OK it looks like EVERYONE is DYING to see what is going to be the FREE download 😀 Can you imagine how excited I am to share all this with you?! Jason is going to divorce me by the end of next week I swear! Its templates -templates -templates 24:7 on my brain! You see how I am here, imagine spending the DAY with me? I don’t even want to listen to myself! LOL! Even poor Nichole has had to ride my emotional roller coaster of ups & downs. Let’s be honest, this is sort of a scary thing, to take a huge leap, and put yourself out there for the world to critique. I am honored that Papertrey Ink was willing to jump in with both feet, in their leap of faith in me. Again that freaks me out! LOL!

All this being said, I THINK I can promise to not go on so much next month (keyword being-I THINK! ). Thanks for bearing with me.

The excitement has been building, and I hope this template “knocks your socks off”! hehehe. I am just CRAZY with excitement here as we kick off this venture, and I have gone crazy making things to share. My mind won’t stop thinking of new uses. Did you know you really can function after not sleeping for a week? Yes, it is possible.

As I said before reading all the comment just makes my day. You really have no idea how touching and rewarding it truly is. Once this goes live it will become REAL. I still feel like its a great big dream.

We have a few days left after today, so keep checking in for more ideas 😀 Trust me-there are LOTS!

I have to say I was pretty happy with this particular template. It was probably the most difficult one I have ever done in my life-to date!

Why? Because I cannot draw to save my life, and this is a free hander!

The challenge was to not only get it to LOOK like a sock, but make it stand up!! Not toppling over and no overly OBVIOUS flat edge. After many failed attempts the Stocker Stuffer template was given life!

This template has a connecting box piece so it can hold a good amount of items. It also has the printable heel and toe patch, as well as the cuff topper, and a hanger piece. I hope you give it a try and share your creations with me!!

Wait till you see what my own children did with it-maybe tomorrow.

Now this template has so many possibilities, more which I will share on another day 😀 When you see the title you initially think CHRISTMAS, so I of course HAD to give you a sample for a Christmas Stocking!

Holly Berry


Here is my stocking stuffer!

Now this doesn’t use a traditional HOLIDAY set-it was done using Beautiful Blooms, and Birds of a feather. I made my berries with a red paint pen by Martha Stewart. The sentiment is from the Believeset. I think its still cool though. Simple. I like that A LOT!

I used the Faux suede technique to get my heel, toe, and cuff topper. Te best part is the way the technique works I got pieces to decorate both sides of my stocking with one print. Generally, I would only decorate ONE side of this.

For the cuff I just made a scallop along the cut out template edge.


This is filled with an entire bag of the Pepperidge Farm Raspberry cookies 😀 That is 16 total! I filled the boxed panel with some white bag filler, then added the bag of cookies, tied with a perfect stitched rip avocado ribbon. You know me and cooking-not happening, so I LOVE repackaging food items that make me look like I baked them! LOL!

Now you can clearly see where the name Stocking Stuffer came from. You can fill it to the top!  I love it.

Now for my FAVORITE item using this template


Baby Booties!

OMG! Are these not the CUTEST things ever? How easy will these be for every baby event!

Just put the 2 pieces of the cut stockings , insides together, and cut off part of the tops. Then, rather than making a box/bag in the center, sew them togehter!! Now you have a PRECIOUS baby booty gift!

 I used the Bitty Baby Blessings paper to print my template onto for this.

I used my mini sewing machine to sew the 2 pieces together (OK my sewing needs work), creating a baby booty. I used my paper crimper to crimp the top piece from the template, and added some ribbon and lace.I then hung my little tag.

This would be the cutest baby shower favor! You can fill it with a tea light or two, as I did, or maybe some candy, or a gift card for the new mom! My friend Tanya just had a baby Saturday, a little girl, and I am going to make her one and give her a gift card inside to our local photo place so she can get those first baby photos done!



My Timeless Template ©-Stocking Stuffer

Stamps-Boxes bags & tags. Favor it baby

Bitty baby blessings paper,

white cardstock, lavender moon cardstock &  ink,

Lavender moon satin ribbon

OK now for a MANLY gift idea……………..


As you can see it can be the perfect container for the College bound person in your life! Or even just for that GUY stuff we all cringe making. Now we have creative packaging for the MEN too! We just went from Holiday, to baby, now onto masculine with ONE template! Get creative and make it a construction boot, or maybe a ski boot!! Seriously think of the possibilities.

I think once you give this a try you will fall in love!

I call this one the Stinky Stocking. You can fill it with some dorm necessities, maybe put it in a care package with the persons favorite candies, or the much needed calling card, cell minutes, or gift certificates! Maybe even a coupon book that says “Hey Ill do your laundry X times this month!” LOL!

I know all you women out there with grown boys are thinking “GREAT IDEA!!”

I used Papertrey’s First Fruits patterned paper to create my front piece. I dirtied it up a bit with my Tim Holtz walnut distress ink!

TIPS for this template-OK so if you look at my Stinky Stocking, I cut on the outside of the printed line for my creation, and printed it on the FRONT of my patterned paper. This gives you a different look. Normally I print on the BACK of the paper. I like to cut this template (usually) on the INSIDE of the line. Just mess around with it, and have FUN!

I really cannot wait until you all get to see the WHOLE SHEBANG, and all you get for your money. I know you will be pleased 😀 Nichole and I have worked long and hard to ensure this was a TOP NOTCH quality product. The ideas that got bounced around and back again are crazy.

Not only do you get your template, but the exclusive idea pamphlet as well. The design team has knocked the samples/ideas for these templates out of the park! I am so proud to be a part of this team, and even more proud that YOU all are as excited as I am to give this a try.

Thank you for sharing my joy.


My Timeless Template ©-Stocking Stuffer

First Fruits paper, pure poppy cardstock

Tim Holtz distress ink, red marker

OK that is all for today’s peeks! Don’t forget on the 15th I’ll be issuing a challenge, so start thinking 😀

I will be picking 15 RANDOM winners to receive a FREE My Timeless Template © from the people who leave comments on my My Timeless Template countdown posts, over the next couple of days!

What does that mean?

Well from the comments left from the 11-14th I will have www.random.org pick several winners from comments left EACH day! So 4 people from the post on the 11th will win, 4 people from the 12th , 4 from the 13th, and 3 from the 14th will be drawn! So by commenting your thoughts on the projects each day, you get another chance to win!

I will announce the winners during the Papertrey Ink release, in the party thread, and of course here on my blog. All you really need to win is make sure I have an email address!

Also be sure to check Nichole’s blog for more peeks, and Michelle has a peek as well!

A HUGE congrats to Bee!! She won the For Keep{sake} template on Nichole’s blog 😀

Till tomorrow!