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Hi everyone!I'm on the run and have a quick project to share :D So I hope you enjoy another SLIDESHOW!!Its like a photo video tour! I really enjoy having these here and I hope you do too. I feel like my work can be better showcased!Also check out Pam <---CLICK :D She has a project too!

Cherry Blossom Bath Set

Cherry Blossom Gift Set
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Pretty Packaging Template: Jam Packed

Impressions Stamps: Well Preserved, Fanciful Flourshes, Take Time

Cardstock from Couture Cardstock- Raven, Blessings

Hi everyone!!NEWS ALERT!! A Spot of Tea (in limited quantities), Well Preserved, and So Sentimental are BACK IN STOCK!Anyone who placed an order for these sets, they all shipped today :D (Sat the 19th of June)

I wanted to share another gift ensemble I created called Feel Better Soon.

There are so many amazing details,and I'm really tight on time (due to Father's Day and a cookout!), I thought it would be fun to have them in a slide-show!  I hope you enjoy! Let me know because if you do I may do more of these in the future! Makes viewing much easier.

Feel Better Soon
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Pretty Packaging Template: Tea For You

Pretty Impressions Stamps:  A Spot of Tea, Paper Pattern Pieces (stamped line pattern), Well Preserved (the cherries), Killer Curves: Fancy Frames (the flourished cornerns on my lid)

Pretty Pieces Cute File: A Spot of Tea

Cardstock by Couture Cardstock: Candied Apple, Raven, OSW white

Other:Wedding Bells, and ribbon by May Arts

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Happy 5th Birthday Amber!

Aug 13, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: family stuff, Smilebox Creations

WARNING this is a SAPPY post-feel free to pass it over.

5 years ago, on August 13th 2004, at 2:21 pm, weighing in at 8lbs 8oz, and 22 inches long ……Amber Elaine Meader made her debut into the world, after 3 DAYS of  a labor! Yes , I said 3 DAYS!

 An induction, that took a long detour to days of PAIN! They induced me, and I went into labor, but my poor pathetic cervix did not want to come along. You see, my body (thankfully) loved being pregant. Babies would just stay there as long as they could, until medically PUSHED to move out.

So, I was having contractions for what they said was “nothing”. Nothing because the contractions weren’t making my cervix change at all. I was “hperstimulated”.  They stopped my induction drugs, but my body just continued to contract. Since I was overdue, and in a safe hospital setting, they just allowed this CRUEL thing called “Mother Nature” to take her course. Obviously her mojo was lacking because it took her a LONG time to really do her job!

FINALLY,  Amber came into the world, in her own time, and on her own terms! LOL!

The second I saw that face I forgot all about that. I was in awe of my new little being

I then realized I had NO IDEA what I was going to settle on for a name!

If you are interested you can read the naming story—>HERE!

 And so it began. Life with the little girl I usually, affectionately call Ambelina (Think Thumbelina-only for an Amber)

I always called her that because 1) She is my BABY 2) she was the smallest weight wise of my 2 children (other 2 were 9lbs) Plus she is beyond adorable, and it suits her!

I wanted to share a couple of photos, marking her 5th year, in a special way, so I made a Smilebox! That is something I haven’t done in a LONG time :C

It was easy and free 😀 I looked back on some other Smileboxes I made a while back and just cried! LOL!

You can view ALL my Smileboxes —>HERE! 

It was such a nice way to capture memories of my kids, since I don’t really scrapbook. I like how it is online, interactive and comes together quick too! LOL!

When Amber was born the very first photos I took of her were in my front yard! I picked some Daisies, and spread them around her while she was on a blanket that I quilted for her. I knew she was my last “baby” so I truly cherished every moment.

Well these Daisies are from the SAME garden………….and she is in the same front yard……………..only much, much, older for this photo session!

WOW! Five years! REALLY?! It was but a blink of an eye……


Amber Turns 5!
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Happy 5th Birthday Amber!

You have brought me some of the best memories in the world, in your 5 years.

You are an amazing little girl, who seems so old for her age. You are growing far too fast. Before I know it you will be off to college, and moving out :C You say the funniest things I have ever heard too.

You are a lot like me, the good parts of me anyway!

You are strong willed, independent, responsible, confident, creative, sweet, sensitive, smart and so loving, oh and I know I said it already, but FUNNY!! You are a bit shy at times too (that is NOT me! LOL!), but if push comes to shove you ALWAYS speak your mind (something I do too often! LOL!), so no one pushes you around. 

My favorite thing you say is “Guess how much I love you?”

Then you stretch out your arms are wide as you can…..and you say “This much!” Then you wrap them around me and squeeze as tight as you possibly can. I will miss that as you grow! I hope you still feel that way when you are a teenager! LOL!

You also repeat every motherly thing that comes out of my mouth, when interacting with your siblings (I’m glad to know I don’t speak French and SOMEONE is listening! LOL! Yeah!)

You are so smart. You tell me when you grow up you want to be an “animal doctor”. I believe you can, and will do whatever you set out to. I just bought you a much of “animal doctor” stuff for your birthday to hwlp get you started (wink). You made a stuffed dog at Build a Bear a few months ago. You take her everywhere! You have a great love of animals, so I hope to encourage you to reach for your dream.

You always set out new goals to accomplish- like jumping rope, riding a bike, doing the hoola hoop (or as you say Hoolie-Hooping), and your newest goal is learning to roller skate. You *just * got a pair for you birthday! Granted I couldn’t find Hello Kitty like you asked for, so I hope they will be OK.

You are a fast learner, so I’m certain that by weeks end you will be the best lil roller skater ever! You work hard to be the best you can in everything you do, and you never give up! I love that drive you have.

You love all sports, along with singing and dancing too! There isn’t anything you don’t like or can’t do!

You are like my littlest best friend.

You are my shopping buddy-who is always honest in telling me how I look! “Oh mommy I think this color would look so pretty on you!” or “I think that might make your butt look big” and Oh! Mommy you look so nice today and you smell good too!

You love when I paint your nails. You won’t leave the house without them done! You insist on perfume too 😀 You even carry around your own pocketbook most days. You also have to approve your outfits and decide HOW you want your hair done on a given day.

You are also my crafting side kick, where we create for hours together. You are amazing with the things you can make. I’m always so proud of everything you create.

You are also my exercise coach “Mommy, why can’t you do that like the girl on TV?! It’s not THAT hard! Look I can do that!” (and you do)

My lil poser! LOL! You let me take as many photos of you as I see fit 😀 and I enjoy it.

My little helper around the house. You do lots of chores on your own, and recently helped me totally clean, redecorate and reorganize both bedrooms. When I got to Noah’s room I looked around and said “OH! BOY! I just don’t think I have it in me to do this!” You took my hand, and pulled me off the bed and said “I will help you do everything. We will get it done together.” and we did! You kept up with me and helped re-do the entire room. When we had to throw out something of Noah’s you would say”OOPS! Don’t tell Noah we threw that in the trash, or that either” It was so funny.

You like to be independent and do as much as possible by yourself !

You have a great sense of confidence too. I also love that you are nice, kind and caring to EVERYONE! You nkow its not nice to hurt peoples feelings and be mean, even if someone else is doing so.

I often look at you and wonder how I created such a being. I think you will turn out to be an amazing woman.

There are no words to say how proud I am of you. I look forward to all the things you will do and ways you will grow each and every year.

No matter what, you have to know that I will always love you, and I will always see you as that little girl…. surrounded by daisies.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!



He’ll make a box to put it in! Or at least I would! LOL!

Did you ever read that book? “If you give a mouse a cookie”

That is what this next image reminded me of!


Cookie Box top view

Keep in mind I HATE mice and rodent! But he was cute. So I accepted him into my stamp room.

I designed this cute little box. . The way it folds together is really cool! I’ll share that very soon!! I was proud that I could do this with a heavy, groggy head.

It uses a stamp  from a set by Cookie Crumbs (aka Diane Zechman) called Cookie Jar, and Cookie Jar-gon (not that is a pretty  darn clever name!). It is due to release through All That Scraps, on Monday the 2nd. Be sure to enter to win this set—>HERE!as well as check out the DT samples!

I think the set is cute, but that mouse and cookie jar were the images that grabbed me most. Now I can torture you with what has tortured me since making it-

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?

(Insert name) stole the cookies from the cookie jar!

Who me?!

Yes you!

Couldn’t be!

Then who?

When who?

Now repeat 100 times!

Front view


The box is a flap open/hinge  style box

Its great because you can use 2 colors of cardstock or patterned paper.

That holds a tin of 5 cookies 😀 Like a cupcake box, only it is holding a tin instead. I have been asked NUMEROUS times to create a “cupcake” box, and so I have done something similar-finally! No worries I’ll share the how-to’s soon!!

Here is the side view-


Its a great size box too! Im over the moon with it.

I cut out a circle in the top so you can see the tin. I didn’t put acetate over the window because of photographing (didn’t want a GLARE), and the cookies are protected in the tin inside.

Here is the open view


Sorry I didn’t get all fancy decorating my tin. I had all I could do to make the box and still be standing :C But you get the idea.

So that is that!

Now I’m going to move onto the sketch and wrap up this post



Here is the sketch. I loved the sketch but had a hard time coming up with anything :C

I had to get a baby card in the mail so I created this

Baby Makes Three


EEK! Bad lighting-sorry

I love this image from Stampavie called Jump into my pouch! You can also find that HERE!

I think its just so sweet, and perfect for a baby card! Especially for a mom of more than one “roo” I find that finding images for the celebration of additional “additions” can be challenging. So I was “bouncin” (sorry had to do it) over this one.

I was inspired by my ribbon for my color scheme. Seemed to be very gender neutral.

I colored with my copic markers, and sponged my sky and sun. I used prima’s and decorated them like the flowers in the image.

This sentiment from Papertrey Ink Bitty Baby Blessings, paired with Around and About sentiments.

One of my friends is due to have her 3rd baby soon, so I thought it was cute to have the Kangaroo and her three little babies in her pouch.

How cute are these little roo’s


I love the middle one – upside down! Cute little feet. That is the cutest thing about new babies!! There tiny toes.

Well I’m done for today! Tomorrow I have a special Papertrey Ink Post to kick off the anniversary countdown! You WON’T want to miss it 😀

In the meantime-I hope YOU get to try the sketch, and get a chance to see what the sketch team got done.

  • Alicia Weimen
  • Dawn Easton
  • Kendra
  • Kim Gasper
  • Kirsten Dubosque
  • Kristy Vernon
  • MacKenzie Bruckler
  • Maria Levine
  • Tamara Harder
  • Hopefully their MoJo isn’t in the gutter with mine! LOL!

    Send us a link here so we can see what you do.

    Have a HEALTHY weekend! Seems like MANY of you are going through the same ICK with yourself and or your children. Sending healthy vibes out to us all! What a crappy time of year.

    On a happy note-I think I will have 2 videos to share this week! YEAH!!! You really will want to see those-trust me, my projects will have you papercrafting ALL day long 😀

    Thanks for stopping by 😀

    OK that enough of me—>later

    Amber’s Birthday Smilebox

    Nov 20, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me, Smilebox Creations
    Click to play Ambers Birthday
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    OH my word is this ever LATE! We are a month and a half past this party, and I am just now posting this! AND Im only posting it since I want to post Noah’s birthday Smilebox, and I will feel extremely guilty if I do that one before this one! YIKES! Oh motherhood. Gotta love the daily dose of guilt. Weather its because you yelled at them for the 60th time to not yell at their sibling (I know it makes no sense but I know “I” do it! Not good), or had to take something they love away because they didn’t listen, then YOU feel bad………ugh! This is the stuff they don’t put in books, and most of the books that are written for parenting, I believe is by the CHILDLESS! Its so much easier to say WHAT you should and shouldn’t do when you don’t have them! LOL! Before I was a mom I always said ” I will never do X.” 9 Years and 3 kids later……… I am, often doing X.

    I am now going to run and edit the photos so Amber & Alexa can make their TY notes. See, really late on those too. I still have TY’s to get done from a gift Alexa got from my PSF’s in MAY! See people I really don’t get it all done! I do procrastinate :C Boy do we have a bunch of TO DO’s for afternoon craft time this week.

    Now Im in utter panic! These are ALL so late :C

    Not good. Why did I even begin this task today? I guess to get it done.

    Anyway details of Amber’s 4th birthday party, if you weren’t around then.

    We had her party at Empire Beauty School. Each girl got nails painted, hair & make-up done! They had a blast.

    In the photos you will see Amber held up her nails ALL day, because they told her to make sure they didn’t get ruined while being wet. I don’t think she hardly put them down. As for the make-up she was like a PRO!

    All I could think the ENTIRE party was looking back on this day, the day she gets married! Time will just fly by. That is what that whole thing felt like to me. How am I suppose to entrust MY BABY to some guy someday?! I know crazy. She may decide to NOT ever get married, but still we all think it. Then I think she better get married, I want grandchildren! What if she doesn’t want children?! What then?! Crazy. I often get ahead of myself.

    I just told myself-enjoy this time while she is little because before you know it she will be in the world, all grown up. I get weepy just THINKING about it. I know it sounds CRAZY since she is ONLY 4 but seeing my oldest- Alexa be 9 is a killer! Where has the time gone? Seems like just yesterday SHE was 4. You have no idea how fast it goes past us. I realized how quickly during Alexa’s 2 1/2 years of chemo, thankfully it went by in a flash.

    I think because Amber is my “baby” and like my little sidekick, its a real killer for me to see her grow so fast. Being the 3rd child she seems to advance so much quicker. Much more independent and “old” for her age. Im sure our life circumstances only pushed that even more so. 

    I dont say that because I love her more or less than the other 2. I think anyone who has more than 1 child knows you develop different relationships with each child. You love them the same, but each one has that special something that the others don’t. Thats what makes THAT person as special as they are. OK I hope that makes sense to you like it does to me, and if it doesn’t thats OK. Im just blabbering on about my thoughts

    Time to get going on those TY’s.

    I have Noah’s Smilebox and stuff to do, as well as LOTS of eye candy. Having said that, I have 500 photos to go through and edit to get to that point so stay tuned.

    OH gosh, now I really wish I didn’t think about it all.

    Lots of photos to share!

    Oct 5, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: About Me, Smilebox Creations

    I have SO much to share today. I didn’t realize it until I began going through all the recent photos.

    I have 3 Smileboxes to share!  I know, its alot ot take in for one post. But I know many of you follow my family, and enjoy what I share. The funny thing is our family time is NOT perfect, and I think anyone with kids will laugh at some of what I am sharing. I know I laugh, AFTER its over.

    I LOVE making these Smileboxes because they take NO TIME, and I don’t even need to resize my photos. I also like that I am preserving memories without having to scrapbook! LOL! Sorry that is just not my thing. Plus I think its more interesting to view photos this way. You can send these via email too. Great for long distance family. I know my own mother keeps up on my CRAZY life by reading my blog-so you usually know as much about me as my family! LOL!

    Click to play Alexa turns 9!
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    Alexa turns 9!

     As promised I have the Smilebox of Alexa’s Bowling party from last weekend. Many of you sent her cards and whatnot! Thank you!! She felt very special.
    We all had a blast at Alexa’s party. I spent the day taking photos.

    Some fun details:

    Alexa’s friends would hand her each ball, when it was her turn. She likes being “waited” on. Her very first ball she got 9 down! I thought that was really cool since it was her 9th b-day!! I did get a photo of it, but you can’t see it, so I was bummed. She even won the very last game! YEAH!

    Noah was a bowling pro and may do his party at the bowling alley.

    Amber cracks me us because this girl can do anything, and still twirl her ponytails in the process. Im mean she is running and playing soccer, kicking the ball down the field, and twirling her hair at the same time. Hilarious.

    I didn’t include too many photos of her friends, kept it mainly our family. I think you will see how much fun she had. I also didn’t include her home gift opening. Its sort of the same thing. The faces she makes when she opens gifts always makes me laugh. She always has a look of “OH THAT IS THE BEST GIFT I EVER GOT!” and totally surprised. Too funny.

    Now I have one of my most favorite things to do with the kids-apple picking. I think I look forward to it more than they do! Each year gets better and we all have so much fun. Some of my favorite photos every year come from this time, as you will see why.

    Click to play Fall 08
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    This day was for Amber’s class field trip. I kept Noah & Alexa out of school to got with all of them! SHH! Don’t tell! LOL!

    Now we have a Smilebox of our time at the Deerfield Fair, and Canobie Lake. Lets just say we were tortured at both! LOL!

    At the fair-it was cold and rainy, which we tried to smile through. Noah complained about the “smell” of the animals and would NOT go in any of the barns! Well, given it was a FAIR, and aside from rides (which hello it was pouring) that was the only thing to do. It is usually a favorite, but not for Noah this year.

    Click to play Family time
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    Now as for Canobie Lake Park, that is a park of rides. Once the kids found the “kiddie” rides they only wanted to go on them. I know its selfish but Jay and I were BORED out of our skulls 😀 We did go on some big rides but Alexa was not happy about that!

    Her and I were on the Rooster ride, when she began freakin out and telling me she was scared. OK nothing I can do about that right now. Then she says “Im going to pee my pants!” I screamed!! LOL! I was lie you better not pee on me! I will not be happy. Thankfully she didn’t, but after the Tilt a whirl it was time to go. They had enough. Oh well, we tried.

    OK that is it for today.

    I am going to share Amber’s birthday Smilebox later today or tomorrow. Lots of photos to go through for her. She had a amazing time, as did her friends!

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you are enjoying the day!

    Fairy Tale Ending

    Aug 25, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Smilebox Creations

    Well its Monday. The weekend FLEW by!

    You may have noticed I didn’t post yesterday. I took the time I needed for the family, and between my anniversary and all that, I was busy. I needed a little break anyway. I want to thank you all for the amazing well wishes! We had a great day.

    I got my hair done-cut/dyed and highlighted. So that was FUN! It did take 3 hours! Because it is long and all I had done, but it made me feel good about myself. Then we went to dinner at the Common Man. It was really nice. We are HUGE losers because here we have a sitter, but could not figure out anything else to do! We tried to go see BatMan but it would be hours before the next movie, not wanting to shop (totally not my idea), we just rented a movie and were home by 8! LOL! We did get to watch the movie in peace so that was great. It was just nice to relax and enjoy each-other’s company.

    I made it through a weekend of temptation, avoiding the crash and burn or ruining my new “healthier” eatting. I haven’t had coffee in 5 days now!!! THAT was not planned. I just haven’t even felt I needed it. “I” am as shocked as YOU are right now!!

    School starts in 2 sleeps! So we will see what happens then.

    So the Wedding was Sunday, we actually left the house ON TIME, and arrived when planned, another miracle. I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I should have. That always happens. I had the video camera for my Aunt and Uncle, so wasn’t thinking about the camera. I was with the kids before the wedding, so I should have taken more photos. Oh well.

    They did a FABULOUS job. We had NO rehearsal since we live so far away, so they just winged it. It was si funny, as the kids walked down the aisle, Each step they would stop, and Noah would say “Now!” then Amber would drop the petals! She wouldn’t drop them until he gave his OK each step. He always has to be the “boss”. It was really cute. Then he got bored, and was loudly saying “How many more minutes till this is over?” really loudly. Then came the pout, and he squatting down till it was done. OH BOY!

    A fun part was the table center pieces. It was a live plant with a Beta Fish. Everyone got a ticket, and the winners would be called out. Noah REALLY wanted to win the fish (We did NOT want to wiun the fish! LOL!) But he WON!! He was jumping up and down, and so excited. It was so cute.

    Here is a Smilebox of the wedding. For anyone interested.

    Click to play The Wedding
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    Now onto the card for today. I have not had much time to create lately! (GASP!) Well I have but they are release stuff.

    I did get this done for you though-A Fairytale Ending


    You know I LOVE my Elzybells!!

    When I saw the entire Fairytale collection I went nuts!! Having 2 girls who LOVE princess stuff, these are perfect. (OK even if I didn’t have girls I would need them! LOL!)

    Now these are the original designs from the UK, so they are larger than the A Muse one’s if you are wondering. Elisabeth has a blog-check it out HERE (if you didn’t already know!).

    I wanted to use uncommon colors, so I went with this patterned paper I got at Target. It is sweet blush, poppy red, olive, and soft sky. Perfect! I will give this to Jay at some point for one of those “for no reason” times.

    I stamped the castle in the bottom corner, then the sentiment over it. I like this card a lot. Its just so cute. The main layer was cut with my nestabilities so it has a embossed edge. No layer needed.

    Well that is all for me this morning. I have much to do to prepare for back to school!!!

    Hope you have a great week. I know I am looking forward to some MYTIME 😀

    Thanks for reading.


    Day at the farm

    May 22, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Smilebox Creations, Uncategorized
    Click to play Trip to the farm
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    I am exhausted! Who would think having 5 kids at the Farm would be so tiring. I had my three and watched 2 others. I have to say they behaved so well.

    I had a couple of teary moments. Just thankful for my kids and all I have. Sometimes little things they do get me all choked up. Like the unsolicited I love yous or a kiss. Sometimes just a look. I see them, and know this time will pass so fast. It has already. I want to LIVE in each moment, each day and absorb these faces, hugs, kisses and memories forever. Memories are made of the moments we live today.

    I figured you may like to see it. It was VERY windy and cold. I thought it was going to rain but it held off.

    I am happy to report Alexa cleaned out last night, and it was ALL brown! YEAH! She had a fabulous day and looks great! It was a huge deal that she was able to walk through the entire park! In know that is normal to so many of you, but for us, Alexa normally can’t walk that much. We are a week past chemo and I did see a big difference in her endurance and energy levels. Plus for her to not complain of pain is a big deal too. Her chemo made her bones just ache. I never realized how much she complained/ached till it stopped. She was running and just so happy. I got my “normal” family day afterall!! Thankfully we don’t get many “pity” looks anymore since she walks better and her hair is getting fuller.  Let me just tell you if you see a kid with cancer or any other problem, PLEASE don’t give that LOOK or STARE!! We see it, we just usually try to ignore it,  and we know what you are thinking. I’m not saying that to be rude, just be aware if you do it. No one wants the “LOOK”. You may only get what I mean if YOU have gotten the “LOOK”. Just look at us, or them like anyone else. I hope that makes sense.

    We came home and everyone took a nap-for about 3 hours!! All except Alexa, who stayed up to play Groovy Girls!

    Thank you so very much for the prayers and support! I so believe it worked!  I did use lot’s of bribery to get her to drink that stuff, and tomorrow I need to go buy the doll she saw in the store that talks and moves.

    I do have creations to share but as you know I am drained! LOL! They have not been photographed at all. Hopefully tomorrow. Rest is necessary first! My hubby pointed out my spelling in my Alexa post for “Houston” we have take off, was spelled Huston. OH well! Im sorry but I was too stressed to be doing a great spell check!

    Jason has tomorrow & Monday off! Vanilla Bean Chiller (with TGIFridays Mudslide mixer) here I come! Its well deserved this week!

    Again thank you! If I could reach through the screen and give you all a BIG HUG, I so would.

    Enjoy the night!

    Kids room’s re-done

    Mar 24, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Smilebox Creations, Uncategorized

    Manic Monday! That’s going to be my new way to greet them! LOL!

    MYTIME MAIL is posted below-don’t miss the chance!

    Well I decided to put the kids room’s into a Smilebox-since there were a decent number of photos.

    Just click it to view. Its a fun, and interactive way to share/view photos. AND, since I don’t scrapbook-its PERFECT and fast. I LOVE fast!

    Now like I said-its NO Pottery Barn catalog-but the kid friendly version of a room 😀 If it was TOO gorgeous they wouldn’t be allowed to play in there! LOL!

    It also went from “little kid” to sort of “bigger kid”

    Noah even said to me “Mom I’m not a baby anymore. You need to get rid of my baby pictures and Noah’s ark stuff. That is ridiculous!”

    WHAT?!!! I was in shock! So now all his “baby” photos and his “unapproved back in his room items” and stuff is in his closet :C. Only big boy stuff was allowed. I did get a TINY Noah Ark theme in ONE little corner-YEAH!

    The kids helped with everything! They washed baseboards, window’s, dusted, moved toys from their room, chose where stuff was going. ALL of it. Except the painting.

    It was great to get them involved. I didn’t think they would care to help, but they loved it! Plus having them involved allowed me to spend more time getting it done. Every person who comes over now has to go see it.

    The other day UPS came to deliver a package, and Noah was like “Hey-you want to come see my room?”

    Ugh-Noah-we don’t invite stranger’s into the house-remember? GEESH!


    They feel proud that they picked where things are and helped with the process.

    We have not yet re-sanded/re-finished the real hardwood floors yet, or gotten our new area rugs for each room. The girls still need their headboards as well.

    You will see 2 princess picture’s. My friend Erin (the one I made the baby bouquet for) made them for the girls!!! Its all fabric pieced! She did a “Car’s” movie themed one for Noah, but Disney has strict “rules” so I dont want to get her in trouble. She said I wasn’t allowed to post that one-but let me tell you it ROCKS!!!

    I told her she needs to start an Etsy Store. People would love to buy them. She’s quite crafty.

    There are few other items I want/need to add, but didn’t yet. Gotta sneak in those purchases in slowly, so Jason’s blood pressure doesn’t go to Holy Crap!! over OH MY GOSH!!! (get it? instead of saying like 168/100).

    BUT since you asked, and it will probably be at least another month till the floors/carpet are done-and I complete the little extra touches-so figured I’d share now.

    My girls room is pretty big so it took a lot for me to do.

    Keep in mind I did it ALL by myself.

    That is moving every item of furniture OUT of the room, painting, decorating, and all that fun stuff.

    Jay did help with the closets (each room has a huge walk in closet-the length of their room), and it was to the point that if someone broke into our house-we would not fit in there to hide! LOL!

    My house is pretty clean-but my closets are always a disaster! I have no idea WHY I have closet HATE. But I do! I just hate dealing with them.

    OK that was alot more babble than I planned-SHOCKING I know.

    Here it is.

    Thanks for looking.

    Click to play Kid's Room's Re-done
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    Daisy Days- a snow story

    Dec 20, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Smilebox Creations, Uncategorized

    watching-the-snowplows.jpg Watching the snowplow

    OK more dog stories!

    You don’t have to read it-but I’m sharing them anyway 😀 I have now convinced several neighbors (including, but not limited to the Fed-Ex guy,and the mailman)that they really NEED a Cockapoo! Or should I say Daisy has! LOL!

    She is the best, happiest, sweetest thing on 4 paws. The best Christmas gift I ALMOST never got!  I will have to get some photos of her and the cats. She is so good with them. They are in shock still, I think.

    I made a Smilebox of Daisy, and what she does in the snow. Its just so funny. She even chases the shovel. Loves watching the plow. She is fearless. She is also very dis-tractable.

    She literally DIVES in the snow, head first, and makes a path! She then gets full of “snowballs” on her fur, which she then eats when she gets in the house. I try to towel dry her, but I think she likes that process.

    She loves the snow! Right now its WAY over her head!

    Someone asked about our Christmas tree-and Daisy’s behavior. I learned there will be NO presents under our tree this year, as that is her top secret hiding place to go potty :C

    I had removed the lower ornaments, but there is nothing I can do about that other stuff. Who can blame her right? Would you want to stick your hiney in a snowbank?

    Who can resist that face? She is just a bundle of fur baby love!

    You have to see it

    Click to play Daisy+Days
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    Thanks for looking

    One more photo!!


    My sweet friend Bonnie, sent Daisy a few treats!! Look at that candy cane. raw hide bone! It is bigger than she is. She has to DRAG it across the floor to move it. She loves it, and sits there for hours-gnawing away!

    Thanks Bonnie 😀 She loves the 3 rope chew toys to. The kids play tug of war with her (which I do discourage), but she loves it.

    Till tomorrow

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