Why does it seem to be, that like every single one of our friends is having a baby, or trying to?

SERIOUSLY! We are being invaded!

Jason and I are fairly young (I think). He is a new 30, I just turned 29. We have 3 kids, DONE! We were the only one’s  joining the parent crowd, for the longest time. Now that we are becoming more “hands free”, they are just starting.

So, finally our friends decide to play “catch-up”. We have been on different wave lengths forever, and as they have their own, they are finally “getting it”.

By getting “it” I mean the fact that just we can’t just get up and go ANYWHERE, we are usually late, we wont go to restaurants after 6pm, our car looks like McDonald’s had an explosion of french fries, and we were caught in the crossfire, the fact that just cause a book say’s it will be, or should be this way-thats NOT reality. The comments of “If that were my child I would do this”! I HATE those comments.

I do love the one that says “I was a much better mother before I became one”

I’ve said that on here before, cause its SO true. I know I never thought I’d be the crazy woman in the food store! But here I am every Saturday saying “No you cannot have that.” ” I said no, put it back” ” Don’t touch that” “Stay with me” , “Stop touching your sister” ” You do that one more time………” and the list goes on.

Just this weekend while shopping my son Noah was driving me INSANE over a $10 coloring book that had Transformers. You read it right $10!!!

Noah ” Mommy I NEED this really bad! Look its Transformers!”

Me “No Noah, you are not getting it. You cant have something every time we go into a store”

Noah “But, I really need it”

Me “What did I just say? NO! Put it back. You have a million coloring books. The last thing you need is another one”

Noah ‘Thats not fair”

Me “Life isn’t fair”

Noah ” Well you have “a hundreds” of stamps and you get new ones every time we go to the store. Why do you need more, if you have all those in your stamping room?”

Me “OK, put the coloring book in the cart. Not another word.”

I couldn’t argue, he had an amazing point! Boy the things kids notice! Lets hope for his future wife’s sake he doesn’t stay that observant! 

Anyway, back to the point,  it seems like I have been needing a boatload of baby cards! You may have noticed too!

So here I will share them with you. They both use a similar color scheme, which I find DELICIOUS!

Chocolate Chip, Regal Rose, Certain Celery, and Pretty in Pink.

The first was for the baby shower I just attended.

 Bella with Baby

removed-for-publication-notice.JPG please click

This was one of my first and most favorite Bella’s. Its Teddybella. She is what every woman wants to look like when she is with child! LOL! I love her muchly.

This card is extremely simple, and clean. I love it.

My rectangle, straight edge nestabilities made the framed embossed borders-which add SO MUCH elegance, and interest to any card. Even a whimsical style-like this. I’m in love with the SU! Wide grosgrain-just gorgeous. I wish they had more colors.

Now, I know you MUST remember the dollar stamp from Michael’s sometime last year I believe. My good friend Renee sent it to me 😀 I became a HOT item, and all the crazy SCS  girls went hunting them down! LOL!

Next is a card I made for Jason’s best friend and his wife. They just found out they are expecting.

big news Big News

Sadly she was only inked ONCE in her whole life-that was obviously enough-LOL!

 Can you see the clear flowers by Maya Road? I thought they were such a  soft and sweet touch. Me being a flower addict and all.

My nestabilities to the rescue! I know you may be sick of seeing them, but those are PRICEY-and I’m getting my monies worth-so get use to it! LOL!

The paper is by Rubber Soul. Sentiment is Absolutely Fabulous-which I accidentally ordered MONTHS ago, and have gotten good use out of!

I love the continued scalloped edge on the bottom-so soft and pretty.

She loved the card! So that was nice. I wish them all the best!!!!

Thanks for the well wishes. I ahve some happy cards to post from some of my PSF’s! I get the best happy mail!

Not sure what I’m posting tomorrow-but it is Halloween, and that means the MYTIME MAIL winner will be announced. So, stay tuned! AND if you haven’t leave a comment here! I have to say I’m a bit sad there wasn’t much participation on that one. Oh well! The goody box is FABULOUS! So SOMEONE will be LUCKY!

Till tomorrow.