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Meet Daisy!

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Oh what a day! Or should I say weekend.

Jason had been on a dog kick for a few months. Lots of online hours. After MUCH research we found a cockapoo (cross between a cockerspaniel and poodle) would better suit our family, wants and needs for a dog.

I didn’t want a big dog, too high maintenance, and it had to be good with other animals and of course KIDS. Also easy to train. That equals a cockapoo. We did meet other breeds of dogs as well, but the meeting confirmed our wish.

So I told you how Saturday we spent the day at the puppy place looking for dogs. I didn’t really care, till I met this one. Its so true what they say “The dog picks YOU.”

 I fell in LOVE with this one, I named Daisy, while on our visit.


From the second I saw her she was adorable, but more so, SWEET. She instantly sat in my lap, and nuzzled my neck. She got on her back for me to rub her belly. Im mean seriously turned me into a mushy gushy moron 😀 I was in love.

Then, to only to have Jason say ‘No, I don’t know if I want a dog”. After 2 1/2 hours of debating-we left without her. I thought I would cry.

What he REALLY meant was he didn’t want to spend $1,000 for a dog.

I was so upset we left without her. I thought I’d get over it, but totally could not. I was really upset. Even more so when we made several appointments today to see some other dogs (same breed), but a little cheaper. He said IF I didn’t like the others, he would consider calling to get “Daisy”.

I was already worried, as another couple was considering her while we were there. PLUS I didn’t want to settle. What is the point?

I had my heart set, and mind made up. Why even look at another dog, if this was the ONE I needed?

So, while on the phone with my mom, she told me she would help me get the dog 😀 How could Jason say No right?

I was over the moon happy! Jason was also happy cause he could actually get me the dog without really stressing. (Which WHY look at an expensive breed if you don’t plan on BUYING it?)


So I called the breeder, and there was a family there looking at her. She asked if I would DEFINITELY be buying her, and if so I had to come within 45 min. Good thing they are 10 min. away.

Now imagine if I waited? That other family MIGHT have bought MY dog!

So thank you so much MOM! You are the best! Also, thanks Jay for finally caving. Next time don’t bring a family to meet dogs, if you aren’t ready to pay up! SERIOUSLY!!

So I would love you all to see my Christmas gift! I decided to get her instead of a fancy camera, photo editing software, and a graphic program. Well worth it I think 😀

I named her Daisy-cause she is so sweet,  soft,  gentle, and loving.

Jason wanted to name her COSTALOT-get it “cost a lot”. I did laugh  at that one!!

For the record, Noah tried his best to sway daddy by saying “Daddy I think you need to buy mommy that doggie. She is really sad. She might cry. I think you are being mean”

For Amber to say “Mommy daddy can’t buy you the dog. Its thousands of dollars. Do you have thousands of dollars. No one has thousands of dollars, so you can’t have it”

And she is THREE. A girl after her dad’s heart! LOL!

Thanks for reading my non-stamping related post. Also for the support.

Now I hope to get some eye candy done for ya!

Garden of Friendship

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OK I did NO STAMPING yesterday. We were going to buy a Cockapoo puppy. I know, where did that come from?

 Long story short-we didn’t buy this ONE particular dog that I feel in love with-I already named her Daisy :C. I hope to get over my emotional issue and get creative. I want my Daisy. She was expensive, but seriously, you don’t drag ME and 3 kids kids to the place for 2 1/2 hours to then say “I don’t know if I want a dog.” Its wrong!

So no wrapping, no stamping, just me being sad.

I did do this 😀 on Friday.

mytime-garden-friendship.jpg Garden of Friendship

This is veggiebella.

I used my SEI paper to get the idea for the colors I wanted to use.

Oh how I love the Bella’s. Even my MOM, who reads my blog says “I love those girls you use, who makes them?”! LOL! They are so ME:D I’m sure they are so a lot of you!


OMW! I know I want a butt like that-LOL!  They are such a cute new look!!!

She (EMILY QUEEN BELLA) is having a FREE SHIPPING SALE, on order’s over $25!

 Here is the code  11b49b .

 Its only till today though. So If you have been waiting I guess now is the time. I will hunt down these Bella’s soon too.

OK I’m off to pout at my husband. Wish me luck.

If I looked like Amber it might work! LOL!

Till later-I hope I’ll have dog photos! ;D

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