WARNING this is a SAPPY post-feel free to pass it over.

5 years ago, on August 13th 2004, at 2:21 pm, weighing in at 8lbs 8oz, and 22 inches long ……Amber Elaine Meader made her debut into the world, after 3 DAYS of  a labor! Yes , I said 3 DAYS!

 An induction, that took a long detour to days of PAIN! They induced me, and I went into labor, but my poor pathetic cervix did not want to come along. You see, my body (thankfully) loved being pregant. Babies would just stay there as long as they could, until medically PUSHED to move out.

So, I was having contractions for what they said was “nothing”. Nothing because the contractions weren’t making my cervix change at all. I was “hperstimulated”.  They stopped my induction drugs, but my body just continued to contract. Since I was overdue, and in a safe hospital setting, they just allowed this CRUEL thing called “Mother Nature” to take her course. Obviously her mojo was lacking because it took her a LONG time to really do her job!

FINALLY,  Amber came into the world, in her own time, and on her own terms! LOL!

The second I saw that face I forgot all about that. I was in awe of my new little being

I then realized I had NO IDEA what I was going to settle on for a name!

If you are interested you can read the naming story—>HERE!

 And so it began. Life with the little girl I usually, affectionately call Ambelina (Think Thumbelina-only for an Amber)

I always called her that because 1) She is my BABY 2) she was the smallest weight wise of my 2 children (other 2 were 9lbs) Plus she is beyond adorable, and it suits her!

I wanted to share a couple of photos, marking her 5th year, in a special way, so I made a Smilebox! That is something I haven’t done in a LONG time :C

It was easy and free 😀 I looked back on some other Smileboxes I made a while back and just cried! LOL!

You can view ALL my Smileboxes —>HERE! 

It was such a nice way to capture memories of my kids, since I don’t really scrapbook. I like how it is online, interactive and comes together quick too! LOL!

When Amber was born the very first photos I took of her were in my front yard! I picked some Daisies, and spread them around her while she was on a blanket that I quilted for her. I knew she was my last “baby” so I truly cherished every moment.

Well these Daisies are from the SAME garden………….and she is in the same front yard……………..only much, much, older for this photo session!

WOW! Five years! REALLY?! It was but a blink of an eye……


Amber Turns 5!
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Happy 5th Birthday Amber!

You have brought me some of the best memories in the world, in your 5 years.

You are an amazing little girl, who seems so old for her age. You are growing far too fast. Before I know it you will be off to college, and moving out :C You say the funniest things I have ever heard too.

You are a lot like me, the good parts of me anyway!

You are strong willed, independent, responsible, confident, creative, sweet, sensitive, smart and so loving, oh and I know I said it already, but FUNNY!! You are a bit shy at times too (that is NOT me! LOL!), but if push comes to shove you ALWAYS speak your mind (something I do too often! LOL!), so no one pushes you around. 

My favorite thing you say is “Guess how much I love you?”

Then you stretch out your arms are wide as you can…..and you say “This much!” Then you wrap them around me and squeeze as tight as you possibly can. I will miss that as you grow! I hope you still feel that way when you are a teenager! LOL!

You also repeat every motherly thing that comes out of my mouth, when interacting with your siblings (I’m glad to know I don’t speak French and SOMEONE is listening! LOL! Yeah!)

You are so smart. You tell me when you grow up you want to be an “animal doctor”. I believe you can, and will do whatever you set out to. I just bought you a much of “animal doctor” stuff for your birthday to hwlp get you started (wink). You made a stuffed dog at Build a Bear a few months ago. You take her everywhere! You have a great love of animals, so I hope to encourage you to reach for your dream.

You always set out new goals to accomplish- like jumping rope, riding a bike, doing the hoola hoop (or as you say Hoolie-Hooping), and your newest goal is learning to roller skate. You *just * got a pair for you birthday! Granted I couldn’t find Hello Kitty like you asked for, so I hope they will be OK.

You are a fast learner, so I’m certain that by weeks end you will be the best lil roller skater ever! You work hard to be the best you can in everything you do, and you never give up! I love that drive you have.

You love all sports, along with singing and dancing too! There isn’t anything you don’t like or can’t do!

You are like my littlest best friend.

You are my shopping buddy-who is always honest in telling me how I look! “Oh mommy I think this color would look so pretty on you!” or “I think that might make your butt look big” and Oh! Mommy you look so nice today and you smell good too!

You love when I paint your nails. You won’t leave the house without them done! You insist on perfume too 😀 You even carry around your own pocketbook most days. You also have to approve your outfits and decide HOW you want your hair done on a given day.

You are also my crafting side kick, where we create for hours together. You are amazing with the things you can make. I’m always so proud of everything you create.

You are also my exercise coach “Mommy, why can’t you do that like the girl on TV?! It’s not THAT hard! Look I can do that!” (and you do)

My lil poser! LOL! You let me take as many photos of you as I see fit 😀 and I enjoy it.

My little helper around the house. You do lots of chores on your own, and recently helped me totally clean, redecorate and reorganize both bedrooms. When I got to Noah’s room I looked around and said “OH! BOY! I just don’t think I have it in me to do this!” You took my hand, and pulled me off the bed and said “I will help you do everything. We will get it done together.” and we did! You kept up with me and helped re-do the entire room. When we had to throw out something of Noah’s you would say”OOPS! Don’t tell Noah we threw that in the trash, or that either” It was so funny.

You like to be independent and do as much as possible by yourself !

You have a great sense of confidence too. I also love that you are nice, kind and caring to EVERYONE! You nkow its not nice to hurt peoples feelings and be mean, even if someone else is doing so.

I often look at you and wonder how I created such a being. I think you will turn out to be an amazing woman.

There are no words to say how proud I am of you. I look forward to all the things you will do and ways you will grow each and every year.

No matter what, you have to know that I will always love you, and I will always see you as that little girl…. surrounded by daisies.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!