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Love Birds-a new year reflection.

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As the new year approaches I hope tonight you and your loved one’s will stay safe.


Its so dangerous, and not worth the risk. I’m not preaching, but just reminding how something fun can turn into a tragedy.

We alway’s stay home on this holiday. We have 3 kids to think of. WE may be OK, but its other people you need to watch out for! We order in Chinese food, and pray we are able to stay up late enough for the ball to drop!

I also wish each of you a wonderful New Year, filled with health, and happiness. A year where anything is possible, if you work to make it happen. Start on a positive note, no matter what your situation. Happiness can be a mind set sometimes.

I have many aspirations for the New Year, and cannot wait to see what it brings. I already have exciting things to share, when time allows.

I have so many wonderful things to be thankful more, and more to come.

This will be Alexa’s LAST year having Chemo!! She has 7 months left 😀 So I pray God keeps her Cancer free. She will finish up just before her 9th birthday. Now THAT is going to be a PARTY!!!!!!

I pray I live to see the day where Cancer no longer affects people, like Polio, Measles or Rheumatic Fever. These are things that use to kill people, now we read about them.

In the New Year, like millions of other’s, I vow to exercise, and eat healthy (after our Chinese dinner of course). I do pretty good for 2 months, then…………chocolate or Easter hits!

I turn 30 this year. So in 5 months, I will no longer be in my 20’s. Not sure how I feel about that. Not too happy! But its better than the alternative right?! LOL! I figure when I 40 I’ll wish I was 30, and so on. We have good genes in my family so as long as I dont” THINK”  I “LOOK” 30 then I’m all set! 😀

No matter-just try to view this new year, as a fresh start!

Make a goal, make a promise, make a wish……………………….whatever you need or want to do th change something for the better in your life. It has to be something you have control over, so be realistic.

Also STOP the I’m not good enough thinking. A lot of you post that, and it makes me CRINGE! You ARE good enough, but no one will believe it if you dont!


So Happy New Year to all of you and yours!


Oh speaking of new, and love-I LOVE these love birds! I could make a hundred cards with them. But, I should show you some of the other images, and I will, tomorrow! Unless I actually do some sort of New Year celebration card. We will see.

I stand corrected on the release date of the 2 new sets- Love Ya Much, and Love Ya Lots.

They are being released Friday Jan. 4th! YEAH!! You will find them——> HERE, once available.

I wanted to use my NEW! $4 sewing machine more, so I whipped up this pretty “lovely” card. I think I got my monies worth now! LOL!

The paper is by Martha Stewart, and the pink layer is an embossed branch with floral buds. Really elegant and cute all in one. Who say’s cutesy can’t be elegant? NOT I!

The scallop layer, is a punch by Martha Stewart. As is the ribbon. The tag is by Making Memories (I make my own using the tag maker!).

Stay tuned for some rockin samples this New Year! These companies are really pouring out the MUST HAVE’s!

I have SO much HAPPY mail coming this week its sick! I cannot wait. I am stalking my mailman!!!

So please share with me something you are looking forward to this week or in the New Year! I love to read about you too.

See you in 2008!

Sketch time-On Sunday, and new products :D

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OK is it just me or is everyone feeling so tired and LAZY! Sorry Im so out of it, but I feel entitled! I update my blog everyday-and have taken a small break here and there. So I say “Good for me!” LOL!!!!

This is my fun plae, and I’m determined to not let it be WORK.

Now I feel WAY behind, and have tons to share.

So be prepared-lots to see in this post.

I am still recovering from the holiday!

 My tree is still up, and this whole week I didn’t shower till dinner time! So not like me-lazing around, but I have enjoyed it. I did get some serious stamping stuff done 😀 Most of it is soon to be released stuff though. Oh wait till you see all the goodies the companies I work for are coming out with this NEW YEAR!! Think tax return! LOL!

 I HATE taking photo’s and editing-although my NEW!! photo editing software ROCKS :D. I am really getting the hang of it I think.

So, enough of the blah, blah, blah, want a peek at a new set? Oh and the sketch! LOL!

I didn’t realize how many people WAIT for it, till I got  a bunch of emails, asking when it would be posted 😀

Alright, get ready to SQUEAL WITH DELIGHT!

Here is the sketch-

sketch-28.JPG click to enlarge

Here is the sample 😀

mytime-pretty-piggy.jpg You make me squeal!

How cute is this image?? Its from one of the new sets called Love Ya Lots.

Christine from C.C. Designs is releasing 2 NEW! sets on January 7th, in time for Valentines! They are called-Love Ya Much, and Love Ya Lots.

To me, the coolest thing is that they aren’t JUST holiday friendly. I really feel like they are ALL year long-kind of images. Seriously cute! Not expensive-only $11.99 a set, they are not too big, for those who aren’t crazy about coloring (I LOVE to color, personally. Reminds me of being a kid :D), great sentiments included-love that, and irresistible!

So this was my FIRST card. I so love using Kraft, Red, Black and Pink!

I thought up this layout forever and a day ago, and finally got to use it.

The tag is by KI Memories, and its called an Icicle Candy. I had that forever too. Added a cinch more color. Originally I was to have my sentiment under the pig-BUT, I liked it along the side, so I could have my eyelets there instead 😀 Its fun to just play around with that kind of thing.

Notice what else I played with?

Something I have NEVER done before?

Nope, its not my super cool watermark I made all by myself………………..not the icicle candy…………….

Notice yet?

Its this


What do you think? “I” Lauren Meader, have actually sewn on a CARD!!!

Now, I am no dummy to sewing. I use to quilt before I got into stamping, but I couldn’t handle how LONG each creation took. I enjoyed shopping for and pairing the different color fabric’s and patterns, more that the sewing part.

I love the sewing people do on cards, but I have large, and expensive Singer sew machine (now at my MIL’s house), that is too big, and expensive to have in my stamp room to sew on PAPER!

So, using a sew machine wasn’t going to be an issue.

I have seen many buy the Janome sewing machine for about $40 on SALE!

I found this little machine at Rite Aid. Normally about $30. I got it at an after Christmas SALE for $3.99!!

How can you pass that up? Even if it was crappy, its was so cheap. No loss.

So I tried it out-works like a breeze! I have no adjusting to worry about. Sew’s on card-stock no problem! Its tiny, and just sits on my shelf. All I do is plug it in, and off I go. Yes, it does have a plug, and a pedal.

A 6 year old could work it. Now that is what I’m talkin about.

I am not one who will go all sew happy, enough to make a $40 machine worth the cost. Plus the space it would take up. I have alot of other MUST HAVE’s to come first.

There really isn’t anything fancy or fabulous to report, other than that its a cheap little machine, that easily gets the job done.

Wait till you see the other card I made using it (sewing machine) with the image you will see on this next card……………

Will you be my tweetheart?

mytime-ats-tweethearts.jpg This one is from the Love Ya Much set.

I couldn’t leave you “wondering” about the other set! I had to give you another peek!

This is also like the sketch above. Its shows you a bit of versatility, and how a whole new look can arise from a single sketch!

Instead of a hanging tag, I put a stamped heart 😀

I also made my layer’s overlap a bit. I kept the base a single layer.

What do you think of my tree leaves? They are the hearts from the set! Cute idea huh?

I love the spring colors on this too. These 2 birds are way too adorable! I think they are my favorite.

OK that’s it for tonight. I am so tired, and I have to go walk Daisy.  She is chasing the girls around the house, and hanging off their PJ bottoms. A little too much engery goin on there.

Till tomorrow.


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Sorry Im running WAY late with the challenge.

Lots of excuses.

I went to shop at Target-

Then had to get Christmas photos off the camera-

Then my camera batteries died, and need charging and I have NO photo of the sketch.

I got busy stamping a project for my Secret friend thing on SCS! I am UBER pleased with it. Wait till you see it. I do have to make sure the person gets if first.

Now we have had company for most of the day for the football game – Patriots VS Giants. Its a big game. Lots of possibilities for record breaking.

I am the only one here who doesn’t know whats going on, nor do I care! LOL! I only know what I said, cause thats all I keep hearing.

But there are wives here who do, so to leave to stamp would be beyond RUDE!!

I am sneaking away just to type this and re-group. I HATE ALL sports!!

On a good note-I found I have 3 publications in Paper Trends!!! One 2 page spread (Go lauren! LOL!) using Green Grass Stamps, then a card using MFT, and another using Lizzie Anne 😀

I’ll fill you in more later. Im way happy about those. I had no idea. I was in line browsing and saw me in there! So I don’t even have MY copy yet.

I don’t keep track of that stuff, till it comes out. Some stuff gets taken a year in advance!

Anyway-have a good night-Ill be back when I get things photographed.

Thanks for hangin in there.

Blogger’s Challenge-and a video you need to see!

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Well with Christmas being over (still can’t believe it), its time to focus on the next holiday-Valentines Day.

I have not stamped at all in like a week or so. I have a cold, and feel like crap! LOL! So I really hope to get some stuff done today. I’m still in the holiday hangover.

Now that the holidays are over, I hope you all will remember to continue the loving, and giving spirit of the holiday season. I have a link below I’d LOVE for you to watch-it cost YOU nothing, but raises money towards awareness, each time its viewed!

So for this week’s Blogger’s Challenge, we were to get inspired by something. A pattern on a rug, or paper-whatever we wanted.

This is what I came up with

re-done-hearts-of-colors-mytime-la.jpg Colorful Heart of Love

If you can’t tell WHAT my inspiration was, then I will tell you-it was the patterned paper at the top of my card. Its by Me & MY Big Ideas. I got it at Michael’s.

When I saw it, I instantly thought about this detailed heart from Heart To Heart. I just used my SU! markers to color each layer, like my paper.

To continue the “circle” theme, I stamped the heart on the white layer base, then cut the circle patterned paper layer out. I popped out a circle with my punch, and attached a metal rim. So the heart is under the raised circle layer.  I LOVE doing that lately!

The ribbon was by Martha Stewart. A simple, yet detailed card. Love it!!!

I added a border, and fuzzed the bkgd with my software. Just playing around, having fun!

Hope you likey.

Now I also want to share a link to a video.

I always like to do things that raise awareness, and I think so MANY people are affected by Autisim. I have many friends with Autistic children. I was recently forwarded a video, done by parent, of a daughter with Autism.

Its am amazing video. Get a tissue!!! It really spoke to me. I would love to be able to help any child with a disabliltiy.

The band, Five for Fighting, is generously donating $0.40 to
Autism Speaks for *each time* the video is viewed. The funding
goes toward research studies to help find a cure. When you have a
moment, please visit the link below to watch the video and pass
it along to your friends and family.

They are aiming for 10,000 hits, but hopefully we can help them
to surpass this goal.

Click here: Five for Fighting

As always, thanks for reading.

I hope you take something away from here each time you visit. Be it art related or otherwise 😀

Till tomorrow-

Its Saturday sketch time!!!

A person with Down Syndrome has a starring movie role!

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I am so excited about this!

 My dad called to tell me about this movie—->The Child King. I just ordered it, and am dying to get it. Not that I will be able to watch it. Things like that get me WAY emotional. Unless you sit here, where I am, it is probably hard to understand what I mean, and why.

This is a review about the movie I found ——->HERE. It explains the plot, and there are some reviews as well.

Be sure you watch the Trailer for it. Looks like a great movie for ALL.

 The best part is that the starring role is played by a then, 17 year old boy, named Peter Johnson, who has Down Syndrome! He is considerably local to us here in New Hampshire-he is in Situate, Massachusetts.

I applaud his family for striving to let Peter be the best person he can, and not limiting him. I also applaud the creator of this movie, for giving such an opportunity! 

This will help open many eyes, and many doors.

For those of you who DON’T know, my daughter Alexa is 8, and has Down Syndrome. To find a movie like this is just over the top amazing to me. Especially reading the reviews on it. Also Christmas is Alexa’s FAVORITE time of year.

I think it will allow people to know that people with Special Needs can accomplish ANYTHING, if given the opportunity, and when society doesn’t LIMIT them.

COPY/PASTED from their site:

Proceeds benefit a non-profit organization:



Founded in 2007 by Jeff Kerr, producer of the feature motion picture, The Child King, the non-profit Child King Foundation (CKF) administers funds and disburses grants to organizations, charities and individuals that assist those with intellectual disabilities.

Foundation funds are generated by all producer’s profits from the sale of The Child King DVD and related merchandise, 100% of which are channeled to the CKF for disbursement. CKF grants are offered to eligible applicants after review by the Foundation’s awards committee.

An advocate for those with intellectual disabilities, foundation founder Jeff Kerr is an active long-time supporter of Down syndrome causes, including The Special Olympics and the Law Enforcement Torch Run.

For more information on The Child King Foundation click here.


So thanks for letting me share my excitement!

I know its not stamping related-nor has my latest posts been, but you are all such a part of my life, I love to share things like this with you all. Especially when it helps a cause too!!

Thanks for reading.

I’d love your thoughts on the trailer, or hear about someone “special” that has touched your life.

Tomorrow I’ll be here to share our blog challenge. Yes, it will involve stamping! LOL!

Happy Holidays

For the Dogs………..

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Back to holiday chatter. I am posting a sample too. Read on. Unless it bores you 😀

Where did the holiday season go?? All that work, and POOF! GONE! So sad. The New Year is just around the corner. I cannot believe its going to be 2008! I remember 1988-like yesterday! I was 10.  Can you say New Kids on the Block! Big crimped hair, stretchy pants with long sweaters, ESPRIT bags, CB jackets, and Michael Jackson.

Now we are 8 years into the Millennium.

I am in shock at the number of you who have sent ME cards for Christmas! I mean REALLY! As if you didn’t have enough to do/make already! They were ALL amazing. Thank you so so much. I especially love those ones with the photos 😀 How cool to “see” you and your family. I also got some heartfelt and sweet emails! I feel so very special. So thank you.

I hope you will each take the time to share what cool stuff you got this holiday season, because I am going to tell you some of the YUMMIES I got 😀

We had a fabulous few days celebrating. I know I said ot before. The kids were great, and really enjoyed this year. They are at the perfect, and most precious ages. I want to freeze them all at this point. Its a great time.

I spent a good 5-6 hours Christmas morning cleaning and re-organizing our playroom. I weeded out 6 trash bags of stuff, they don’t use or outgrew, or maybe got a re-vamped similar item.

We usually donate the bags to local churches, and other non-profit places. The toys are in good condition, we just have only so much room KWIM?

Yes, I am that anal, that our toys had to be put in its new placed and organized. When I was a kid we would get up at like 3 am to open gifts (couldn’t sleep). I would NOT return to be until all my new stuff was put away and organized. Pathetic huh? And so it continues……………………

 Jason put the toys together as I did the cleaning. The kids spent the day in their jammies, playing ALL day. We almost forgot to eat! LOL!

I was surpised by many of the amazing gifts I got. I now have lots of thank you’s I MUST make.

I received a Keurig coffee machine.

 OMG! Can I tell you how ultimately amazing it is? I wasn’t sure what the biggie was, but now I know.

My friend bought it for me, and also got a special filter so I can put my beloved Dunkin Donuts coffee in it 😀 Not only does it taste better, but I can make a quick fresh cup, as often as I want!!! Coffee that is brewed with hot water ALWAYS tastes better, and puts out more caffeine! YEAH!! I know this from working at Dunkin Dounts when I was a teen. I got all kinds of coffee knowledge. That is another reason people think that buying in store tastes better.

My PSF’s got me a subscription to CARDS magazine!! I am awaiting my first issue 😀

My mom got me some super cute boots! Can you say Laurenbella. They look just like cool Bella boots! I also got some GODIVA chocolates, and hot cocoa mix. Mostly love the Raspberry filled chocolate bars! Looks like my strict diet will have to wait till those are all gone.

She also got us special ornaments, and went WAY overboard with the kids stuff. It was a great day.

I also got some $ from my dad, and grandpa-that all paid for Daisy’s vet bills, and sweaters, and other dog related stuff.

I got some Rubber Romance stamps from Amy.

As you know my Daisy was my gift for Christmas from Jason. Didn’t expect, want or need anything else, but he also (unexpectedly) bought me some SUPAH cool photo editing software! YEAH!!!!!

Now what is even better is its SUPER easy to use. If you know me, then its NO secret I am way computer challenged. I mean WAY!!!! You have no idea how bad it is. My husband is a computer geek (THANK GOD, cause I’d be LOST), so the fact we are a couple is funny. You would think I’d know “stuff” by now!

Im so bad when he says “Oh now hit “ctrl, alt, del”. I panic!!!

This software is super user friendly. I haven’t needed him once 😀

If you want to know what it is, its PaintShopPro PHOTO X2, by Corel. Love it.


 Dog Walker

This is for my friend Bonnie, who sent Daisy, and my kids some stuff 😀

Well what do you think?

Do you see my cool touches to my photo?

I have a border, I have accented the card by making the bkgd bright, and faded out, I made a COOL watermark all by myself!!! With a PAW!!!  All with thanks of some help from my NEW! Photo editing software, that totally ROCKS!!! Also Dawn told me what to do, so I followed her directions. Thanks Girl!!!

Its cool because not only does it have a manual, but directions as you go online. You can click more and get the exact info you need to perform the task without the manual. Step by step, easy to follow.

I used Dogwalkabella for the main image. Colored with my Copics.The larger dog I colored to be like my Daisy 😀

The sentiment is SO perfect! Its Essential Sentiments by MFT. Now the bkgd “paper” was made by ME! I used little and big pieces by Stampin Up! Long time, no use.

The ribbon wrap idea comes from Ms. Debbie Olson

So I hope you enjoyed my blurb of holiday chatter, as long as it turned out.

I hope you will share your holiday gifts with me too.

Till tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!!!!

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I just want to wish everyone in the world a very Merry Christmas, from my family to yours!

This card was made using the Santa, and sentiment from Holiday Cheer from Lizzie Anne Designs.

Who says Santa has to be in red?

The paper is wrapping paper, by Martha Stewart. As is the card base color. I though it was gorgeous for my card 😀 Wasabi was the perfect match. Buttons are by SEI! 

Thanks for looking and have an enjoyable day, with your loved ones.

Alexa has Chemo tomorrow, so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

Many Merry Moments

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Well I cannot believe its Christmas Eve!

How fast did that go by? Seems like just yesterday (October) I was taking my kids to get their photos done. Now here it is!!

I am hoping your family have a very safe, happy, healthy New Year!

I have some exciting things coming up, over the next few months, to share with all of you! I hope you will share my excitement, when the time arrives.

Many are publications-YEAH!!

The next 2 projects, I can now share with you. They were published in Crafts n’Things the December Holiday issue. Both projects I am sharing use a CUTE penguin set by MFT called Winter Blast

I also have a WHOPPING 7 projects in the current issue! YEAH!!!

mytime-mft-carrottop-christmas-tree.jpg Carrot Top Christmas Tree

This one can be found on page 76. Supplies found there.

The thing that is “special” about this is, it was originally a template for a “carrot box” or triangle box. I flipped it over, and made it a Christmas tree!

Next up is an ornament-Found on page 33

mytime-mft-penguin-ornament.jpg Pretty Penguin Ornament

Now why is this SO special?

Well it is NOT a tin! It is actually the lid from a candle I used. I applies 2 sided cardstock to the back, so I could make an ornament. It was a great way to recycle. See why we stamper’s SAVE everything! LOL!

Anyway, I know these projects are ow no use to you for Christmas, but hop you enjoy them just the same, if you hadn’t seen them in print.

I was very proud of these 😀

Well I am having a day with family, then Santa comes for a visit!

I am very excited for the kids to wake up this Christmas.

I will definitely post photos, when I get some time.

Till then-Merry Christmas!

Jingle Bella-ROCK!

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Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell ROCK! ( I am still humming the tune here)

OK that is my feeble attempt at making this card fit into blogland, with a non Christmas theme, days before Christmas!

I was going to make you wait till AFTER the holidays, but since I haven’t stamped in DAYS, figured I’d find a way.

So here is my ROCKIN’ Bella card


Can’t see her well enough? Sorry-not easy photographing a long card, since I am camera challenged too!

So here is a close up view of the Bella


Is she not HOT or what? Meet Rockabella! I have wanted her for a LONG time.

I thought how cool would it be to make a shaped card. So I did. It took some thought into HOW I would do it, but I think it came together really nice.

I stamped her with Brilliance ink in graphite black. Used my scallop nestabilities, to cut her out/emboss edge.Then, I colored her with myCopic  markers.  Added some dazzling diamonds to her pants, and some purplestickles to her hair. I used a silver pen, to draw a swirl in her guitar.

I used the design of her guitar, to free-hand, my own guitar shaped card. The base is done in black cardstock-edges run across a silver ink pad. The “You Rock” is  Essential Sentiments (which I feel pairs perfect with all Bella cards).

I used a flourish, at the corner of the guitar, from one of my favorite (but neglected) sets by Fancy Pants called Pollen Dust.

I stamped the image with versamark, applied heat & stick powder, heat set, then added my Rainbow Swirls Bling Bling paper.

You can see my tutorial for using that paper —>HERE

I made the arm of the guitar, from silver cardstock, and silver cord. The handle is in a plum cardstock. I LOVE purple and black-when I think Chic Rock Star! LOL!

So I hope all my ROCK STAR stampers enjoy the day.

I have a INBOX full of emails-please know I’m running on empty here! I am all over the place till Thursday, then one day to stamp (GOD WILLING), then back to the running around for the weekend. I will get to you asap! But family first-ya know!

Happy Holidays!

I do have a post ready to go for tomorrow, and I may get to do one for Christmas day-not sure. I’m not putting pressure on myself to get it done. The LAST thing I need is MORE stress. This is my fun place-so its just not allowed. Plus I don’t know that anyone will be online and miss it anyway KWIM?

Till tomorrow!

Saturday Sketch Time

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 Saturday Sketch


To all my girls in Cyberspace- MWAH!

As the end of this year approaches I want to take the time to thank you all who visit. All who offer friendship, uplifting words, support, comments, links, funny stories, tips, ideas, make me laugh, make me cry-ALL OF IT! Who even bother to read anything I write-who get inspired by anything I do. To all my proclaimed “stalkers”, that cracks me up, and I thank you for you feeling like “I” an stalker worthy! LOL!

Just a whopping MWAH! Thank you.

You have all shared a good part of my year here on my blog. Or on SCS.

I stared this blog in March, and have just gone forward from there.

I do this cause I LOVE sharing everything with anyone. This is my fun place. No stress, no work, just me having fun.

I have had an amazing year. I feel so blessed to have all that I do.

I bet you weren’t expecting me to go al sappy on ya, were you?

So that being said this card is for you.

It is our Saturday Sketch for today!! A great one to use those Bella‘s!! I know some of you have UNINKED Bella’s! I know I do.

mytime-bootylicious-mwah.jpg *MWAH*

This is me-(once I finish my New Year work out/diet routine-that helps me lost the 15-20lbs I want-that I do yearly! LOL!) Although, I don’t think my butt could EVER look like that-period! I do have the hair though.

Just go with it OK!

SO I used my super duper new Bella -MWAHBella. I got her this week at Stamping Memories, picked one up for a friend too. Its a great relationship there. I email them what I want, and lickety split, I get an email telling me to pick it up.

Gotta love it.

So, I kept her simple. You know me-I LOVE layers, and clean, and simple lines. I felt she was MWAH-LICIOUS! LOL!

I have a few more Bella cards I will share this week-one that I think knocked Emily (the queen Bella herself) out of her chair :D! Now that is always an honor, when you impress the person who owns the images!

Even when on Design Teams, I find it nerve racking to share my samples, with the creators. You are basically using THEIR creation, in your OWN way. What if they don’t like your “vision”? YIKES! Its very stressful-if you think about it. So I try not to.

OK back to the deet’s. I think I am definitely guilty of not going into the blah blah blah I used this cardstock……. and colored with copics for 22 minutes kinda stuff, and I am striving to get “better” at it. I personally find that type of info BORING. I like the why you did the card, or what inspired it, or some other random babble.

I do like names and links to stamp sets and certain products, but dont need every little detail, if I wanted it, I guess Id ask. I think it just shows how diverse we all are. Some people NEED every speck of detail.

So I linked/anmed my Bella.

I use Papertrey Ink whitefor my base (only white I will use), Kraft from SU!, and blue from Paper Salon.

Colored with Copic’s. I personally ONLY use Brilliance ink in graphite black

My flower is byBazzill. NOTE: They sell individual colors, but I truly reccommend the assortment to start 😀 I love these flowers because they are like fabric, and you can tie your ribbon through them-no problemo-no ripping-Like on my card 😀

Did you notice her head is cut and on a little dimension? Makes her peek right at ya!

OK that is all my friends.

Hope you enjoy the last minute festivities of the holiday season, because before we know it, the MONTH of planning will be gone in a flash.

We are going to see the Christmas lights tonight with the kids. Alexa is at her father’s. Im sad when she isn’t around for “family” stuff, especially the holiday stuff. Its her most favorite time of year. But I ALWAYS have her on ALL the holidays. I figure if I am the one who cares for her ALL the time, good and bad, then I deserve her for all of it. He can’t argue-he left her life for 3 years-then popped back. Can you say NO AGRUMENT there.

The ONLY good thing about her having “another” faux family, is when they want things YOU dont want to have to buy. 

Alexa REALLY wants the toy Bird Talk.

If you dont know what Im talking about-its this HUGE Macaw like stuffed Parrot-that talks. You can teach it stuff to say and everything. VERY NOISY!!! Too big.

Anyway-I told Erik he HAD to get her that. Thankfully it will stay at his house 😀

Tomorrow I am spoending the day at my mom’s. We will celebrate out Christmas with my family then. Should be a nice relaxing day. My mom is a killer cook!!!

Then Monday its Jason’s family. Tuesday-Christmas day-We always stay home! We let the kids play with theri stuff all day. I hated beinga kid-opening all kinds of cool stuff, to then be dragged out of the house to someones house. We could bring ONE thing. ICK!!!

So, if people want to see us they are welcome to come on over.

WOW! way more than planned with this one.

If you are still with me-thanks! LOL!

Feel free to share what youa re doing for the holidays.

Also if you try the sketch-send me a link here so we can all see it. I dont think many of you will, but figured I’d post JUST IN CASE

Happy Holidays.

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