Well today is MY day!

My day to announce my HUGE news. News I have been sitting on for MONTHS! Yes, months! Who says I can’t keep a secret?! I think it almost killed me, but I did it.

I really don’t even know where to start with this announcement, as I have a bajillion things going through my head. I haven’t slept all week. No kidding. You all know when I get excited I babble, use lots of (!!!!) and capitalize my words due to excitment, so bear with me.

This is an amazing new chapter in my life.

Big to me, like other major life events. Events like when I graduated from nursing school,  got married to Jason, like the day I gave birth to each one of my children, bought our first home, getting published for the first time, like the day Alexa finished her last day of chemo…………..huge milestones and events. Events that being a new path in life. BIG! Events that are forever burned into our memory and effect us forever 😀 Yes I’m that serious. Even if this isn’t “big” to some, this is how it feels to me.

I feel so very blessed to have had the ability and opportunity to turn a true passion into a reality. I can’t even begin to say how thankful I feel, or how excited I am. I work hard for everything, and when it pays off its amazing. When dreams turn into a tangible reality.

I received MANY emails guessing what my BIG news was. Many of you naughty, asking to tell “just you”! LOL! As tempting as that was……………….I giggled at your guesses.

They ranged from me being pregnant AGAIN (um, no we fixed that problem years ago!), me adopting a child (WOW! That is an amazing thing to do, but 3 is my sanity limit-actually I think I may even be past the point of sanity),  moving to a new home (that would be nice someday),  me being on the Martha Stewart show or QVC (that cracked me up-Im no where near that-not yet anyway!),  opening my own store (Im definitely not that much of a wonder woman and I like CREATING ,not “selling stuff” ), beginning work with another stamp/stamp related company (nope, not that) to the most popular – me starting my very own stamp line. While I am flattered by the many requests for that, that is not in the cards for me, just yet.

No one even came close to guessing my big news! Now I get to FINALLY share it all with you!

If I were ever going to entrust something that I do, to anyone, I can think of no better person than the AMAZING Mrs. Nichole Heady 😀

After much time, thought, and collaboration, I was convinced (OK she didn’t have to work too hard to pitch her idea to me! LOL!) to start my own product line through Papertrey Ink!

So here it is!


Now you may be asking “OK well, WHAT exactly is this new product?This is a line of downloadable packaging templates that can be printed directly from your home printer onto 8.5 x 11 cardstock. Two templates will be released each month, all of them very versatile and fun. Let’s also not forget EASY PEASY!! Some even kid tested! (Yes I made my kids try a few of them!)

Like most of you, I am a busy woman. I wear many hats. I value every second of my creative time. As a stay at home mom to 3 children “my time” is often limited, as are my stamping dollars! I like to maximize all that. I wanted to create really nice quality gift packaging, that is affordable, and looks like we all spent a ton of time on them, when in fact it was quite easy. (Well for this product I actually have spent a lot of time! LOL! But because of that, you won’t have to)

 Now how much does it cost?

When you purchase the download for a  $5 fee (no shipping!! and you receive it instantly after your purchase! So a BIG yeah!! to all my out of US readers!), not only will you get the printable file, but you will also get a full-color, high quality pdf. document that will include six EXCLUSIVE project ideas using the that template with supply lists and instructions, in TRUE Papertrey Ink style and quality.

These templates can be used over and over again!

Like my product line name “timeless” templates ©, these templates take literally no time at all to print and put together! You literally print it out, cut, score and design as desired. No guess work! It has all been done for you 😀 Those of you who feel challenged by tutorials or all the step by step mess, can now make creations for your own gifts like a pro.

We are so happy about this new venture, and want you ALL to be able to give it a try- RISK FREE!

So what does that mean?

Well to kick off my very first month, and let you give it try, we are giving away one FREE download to EVERYONE, for one of My Timeless Templates© called Stocking Stuffer! This will not be available as a FREE download until the official Papertrey Ink release on October 15th!

That is right! Everyone gets to try one FREE! This way you get to know first hand  just how easy these templates are to work with 😀 Oh and FUN!

Are you excited yet?  I hope so! I have put every ounce of my creative being into this line. Its like one of my children 😀

Every month for at least the next 2 years, will be releasing 2 exclusive- My Timeless Templates ©!

I have worked long and hard on so many various packing ideas that I felt we, as papercrafters, would all be able to use regularly! I really hope this product gets you all making affordable and amazing gifts, and helps stretch your creativy to a whole new level! YOU CAN DO IT!

There are no limits now. Just print and go!

Think party activities, party favors, all of it with endless possibilities.

OK Im done blabbering on about how awesome this entire product concept is. Soon enough you will get to try it. Now it is time for me to share what we are releasing this month!

As I said, we are releasing 2 templates a month. This month we have 3 due to the FREE download.

The FREE Download – Stocking Stuffer © Then the other two available for purchase will be:

For Keep {sake} © and Music Makeover ©

Now Im am sure you want to SEE samples of what these templates are! I will be sharing exclusive daily peeks and ideas for the templates up to the countdown here! So keep checking in daily.

 The first one I will share is called For Keep{sake} ©

For Keep {sake} box


Now this box template has MANY variations and uses, as you will soon see.  I am certain you can envision your own ideas for it too.

The sample you are looking at was made to be a ornament keepsake box! It is so simple and fun to create. Even the windows are printed out for you to decide to cut! But, you don’t have to cut them out at all, or maybe just cut one window. The sky is the limit.

I cut out 2 windows so that you may see my ornament inside from both sides of the box. Now for photo purposes I did not put acetate over the windows. I wanted you to SEE what was inside.

What a great box to present and store a precious ornament in!

Quick and simple ornament I made printing a photo of my children on vellum cardstock. I  them painted the bulb to be like a snow cube. Adding glitter inside. I didn’t spend much time on the ornament-it was shall we say a “prop” for my box!

This is the view from the top


Now you can use the holes in the lid (should you choose to punch them out) to tie on your box top, or like in this case, tie your ornament through!


Box top removed

Isn’t that beautiful? Imagine the look on the face of the person who opens that?

Supplies : My Timeless Template © Keep {sake} box

Stamps- Beautiful Blooms, Believe

Cardstock- Pure poppy, white, black

Ink- craft white, black

Other- tag nestabilties, corner rounder, wide white organdy ribbon. silver cord

Now because I can’t even stand waiting, I am going to share one more peek of a variation using this same template!


Au Chocolate Keep{sake}

These tube are so HOT right now. At least to me. I am really enjoying all the possiblities to present them. While creating I said why not in my Keep{sake} box!

YES! It worked! See! This same template can serve as a glass tube holder! Just die cut circles in the lid top, and insert! Pretty cool huh?

Doesn’t this look yummy? Those are chocolate skittles inside (yes they are new and amazingly yummy).

Here is the tops-I just punched out the pieces from patterned paper and adhered!!


 Another view-


I did put acetate over this window either simple because it didn’t need it! That is part of the beauty.

Trust me there are more things that this template can be used for, as you will soon see! Just wait.


OK last photo I promise!

It is just such a pretty box, filled with yummy treats, using my favorite paper, and chocolate color! You know me and my butterflies! How could I NOT kick off my peeks without something butterfly!


My Timeless Template ©-For Keep {sake}     

Chocolate Remix patterned paper, dark chocolate cardstock, Dark chocolate polka dot ribbon

Butterfly Kisses                     

OK so Im just DYING to know what YOU think?! So dish.

Also feel free to email me with suggestions for templates YOU may want to have in the future!

Can you imagine how crazy busy I have been?! Really nuts, but that gets me going 😀

Well that is it for me today. Feels so good to finally get this out in the open. Each month will be so exciting!

Thank you all so much for the support during my new venture. I am dying for you all to get these in your HOT creative hands, and give it a try!
I will be back tomorrow with more peeks of another template!! HAPPY DANCE!

In the meantime don’t miss more DETAILED info, and a chance to win the first release of My Timeless templates and a detailed peek on Nicholes blog! Also check out  Heather Nichols, and Melissa Bickford as they have much to share too.

Thank you again for taking the time to stop in and share my joy!

Till tomorrow 😀