watching-the-snowplows.jpg Watching the snowplow

OK more dog stories!

You don’t have to read it-but I’m sharing them anyway 😀 I have now convinced several neighbors (including, but not limited to the Fed-Ex guy,and the mailman)that they really NEED a Cockapoo! Or should I say Daisy has! LOL!

She is the best, happiest, sweetest thing on 4 paws. The best Christmas gift I ALMOST never got!  I will have to get some photos of her and the cats. She is so good with them. They are in shock still, I think.

I made a Smilebox of Daisy, and what she does in the snow. Its just so funny. She even chases the shovel. Loves watching the plow. She is fearless. She is also very dis-tractable.

She literally DIVES in the snow, head first, and makes a path! She then gets full of “snowballs” on her fur, which she then eats when she gets in the house. I try to towel dry her, but I think she likes that process.

She loves the snow! Right now its WAY over her head!

Someone asked about our Christmas tree-and Daisy’s behavior. I learned there will be NO presents under our tree this year, as that is her top secret hiding place to go potty :C

I had removed the lower ornaments, but there is nothing I can do about that other stuff. Who can blame her right? Would you want to stick your hiney in a snowbank?

Who can resist that face? She is just a bundle of fur baby love!

You have to see it

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Thanks for looking

One more photo!!


My sweet friend Bonnie, sent Daisy a few treats!! Look at that candy cane. raw hide bone! It is bigger than she is. She has to DRAG it across the floor to move it. She loves it, and sits there for hours-gnawing away!

Thanks Bonnie 😀 She loves the 3 rope chew toys to. The kids play tug of war with her (which I do discourage), but she loves it.

Till tomorrow