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This post will be stuck to the top for the month of October in honor of breast cancer awareness! Please scroll down to see new uploads for the month.

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Do YOU have a blog? Did you go pink? (I didnt cause I couldnt figure it out with my type, but thats another story about my computer challenged nature!)

Have you been touched by cancer in any way, or believe in spreading the word?

I challenge all my blog Girls out there near and far-to go to Smilebox, and post this one to their blog! OR send it to a friend!

EDITING TO ADD: It doesnt have to be THIS one with MY face! LOL! I already got alot of emails asking about that! Just THIS DESIGN or there is ONE more you can do! Those are the special ones for the cause 😀

If you do let me know-by posting a link here! It only takes a few minutes, REALLY EASY, and FUN, and all procedes from the download of this go to Breast Cancer Awareness!! Smilebox teamed up with Lifetime Network to raise money for the cause!

Thanks for looking. And supporting research!

Id also love to hear if you know someone who has been diagnoised with cancer.

Everyone who downloads this smilebox style for breast cancer and shares the link here will be entered in a drawing for a surprise pack of ALL PINK goodies!

If you want to contribute to the box of pink goodies-let me know! The bigger the better!

Have faith-its a super box! Im not showing what you will get till a winner is randomly selected. Because when you have Cancer you have to have FAITH! I will pick on Oct. 31st-the last day of October.

You comments about cancer count as a entry as well as a Smilebox link-thats another entry!

Thanks everyone 😀

We never know if this will affect us personally!

Saying Hello……………….and a personality quiz!

Oct 9, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

saying hello

Hello friends.

Lots of stamping going on here! YEAH!! Having a blast-its really releasing my stress. Which has been on HIGH these days.

Did you miss my article on Scor-Pal? If you are on the fence and need the push to buy it-check out my article at Craft Critque! Let me know what you think there OK!

I made this card above- to be counted as one to send with the other hopeful Lizzie Anne card Contest entries to Cards for Cancer (no Im not IN the contest-just contributing to the cause!) I hope you get to enter! You have till the 28th!

close up flutter click to view larger image. I loved the glittery butterfly so I had to salvage this!

This card uses Au Naturale. Its a little off balance to me but I cannot mess with it any longer. Its not a total disaster! LOL! I most likely would have chucked it into the trash, but I think It will still make SOMEONE smile!

See they dont all come out that great-but thats OK! Im over it-I think! I should have put the panel on the bottom.

I received some AMAZING personal emails from people sharing their heart aches, and successes with cancer-as well as prayers for Alexa! Thanks for sharing!!! This is very touching. I read every single comment and story I get, so thank you! Keep sharing! And if you dont blog-send the smilebox to someone in an email-or as many people as you want! You can send it to me too

[email protected]

On another note:

have you ever GOOGLE’d yourself? I did-pretty neat. Try it out. Also kinda scary to see you are open to the whole world.

OK so the quiz-

My PSF Teresa sent me this fun personality quiz, which I normally dont get into, but it was pretty cool!!! So I got her permission to copy/paste it. We dont know where it originated but if you do let me know.

Try it out-

Don’t cheat. It’s pretty good , see how close it comes.  Write your
answers on a piece of paper, and NO cheating!! The answers are at the
bottom. And be honest.

Tell me what you think of your results 😀 I felt it described me perfectly. Except one answer about love-didnt like that one!

*1.* Which is your favorite color out of: red, black, blue, green, or

*2.* Your first initial?  

*3.* Your month of birth?  

*4.* Which color do you like more, black or _white_?  

*5.* Name of a person of the same sex as yours.  

*6.* Your favorite number? 

*7.* Do you like Flying or Driving more?  

*8.* Do you like a lake or the ocean more?  

*9.* Write down a wish (a realistic one).   

*When you’re done, scroll down. (Don’t cheat!)*








*1.* If you choose:
Red – You are alert and your life is full of love.
Black – You are conservative and aggressive.
Green – Your soul is relaxed and you are laid back.
Blue- You are spontaneous and love kisses and affection from the ones
you love.
Yellow – You are a very happy person and give good advice to those who
are down.

*2.* If you’re initial is:
_A-K_ You have a lot of love and friendships in your life.
_L-R_ You try to enjoy your life to the maximum & your love life is soon
to blossom.
_S-Z_ You like to help others and your future love life looks very good.

*3.* If you were born in:
_Jan-Mar:_ The year will go very well for you and you will discover that
you fall in love with someone totally unexpected.
_April-June:_ You will have a strong love relationship that will not
last long but the memories will last forever.
_July-Sep:_ You will have a great year and will experience a major
life-changing experience for the good.
_Oct-Dec:_ Your love life will not be great, but eventually you will
find your soul mate.

*4.* If you chose:
Black: Your life will take on a different direction, it will seem hard
at the time but will be the best thing for you, and you will be glad for
the change.
_White:_ You will have a friend who completely confides in you and would
do anything for you, but you may not realize it.

5. This person is your best friend.

*6.* This is how many close friends you have in your lifetime.

*7.* If you chose:
Flying: You like adventure.
Driving: You are a laid back person.

*8..* If you chose:
Lake: You are loyal to your friends and your lover and are very reserved.
Ocean: You are spontaneous and like to please people.

*9.* This wish will come true only if you send this to five people in
one hour. Send it to ten people, and it will come true before your next


OK Im off and runnin-need to get some info on my dental stuff. Getting a quote on the cost to be knocked out to get my tooth pulled. Wish me luck! I should hear back soon.

Wait till you see the card I made MYSELF for my dental woe’s!LOL! Ill post that sometime this week too.

Check back tomorrow 😀 and thanks for reading.


Reindeer food/treat baglets

Oct 8, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, Tutorials

Reindeer Food

When I saw Christine’s Reindeer Games  (Kissy) set my first thought was Reindeer food packages! I dont own a single reindeer stamp! So was so excited to get this set.

I always make these little packets for the children in my kid’s classroom. Its a little something they can sprinkle on the ground outside, for the reindeer  to eat when Santa arrives!

The paper for this bag is by Crate-the Twirl collection found here

All you put in the package is a little oatmeal (buy a big thing of the cheap stuff) then add sprinkles! You can also add glitter but that isnt “healthy” for the reindeer! Plus if an animal eats it, it wont get sick. Plus it adds color (and flavor) for the reindeer!

In this packet I put in a mix for Oatmeal Reindeer cookies! Just the dry ingredients of course! Mixed it up, and then Ill add directions to back of tag for baking 😀


Instructions: Reindeer Treat Baglet

Step 1) Cut down bag to 5 1/2 inches

Step 2) Cut cardstock cover 3 1/2 x 10

Step 3) Using Scor-Pal, score at 1″, 6 1/2, and 8 1/2.

score 1

Step 4) Using Scor-tool, crease score lines


Step 5) Apply red line tape to inside baglet

tape     wrap 4

6) Fill and decorate as desired.

Here is a sample of how different they can be! Perfect for any occasion 😀


My sketch-Pretty Partridge

Oct 8, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

pretty partridge

I made this card-using L’Amour by Lizzie Anne pretty quickly cause I used my Saturday Sketch.

This bird image is just my favorite! It lends itself to so many possibilities. I loved using the paper piecing on it.

I got this patterned paper at my LSS, and it was scraps so I have NO IDEA who makes it-sorry :C

Well Im off and runnin! Lots to do with the kids this week.

Take what you STAMP-For a Cause!

Oct 7, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

Happy Sunday-I am LATE again! But I have been stamping! Yeah for me-sad for you if you have been waiting for an update! Sorry! But when I get on a roll I CANT stop! My time during the week isnt as FREE as I thought it would be! LOL! So I have to take advantage of Jason watching the kids so I can pump out the samples!

I have alot of cool stuff to share this week-including a gift bag tutorial. I am not posting the ornament today-sorry! Its just not gelling with my point of this particular post! Plus I have a product review to finish. Wait till you see that one-pretty cute idea.

Anyway I have some samples to share with Think Pink, and then a whole piece of info on stamps for a cause and what not!

Here is the first-We’re in this together


Do you not LOVE how I used the heart shaped tag from Making Memories? LOVE IT!! The image was totally perfect for that idea! I secured it using glue dots, folded in 1/2.

The jewels are from Alexa’s party! LOVING that bag of goodies.


cardstock-pretty in pink, basic gray, PT white, vellum cardstock

patterned paper- DCWV- not sure which collection. Random buy at a LSS.

Ink- copics, brillinace ink graphite black

ribbon by SU-pink taffeta, Making Memories tag

closerup click to view larger image.

I made a banner strip from vellum cardstock. Cute huh?

This set is SO pink and black huh? Seems like most of us have been compelled to use the pretty combo with this set.

Well dont get stuck in a creative rut thinking its ONLY PINK! If you haven’t gotten it for that fact I will hopefully open your mind!

Kim @ MFT shared with me that a close friend of her’s just found out his wife was diagnosed with a rare Ovarian Cancer. Well, I had to make her a card. I “googled” the “color” for ovarian cancer and saw it is teal. Every cancer is represented by a color! Did you know that? Leukemia is orange. Anyway-so here is my card for her.

Not So Pink!

not so pink How can you not LOVE this card?

Now you can see that it can be used in support of ANY cause!


cardstock-basic black, taken with teal, PT white

ink-Copic Markers, graphite black brilliance ink

Punches- Martha Stewart flower border punch. Small and Large SU ovals

My Prima Sprites. Had to have a bling brad 😀

Ribbon of Support


This one was a simple one-the ribbon can slide out and be worn for a symbol of support! Again it can be done in ANY color to suit the cause!

A great ond easy one for mass production-minus the jewels!!


I know I have said this before but I will say AGAIN-there is NOTHING better than being able to use your HOBBY to make a difference!

I have been blessed by others through stamping, and hope I in turn have also blessed others with mine!

Many people are being touched by this horrible disease, and more and more stamp companies are stepping up and helping! I think they are realizing the impact this has on people, and the need for sets just for these issues, or to help support the causes. No amount of support is too small! If each person did a small part-it becomes HUGE!

Here are some recent sets that I am aware of-if you know links to more PLEASE share in the comments section!

Missy B Designs– Alexa’s Set- $12 This was the set created for my daughter Alexa, where 100% of proceeds benefit pediatric leukemia and lymphoma research! I am SO proud of that set, and all the money it has raised-thanks to many of you!!!

Gina K-Make A Wish set (and Autism Speaks). $26.95 for wood mount $21.95 unmounted. I was proud to be a part of the fabulous design team to help support a cause that my family directly benefited from. What an amazing cause. $7 from every set gets donated!

MFT Stamps– Kim recently released Think Pink. Its a super set that 50% of retail proceeds get donated to Breast Cancer Research!

Now YOU can help too!

As I posted before Lizzie Anne is having a card contest! Details ——> HERE All you have to do is send a card using LA sets and you could win! BEST part-everyone wins, because ALL entries get sent to Cards for Cancer!

In honor of the contest, I will start posting tomorrow-a daily sample with my Lizzie Anne sets! And throw in some other samples as well 😀

Also lets not let there be only one month (October) or one time of year (usually Christmas) to think of helping others! Send a card to a family in need or consider donating stamped cards or items to  a cause YOU believe in or have been personally affected by. Or donate your time if you can.

Trust me-you dont realize how all these little gestures affect families till its YOU on the receiving end! I hope to God you never have to know.

I believe Alexa’s Cancer had a deeper purpose. For me to not be selfish, but do what I can to reach out and help other people in the smallest ways. I have learned SO MUCH since her journey. Things I never would have otherwise. It put our family on a whole new path. Not always an easier one, but we are grateful nonetheless for what we do have.

If you have any causes you participate in or have been touched by, please feel free to comment! I LOVE hearing about what others are doing! It is so heart warming and reminds me that there are more GOOD people in the world than NOT.

Simple Saturday Sketch

Oct 6, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Saturday Sketch

sketch 16 So here is the Saturday Sketch! Click to view larger image. Kept it simple

 Better late than never right? I have some stuff I wanted to post in honor of WCMD but my day has gotten totally turned up side down. I went down to my stamp room to get creative. I had been along day at soccer and a kids birthday party. After an hour I realize DONT attempt to be crafty when you are tired, its pointless. So I come back upstairs to see my kitchen TORN apart.

Jason decided I would probably be down there a while so why not rip out the kitchen window??

OMG! I could have killed him! The kids looked like PIG PEN from Charlie Brown! Dirt and dust everywhere-not good for Alexa! HELLO!!!!

Anyway-Ill save the stuff tomorrow when I can take the time to post what I really wanted to without extreme stress and annoyance!

Before I share my sample I wanted to share this-

I had to share this photo of my kids, and husband Jay. I started what I think is going to be a yearly tradition, having the kids make daddys birthday cake.

cake for daddy

For his 30th Birthday they made him this cake! ALL by themselves! I only measure, and did the oven stuff.

They frosted it together and each kid had been assigned a “color” sprinkles jar. It was funny cause upon cutting the cake each kid would ONLY eat the piece with THEIR assigned color! Too funny.

No one else would want to eat it cause it was seriously gross! They would spoon 0n some frosting-lick the spoon then spoon on some more onto the cake, eat a little more frosting-you get the idea! Sloppy frosting.

OK Now for my sample.

This is the WAY COOL card I made for Jason for his 30th birthday! He likes details and layers, but I felt I had to keep it simple and clean yet still have alot of thought into it.

30 bday Look Who’s turning 30!

Why is this so cool you ask?

Lots of reasons!

I love the colors! Black-Olive-Blue Bayou-Sky. So masculine!

The BLING! The Martini glass is a Michaels $1 spot find. I had it for YEARS! Never used it! I used the K & co adhesive Rhinestone sticker for the OLIVE.

Now for time ticking-I used an acetate clock by Making Memories. I was careful to line up the “3” next to the “0” or in this case the olive, to make the 30!! See it???

On the clock- I wanted it a little larger than my layer. I drew hands pointing to 10 and 1. Jason’s Birthday was 10-1 !!! Pretty neat huh?

The sentiment is from Savvy.

  The ribbon is by American Crafts and was perfect. I thought it resembled colorful olives on a toothpick!

What do you think?

Well check in tomorrow where I will post some stuff from Lizzie Anne and a Christmas ornament.

I still have a few MFT stamps samples too. See you then.

I will post later. Im having an insane morning and have to do some family stuff. So no time to upload and stuff right now.

Its going to be a post full of cool stuff-please check back later. For now I have lots to share so keep reading!


MYTIME MAIL WINNER was picked by and was #57 Mary P-please email me your address!

mary p |

I like the elephants the best. They are so huge and yet graceful in their movements. And they have the longest eyelashes. If you see one up close in a zoo, you can see that. And they have soulful eyes. I like the Pamper Yourself stamp set. We need to do that more as women. We kill ourselves caring for everyone else. Sometimes it has to be our turn!



Dont miss the ONE DAY SALE Lizzie Anne is having in honor of WCMD—–>HERE! Plus their is a new set!!! And the sets that co-ordinate with it are also on sale TODAY ONLY!

Did you see they are having a CONTEST!!! All enteries will be sent to Cards For Cancer!!! Enteries must be recieved by October 28th!! So get inking!

PLEASE READ this post for Contest details, and prizes, but also a heartwarming letter from a Cancer survivor Marcia whom founded the Cards For Cancer organization!!!

So not only will you get a chance at an AMAZING prize, you will also help make someones day! They are choosing 10 winners to get a FREE stamp set that is valued at $19.99! How cool is that!!!

Thanks Tricia and Meridith for your participation in making a difference! I am so fourtunate4 to work for some of the best companies who are run by people with such big hearts!!!!

OK Im off and running but promise to return this afternoon. After soccer we have a kids party. BUSY TIMES!

Blogger’s Challenge! x 2 weeks

Oct 5, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: blogger challenge, Cards

Did you miss your chance at Mytime Mail? Check this out———>HERE


Jason and I had a fabulous time at So You Think You Can Dance! What a great show! It was 3 hours long! WOW!!

Alexa is sounding better! Got some more cards in and will post thank you’s later. Thanks for the concern. And thanks for some of the medical advice. I didnt know she needed extra fluids when taking Mucinex! And yes I do the chest PT on her all the time! But if I hadnt known about that it would be a great piece of info to pass onto other parents. We actually have a cushioned oxygen mask we use to make it much easier!

Thanks for willing me better. I fell a little better and got LOTS of stuff done yesterday! Still need to call the dentist but Im waiting till Monday. Im mentally drained by this and I need  to keep my mind clear! The mojo was in the house yesterday! Wait till you see some of the fun stuff Ill be sharing.

Now that its the end of the week know what that means?

That means today is time for the Blogger’s Challenge! I am alos posting the challenge I missed last week while Alexa was in the hospital. You can check out all the blogger challenges by clicking on the blogs in my sidebar.

This weeks was to use black and orange. I haven’t seen the other challenges yet-Ill do that later on, but figured people would mainly thing Halloween when these colors are put together-especially in October. So, I decided to do a NON Halloween themed card!

chic Chic Chicks

And Chic she is! I got the stamp at JoAnn’s LAST YEAR! It is called Chic and is by Rubber Stampede. She never saw ink before! LOL! Sad I know! But I loved it and had to have it. She was perfect for the challenge.  This card was whipped up in about 10 minutes!

The BLING was leftover from Alexa’s Princess party! LOL! All the leftover jewels (and there was alot) I get to keep and use on my cards! YEAH!! There are all sorts of shapes and sizes and you get a ton in the bag for like $2.75! DUH!! Why havent I shopped in that isle before?! I just adhered them with glue dots.

The sentiment is a library style stamper by  Memories in the Making. Its has all sorts of fun little “girly” sayings. I love you can get like 12 sentiments for a whopping $7-$8 !!!! 7 Gypsies, and EK Success has some too. Check them out in stores and some places may have them online.

I had so much fun with the challenge I made another one with NO STAMPING! (gasp!)

fishy smiles Fishy Smiles

I had a publication in Paper Crafts, and when they sent back my card they sent some AMAZING goodies to boot!

In this package were these super cute 3D glittery fish themed stickers by Joliees. How could I NOT use them!

I had this gorgeous paper by Heidi Grace, so it became my “sea”. Stuck on some stickers, and like 4 minutes later-DONE! The smile sticker I got years ago at Target! Can you tell Im a compulsive shopper yet?

Now for LAST weeks blogger’s challenge-it was to use a Spectrum Pad in your design.

So I made this card

my heart My Heart

This heart is fromBoho Blossoms.

This card is INCREDIBLY simple but I wanted to keep the focus on the detailed heart! I think its speaks for itself! LOL!

I used my Cotton Candy specturn pad, and glossy cardstock. This card took a little over 10 minutes. Not bad considering I had NO IDEA what direction this was going.

SO check in tomorrow for more fun. Its the Saturday Sketch, and World Cardmaking day!

WILD Mytime Mail!!!

Oct 4, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Mytime Mail

jungle watch Jungle Watch

Well the second Im done posting thing I PRAY I get to actually stamp!

Well I think its time for some MYTIME MAIL? How about you? I have so loved and appreciated all your support, thoughts, and well wishes, its time to give you a chance at a big THANK YOU gift!

Who NEEDS to win Its a Jungle Out There? jungle set You do?! Well here is your chance!

MYTIME MAIL WILL INCLUDE: Its a Jungle Out There-This set retails at $15.95. Plus I will include the recent issue of Paper Crafts Magazine-November 2007 value $4.99, and the recent issue of Crafts n’Things October 2007 also $4.99.

I am featured in both, and have 2 projects inCrafts n’Things using the MFT set Fright Night!

All you have to do is tell me what your favorite WILD animal is! Id also like to hear what your  favorite   MFT new release set is.

My favorite wild animal is a Giraffe. I dont know what it is but I just LOVE them. My son Noah has had a baby stuffed giraffe named “Raffey” since birth! He still sleeps with it every night.

I love their gracefulness despite their awkward long neck. They also have the softness eyes. Im weird I know.

My favorite new release set was Meet me at the cafe.

I will have the computer randomly pick a winner on Oct 6th-for World Card Making day!


Card Details 

cardstock-PT White, pumpkin, river rock, soft sky, apricot by SU!

Ink-brilliance graphite black, Copic Markers, assorted versamagic ink

ribbon- Strano Designs in Moxie

On this card I used this (its a jungle out there) set, and some liquid applique added texture to the lions mane. I was pretty happy with my jungle “scene” as this is not a typical style for me. These stamps made this really easy to accomplish.

I love how Kim made the womans face hidden by using her Safari hat! Thats genius!!

Thanks for reading! I cant wait to hear what you have to say.

Come back tomorrow cause its out Bloggers Challenge! I will post last weeks, and this weeks since I missed one!

Then Saturday is the Saturday Sketch and World Card making Day! Plus the announcement of the winner for this Mytime Mail!

How Sweet It Is!

Oct 3, 2007 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

sweet sweets

OK Im seriously wiped out! Alexa had Chemo, my mouth is killing me, I have like the Flu, and Im now terrified to go back to the dentist after some of the things I think can happen! Oh yeah and I have no choice as to the provider as our insurance only covers this place, unless I want to travel an hour elsewhere-which I dont! I am definitely calling about paying to get knocked out! Seriously! My life is stressful enough and this is totally taking its toll! I cant eat Tweizzlers (LOL! Pathetic right but its my stress candy) and I cant really chew much of anything unless it can get soggy in your mouth-GROSS I know! Sorry!

So Alexa was at the MD’s-She still has a bunch of gunk in her lungs and they werent impressed with that! Her O2 levels were only 92-and being up and going thats not a happy number. But she looks awesome! Its all sterile junk cause she is on antibiotics, BUT if it doesnt clear abefore the antibiotics STOP then its a breeding ground in her lungs for more bacteria-leading to another pneumonia, and you guessed it HOSPITALIZATION! Lets PRAY that it clears up!

Upon my suggestion we have placed her on Mucinex! Ya know those nasty green guys in the commercials! YUCK! Here to hoping it works!

So that being said, my post is super short today! I made these a while ago and can now share with you! Jason and I have a date tomorrow! We are going to see So You Think You Can Dance-at the verizon center in Manchester! if you are a going Id love to know!

Also I really NEED to stamp tomorrow! So lets hope that actually happens.

Both these cards are using MFT- How Sweet It Is! I love chocolate, and thought this set was super cute!!! These are pretty simple designs. Nothing earth shattering.

The bottom one uses some cuttlebug stuff. If you really need specifics please reply here and Ill answer your questions. Sorry I just dont have another bit of energy today.

Thanks for understanding. Enjoy the eye “candy” lol!

sweets for my sweet

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