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Party Animals

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Post #2 for today-

Well Its been a few days since I shared some creative eye candy!

I have lots of fun things I have made, just little time to share lately, because I have even MORE to make. It can be a crazy cycle! LOL! Posting can take FOREVER! Oh and photographing and editing-that takes me forever too! I often find myself creating so much that I forget what I made and if/when I shared it! LOL!

Case in point.

The card I have to share today I made over a month ago! I just got caught up on other things and it was in the forgotten archives of my projects!

Party Animals


This is the card I made for Amber’s 5th birthday. She was just in love with this image when she saw it, so I had to use it for her.

This image is by Tina Wenke-Mose-Bird-Ladybug-Cucpake from Stampavie.

Amber loved the little ladybug in this the most. I loved the Chickie 😀 So we picked out our paper, and got started. She also helped dictate what colors I should use for it, since it was for her. She cracks me up sometimes.


I think she has a good eye 😀 She basically chose the colors and I just colored it for her. The ONLY thing I didn’t color what she asked was she wanted the mouse purple. We compromised and did the SHIRT purple instead.

The sentiment is from JustRite Stampers Celebrations Demi Phrases Set 2″  It was perfect to put atop my Animal Party cupcake! I had fun with the way the mail layer was cut, and normally finding a sentiment to accentuate that would have been difficult. I really LOVE the Demi Phrases they have. I find I often don’t need a full circle sentiment, so they are super.

The paper is by Making Memories. One of my FAVE stacks! On the ribbon I added a pretty flower brad. Easy peasy.

OK Sorry, I wasted all my chit chat for my family post! I have to get Amber ready for school and then have a million TO DO’s!

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Till tomorrow

Back to School

Aug 27, 2009 Author: mytime | Filed under: family stuff

This is just about my kids-no crafty stuff on this one.  

WOW! I cannot believe ALL 3 of my children are in school 5 days a week. Yesterday was the first day back.
Two are in for FULL 6 hour days. Amber goes only 3 hours a day. This was something I THOUGHT I was going to be SOOOO excited over, yet yesterday when the house was SO quiet you could hear a pin drop, I realized the craziness can be comforting. I forgot that silence that comes over the house, when I am all alone. That is something I thought I was looking forward to for YEARS, yet is bitter sweet. I’m sure I’ll get used to it once again, but yesterday I watched the clock until 2:20 came! I was eager to pick them up and hear all about their new journey. I took in all the NOISE they brought back in the house upon coming home.

This is a quick 4 page digi scrapbook I made to mark the first day of school

First Day of School 2009
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Just click the arrows in the corners to view.

We were running LATE, and the bus was running early! Go figure! The ONE day I need her to be a little behind. SO not as many photos as I would have liked to have gotten :C

Noah is going into 1st grade


He is happy to be a BIG kid, but even more so to get breakfast, lunch and snack at school. He is even more happy to finally get recess! (Kindergarten doesn’t get snack or recess! GRR!) He was in culture shock going to school for 6 hours! LOL! but, so far he really LOVES his teacher Mrs Marble.That speaks volumes, as we had a hard time with his teacher last year, making Kindergarten torture for Noah. She is young and energetic. Excited about learning! He was excited to tell me that he read for the class and has a daily job each week. So far so good! He was even excited about HOMEWORK. Something I am certain will dissipate over the next few weeks 🙂

He insisted on wearing a new t- shirt , and SHORTS with his OLD comfy sneakers to school. I was not happy about his outfit, but learned a LONG time ago that we must pick our battles. I had a nice collared shirt and navy shirts for him to wear (he is wearing that outfit today-with his new shoes! LOL!) but he insisted he wanted to look “COOL” the first day. He said he’s wear the other outfit today. I figured I would look back someday and recall his independence with a smile on my face. After-all I am trying to make my children be as independent as possible. I have them pick out their own outfits each night before school. Sometimes they need “guidance”, but often do pretty well 😀

Alexa begins 3rd grade.

She really just got right back into the swing of things, and was VERY excited to see her friends. She had the cutest shoes, but walked though the SOAKING wet grass right before the bus came (GRR!), so we had to change them ASAP.

I simply cannot tell you how far she has come. Especially socially. She is generally VERY shy (and still is) but now in school she has let a large part of that go. Last year was a huge year of growth for her, in every aspect. Everyone knows her, and is wonderful to her. I finally have the school stuff where I want/need it to be. All that is a HUGE reason we would stay in this town if we moved.

I am hoping Art classes bring what is left of her social shell, out. I have also accepted the fact that Alexa is just a shy person.

I had the girls dressed in matching outfits 😀 Their dresses are like the Papertrey Ink color-Berry Sorbet. I swear if they had one in my siaze I’d have worn it too, it was so cute! I like to make them match as often as possible! LOL! Thankfully for me they find this fun and cute 😀 Most of this years clothes are all matchy matchy! They will look back on this and either love it, or hate me! LOL!

Both girls had a braid on the side. Amber had 2 that was then tied in the back of her head.

Amber entered Kindergarten! WOW!


My BABY, in Kindergarten. I recall going to kindergarten like it was yesterday, and now my youngest of THREE (I still can’t believe I have 3 kids let alone an ALMOST 10 year old!) is in Kindergarten.

Now Amber is entering what she calls “the BIG school “!
She was SOOOO excited that she got up at 5:30 am and got dressed,waiting for everyone to wake up! Poor kid in AFTERNOON Kindergarten, so she had a LONG morning wait till 11:30! LOL!

She was simply over the moon.
She walked over to all the girls in the class, and introduced herself to each one. She already knew a couple of them, and said in case anyone was new she didn’t want them to feel left out, or scared to make friends, so she would be their friend. Now THAT got me teary!

When it was time to line up, she rushed right over. Once the line moved to go inside almost EVERY kid started crying! There were crying kids and parents everywhere! LOL! Amber just blew us a kiss, and then waved until we could no longer see her. She is a well adjusted 3rd child! LOL! Noah was the needy 2nd child. He screamed and clung to our legs for dear life. We had to use the perpetual Jaws of Life to get him out of the car the 2nd day of Pre-school! LOL! Seriously it was hard and a little heartbreaking. Alexa was always fine leaving. I tribute that to people always working with her, and prodding at her from pregnancy on!

Amber will be a great little student 😀 She was just so happy about her first day, and just loved Mrs McCue.

I had stuck little notes in their bags, for the first day, and they got a kick out of that.

Funny how our kids can drive us CRAZY, but when they aren’t around you miss them!
Well I am going to take advantage of the “silence” and get some much over-due work done! I needed to relish in the last few days of summer with my children, and admittedly that set me WAY behind the 8 ball!
Till tomorrow

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