Something every woman needs to know!

Now get that dirty mind of your’s out of the gutter.

I’m talkin fake it,like you have spent the day stamping, but by the time your hubby comes home it looks like you spent it cleaning, and possibly even cooking!

I dont really cook much, but if I want to seem like I SLAVED I do a croc pot meal! Just throw some meat, sauce or whatever, and frozen veggies-cooks on low all day – hubby arrives-DONE!

Im am going to share my very best tips for “faking it” with you!

FIRST let me say, if your house generally looks like something exploded in it then this will NOT work for you! LOL!

Your house should in general-be in “order” as in not 8 piles of dishes, clothes everywhere, and so on.

Now I started cleaning and having a little OCD since 3 years old! My mom always made me clean. She would start me young on her “tips to looking like you have a clean house” since I can remember!

She owns her own cleaning company now, and is quite successful, so Im am so proud that she has taken something she does so well, and made a living for herself doing so. And NO she doesn’t FAKE it! lol! Shes a super cleaner!

You should clean well once a week! You only need max-2 hours if you plan on dusting, and staying on top of it will keep it cleaner looking, and the faking it part much easier! Plus, after the kids go to bed, do things that cut the chaos in the am down-like put away/fold laundry, put away dishes, layout clothes, pack lunches, have notes done, coffee ready to go-blah blah blah.

It really does help you start the day fresh and gets you ready to create!

OK so here it goes. All you need is about a 1/2 hour! We can all spare that now can’t we? So start 40 minutes before he comes home. Just in case……

You will do the “clean sweep”. Now, what this is, you go from door he will arrive through-then work your way from there through the house. This ensures that at least the begining will be ok for sure!

Now the clean sweep is when you pick up and move any items that do not belong, and put them where they do, as you go along! If neccessary take a basket! This will allow you to carry and deposit the items where they belong as you go. The idea to to work from ONE room to the other! Use your time effiecently! Not running room to room and back again.

Carry the windex and paper towels with you, and remove obvious fingerprints from mirrors, or glass surfaces! Clorox wipes or baby wipes are fabulous too!

KIDS-this is the hardest part! LOL! Ages 2 and up! Not YOU cleaning!

Ok if you have them-set a timer (for 20 minutes) and have them start cleaning up 45 min. before Dad gets home! Have them throw toys in their toy box or baskets. If you have multiple kids have each one take a room that their toys are messing up. DONT WORRY ABOUT THE UPSTAIRS! Only daddys immediate view!

REWARD with lollipops or other fun sugar filled snack before dinner! This works when you are desperate! TRUST ME! Tell them it has to be done before the timer goes off so there is time for the treat before dinner!


Hall 3 min

If you have one, make sure shoes are away or whatever funky thing you may have going on! If he wont be in your hall or see it then skip it!

Kitchen 10 min (if you have to wash the dishes)

If there are dishes-and you have a dishwasher HIDE them in there! If not you may have to take 5 min and wash them! Fill the sink, then RUN!

Take care there are no fingerprints on the stoves, and the counters are quickly wiped down.

Go do the dishes LAST!

Bathroom- 5 min tops

pull shower curtain closed, empty barrel, clean mirror,sink, and sink top.  flush tiolet-throw in some AJAX-quick brush clean-flush again.

LAUNDRY-LEAVE it in the dryer! He wont even know its in there!

Living room 3 min

-straighten cushions, windex glass tables and tv screen.

QUICK vaccuum! I mean quick-just suck up anything visible! If neccessary Swiffer your kitchen and hall floor. Makes a huge difference! 5 min

RUN through the house spraying with that lovely smelling Febreeze!

DONE! This is also great for last minute guests!

Now you cant do this everyday! Just once a week or so!

AGAIN we arent being super picking. We want the clean look FAST! MOST  guys dont notice when we miss a “spot”. They are just thankful to be done work.

Time yourself and try it! I swear it works 😀