I am so excited about this!

 My dad called to tell me about this movie—->The Child King. I just ordered it, and am dying to get it. Not that I will be able to watch it. Things like that get me WAY emotional. Unless you sit here, where I am, it is probably hard to understand what I mean, and why.

This is a review about the movie I found ——->HERE. It explains the plot, and there are some reviews as well.

Be sure you watch the Trailer for it. Looks like a great movie for ALL.

 The best part is that the starring role is played by a then, 17 year old boy, named Peter Johnson, who has Down Syndrome! He is considerably local to us here in New Hampshire-he is in Situate, Massachusetts.

I applaud his family for striving to let Peter be the best person he can, and not limiting him. I also applaud the creator of this movie, for giving such an opportunity! 

This will help open many eyes, and many doors.

For those of you who DON’T know, my daughter Alexa is 8, and has Down Syndrome. To find a movie like this is just over the top amazing to me. Especially reading the reviews on it. Also Christmas is Alexa’s FAVORITE time of year.

I think it will allow people to know that people with Special Needs can accomplish ANYTHING, if given the opportunity, and when society doesn’t LIMIT them.

COPY/PASTED from their site:

Proceeds benefit a non-profit organization:



Founded in 2007 by Jeff Kerr, producer of the feature motion picture, The Child King, the non-profit Child King Foundation (CKF) administers funds and disburses grants to organizations, charities and individuals that assist those with intellectual disabilities.

Foundation funds are generated by all producer’s profits from the sale of The Child King DVD and related merchandise, 100% of which are channeled to the CKF for disbursement. CKF grants are offered to eligible applicants after review by the Foundation’s awards committee.

An advocate for those with intellectual disabilities, foundation founder Jeff Kerr is an active long-time supporter of Down syndrome causes, including The Special Olympics and the Law Enforcement Torch Run.

For more information on The Child King Foundation click here.


So thanks for letting me share my excitement!

I know its not stamping related-nor has my latest posts been, but you are all such a part of my life, I love to share things like this with you all. Especially when it helps a cause too!!

Thanks for reading.

I’d love your thoughts on the trailer, or hear about someone “special” that has touched your life.

Tomorrow I’ll be here to share our blog challenge. Yes, it will involve stamping! LOL!

Happy Holidays