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Subscriber update

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OK I am making another post for a few reasons! LOL!

1) I think I fixed ALL the people who were on pause! Lydia had directed meas to what to do, and it worked! THANK YOU!!

Now if I did it right, I hope all those people get an alert to the unpaused subscription, or the email update that I have posted.

2) I found many whom have contacted me about NOT getting an email notice when I post,  have subscribed to my blog, but have not VERIFIED they want the email subscription.

There is NOTHING I can do about that.

Now when you go to the subscribe page, and enter an email, it will send you a vericifcation email. Once you get that email, you need to VERIFY that YES you want to subscribe to my blog. Otherwise people could just take someones email and make them start getting notices. That is why there is a verification email. If you dont respeond to that, you won’t get email updates until you do.

Sorry for the inconvience. I do like this feature because then people can’t just use your info to subscribe, you have to agree that is was you.

So thanks everyone for dealing with that 😀 CRAZY!!

PS I am NOT replying to all the emails I received re: that issue. That is the other reason I posted! LOL! Its all right here, and problem SHOULD be solved.

Thank you to all who notify me when there is an issue, I otherwise would not know 😀 I appreciate all of you who enjoy your visits here, so thanks for stopping by and keeping me posted.

Is your subscription paused?

Oct 20, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Uncategorized


I have gotten several hundred emails that many of you whom subscribe to my blog (awe thanks :D) are experiencing a problem.

I have been told you have a “subscription paused” notice, then it tells you to contact me.

OK well I have NO IDEA why its paused (I didn’t do it!) and I am trying to figure out WHY and HOW I can fix that problem. Not sure why they tell you to contact me since I have no clue why this happened and what to do to fix it.

If YOU know what to do, or can help me, because you have a Feedburner feed PLEASE help me!

 Im not a computer person (I know you all THINK I may be good, but trust me, I’m lucky I can attach a photo in a email without intervention) but will see if my husband can figure out what on earth is wrong, later when he gets home.

In the meantime I can tell you all, in case you didn’t already notice 😀 that I update basically everyday! So until I get it worked out, when you have time, check in!

Thanks to everyone who does read, subscribe, and notified me of this problem since I never would have known otherwise.

Ill keep ya’ll posted.

Holiday Happiness

Oct 20, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

Today is the 20th. A day I often forget, or miss to acknowledge as the offical CelebrateMFT Stamp Co day! Not this month! I remembered 😀

Where do I begin with this line from MFT by Stephanie Fizer?

How about CUTE, adorable, whimsical, and fun! Better yet easy to love, and color. I had a blast working with this new line of images! I really like that MFT is taking the leap and bringing in more styles for variety! Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the originals, but its great to add new styles to the mix, you know?

Well let me start by sharing a card that makes me all teary looking at it. It is called Purrfect Gift.


I LOVED my coloring for this one 😀 Yes I am patting myself on the back. I think its just so cute.

The reason this gets me sad is my poor cat-Moo-Moo (yes like a cow says moo. He eats everything. Not cat like at all! He is just alike a little cow and that is how he got his original name. Since having children he is referred to as Boy Cat! LOL!) is now peeing pure blood.

I have had him since I got my very first apartment! 11 years ago. I took him and his sister (they were cuddled up togehter sleeping I could not bear to separate them) home with me, and have had then ever since.

We took him to the vet Saturday, after finding him in the blood puddle of urine. He has a history of UTI’s and is on special cat food, but eats dog food every chance he gets. After much testing, they think he has a tumor :C,and that is the reason for the frequent return of infections over the last few months. So not really “infections” just symptoms of the tumor. We couldn’t afford any additional tests as he already cost us several hundred dollars (that we already didn’t have) to find out more.

He is on antibiotics, which usually seem to help, but we have to watch him for crying, only peeing droplets, and lethargy. How do you tell if a cat is lethargic when all they do is sleep? Anyway, this whole thing is KILLING me. I have been a mess over the last few days, hoping that this gets better, and when I gather up some more money for the ultrasound and kidney scan I can figure out what is really wrong. Although we cannot afford an expensive surgery, it will be nice to know what his issue is, can it be helped with meds, and what his QUALITY of life will be.

He honestly seems perfectly fine other than the bleeding. I know that sounds terrible. But we are a few days in and no more pure blood. He is eatting and drinking, and no abnormal meowing or strange activity/behaviour

SORRY!! I didn’t mean to put a huge damper on this post. I wasn’t even going to share all this grief about my poor furbaby but it just happened seeing this card. Im just a mess and its affecting everything else. I’m sure any animal lover can relate. I never lost an animal. Well, we lost out Golden Retriever Kelly, when I was 17. I grew up with her. She got a tumor in her knee and went downhill very quickly. I couldn’t go with my mom to put her down, and that is the MAIN reason I never wanted a dog. They are like a family member. The loss was awful.

Anyway, I’m not sure how upset I will be if my cat goes. I also worry about his sister. How will she feel? She has been with him everyday of her life!!
OK stopping here.

Anyway, here is a cheerier part to the post-

A Scarf for Three


I love the colors this has. Really non-traditional and pretty combo for winter. I kept it simple, as the image was pretty and detailed enough.

Sweet blush, berry sorbet, and pure poppy = the Perfect color combo.

Next up is Christmas Owls


If you are loving the owl trend, you will love this little single! I was inspired by hanging ornaments to make my own trio. More fun coloring 😀 LOVE my COPIC markers.

I just loved how this turned out.

OK I have a migraine and a million things to get done, so I have to run. My brother is now living with us, and that has been crazy adjusting too.

One thing my life never is, is boring 😀

So I hope you dust off those MFT sets, or play with new one’s to join in celebrating MFT day.

I have to say blog world has been quiet here. I was thinking my stuff may not up to par, then I remembered so many LUCKY people are on the Stamp Cruise with Nichole, Gina K , And Emily!! At least that is why I HOPE its been quiet! LOL! I think too after all my template craze, its hard getting back to “normal” stamping, without all the big buzz! LOL!

Anyway-enjoy the start of a new week. Its FREEZING here, lots of frost. Winter is upon us.

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