lillipops Franken Folder’s  for Noah’s class

Frankenstein Stamp by C.C. Designs-Donald as Frankenstein, Trick or Treat sentiment by Lizzie Anne Designs-Spooked

haunted bag Haunting House bags for Alexa’s class

Stamps by Lizzie Anne Designs-Spooked, Glassine bags by Paper Trey Ink

Happy Halloween!

My children have morphed into Princesses-Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. We also have a BLUE Power Ranger.

“I” have decided to morph myself into SUPER MOM!!! AGAIN! Who else is with me?

Why do we all have this pedistal , that we feel we must stay up on, when we are crafty? I hope I’m not alone in this venture.

MY mom always made holidays the BEST! All our traditions, and just every little thing was always perfect. I remember EVERY SINGLE ONE! Some of these traditions I pass on in my family-such as buying each person, in our home, a special ornament every year. I love that one!

I guess because of that, I put myself on this mission to do the same, while trying NOT to kill myself doing it in the process. I think I feel my kids will base their entire childhood on these “events” in life. Maybe because they impacted mine.

I *really* felt the pressure to do something for the kids classes for Halloween. I then fought the stress of it, saying “Hey, we can’t do it all Lauren. Deal with it!” . Yesterday (Tuesday morning – day before Halloween)Noah says “So mom what did you make for my class for my Halloween party?”. “Something cool like Alexa’s parties?”

” Noah, I didn’t make anything for Alexa’s class. What are you talking about?”

Noah-“You know all the stuff you always make”

He was right! I always made all these cute things for Alexa’s class parties/holidays. BUT I only had ONE kid in school. Now I have 3!!! That means LOTS more work.

Amber was set cause we made sugar cookies, and picked out “special” candy for the kids to decorate the cookies.

OK, So HOW can you say “Oh no honey you get nothing. I was planning on sitting this holiday out.”

I then said “Well, if you really want me to do something then I better get working”

So, I got the kids off to school, ran to Michaels, then to Target for candy.

WHIPPED up things for Noah’s class, and Alexa’s.

WHEW! Super Mom to the rescue!

When I was done, I showed Noah his little “Franken Folder” lollipop holder, and he was SO EXCITED!

He asked if we could bring them to school that minute! He wanted to show his teacher, and make sure it didn’t get ruined on the bus! He thought all the kids would like seeing them as they come into class. He better marry a crafty woman! LOL!

My heart melted!!! I never felt so proud. To see my son be so appreciative of his mommies hand made items 😀 He carried the box of them into school and each person he saw along the was said “Look at the pops for my class”

I guess this is why we do what we do right?

As mother’s we will do just about anything for our children. Heck, I would give my LIFE for my children, the least I could do was wrap some lollipops right?

I also wanted him to know, I love him every bit, as much as his sister.

 I think that was a little message he was conveying-Like “Hey!!! I need love too!” When you have a sick child that requires so much, I think its easy to not always remember its the littlest things that help the other ones know they are just as important. On the day to day, how is a healthy kid suppose to compete with one puking in a bucket?

So I felt good! Mission accomplished!

So here is the DIRECTIONS for the Franken Folders (as I like to call them).

All they are is a lollipop wrapper. I didn’t invent the idea.

I didn’t check out HOW to make one-I just came up with my own fast way.

hole and score Click for larger view

I used apple lollipops-wrapped with caramel. YUMMY!!!

Measured the wrapper 2 1/5 X 2 1/5.

Cut cardstock 2 1/2 X 5 1/2. You get 6 per sheet of 8 1/2  X  11 cardstock.

Used myScor-Pal, and scored at 2 1/2 and 5 inches.

Punched a hole with my Crop-a-dile in the middle of the score line, at the 1/2 inch mark.

Creased the score lines, and applied adhesive to the 1/2 inch flap.

Stuck the stick through the hole, and attached that adhesive!


These went fairly quick. As, they were a breeze to make! The coloring took a little bit-but I did ONE color at a time, and went form image to image. Assembly line!

I resisted the urge to further embellish!! Reminding my self that its all getting tossed-so don’t go that one step extra. Like glitter on the pumpkin, adding a layer of cardstock behind the main image, ribbon…………… get the idea. SIMPLE!!!

The bags for Alexa were obviously super fast! I made 25 in 10 minutes. Just stamp the house on the glassine bags with Brilliance ink-then fill!! Filling took the longest- LOL! I think it was a great quick touch for something handmade. SOLID images! Gotta LOVE them!

So I would LOVE to hear what your kids are for Halloween, or what your all time favorite costume was a kid.

Anything like that you want to share 😀

I have some SUPER cool samples to share tomorrow with the NEW! MFT Stamps :D. Wait till you see what I did.

Till tomorrow