Sorry Im running WAY late with the challenge.

Lots of excuses.

I went to shop at Target-

Then had to get Christmas photos off the camera-

Then my camera batteries died, and need charging and I have NO photo of the sketch.

I got busy stamping a project for my Secret friend thing on SCS! I am UBER pleased with it. Wait till you see it. I do have to make sure the person gets if first.

Now we have had company for most of the day for the football game – Patriots VS Giants. Its a big game. Lots of possibilities for record breaking.

I am the only one here who doesn’t know whats going on, nor do I care! LOL! I only know what I said, cause thats all I keep hearing.

But there are wives here who do, so to leave to stamp would be beyond RUDE!!

I am sneaking away just to type this and re-group. I HATE ALL sports!!

On a good note-I found I have 3 publications in Paper Trends!!! One 2 page spread (Go lauren! LOL!) using Green Grass Stamps, then a card using MFT, and another using Lizzie Anne 😀

I’ll fill you in more later. Im way happy about those. I had no idea. I was in line browsing and saw me in there! So I don’t even have MY copy yet.

I don’t keep track of that stuff, till it comes out. Some stuff gets taken a year in advance!

Anyway-have a good night-Ill be back when I get things photographed.

Thanks for hangin in there.