Sorry for my lack of posting. I think we all know this is a CRAZY time of year. Add a dog to the mix and you have one crazy person! LOL! I am loving it though. I do wonder how I lived so long without my own dog. Yeah its only been 3 days! 😀

Since the Flu hit me I’ve been lacking on my blogging. My new excuse is my “night owl” for a puppy! This was my inspiration 😀

 She really is UP ALL NIGHT. Except for the 2 hours I put her in my bed. Oh yes, she was comfy and cozy with her mommy. Daddy was NOT impressed! LOL! She cried so much she was coughing-c’mon people! I can’t be that harsh :C

I really want to thank you ALL for the advice and emails. Especially sharing YOUR stories. I have now got a bell hanging from the door-for potty time, and I am going to buy a clock. I put in a t-shirt I wore last night for her. I kept a nightlight on, played music EEEK!! Whatever I was told would work. Keep the advice a coming!

She is awesome with the crate thing during the day, but once we go to bed-OH NO! Not happening. No real potty accidents either. I gave her a bath and she was awesome! I never gave any animal a bath before. She smells SO good now. FYI dont get puppy shampoo near your eyes! YIKES!

Can I just tell you I am exhausted! Who would think a dog could bark ALL night? This little thing can make quite the bit of noise. Its pathetic, cause she is WAY cute, and just wants some lovin’s. Adjusting to life here I have barely gotten anything done-but don’t worry I got me some “PLANS”. That means great ideas that I will share -soon! This week is just beyond insane.

SO I hope you like this bright cheery-non Christmas card 😀 I have a TON to do before Amber’s recital and prepping for Santa’s visit!

I used the Oliver and Friends set. Sentiment is by SU!!

OH Thanks for sticking by me and reading. I’m also sorry I have hardly been online. I’m sure by next week I will have this all down pat 😀

Till tomorrow