Saturday Sketch


To all my girls in Cyberspace- MWAH!

As the end of this year approaches I want to take the time to thank you all who visit. All who offer friendship, uplifting words, support, comments, links, funny stories, tips, ideas, make me laugh, make me cry-ALL OF IT! Who even bother to read anything I write-who get inspired by anything I do. To all my proclaimed “stalkers”, that cracks me up, and I thank you for you feeling like “I” an stalker worthy! LOL!

Just a whopping MWAH! Thank you.

You have all shared a good part of my year here on my blog. Or on SCS.

I stared this blog in March, and have just gone forward from there.

I do this cause I LOVE sharing everything with anyone. This is my fun place. No stress, no work, just me having fun.

I have had an amazing year. I feel so blessed to have all that I do.

I bet you weren’t expecting me to go al sappy on ya, were you?

So that being said this card is for you.

It is our Saturday Sketch for today!! A great one to use those Bella‘s!! I know some of you have UNINKED Bella’s! I know I do.

mytime-bootylicious-mwah.jpg *MWAH*

This is me-(once I finish my New Year work out/diet routine-that helps me lost the 15-20lbs I want-that I do yearly! LOL!) Although, I don’t think my butt could EVER look like that-period! I do have the hair though.

Just go with it OK!

SO I used my super duper new Bella -MWAHBella. I got her this week at Stamping Memories, picked one up for a friend too. Its a great relationship there. I email them what I want, and lickety split, I get an email telling me to pick it up.

Gotta love it.

So, I kept her simple. You know me-I LOVE layers, and clean, and simple lines. I felt she was MWAH-LICIOUS! LOL!

I have a few more Bella cards I will share this week-one that I think knocked Emily (the queen Bella herself) out of her chair :D! Now that is always an honor, when you impress the person who owns the images!

Even when on Design Teams, I find it nerve racking to share my samples, with the creators. You are basically using THEIR creation, in your OWN way. What if they don’t like your “vision”? YIKES! Its very stressful-if you think about it. So I try not to.

OK back to the deet’s. I think I am definitely guilty of not going into the blah blah blah I used this cardstock……. and colored with copics for 22 minutes kinda stuff, and I am striving to get “better” at it. I personally find that type of info BORING. I like the why you did the card, or what inspired it, or some other random babble.

I do like names and links to stamp sets and certain products, but dont need every little detail, if I wanted it, I guess Id ask. I think it just shows how diverse we all are. Some people NEED every speck of detail.

So I linked/anmed my Bella.

I use Papertrey Ink whitefor my base (only white I will use), Kraft from SU!, and blue from Paper Salon.

Colored with Copic’s. I personally ONLY use Brilliance ink in graphite black

My flower is byBazzill. NOTE: They sell individual colors, but I truly reccommend the assortment to start 😀 I love these flowers because they are like fabric, and you can tie your ribbon through them-no problemo-no ripping-Like on my card 😀

Did you notice her head is cut and on a little dimension? Makes her peek right at ya!

OK that is all my friends.

Hope you enjoy the last minute festivities of the holiday season, because before we know it, the MONTH of planning will be gone in a flash.

We are going to see the Christmas lights tonight with the kids. Alexa is at her father’s. Im sad when she isn’t around for “family” stuff, especially the holiday stuff. Its her most favorite time of year. But I ALWAYS have her on ALL the holidays. I figure if I am the one who cares for her ALL the time, good and bad, then I deserve her for all of it. He can’t argue-he left her life for 3 years-then popped back. Can you say NO AGRUMENT there.

The ONLY good thing about her having “another” faux family, is when they want things YOU dont want to have to buy. 

Alexa REALLY wants the toy Bird Talk.

If you dont know what Im talking about-its this HUGE Macaw like stuffed Parrot-that talks. You can teach it stuff to say and everything. VERY NOISY!!! Too big.

Anyway-I told Erik he HAD to get her that. Thankfully it will stay at his house 😀

Tomorrow I am spoending the day at my mom’s. We will celebrate out Christmas with my family then. Should be a nice relaxing day. My mom is a killer cook!!!

Then Monday its Jason’s family. Tuesday-Christmas day-We always stay home! We let the kids play with theri stuff all day. I hated beinga kid-opening all kinds of cool stuff, to then be dragged out of the house to someones house. We could bring ONE thing. ICK!!!

So, if people want to see us they are welcome to come on over.

WOW! way more than planned with this one.

If you are still with me-thanks! LOL!

Feel free to share what youa re doing for the holidays.

Also if you try the sketch-send me a link here so we can all see it. I dont think many of you will, but figured I’d post JUST IN CASE

Happy Holidays.