I have SO much to share today. I didn’t realize it until I began going through all the recent photos.

I have 3 Smileboxes to share!  I know, its alot ot take in for one post. But I know many of you follow my family, and enjoy what I share. The funny thing is our family time is NOT perfect, and I think anyone with kids will laugh at some of what I am sharing. I know I laugh, AFTER its over.

I LOVE making these Smileboxes because they take NO TIME, and I don’t even need to resize my photos. I also like that I am preserving memories without having to scrapbook! LOL! Sorry that is just not my thing. Plus I think its more interesting to view photos this way. You can send these via email too. Great for long distance family. I know my own mother keeps up on my CRAZY life by reading my blog-so you usually know as much about me as my family! LOL!

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Alexa turns 9!

 As promised I have the Smilebox of Alexa’s Bowling party from last weekend. Many of you sent her cards and whatnot! Thank you!! She felt very special.
We all had a blast at Alexa’s party. I spent the day taking photos.

Some fun details:

Alexa’s friends would hand her each ball, when it was her turn. She likes being “waited” on. Her very first ball she got 9 down! I thought that was really cool since it was her 9th b-day!! I did get a photo of it, but you can’t see it, so I was bummed. She even won the very last game! YEAH!

Noah was a bowling pro and may do his party at the bowling alley.

Amber cracks me us because this girl can do anything, and still twirl her ponytails in the process. Im mean she is running and playing soccer, kicking the ball down the field, and twirling her hair at the same time. Hilarious.

I didn’t include too many photos of her friends, kept it mainly our family. I think you will see how much fun she had. I also didn’t include her home gift opening. Its sort of the same thing. The faces she makes when she opens gifts always makes me laugh. She always has a look of “OH THAT IS THE BEST GIFT I EVER GOT!” and totally surprised. Too funny.

Now I have one of my most favorite things to do with the kids-apple picking. I think I look forward to it more than they do! Each year gets better and we all have so much fun. Some of my favorite photos every year come from this time, as you will see why.

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This day was for Amber’s class field trip. I kept Noah & Alexa out of school to got with all of them! SHH! Don’t tell! LOL!

Now we have a Smilebox of our time at the Deerfield Fair, and Canobie Lake. Lets just say we were tortured at both! LOL!

At the fair-it was cold and rainy, which we tried to smile through. Noah complained about the “smell” of the animals and would NOT go in any of the barns! Well, given it was a FAIR, and aside from rides (which hello it was pouring) that was the only thing to do. It is usually a favorite, but not for Noah this year.

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Now as for Canobie Lake Park, that is a park of rides. Once the kids found the “kiddie” rides they only wanted to go on them. I know its selfish but Jay and I were BORED out of our skulls 😀 We did go on some big rides but Alexa was not happy about that!

Her and I were on the Rooster ride, when she began freakin out and telling me she was scared. OK nothing I can do about that right now. Then she says “Im going to pee my pants!” I screamed!! LOL! I was lie you better not pee on me! I will not be happy. Thankfully she didn’t, but after the Tilt a whirl it was time to go. They had enough. Oh well, we tried.

OK that is it for today.

I am going to share Amber’s birthday Smilebox later today or tomorrow. Lots of photos to go through for her. She had a amazing time, as did her friends!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you are enjoying the day!