just for her. Now THAT is heart warming. I have been on the other end of such gifts when Alexa had Leukemia and I can tell you they made all the difference. From the handmade cards to anything else people sent for her or I, it was SO TOUCHING to think that people took a moment to think of us and send something along. The entire wall of her hospital room was FULL of cards from people all over the world! People/staff all over the hospital would come by to admire the handmade cards from people all over the world. It was so amazing. We still have every single one!!!!!

I’m telling you its little gestures that make the biggest difference.

So give it a try. Make something simple for anyone who may need a little pick me up. I bet you end up feeling better than they do! LOL!

OR if you make a ton of stuff and have NO ONE to give them to, try sending them to a Cancer center in your area! Or maybe you have another organization that has touched your life. Any place that people are in need of care it is appreciated, I promise you. You can spend your time doing something you love, and then you get to give back to those less fortunate.

It’s a win, win!

See you back here tomorrow.