As the new year approaches I hope tonight you and your loved one’s will stay safe.


Its so dangerous, and not worth the risk. I’m not preaching, but just reminding how something fun can turn into a tragedy.

We alway’s stay home on this holiday. We have 3 kids to think of. WE may be OK, but its other people you need to watch out for! We order in Chinese food, and pray we are able to stay up late enough for the ball to drop!

I also wish each of you a wonderful New Year, filled with health, and happiness. A year where anything is possible, if you work to make it happen. Start on a positive note, no matter what your situation. Happiness can be a mind set sometimes.

I have many aspirations for the New Year, and cannot wait to see what it brings. I already have exciting things to share, when time allows.

I have so many wonderful things to be thankful more, and more to come.

This will be Alexa’s LAST year having Chemo!! She has 7 months left 😀 So I pray God keeps her Cancer free. She will finish up just before her 9th birthday. Now THAT is going to be a PARTY!!!!!!

I pray I live to see the day where Cancer no longer affects people, like Polio, Measles or Rheumatic Fever. These are things that use to kill people, now we read about them.

In the New Year, like millions of other’s, I vow to exercise, and eat healthy (after our Chinese dinner of course). I do pretty good for 2 months, then…………chocolate or Easter hits!

I turn 30 this year. So in 5 months, I will no longer be in my 20’s. Not sure how I feel about that. Not too happy! But its better than the alternative right?! LOL! I figure when I 40 I’ll wish I was 30, and so on. We have good genes in my family so as long as I dont” THINK”  I “LOOK” 30 then I’m all set! 😀

No matter-just try to view this new year, as a fresh start!

Make a goal, make a promise, make a wish……………………….whatever you need or want to do th change something for the better in your life. It has to be something you have control over, so be realistic.

Also STOP the I’m not good enough thinking. A lot of you post that, and it makes me CRINGE! You ARE good enough, but no one will believe it if you dont!


So Happy New Year to all of you and yours!


Oh speaking of new, and love-I LOVE these love birds! I could make a hundred cards with them. But, I should show you some of the other images, and I will, tomorrow! Unless I actually do some sort of New Year celebration card. We will see.

I stand corrected on the release date of the 2 new sets- Love Ya Much, and Love Ya Lots.

They are being released Friday Jan. 4th! YEAH!! You will find them——> HERE, once available.

I wanted to use my NEW! $4 sewing machine more, so I whipped up this pretty “lovely” card. I think I got my monies worth now! LOL!

The paper is by Martha Stewart, and the pink layer is an embossed branch with floral buds. Really elegant and cute all in one. Who say’s cutesy can’t be elegant? NOT I!

The scallop layer, is a punch by Martha Stewart. As is the ribbon. The tag is by Making Memories (I make my own using the tag maker!).

Stay tuned for some rockin samples this New Year! These companies are really pouring out the MUST HAVE’s!

I have SO much HAPPY mail coming this week its sick! I cannot wait. I am stalking my mailman!!!

So please share with me something you are looking forward to this week or in the New Year! I love to read about you too.

See you in 2008!