WOW! I feel rusty! LOL!

First let me say due to some family/scheduling issue’s, I have had to cancel my classes at The Paper Tree on the 25th! Sorry to anyone who has signed up. There is a lot going on here, and I cannot work that day, due to some other unforeseen things.

That being said, I did notify Michelle over a week ago, and they ARE still listed on the site schedule, so I am hoping she forgot to take it down this past week. If you have signed up for those classes, please contact Michelle. I won’t be there, so I don’t want anyone signing up, or going out of their way to get there.

OK now for today’s post….

I missed last week’s sketch because of the announcement of My Timeless Templates ©, so it feels like forever since I have done this, even though it hasn’t been long. This has been so amazing, and I appreciate all of you being so supportive (I know I keep saying it, but that is because I mean it :D)

I have to say, as a result of everything, my MOJO is g-o-n-e! This happens to me every month after the big release. Its my Papertrey Ink hangover, I like to call it! LOL! Especially after all my buzz with my own line of stuff, that really knocked me for a loop! LOL! No worries, it should be forced back over the next few days.

Anyway, I am back with the sketch this week!


If loading to a gellery use KEYWORD: mytimesssnowflakes

Given my low mojo, I decided the the team and I would use my sketch from my Gently Falling Snow card 😀 I loved that sketch!

I wanted to do something entirely different than what I ended up with, but hey whatever works right!

I recently picked up some more of the newest Magnolia images 😀 I get mine from here: Maganolia-licious. I have had them for at least a week, and they needed a little love.

This little girl reminds me of Amber!

Country Girl


Now for the girl- she is the larger block on my sketch, and the bail of hay is the smaller block! I thought it was a cute, and different take on the sketch, so I went with it.

I stamped her and cut out her legs, so she “sits” on the hay!

The hay was stamped on barely banana then sponged and whatnot to look like real hay. I think she’s just so cute.

I just got this sentiment from the Harmony Classic Circle III. I used the sentiment without any of the borders. I feel like I get so many options with all those stampers. I can use a cool border, not use a border, combine a sentiment/border etc. I like that they are now having sentiments, as well.

Then I spritzed some olive color 😀

I wish this turned out a bit better, but I am totally drained, and am taking tomorrow off! I need a break.

In the meantime, if you get to try the sketch, send us a link here so we can see your take on it.

Be sure you look at what ther Sketch Team had created!

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  • MacKenzie Bruckler
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  • Thanks to all of you who stop by 😀 I hope you have a great weekend.