Manic Monday! That’s going to be my new way to greet them! LOL!

MYTIME MAIL is posted below-don’t miss the chance!

Well I decided to put the kids room’s into a Smilebox-since there were a decent number of photos.

Just click it to view. Its a fun, and interactive way to share/view photos. AND, since I don’t scrapbook-its PERFECT and fast. I LOVE fast!

Now like I said-its NO Pottery Barn catalog-but the kid friendly version of a room 😀 If it was TOO gorgeous they wouldn’t be allowed to play in there! LOL!

It also went from “little kid” to sort of “bigger kid”

Noah even said to me “Mom I’m not a baby anymore. You need to get rid of my baby pictures and Noah’s ark stuff. That is ridiculous!”

WHAT?!!! I was in shock! So now all his “baby” photos and his “unapproved back in his room items” and stuff is in his closet :C. Only big boy stuff was allowed. I did get a TINY Noah Ark theme in ONE little corner-YEAH!

The kids helped with everything! They washed baseboards, window’s, dusted, moved toys from their room, chose where stuff was going. ALL of it. Except the painting.

It was great to get them involved. I didn’t think they would care to help, but they loved it! Plus having them involved allowed me to spend more time getting it done. Every person who comes over now has to go see it.

The other day UPS came to deliver a package, and Noah was like “Hey-you want to come see my room?”

Ugh-Noah-we don’t invite stranger’s into the house-remember? GEESH!


They feel proud that they picked where things are and helped with the process.

We have not yet re-sanded/re-finished the real hardwood floors yet, or gotten our new area rugs for each room. The girls still need their headboards as well.

You will see 2 princess picture’s. My friend Erin (the one I made the baby bouquet for) made them for the girls!!! Its all fabric pieced! She did a “Car’s” movie themed one for Noah, but Disney has strict “rules” so I dont want to get her in trouble. She said I wasn’t allowed to post that one-but let me tell you it ROCKS!!!

I told her she needs to start an Etsy Store. People would love to buy them. She’s quite crafty.

There are few other items I want/need to add, but didn’t yet. Gotta sneak in those purchases in slowly, so Jason’s blood pressure doesn’t go to Holy Crap!! over OH MY GOSH!!! (get it? instead of saying like 168/100).

BUT since you asked, and it will probably be at least another month till the floors/carpet are done-and I complete the little extra touches-so figured I’d share now.

My girls room is pretty big so it took a lot for me to do.

Keep in mind I did it ALL by myself.

That is moving every item of furniture OUT of the room, painting, decorating, and all that fun stuff.

Jay did help with the closets (each room has a huge walk in closet-the length of their room), and it was to the point that if someone broke into our house-we would not fit in there to hide! LOL!

My house is pretty clean-but my closets are always a disaster! I have no idea WHY I have closet HATE. But I do! I just hate dealing with them.

OK that was alot more babble than I planned-SHOCKING I know.

Here it is.

Thanks for looking.

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