YEAH! Its Sketch time! Hope you are not FREEZING your hiney off. Its so cold here, and we are expecting a MEGA storm. I swear I am stamping today! I’m beginning to shake LOL! I think to its the busy time of year. I have most our wrapping done-Jason has been responsible for SENDING our Christmas cards-and you know what, they are still sitting here! GRRRR! I swear I will NOT mail them, I swear.

Daisy is doing great-when Jason tries to take her she want’s me-so she now has her own bed in my stamp room. I just need to pray I dont drop an acrylic stamp 😀 Thanks again for letting me share my Daisy love 😀

She is definitely sleeping throught the night-no problem-o! Just a little crying when its potty time to go outside. I got her the cutest sweater, and will share those photos soon.

I still have to do Amber’s Smilebox-from her Christmas Dance Recital. I really need to show you the video portion its so stinkin cute.

I have my usual Papertrey Ink  release party, hangover! LOL! I LOVE when a company release falls on a weekend! The worst part of it was, I was in such a flurry to buy what I wanted that I missed the 1/2 set ($5). I then went back and ordered it, and had to pay the $5.50 S/H.

Can you believe that? MORON! I’m so mad at myself. I should have taken my time, but NO! I had to get it in there asap. How about you? Did you get anything? Did you do the math contest? OK I totally got the wrong number cause of some of the questions, but that’s ok. I HATE math! It was a fun and stressful game all in one. I was typing as fast as I could. CRAZY!

Leave it to Nichole Heady to get us all going nuts. Too funny.

Oh well.

WHEW! OK card time.

mytime-lizzie-anne-cold-elements.jpg BRRRRR!

Well if you got your recent issue of Craft’s n’Things then you have something I don’t! LOL!

I hear I have 6 or 7 cards in there :D. I KNOW this is one of them, and it was my favorite! The set is Christmas in the City

So I am using THIS for the Saturday Sketch today! I CANNOT figure out how to do a slanted rectangle/square, so this is your template.

ANOTHER great way to use those SMALL images.

I colored these on glossy cardstock, with SU! Markers-back in the day before I had Copic’s!

I think its so cute.

I want to share another project that was published in last months issue of Craft’s n’Things!

mytime-lizzie-anne-snowman-latern-gift-set.jpg Lindt Chocolate Lantern

I loved this little tea light lantern when I saw it last year at Target. I still have 6 left to use for gifts 😀 Someday. You know the hoarder in me, wants to keep them for myself, forever.

I removed the top portion. Inside is a bag of Lindt Chocolates! I stamped the snowflake image on the bag.

It can later be used as a tea light (remove the ribbon/tag).

I used Vellum Cardstock, and punched the snowflake image on each panel. I put the vellum in FRONT of the glass panels-so they don’t catch fire when a tea light it lit.

All the details are in the magazine. I just wanted to share it with you here today 😀

So I will have some super cute stuff over the next week to share, if I get what in my head, onto paper.

So stay tuned 😀

Can you believe Christmas is next week? Where does the time go?