Now that I have your attention!

You need this (set) Lucky image from Winter Playtime by C.C. Designs. Its being released the 7th of December. I’m in total love with this release and these characters! And I haven’t even inked the penguins yet! Oh the penguins, wait till you see them. SOON. I’m working on that today.

I thought I’d share my idea with you. One I have always had actually. I just NOW have FINALLY figured out how to implement it! An interactive card idea.

Lucky goes Sledding


Going Down!!!!!!!!!


Down, down, down to the bottom!


WEEEEEEEEE! That was fun!

I have always wanted to do a card with a sledding image that ACTUALLY sleds DOWN the hill.

I FINALLY figured it out.

You do like a “spinner” card-On back of image layer dimensional, penny, dimensional, penny.

This creates a “track” for the image to pop into (between the 2 pennies). You have to have it pop into 2 tracks so it SLIDES-not spins in a circle. AND it would fall off! LOL!

I used myCreative Memories Decorative Wavy Cutter for my snowhills. Honest of goodness a MUST have. I use it a lot-especially in the winter! Perfect snowhills! LOL!

Popped my image onto the top snowhill, then used my Hobby blade to make a track , next to the hill (look close you can see it). This allows you to pull the image down the hill. The bottom layer also has to be on dimensionals to allow for easy passing of the penny.

It does glide dow retty good, and easy!

Now, is it not ADORABLE?

PS that patterned Paper is by Basic Grey – Figgy Pudding. It was the perfect “scene” for my sleigh ride background.

I do suggest a busy bkgd to draw attention away from the slice for the track.

So I hope that inspires you to try one yourself. It sounds more complicated than it is really.

Ill be back with more-LATER!