Back to holiday chatter. I am posting a sample too. Read on. Unless it bores you 😀

Where did the holiday season go?? All that work, and POOF! GONE! So sad. The New Year is just around the corner. I cannot believe its going to be 2008! I remember 1988-like yesterday! I was 10.  Can you say New Kids on the Block! Big crimped hair, stretchy pants with long sweaters, ESPRIT bags, CB jackets, and Michael Jackson.

Now we are 8 years into the Millennium.

I am in shock at the number of you who have sent ME cards for Christmas! I mean REALLY! As if you didn’t have enough to do/make already! They were ALL amazing. Thank you so so much. I especially love those ones with the photos 😀 How cool to “see” you and your family. I also got some heartfelt and sweet emails! I feel so very special. So thank you.

I hope you will each take the time to share what cool stuff you got this holiday season, because I am going to tell you some of the YUMMIES I got 😀

We had a fabulous few days celebrating. I know I said ot before. The kids were great, and really enjoyed this year. They are at the perfect, and most precious ages. I want to freeze them all at this point. Its a great time.

I spent a good 5-6 hours Christmas morning cleaning and re-organizing our playroom. I weeded out 6 trash bags of stuff, they don’t use or outgrew, or maybe got a re-vamped similar item.

We usually donate the bags to local churches, and other non-profit places. The toys are in good condition, we just have only so much room KWIM?

Yes, I am that anal, that our toys had to be put in its new placed and organized. When I was a kid we would get up at like 3 am to open gifts (couldn’t sleep). I would NOT return to be until all my new stuff was put away and organized. Pathetic huh? And so it continues……………………

 Jason put the toys together as I did the cleaning. The kids spent the day in their jammies, playing ALL day. We almost forgot to eat! LOL!

I was surpised by many of the amazing gifts I got. I now have lots of thank you’s I MUST make.

I received a Keurig coffee machine.

 OMG! Can I tell you how ultimately amazing it is? I wasn’t sure what the biggie was, but now I know.

My friend bought it for me, and also got a special filter so I can put my beloved Dunkin Donuts coffee in it 😀 Not only does it taste better, but I can make a quick fresh cup, as often as I want!!! Coffee that is brewed with hot water ALWAYS tastes better, and puts out more caffeine! YEAH!! I know this from working at Dunkin Dounts when I was a teen. I got all kinds of coffee knowledge. That is another reason people think that buying in store tastes better.

My PSF’s got me a subscription to CARDS magazine!! I am awaiting my first issue 😀

My mom got me some super cute boots! Can you say Laurenbella. They look just like cool Bella boots! I also got some GODIVA chocolates, and hot cocoa mix. Mostly love the Raspberry filled chocolate bars! Looks like my strict diet will have to wait till those are all gone.

She also got us special ornaments, and went WAY overboard with the kids stuff. It was a great day.

I also got some $ from my dad, and grandpa-that all paid for Daisy’s vet bills, and sweaters, and other dog related stuff.

I got some Rubber Romance stamps from Amy.

As you know my Daisy was my gift for Christmas from Jason. Didn’t expect, want or need anything else, but he also (unexpectedly) bought me some SUPAH cool photo editing software! YEAH!!!!!

Now what is even better is its SUPER easy to use. If you know me, then its NO secret I am way computer challenged. I mean WAY!!!! You have no idea how bad it is. My husband is a computer geek (THANK GOD, cause I’d be LOST), so the fact we are a couple is funny. You would think I’d know “stuff” by now!

Im so bad when he says “Oh now hit “ctrl, alt, del”. I panic!!!

This software is super user friendly. I haven’t needed him once 😀

If you want to know what it is, its PaintShopPro PHOTO X2, by Corel. Love it.


 Dog Walker

This is for my friend Bonnie, who sent Daisy, and my kids some stuff 😀

Well what do you think?

Do you see my cool touches to my photo?

I have a border, I have accented the card by making the bkgd bright, and faded out, I made a COOL watermark all by myself!!! With a PAW!!!  All with thanks of some help from my NEW! Photo editing software, that totally ROCKS!!! Also Dawn told me what to do, so I followed her directions. Thanks Girl!!!

Its cool because not only does it have a manual, but directions as you go online. You can click more and get the exact info you need to perform the task without the manual. Step by step, easy to follow.

I used Dogwalkabella for the main image. Colored with my Copics.The larger dog I colored to be like my Daisy 😀

The sentiment is SO perfect! Its Essential Sentiments by MFT. Now the bkgd “paper” was made by ME! I used little and big pieces by Stampin Up! Long time, no use.

The ribbon wrap idea comes from Ms. Debbie Olson

So I hope you enjoyed my blurb of holiday chatter, as long as it turned out.

I hope you will share your holiday gifts with me too.

Till tomorrow.