Happy Sunday.

I feel so much better. I got everyone’s order’s straight and out the door yesterday. I was at the PO for an hour, and it cost almost $300 to ship everything! WOW!!!!!

I still have a couple that needed last minute stuff, so they will ship tomorrow. If you paid by check, once it arrives, I will send off your package.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for clearing out my stuff!! I really appreciate you all taking this space suckers off my hands, and that they are going to a new home where they will feel the ink against their rubbah again! LOL!

If people don’t follow through with their purchases I will make it avail. to the first person who inquired about it, or if no one was interested I’ll re-list it.

Now onto FUN stuff.

Summer is here, in full effect! So far its a humid 97 degrees.

My kids will be on Summer vacation soon, and I go into PANIC mode!! They get VERY bored. So I am always on the hunt for fun projects to do to keep them happy on the days we won’t be going anywhere.

Today’s project is SOOOO SIMPLE and fun. Think b-day party project! The best parties have fun activities. I love doing crafts at my kids parties. Plus it shows the hubster how much you really need to buy your stamps-and that they are SOOOOO versatile!

Now with summer around the corner, how fun would it be to let your kids make their very own beach bag, to lug all their own stuff! Like swimsuits, sunscreen, sunglasses, drink & snacks? (You take the towels, and change of clothes)

This little thing alone (like packing their own bag) does several things-beside creates one day where they won’t climb up the walls in boredom:

1. Is less work for mom (sometimes)

2. Gives them some responsibility

3. Makes them more independent

4. MAY help take their mind off asking you repetitively “How many more minutes till we leave?”


Tote-ally Cool Bag-found at Michaels for only $1.49!! They have various sizes, very CHEAP!!! This is the perfect size for kids 3 and up to get to work!

Stamps-Lizzie Anne Le Jardin, sentiment from A Muse

Ink-Pallette Black, Pallette ink Chartreuse

Other-Crayola Crayons, wax paper, Heidi Swapp iron

PLEASE NOTE: Use more vibrant colors as they give the best results. COlors fade slightly after washing.

NOTE: Use what ever image your child wants. For the actual beach bag see THIS set-can you say PERFECT?!!!!

OK so-All YOU do is stamp the image.

Then let your child color it in with Crayola crayons .

Apply wax paper over finished coloring, and heat set with HOT iron for a few minutes.

DONE!! The bag shown above was colored by ME, and photo taken AFTER 2 washes (gotta test stuff before you say it works!!!)

Where did that fabulous idea come from? Well let me share this with you. As a SAHM I try to do a fun project of some sort with my kids everyday!! This is how I get stamp time AFTER!! Guilt free too. I am always on the hunt for fun, easy & cool things to do. This book is the PERFECT find.

I bought this book called Kids Concoctions “Special 10th Anniversary Edition” by John E. & Danita Thomas. Now the book I linked isn’t the exact one I purchased, but from the same people. The one I bought was a special on like QVC at Christmas time. The BEST purchase I could have made.

It is FULL of awesome kid projects and things to make that are SO easy (keep in mind my kids ages range from 3 to 8) and fun. Most importantly use household items you already have. WOW! Do I sound like an info-mercial or what. Sorry about that, but I really love this book for Mom’s or baby sitters. Day care providers would love it (OH!! Light goes off!! Im getting one for Amber’s end of year teacher gift!!! Pat self on back later)

Now for another project!!

Coloring DIRECTLY onto a T-Shirt!! Yes another Father’s Day t-shirt idea.


I made this for my son Noah & my husband! They have matching shirts!! I know a lot of you bought the Billy set from Pink Cat Studio. Perfect kids project to let them color the dad’s t-shirt!

Same directions as above. Just place cardboard under the shirt to make it easier for the kids to color.

That sentiment is from Out of This World, and was so perfect too.

Use whatever stamp sets you want.

Think how many gifts you can get out of a pack of t-shirts that cost like $5!!

OK that is my idea for the day.

Now Im back to stamp land. I have lots to create 😀 I don’t usually stamp on weekend’s but have some loose ends that need to be tied.

Till tomorrow.

PS If you make any tee’s  send us a link!