Do you get the Lizzie Anne Newsletter? If you do, then you saw THIS Santa tin, using their Holiday Cheer,  Santa  Simply Single image, and the Snow Flurry. In it fits 4 Ghirardelli Chocolate squares. It was a clear top, magnet tin from Target $1 spot. 3 in a pack! Now don’t run there cause this was a while ago. See, I thend to HOARD things, for occasions such as this D

Occasions, what occasion.

Tomorrow is THE day!

I mean the day that Santa Claus comes to pay a visit to our home.

He will be bringing each child their MOST cherished and wanted toy! How cool will that be?

So, now I have to whip up some candy cane style sugar cookies for him, and make another cocoa cone for Mrs. Claus. How exciting.

I think I am more excited than the kids D Tomorrow is also Amber’s Christmas Dance recital at our local nursing home. The residents just LOVE it. So, I should have a bunch of Smileboxes to do.

As for right now I am swamped with stuff to get done. Because we got the dog, we didn’t wrap gifts OR get out our cards! What is the point in getting them done so early if I dont mail them out ??


Thanks for the well wishes D Daisy is such a lovey dog. I’m extatic. Don’t worry I’m not going to go all crazy dog lover everyday on ya! This is just an adjustment period D

I am EXHAUSTED. Daisy was not happy to be in her crate last night. After hearing much praise from the video, the Dog Whisperer I am having Jason rent it tonight. I am a CLUELESS dog owner. I mean REALLY clueless. I want to do what’s right and make no major boo-boo’s. Like last night I kept telling her it was ok, go to sleep blah blah blah blah, while she barked, whined and cried. Finally at 3 am I looked online and read NOT to do that! GREAT!!!! I’m on my way to being a fabulous dog owner already.

She is really good and sweet, just does not want to be alone-at night! LOL! By the sounds of it, this is normal.

outside. I don’t know.

Tomorrow I have tons to do, and hope she will be up to it. I miss my stamp room.

Ok I’m off!

Thanks for looking.