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So here it is! The Smilebox with photos from the kids meeting with Santa Claus. It was such an awesome time. I included photos below, that I still wanted to share, but didn’t have the room, and I wanted to use this particular creation, as I am sure you will agree, its perfect.

I hope you have time to view it-grab the kids! I think they will be in awe 😀 of Santa. If they are on the border of believing this will reinforce it I think.

I’m totally bummed that the Smilebox will not let me load videos :C This feature has not worked for a while now-no matter how short it is. I SOOOOO hope I can find a way to share the video. Really cool.

So here it was 7pm, a knock at the door.

In walked Santa and Mrs Claus. They had their red toy sack, with lots of goodies.

Alexa was in shock, but she promptly introduced herself then invited them in to see our Christmas tree. Now that is shocking in itself.

He gave the kids each a special Christmas stocking, candy canes, covered lollipops, and reindeer antler’s, that were so cute.

Alexa also got a Magic Bell from Rudolph’s harness (since they change them yearly :D), a magic pen, so you can write letter’s to Santa, and they dont need to be sent in the mail, and the book Twas the Night Before Christmas, which was signed by the Author, and then Santa and the Mrs. Claus

He then delivered the children their most asked for toy! Who else would know what they wanted besides Santa himself?!

Click photos for larger view

Alexa got her Baby Alive doll-she wiggles, coo’s and drinks-then you know what-pee’s! YEAH! Another non-potty trained thing in the house right now! LOL!


Noah and Santa-love this photo. He is the first of my kids to willingly ever sit and chat with Santa

noah-and-santa.jpg He was quick to tell Santa that he was a good big brother and only belonged on the “NICE” list. He also tried to sell Alexa down the river by tattling on her, and saying she deserved “black rocks” for Christmas for being naughty, and that she never cleans up her room. Nice Noah!! I was  a little embarrassed, but you can’t deny he had a point! LOL! However, given Alexa’s treatments, she certainly deserves to be on the “nice” list :D, clean room or not.

Here we have Amber-she was not in love with Santa, but played along. She loved that he gave her a Dora candy cane-that matched her Hello Kitty jammies-kids!


Oh and Jason-My biggest kid 😀

jason-as-a-reindeer.jpg He looks cute, even with goofy antlers.

Then there was the goodbye. Alexa LOVED Mrs. Claus, and had no problem hugging her, but for Santa, she preferred a Hi-5

alexa-saying-bye-to-santa.jpg Check out her expression! Too funny.

It was a wicked nice thing for Make a Wish to set up for our family. Especially for Santa who VOLUNTEER’S this time of year to go out house to house like this.

 They really do go above and beyond the “wish” that your child is granted, which is totally unnecessary, but what an amazing thing to do. They set up all these little things that make Alexa’s day’s that much more special. Times that we hope will over shadow the memories of long hospitalizations and scary procedure’s. It gives her reason’s to look forward to things, and do well during the tough things.

I want her to say “Hey remember when we got to do this!”, instead of “Oh I hated going to the hospital and having X done. I truly believe these will be the memories that stick out.

I have always supported MAW, and am so thankful to be able to share this stuff with you.

Thanks for reading and let me share more of my family with you 😀