pop open

Yeah! It’s Saturday! So that means it Sketch Time!

Today’s sketch uses Eat Cake

 sketch 19

 It is more than a sketch-its my own cool “pop open” band card. Now the concept is far from new. I just felt I changed it up a bit. I personally have yet to see this, and am not saying its definitely ALL my idea-but for today it is-to me 😀 Since “I” have never seen it.

You have seen the cards with “belly bands” that slide off right? Well my band pop’s open. I dont always want to have to have my band slide off, so this was my solution. I recently got a band card that was stunning (thanks Diana), and it triggered my idea. It was sketched in my book, and I had long forgotten my epiphany!

I used a Basic Grey magnet, for my closure. It looks nice, and easily pops open, and when needed, stays closed. The ends come together at the center circle sentiment.

tab open click to view larger image

The card fold is at the top, so once open you just lift the front layer, to reveal your message.

inside inside of card.

Often we “forget” to decorate that part too!!! Its just as important.

The main card is layered onto a mat for the base. This also allows you to hide the band around the back.

Pretty nifty huh?

Did I just say Nifty? Yup! I think I did.

I hope you will try it. They are alot of fun. Please send us all a link here with YOUR creation, should you try it. We would LOVE to see what your take on it is.

Now here is a SIMILAR take on the sketch-just no POP UP, and the circle image is a flower, which is placed to the left. A whole new sketch is born.

amybella birthday Buying it Bella

Yes, I KNOW its not EXACT-its INSPIRED by my sketch. Thats the whole point. Take something, and even if you dont duplicate it, let it inspire a whole new look 😀 That being said-those of you who participate in my sketches, then change it up a bit, and apologize-PLEASE DONT! I’m so happy it inspires you to create :D. I love seeing what morphed from my sketch-seriously!

This is retailafellabella-without her Fella! I just didn’t ink him. Who needs him to shop with anyway, right? My bella is a strong, independent shopper! She can carry her own bags, then HIDE the bill! HMMM, if she only had long curly hair she could have been me 😀

 AmyR sent me this stamp a few months back, so I made her this birthday card using it. Its one of my favorites. Now I need to buy Click-a-bella, and the snow booty bella. They are on my “list”. Since I have actually been using my Bella’s, I feel I can justify a purchase. BUT, I have to wait till AFTER Christmas-SAD I know! Restraint is a KILLER! I am normally NOT restrained, but Christmas is around the corner, and I plan on doing my shopping the FIRST week of November-then Im done!!! I will then work on handmade gifts that I WANT to do. Even those will be done by Thanksgiving. Its my ultimate goal this year.

Well, I have a baby shower today-so there is a good chance that is where I am. EVERYONE is having a baby!

Thankfully “I” am done that chapter. I like my 8 hours of solid sleep, now that our kids are a bit older, and the fact that I can go somewhere, and not have to “entertain” them every waking second 😀

SO, maybe I’ll share the baby card I did later-or tomorrow. Depends on how tired I am. I may actually be all chatted out!

Till tomorrow.