OK is it just me or is everyone feeling so tired and LAZY! Sorry Im so out of it, but I feel entitled! I update my blog everyday-and have taken a small break here and there. So I say “Good for me!” LOL!!!!

This is my fun plae, and I’m determined to not let it be WORK.

Now I feel WAY behind, and have tons to share.

So be prepared-lots to see in this post.

I am still recovering from the holiday!

 My tree is still up, and this whole week I didn’t shower till dinner time! So not like me-lazing around, but I have enjoyed it. I did get some serious stamping stuff done 😀 Most of it is soon to be released stuff though. Oh wait till you see all the goodies the companies I work for are coming out with this NEW YEAR!! Think tax return! LOL!

 I HATE taking photo’s and editing-although my NEW!! photo editing software ROCKS :D. I am really getting the hang of it I think.

So, enough of the blah, blah, blah, want a peek at a new set? Oh and the sketch! LOL!

I didn’t realize how many people WAIT for it, till I got  a bunch of emails, asking when it would be posted 😀

Alright, get ready to SQUEAL WITH DELIGHT!

Here is the sketch-

sketch-28.JPG click to enlarge

Here is the sample 😀

mytime-pretty-piggy.jpg You make me squeal!

How cute is this image?? Its from one of the new sets called Love Ya Lots.

Christine from C.C. Designs is releasing 2 NEW! sets on January 7th, in time for Valentines! They are called-Love Ya Much, and Love Ya Lots.

To me, the coolest thing is that they aren’t JUST holiday friendly. I really feel like they are ALL year long-kind of images. Seriously cute! Not expensive-only $11.99 a set, they are not too big, for those who aren’t crazy about coloring (I LOVE to color, personally. Reminds me of being a kid :D), great sentiments included-love that, and irresistible!

So this was my FIRST card. I so love using Kraft, Red, Black and Pink!

I thought up this layout forever and a day ago, and finally got to use it.

The tag is by KI Memories, and its called an Icicle Candy. I had that forever too. Added a cinch more color. Originally I was to have my sentiment under the pig-BUT, I liked it along the side, so I could have my eyelets there instead 😀 Its fun to just play around with that kind of thing.

Notice what else I played with?

Something I have NEVER done before?

Nope, its not my super cool watermark I made all by myself………………..not the icicle candy…………….

Notice yet?

Its this


What do you think? “I” Lauren Meader, have actually sewn on a CARD!!!

Now, I am no dummy to sewing. I use to quilt before I got into stamping, but I couldn’t handle how LONG each creation took. I enjoyed shopping for and pairing the different color fabric’s and patterns, more that the sewing part.

I love the sewing people do on cards, but I have large, and expensive Singer sew machine (now at my MIL’s house), that is too big, and expensive to have in my stamp room to sew on PAPER!

So, using a sew machine wasn’t going to be an issue.

I have seen many buy the Janome sewing machine for about $40 on SALE!

I found this little machine at Rite Aid. Normally about $30. I got it at an after Christmas SALE for $3.99!!

How can you pass that up? Even if it was crappy, its was so cheap. No loss.

So I tried it out-works like a breeze! I have no adjusting to worry about. Sew’s on card-stock no problem! Its tiny, and just sits on my shelf. All I do is plug it in, and off I go. Yes, it does have a plug, and a pedal.

A 6 year old could work it. Now that is what I’m talkin about.

I am not one who will go all sew happy, enough to make a $40 machine worth the cost. Plus the space it would take up. I have alot of other MUST HAVE’s to come first.

There really isn’t anything fancy or fabulous to report, other than that its a cheap little machine, that easily gets the job done.

Wait till you see the other card I made using it (sewing machine) with the image you will see on this next card……………

Will you be my tweetheart?

mytime-ats-tweethearts.jpg This one is from the Love Ya Much set.

I couldn’t leave you “wondering” about the other set! I had to give you another peek!

This is also like the sketch above. Its shows you a bit of versatility, and how a whole new look can arise from a single sketch!

Instead of a hanging tag, I put a stamped heart 😀

I also made my layer’s overlap a bit. I kept the base a single layer.

What do you think of my tree leaves? They are the hearts from the set! Cute idea huh?

I love the spring colors on this too. These 2 birds are way too adorable! I think they are my favorite.

OK that’s it for tonight. I am so tired, and I have to go walk Daisy.  She is chasing the girls around the house, and hanging off their PJ bottoms. A little too much engery goin on there.

Till tomorrow.