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Papertrey and Pompoms

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A little birdie told me…… was time for a challenge.


Its March 1st! WHAT! Seriously where did OCTOBER go?! LOL! Time is just flying by here. Well its the 1st of the month, so that means its time for a challenge.

For March’s Senior Design Team Challenge, Nichole decided we had to use Pompoms on our card!


 This item was WAY out of MY comfort zone! Trendy or not, I never use them on cards unless its a bunny tail! LOL!  OR snowball! I’m sorry to say I had no epiphany for a cool way to use them-my brain was just in “stall” mode for this one :C Too much going on here I guess. But, I was happy with the end result, which was using the pompom as a flower blossom on a tree.

Clean, simple, and whimsical-yet elegant I think.

I KNOW! Nothing fancy schmancy, but it worked for me.


I got some colored mini pompoms in the kid craft section of Michaels. Many colors for under $2.

The details:

I stamped by branch from Rustic Branches in spring moss and avocado ink.

I then used a punched circle to sponge on some shimmery pastels for my sun. REALLY pretty in person.

My bird (and sentiment) is from Birds of a feather. The bird is stamped twice (using Plum pudding ink)-cut out in dimensionals. I LOVE this particular bird from the set. I also love the sentiment, because inside I can make it say whatever I want!

I used my Labels 1 die on the end of the card for that nice border. It uses a magnetic closure, to hold it closed. I love the softness this card has. The other end used a punch by EK success to add more interest and balance the design out.

I like the pompoms for the blossoms. I may try to use them more often now. We will see.

Be sure to check out the other Senior Design Team member blogs for their creative take on pompoms!

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  • Thanks for stopping by. Despite my pathetic attempt at pompom use, I hope you got some sort of inspiration. Even if its just to TRY and use something you aren’t familiar with in a creation. Just go for it.


    Saturday Sketch!

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    WOOT! WOOT!!

    I have my video done 😀 YEAH! I spent ALL night on it. Long story. I think it will help you all-fingers crossed.

    I will upload it Monday. Sorry. I have my niece here (YEAH! She is awesome! Ill post photos soon too!) and 2 Papertrey posts for tomorrow, so I’ll wait till then since I worked SOOOOOO hard on the video, and think it deserves it OWN space to share. Plus it IS Monday 😀 So it will be perfect for Monday’s with My Time.

    I feel 100% better-happy about that 😀 Can’t afford to be sick.

    Here is my sweet Noah! Recuperating on the couch, holding his get well card  I made him.

    He keeps it next to him on the couch 😀


    Noah had a good night, still in pain, but OK! The “area” is lookin OUCH! still. He is all emotional from the meds! OH BOY!! Cry at the drop of a hat. Can you tell he’s a bit “loopy”?! LOL! Poor kid.

    This is the card for Noah!

    He asked for a “Noah holding a dinosaur-in blue”. Here is my interpretation of it.


    I made this using Dress up Billy, Sentiment is from Billy Plate 1.

    This is from my sketch mytimess22. I used some old SU! paper (yes Im trying to use up old paper!) I was SOOO tempted to add ribbon but I knew that would “over do it”.

    I did the stars using the Star Nestabilities, and some glitter!! I think they look really cool.

    His head is 3d. As is his hospital gown, which is paper pieced.


    The “hospital gown” was made from the “graduation gown” from the Dress Up Lily & Billy set. I thought it looked JUST like one, and it totally resembled one Noah had to wear for his surgery.

    I wished I had a little IV pole! LOL! That would have been cute. I should have drawn one! LOL! YEAH! RIGHT!!!

    Noah really liked it, and thats all that matters.

    Anyway-I have a sketch packed with inspiration!! I hope it inspires you to get stamping!

    Check out the DT samples too!

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    Get Well Soon!


    I am in LOVE with this card! LOVE!!!!!! The colors, layout-all of it!

    This is one of my FAVORITE sets from LAD Damask! Its ON SALE —>20% OFF this week!! SO RUN! The sentiment is a single called Get Well Soon!

    I created the flower, and made it 3D as well. I then drew a border around my image, for added interest, and a illusion of another layer 😀

    Then I made another card-I was SOOOO inspired 😀

    Whootin Hi


    How flippin adorable is that?!

    I altered the sketch a bit by adding the ribbon, and sentiment circle. (sentiment is fromPTI Wise Owl set)

    I LOVE the owls in non-traditional colors. Inspired by MORE SU! paper! LOL!

    I have had these owls Hoo-Hoo There from Stampavie’s Rachelle Anne Miller line-for MONTHS! They were the first image I bought from them, and FINALLY got to use it. I LOVE owls.

    These are the CUTEST owls ever.


    I cut their eyes/beaks to make them POP!

    As you can tell lately Im all about POP!! Nothing is better than 3D!! A simple quick way to make a WOW!

    I colored them with Copic markers, sponged some ink, and added some glitter.


    I love the end result of this with the sketch! I hope you get to try it out, and send us a link.

    Well thats it. The baby duty calls. Boy getting this post done took me 4 hours in between caring for the baby. I forgot how time consuming these little beings are. I so missed the baby smell and cuddles.

    I’m in heaven today 😀

    OK check back tomorrow for my 2 new posts!!!

    Noah update

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    Thank you ALL for the warm wishes, prayers and emails!

    We are now home-SNIP! SNIP! DONE! It was quick-we were there a whopping 2 hours.

    WHEW! They don’t put them “under” deep. They use gas to put them “out” then inject the “area” with a pain blocker, therefore lessening the anesthesia risk, and allowing a quicker recovery after.

    Noah was AMAZING and brave. He didn’t even care for us to follow him into the surgical area. I think the kids having so much experience with Alexa and hospitals has really proven to be a very POSITIVE experience in our family, as he was fine with EVERYTHING!

    I often worried if it would make the kids PARANOID about doctors and hospitals, but it had the complete opposite affect. Thank Goodness!!

    The staff was AMAZING to Noah and the girls, sending them off with a new book and some toys to entertain-also some yummy treats while we waited. A super experience.

    Once Noah woke up everything was good, till he had to move.

    I saw his “area” and I don’t have a boy part, but I swear I could FEEL the pain as if I did, just looking at it-OUCH! Pretty swollen. He has been pretty emotional so far, but I think we will be OK.

    Im amazed at HOW MUCH ointment needs to be put on that thing over the next 4 WEEKS!!!!!!!! WOW!! Lots of care for the boy part! LOL!

    They said it was good he wasn’t done as a baby because (something related to his anatomy) would have left him with a “hook” boy part, which would have required revision now anyway! And a hook isn’t a good thing at all. Now that he is older it was easy to see and make sure it ended up STRAIGHT and “perfect” I guess.

    SO YEAH!! for that.

     I DID make Noah a card! He made sure to ask me too! LOL! How could I NOT!

    He wanted “Noah holding a dinosaur in blue” AKA Dress up Billy. I’ll share that this weekend after we settle in.

    So lets hope the meds work enough for him.

    I think so far it WILL be a LONG weekend.

    Im just happy and thankful everything went well, and pray we do everything right , so we don’t have any complications-like an adhesion.

    I have to say I was proud of him for being so brave.

    What warms my heart even more, is my girls catering to him and running around doing things to make him MORE comfortable. Asking if he wants or needs anything. Another thing they learned through Alexa getting sick.

    My kids see their sibling getting sick and they will grab and hold the puke bucket for each-other! THAT amazes me. One will get a cold washcloth, while the other helps the puker. Alexas Cancer, I feel, made them so compassionate towards each-other (despite killing each-other everyday! LOL!) when it counts they are there for one another. Makes me so happy to see that.

    I have hope they will all be so close and caring towards one another as they grow up, and become wonderful spouses, and parents! At least good and decent people in a crazy world. That is every mom’s hope I think.

    At least I like to believe thats part of what our Cancer trials brought! LOL!

    Thanks for reading.

    Off to care for my boy.

    Peeking out to say…..

    Feb 27, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards


    Well today is THE day Noah has his SNIP! SNIP!

    Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes. Im sure he’ll do fine 😀 I hope I’ll do OK! LOL! Should be a interesting weekend since he will be recovering and Im taking my new niece (Gabriella) all weekend.

    Im still not feeling well so Im keepin it simple:

    Stamp Set-Mushroom Friends

    This set is a peek for the ATS NEW! Release on March 2nd called Mushroom Friends. I loved this particular image 😀 I think its beyond cute. I got inspired by my new! SU! paper for the color scheme

    Be sure to check out the blog for your chance to win and more samples!

    Cardstock: Pixie Pink, Raspberry Sorbet, Ripe Avocado, white

    Colored: Copic markers

    Ribbon-avocado twill by PTI

    Glitter by Martha Stewart

    Paper by SU! as is scallop border punch

    OK I think this is the shortest post I ever wrote!

    Thanks for looking.

    Almost done my video so it should be up tomorrow with the Saturday Sketch! I got 3 months of sketches done!

    WOOT! WOOT!!

    Friends are God’s way-PEEK ONE

    Feb 26, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

    OK this is NOT fun. I think Im getting the Flu. I swear it loves me this year! So much for the Flu shot I got. This always happens what I get REALLY stressed, and NEED to be able to “do stuff”. It seems to be running rampant. There was even talk on the news that the Flu “epidemic”was hitting NH hard.

    YUP! Its HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN :C

    Now I need to stay away from Noah, so he can have his procedure tomorrow. Thera-Flu here I come. Also ANY advice to kick this hard and quick would be appreciated 😀


    OK moving on. I feel like such a “downer lately. Sorry about that. No one wants to read complaining. I know its a big pain, so Im going to be much more upbeat the rest of the week.

    On a happy note I got a video done! WOOT! WOOT! Not the THREE I hoped for! LOL! But hey, I’ll take ONE. Now I need to edit and upload. Lets cross our fingers OK!

    Today is Day 1 of peeks for C.C. Designs.

    Today’s card is a peek at a NEW! Friends sentiment set byAmyR-which will release March 2nd.

    (the stamp image isn’t a peek-just the sentiment:D)

    I have to say for some reason this set was a must use on ALL my peeks this release! LOL! I’m a sentiment junky, and Amy’s sets are great for people who want a lot, for a little 😀 You get a plethora of sentiments for like $15! Crazy right?!

    Anyway-you’ll soon see why I couldn’t stop using it 😀


    Friends are…

    I had to use this ADORABLE image from Stampavie the Sarah Kay line called Precious moments. She is stamped on natural ivory (so NO your screen isn’t wonky!-I kept this SUBTLE!)

    Also don’t forget to check the Stampavie Blog for more samples from the team 😀

     This is my first card using this line! I have to admit I was a wee bit intimidated to color it, but I think it turned out cute 😀 I had fun using her. I just had to let my pre-conceived notions of what is normally done, and put a “Lauren” spin on it, instead of trying to make it what everyone else does (which is utterly A-MAZING!). But I like my more SIMPLE approach too.

    I LOVE the Holly Hobby feel these images have.  Brings me back to my childhood 😀 Oh boy! Im “dating: myself now. I mention this to people younger than me and they are like “Holly WHO?!”.

    The little chics are flocked, so nice and fuzzy, just like a new baby chic.

    I was inspired by the patches on her clothes, so I used a patched piece of patterned paper by K & Co. I kept the colors muted for the most part-more “vintagey” that way I think.

    I used somePrimas and some YUM-O Vintage buttons in New Leaf 😀 I need to get some more linen thread! I wished I ordered some, but forogt :C BUMMER.

    Anywho, hope you like it. More to come tomorrow 😀

    Be sure to check out the Blog daily for more samples from the team, inspiration and YOUR chance to win the sets being revealed over the next few days.


    Home sweet home

    Feb 25, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards


    It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home!

    From Welcome Home set. House is stamped, colored and cut out. Very simple design. A go to sketch of mine.

     I want ONE day at home-no running around!

    OK I gotta be quick because I am ACTUALLY getting a video done today if it KILLS me! (Now I say this because I WANT to do a video-not cause I have to!)I haven’t stamped in like a week and I may go insane! I actually have a plan to get 3 done-but that may be TOO optimistic! LOL!

    Im compiling a list of what to share, so email me if you have suggestions 😀 Since Ive been stamping a while now I forget about the SIMPLE things others may NOT know about!!

    OK the video I plan on getting done in time for my Saturday Sketch-

    One is going to take  a sketch start to finish-from drawing to the computer, then MAKING it! FUN!! Ill share my tips for cardmaking too.

    Yesterday was CRAZY-Noah had to get some bloodwork done for pre-surgery stuff, and Alexa had to go to the ER to remove a splinter that was WAY deep in her palm, and infected :C She did amazing! They put a pretty large needle into her hand to numb it, and them sliced open her hand to get the sliver out! OUCH! We rewarded her with MC D’s and was them bummed because they FORGOT her chicken nuggets! Everything else we ordered for Drive-Thru was there! GRR!!! Poor girl couldn’t catch a break this week.

    Now we realize we need to TOTALLY re-do our basement steps sooner rather than later, since they use them to get to the playroom (which is turning out to be a dream come true. The kids are on vacation and its been a God Send to us).

    So that was how I spent the majority of my day- 3 kids at the lab and in the ER :C Don’t know WHY her pediatrician couldn’t take it out, but whatever.

    SO todays projects use Welcome Home from Lizzie Anne Designs. I LOVE the house and all the elements that some with it! Like the mailbox! Its SO cute.

    Now here is a  some quickie card if you are SHORT on time (and energy or inspiration! LOL!)


    This is a postcard-so you can mail friends with your new address on the back.

    OK this one is a THUMBNAIL. Click to enlarge.


    This photo is NOT agreeing with me at all

    Quick and simple!

    OR as a gift for a friend-print them up some handstamped Address Labels with their NEW! Addy on it 😀

    Easy Peasy house warming gift that will ACTUALLY get used, so matter HOW you decorate it 😀 Who cares if it doesn’t match the kitchen or isn’t their style like many gifts you may give! This one can ACTUALLY get used!

    That gives me an idea 😀

    Ill have to write it down and share later!!

    OK now Im on the run-tomorrow starts peeks for ATS! So check back in OK!

    Thanks for reading


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    Two totally different things! LOL!

    Both explaining my feelings of  last week or two.

    Thanks for the comments and prayers for Noah’s surgery. Also want to tell you Alexa enjoyed the comments about her card for her friend.

    STILL no video. I have been to busy with the kids home from school. Trying to get in some quality time doing projects and stuff while they are home. I want to keep them happy so I don’t go INSANE! LOL!

    I really hope to do one today. I guess I’m not even sure what to show you this week. My mojo is FLAT! All the cleaning sucked the life out of me maybe 😀

    Anyway-feeling like that-I decided to play with some digital images from SquiggleFly. I’m actually their Featured Artist this month! Sadly I hadn’t had more time to play :C February seems to always be a busy month for me.

    They do have a FREE download for you to try so you get an idea HOW digi images work. Check it out if you have time.

    My dear friend Holly‘s daughter designs all the images 😀 She totally ROCKS!! She has a video on her blog sharing how the downloads work! Check it out–> HERE!

    This is SOOOO me

    Overwhelmed <—–image from SquiggleFly


    (minus the apron, and me COOKING! LOL! Pretend I’m cleaning or something else! LOL!)

    Re-edited photo after posting! Sorry! It was WAY too big


    I used my Copis to color her. I don’t know WHY, but I print my digital images on MATTE Photo paper! It takes my Copic ink like a dream when I color! Granted, not as THICK as PTI cardstock, but I adore the look I get for digi images. So white and bright.

    I also used my NEW! SU! paper, felt flowers and brads. Im in LOVE!! I added some adhesive rhinestones to the flower centers. I love this layout.

    My sentiment isHandwritten Notes by PTI

    I think as a woman so many of us can relate to this woman. We have SO many hats to wear. When we need something done, we do it ourselves. When everyone is sick or needs something we are there. When we get sick we STILL have to do everything for everyone. We don’t ge to “punch out” of our job at 5pm, take a lunch break, get weekends off, and FORGET the vacation. Won’t happen!

    Thats why its important we TRY our very best to make a LITTLE guilt free time for us! No matter what your fancy! For me- stamping and exercising, maybe your guilty pleasure is reading a chapter in a book (locked in the bathroom so no one bothers you! LOL!) maybe taking a bath or watching your favorite show.

    Whatever it is, try to take a few moments for you-without feeling bad. I have several friends-all new moms going through MAJOR guilt because they are burnt out and do want time for them. They haven’t had 5 minutes to shower, let alone anything else. Having the “men” take the kids so they can have a few moments of “me” time, and they feel bad about it.

    Why are we programmed this way? If we don’t de-stress we will break down. We can’t get broken! The world will fall off its axis! LOL!

    One of my friends husband goes out 2 nights a week! She doesn’t get 5 minutes of time for her. She wants to get back in shape or do “Something” but when she hears the baby cry she stops. tends to her, and doesn’t finish what she started. She says she feels bad the baby needs HER. Well yes the baby does need her, but daddy can deal for a few moments.

    We have to stop the guilt!

    You will actually feel a little better if you get a “mini break” Granted thinking this will happen daily isn’t realistic, but its not impossible.

    So try to make time to do something for YOU. Even if its go for a haircut-without kids in tow.

    OK now onto happiness!

    Happiness Is


    OK see what I mean?! This one is PERFECT size. Good grief. I’m so technically challenged its ridiculous.

    I used the UBER cute Flower Mice<—- image for this one. (OMGosh! Upon linking this I saw –>THIS ONE!!! I NEED that one ASAP!) I think they are beyond cute.

    So NOT my usual colors. When do you see  ME use pumpkin, blue and avocado together?! NEVER! But I saw a cute TV ad (yes inspiration is truly everywhere!) using these colors and said “Self, you need to try that!”. So I did.

    I was quite happy with it.

    The sentiment is from JustRite Stampers-$1 section Friends Pre-Inked set! Where can you get SO many sentiments (8 in each) for a BUCK?! I bought all of them! LOL!

    Anyway, used MORE SU! Stuff since I just got in a order. I hadn’t ordered anything from them in YEARS!!! But there were lots of paper/accessories I fell in LOVE with. They also had a GORGEOUS hostess set God’s Beauty (I think its called) that was a must have, so I got that too. OH and the Butterfly Die! HAD to get that as well. You know me and my butterflies 😀

    OK so thats it. If Im going to get a video done (crossing fingers AGAIN) I better get going.

    Again-keep me posted on what you want to see from me 😀 I keep a list for future reference 😀

    Thanks for taking time out of YOUR busy day to visit me here. I feel so special knowing you do. I know how busy life is, as I barely get “online” time, I’m so busy doing everything else.


    2 posts

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    OK I have 2 posts for today-so don’t miss them!!

    Lizzie Anne Designs Sketch #67 Challenge

    Feb 23, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

    OK its My turn to host the monthly Sketch challenge for Lizzie Anne Designs 😀

    I had WAY too much fun with it 😀


    This is Sketch #67! Link your creation in the forum—>HERE!

    I cannot wait to see what you do.

    I made 2 cards with it, since I was on a creative roll. I LOVE sketches 😀 They are a great starting point. I should use my sketches more often, but sadly once I use it once, I usually never use it again :C I spent the morning printing my OLD sketches for myself for more use in the future, and as a good reference.

    I am also sketching FUTURE sketches to send to my Saturday Sketch Team! We will have like 20 in advance!!

    OK here is my take on the sketch-

    A little birdie party


    This card uses the Party Animals set. I thik its SOOOO cute.

    OK so I didn’t follow my own sketch EXACTLY (sentiment is on the side), but thats OK! Its as starting point of inspiration. I really  feel like once you get the “sketch” part out of the way MAKING the card comes so much easier!

    I picked the paper first (Target $1 spot LAST year), then went from there! I’m in LOVE with this color combo

    Raspberry Fizz (my new favorite color!), spring moss, and Lemon Tart-HEAVEN!!

    The “added” challenge with the sketch was to use glitter! I have it on the present, and cupcake.

    The birds hat is 3D! Oh and glitter on her tail.

    Now moving on…………………..2nd sample with the sketch uses a FAVORITE LAD set of mine 😀 called Tea Time


    As you can see I did mix it up a bit, using a large circle. I LOVE this card.

    Im beyond addicted to the Chloe paper by Making Memories!

    The paper base is a cream color, so I used natural ivory from SU! I also use Blue Bayou, and barely banana.

    I had this ribbon from American Crafts, and it really was a nice touch since I think it picks us the lighter blue too.

    I just LOVE this card, and the colors. Oh and of course-the dimension. I feel everything should be multi-layered 😀

    Well that is all for today.

    I hope you get inspired to give the sketch a try!!

    I HOPE to get my video done today. My life has been busy.

    Also Noah is having a minor surgery on Friday, and Im starting to freak out a little bit. Its nothing “serious”, but surgery is surgery, and I have had my share or “yes it can happen to “me” and my family” type of things, so if you can remember, just pray it goes well.

    He has to have a circumcision. I know TOO MUCH info. Jay is going to KILL me for putting this out there for the world! LOL!

    Long story short-when he was a baby we couldn’t get him circumcised because I had a bleeding disorder (or so I was told at 15 when I was going to get my tonsils out! They wouldn’t do it), and was told that if I had Noah gotten circumcised he could have the same disorder, and was at high risk of bleeding to death from the circumcision.

    (Fast forward to pregnancy with Amber, and they re-tested me for everything and found NO disorder! Oh well, everything happens for a reason right?)

    Well, Alexa had heart surgery at 3 weeks old. I had no choice. This was “elective” why put him through that possible risk?? Plus now over 70% (I believe-not cold hard fact) aren’t getting their boys circumcised, so I wasn’t going to freak out over it. There were worse things to worry about in the world.

    OK now onto today-he went years without any problems. Then 4 months ago he got his first infection. They have continued to re-occur several times in that span, and he developed scar tissue after the first one. That leads to more infections-blah blah blah, leading us to NOW have to get him snipped!

    I happy we can get it done. But nervous all the same.

    He will be put out. The procedure is only 20 minutes long, but its still risky with any anesthesia. So a little prayer for smooth sailing doesn’t hurt.

    He will supposedly be a a lot of pain for 2 days -with NO active stuff for 2 weeks (I don’t know-that is from a MALE doctor and you know how MEN are when you mess with their boy parts! LOL!). Jason had a vasectomy, 2 TINY stitches, and it took 2 WEEKS for him to recover-BIG BABY!

    I pushed out 9lb kids and the second they are out, they are thrown on my chest, and the staff is like “Ok here you go! Feed it!” LOL! With Alexa I had 8 stitches down yonder, after 32 hour of labor, and 2 hours of pushing and discharged myself 4 hours after giving birth to follow her to the hospital she was getting transferred to.

    SOOOOOO not sure how this will go. Noah is pretty good when he is sick, but again, we are messing with the boy parts, so we will see.

    Thanks for letting me vent my worry here. I know I dealt with more than this before. We all hate to see our kids in pain. We haven’t told him everything. We most likely wont.

    Just that he will get put to sleep, and we will be there. They will fix his boy part while sleeping, and then we will be there when he wakes up!

    Don’t want to dish too much info KWIM? He’d be scared to death.

    OK well I need to run.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

    Wish me another productive day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PCS-Peek Make a Wish!

    Feb 23, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

    Its Monday! Lots of snow here!!! And lots accomplished. LOVE IT!!

    Kids are now on vacation, and I will be insane by weeks end, but the playroom (minus the recessed lighting and computer hook up) is done! We got a pretty nice Futon actually at Walmart! Its a Full size wooden frame, with a suede like cover on the cushions for about $225. REALLY nice, and a little bigger than I planned, but the kids are in HEAVEN! YEAH!! Now if they are sick or we have house guests they have a nice private room to stay in that isn’t CREEPY like most basements. PLUS it adds some value to our home. The playroom was something we wnated since we bought our house 7 years ago. We had one before, small, and it was off our kitchen in PLAIn view. So when it was overly messy (like you couldn’t walk though it) it made me crazy (so everyday! LOL!).

    So, that being said my WISH came true!! Playroom is playable, office is moved, and with NO toys on our main floor of the house(not counting Daisy’s toys of course), my house looks SPOTLESS! LOL!

    The kids now have TONS of toys in the playroom, and of course thier bedrooms.

    Mommy doesn’t have to go nutty tripping over stuff during the day now. Everyone is happy.

    I even got MORE done than usual-so far.

    OK so WISHING brings me to the final countdown peek for the Pink Cat Studio release today!


    Make a wish

    I love that sentiment!!

    Today is THE day!


    Enchanted Lily is finally released! Its a GORGEOUS set with some cute sentiments to match!!

    Are you over the moon or what?!

    This card went to a friend of Amber’s for her 5th birthday. The card was a hit!! One of the mom’s was so excited by it she was asking me ALL about stamping! I am a BAD influence and I fear her husband will want to banish me from Pittsfield if we ever get together!! LOL!

    I personally LOVE the colors. I don’t think I have ever put these colors together! LOL! If I did, it was SO LONG ago. I love it. Her Fairy wings really sparkle!! She is just the prettiest Fairy ever.

    Amber & Alexa LOVE her too.


    (alexa with gift and card-paper is GLITTERY!!)

    Alexa had a party to go to and she asked me to make a card like this one for her “but different”. Now prior to this Alexa “planned”on just drawing her a picture. So 1 hour before the party she changes her mind! Oh 9 year old girls! Gotta love it.

    SO I whipped up the BASIC card, and let her color it, and write inside. She also decided it needed to be “personalized”.


    As we are walking out the door Alexa reminded we that we needed a photo of it! LOL!

    SOOOOO here it was in the clear plastic envy. Sorry about that. She is pretty happy that Im sharing it here wtih everyone though-she says ” Now im just like mommy! “LOL!

    Ill be so happy if my girls are stampers as they grow up. How fun will that be 😀

    OK Im coming back with another post. I need to edit my photos.

    Be sure to check out the PCS blog-all the designers will have their creations posted there!!

    Check out our Guest Designer : Suzanne Dean

    Suzanne’s Blog

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