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BRRRRRRR! Baby its cold outside……..Sketch Time

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Well it’s getting to feel like winter! The chill is in the air.

I love snow-but only if I am staying warm and cozy AT HOME! I hate driving or traveleing in it-unless its Christmas Eve or Christmas day! That makes it all the more MERRY!

When I saw Snowbunny Bella, I HAD to have her!!! She is the most adorable thing.

I am unfortunately addicted to them. I had NO IDEA I had well over 30, until I put them all together into a large Prima Flower tin I had collecting dust. Some have never seen ink. They will soon though-I swear!

THANK GOD my local stamp store now carries them!! They get in the newest ones ALL the time! I just call ahead to check and to see if what I want is in. I am a happy girl! I hate waiting to get a shipment in the mail. Patience is NOT one of my virtue’s. AND it’s pretty nice to NOT have to pay for shipping.

So here is my FIRST time using her

mytime-bella-baby-its-cold.jpg  Sketch mytime-sketch-23.JPG Click for larger view

I thought she was the PURTY-ist (yes that is a word-my word LOL!) sketch. Great for those taller images, that you may get challenged with using 😀

I also used a CUTE set by The Cat’s Pajama’s for the sign, and sentiment called-Polar Holiday, and Poochie Christmas. You really do NEED all 3! LOL!

My snowflakes are table confetti. I am addicted to them.

Color Spritzer and glue pen (with glitter) make snowflakes of a different kind. You know she is a Copic colored girl!

So I hope you get to try the sketch! If you do send me a link so we can ALL check it out!

Till tomorrow-I’ll have MORE gift ideas, using myACWP sets! AND some Lizzie Anne!

PLEASE PRAY that my Papertrey Ink stuff comes 😀 I’m going INSANE!!!!

I also HOPE to get the newest C.C. Designs sets! If you liked Lucky and LuLu you are going to go nuts for the next release! Ill give you a hint……….ONE of the sets is “my butterflies of winter”. So you know I’m DYING to get them.

Stumped? Too bad! LOL!

AND……………..MFT has some AMAZING new sets also being released on the 4th? I think! I dont know it keeps changing. I’ll keep you posted on that one 😀

When you see Lizzie Anne’s new releases in January you are also going to go for B-R-O-K-E!!! TRUST ME!

OK enough teasing-get to stamping my sketch would ya.

Wow you never know!

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mytime-shopping-bag-card-front.jpg          NOW IN FULLER SIZE

WOW! I never knew how many people LOVE my step by step instructions for things, until I DONT post them! LOL!

I figured most people don’t care.

Sometimes I don’t even get many comments.

BUT-I cannot even count how many have emailed, and asked for the measurements for the shopping bags-on the cardfront!

So rather than reply to every single one of you, Ill reply here.

Post for card is below this one is below—->HERE.



Cut cardstock 6 X 6

Score at 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 1 1/2 inches,  4 1/2 , 5,  5 1/2.

Then score on other side at 1/2 and 1 1/2

Your adhesive will go on the 3 ends (2 sides, and bottom-it has no back, as the sides will adhere to cardfront) that are scored 1/2 inch. The two other 1/2 inch scores make the sides of the bag.

Have fun!

I’m not getting into all the step by step because you will “see it” as the measurements are scored, just how it all comes together.  I am also not posting the photos and whatnot, as Diana (at Scor-Pal) has asked me to leave it for a future tutorial.

Hope this helps 😀


Well Happy post Thanksgiving! Lots to share today.

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday! We definitely did, and I ate SO much I felt SICK-thats not a good idea.

I hope to post some cute pic’s of the kids this weekend-ish.

I don’t know if most of you know that the day after Thanksgiving is one of the best and BIGGEST shopping days of the year (along with day after Christmas) with amazing SALE’s around here. Its called Black Friday.

In honor of that I have a card! Its a 3D shopping bag I made using my Scor-Pal ,attached to a card front, that can hold a gift card-then you write inside 😀 GENIUS for Jason’s teen cousin-this is her holder for this year. I used the trio of Shopping Bella’s.

mytime-pc-shopping-bag-card-front.jpg Front View

mytime-pc-shopping-bag-side.jpg Side view

Every year I get up at 4 am, put my happy face on, get my Jumbo Dunkin’s coffee and BRAVE the crowds.

Can I tell you that this year was by FAR the WORST I have seen. I had 6 incidents of people trying to steal HOT items out of my cart, while I was trying to get something else!

Please dont do that to anyone-its really rude! The everyday Lauren would have went “gangsta” on them- LOL! But the happy Lauren who shops on this insane day is mentally prepared for the desperation of parents to do whatever is possible to get that ONE toy! So I jut said-Um, yeah thats my cart, put it back. Thanks.

I got everything I set for EXCEPT the MP3 players ($10!!!!). But thats OK.

I waited in line at Toys R Us for OVER 2 hours, and then saw the over charged me for 3 items! So I then had to wait in customer service line. I was NOT happy about that. I dont like that you cannot see the SALE price ring through on their registers as it takes it off at the end. I did save about $191!!!! Go me! BEFORE I went I “thought” my kids were “done”. I guess I went a little overboard. EEK. What daddy doesn’t know will not hurt mommy.

My shopping trip did go well, as I grabbed this one worker, and immediately “hired him” as my assistant shopper-to find all the items I needed, while my hubby was on the cell phone (forgot my flyer in the card- STUPID!!!!). It really is a great system 😀 Just bat your eyes and look pathetically helpless. You then go for the SHY guy, who would feel too bad to tell you he cannot help you. He has his walkie talkie, and then gets people to begin pulling items of your choice, off the shelves, as you shuffle through the store.

This year it took me a little while to snag the perfect worker-but he was found. And did a killer job.

See I talked about desperate parents, I in my own way have my own desperate measure 😀 I admit it.

I’m sad I didnt get to meet up with a local girl Staci for coffee-we were both running around nutty. We had a quick chat, then got back to the shopping. I hope to catch up with her soon though!

OK Sorry for the WAY off topic. I suppose if you read my blog, you already realize this is an ongoing habit. But that’s ME. I ramble and talk. If you were to call me on the phone-I swear we could have a conversation like we have known each other forever. I have not decided if my chatty nature is a plus of a minus in personality traits. HMMMM.

Ok Blog Challenge.

We are suppose to get inspired by something!

Well you know me and my Dunkin Dounuts Coffee!! Check out my inspiration ——->HERE

acwp-dd-inspired-gift-card-holder.jpg Dunkin inspired gift slider card holder

This was done using A Chemistry With Paper-Christmas Cheer Set!! Aren’t those tree’s perfect!!

Here is the open version acwp-gift-card-slider.jpg Click for larger view

Now I did another Gift Card Slider card, using Lucky’s Christmas Wish. I used the same colors for inspiration instead.

mytime-lucky-slider-closed.jpg Gifts From Lucky

Is he not the cutest thing ever??? Oh I love him. You can get him—->HERE. The paper is by KI Memories, and shimmers!!! It’s the Joyful collection.

Here is the open view-click for larger view.


These are just SO cute, and way easy to make. Plus people can re-use them! So Dont SIGN it or WRITE on them. Just save that for the envelope!

OK so Im wiped out! Be back tomorrow for my sketch challenge!!

Id love to hear how your shopping venture went if you had one 😀

Till tomorrow 😀

Tastes of the Season-A post on thankfulness

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removed-for-publication-notice.JPG please click

 Tastes of the Season

Holiday Treats and Hot Holiday Drinks (sentiment) by A Chemistry With Paper

Celebration Frames (circle sentiment) by Lizzie Anne

paper by KI memories-Grateful

This candy apple is just so YUMMY in person. I stamped and cut 3 times!!! Lots of dimension on this. First time stamped on cardstock base.

Stamped- colored -and cut apple, with carmel, and stick. (this get wrapped)

Next time just colored and cut the caramel!! I then wrapped the cut apple with the cellophane that comes wrapped around your paper packs.

This really reminded me of Thanksgiving. Not necessarily TRADITIONAL, but still sent the message of fall, and thanks. To me anyway.

Well Happy Thanksgiving! A day early for some reading.

Hope today reminds you to be thankful for SOMETHING everyday, not just recognize it once a year.

Even when things are bad, there is always a bright spot “somewhere”.

I really always try to acknowledge that, and make sure people around me know I appreciate them. Keyword-TRY.

I honestly am not good at that part. I get “wrapped up” and forget to get thank you’s out promptly, and I’m always late sending cards-if at all. YIKES!!! Looks like I should be thinking New Year resolutions instead. Better start making notes.

Anyway, I like to relfect year to year, and how much has been accomplished or changed.

I have to say its been a fabulous year! I am very thankful for everything I have.

I’m thankful for my kids “thankful for” projects! They came out so cute, and made me SO happy. They are the type of projects they bring home, that you will save for ETERNITY!!! To see what is important to them, and their cute drawings-PRICELESS!!!! You will see some photos soon. I want to include a Smilebox of our Thanksgiving Day-so look for that sometime this weekend. I know, I’m LAME!

Alexa was only hospitalized ONCE thus far. That is HUGE!! She is getting stronger, and her hair is growing in. She is fighting this horrible disease that has invaded her body.  She has been sick on and off but nothing we can’t handle. She is alive and fighting. She is such an amazing little person. I see so much strength in her. She makes me proud. I feel her life will hopefully change the bleak perception a lot of people have of those with Down Syndrome. She is very high functioning, just a bit shy. I am proud of her.

I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but I am proud of some of the things I have done as a mother. And I’m not afraid to say “Hey, you know what I am a good mom”. No, not everyday, but more often than not. I think more mom’s need to give themselves MORE credit. I also think they need to STOP feeling selfish for doing things for themselves. Its VITAL to being a good parent. I truly believe that.

I watched my mom never do anything for herself-just devote her life to us. Only to find herself alone with nothing of her own when we grew up. It was so sad to me. I vowed I wouldn’t do that.

I do what I can to make a difference in this world. In a few areas. Like Alexa’s Stamp set. I was so proud I was able to make that idea/dream, of using a stamp set to make a difference,  a reality, thanks to Melissa Bastow!

I’m there when it counts, I do what I can for my children to have a happy and memorable childhood.

We have our traditions that I hope they pass on to their family.

I teach them good values (although we really need to get our buts back to church-not proud of that).

And, I fight for them, and what is right.

I apologize to them,  when I am wrong, or reacted in a way that was not fair. I think that is very important.

Don’t get me wrong I make a million mistakes during the day, but when its all said and done I think I’m doing pretty well.

Most importantly I am doing my best! Thats all anyone can ask for right?

Im  thankful for my husband, and our relationship. We have such an amazing marriage-seriously! If I were looking in on us, I would want to have what we have. I was blessed to be given such a great guy. I was not so lucky the first time (Alexa’s dad was a nightmare).  Especially having the medical issue’s we have faced. I have seen families destroyed. We always work together. He is my very best friend. I love everything about him.

I am thankful that my husband has a job, in a field, that when needed , he can work from home. This has saved us financially during Alexa’s long hospitalizations and appointments.

I am also glad that he is able to support our entire family on his income alone. I am able to be home with my children, which while can be INSANE, is really what I want to do.

Im thankful that no matter how INSANE my kids can drive me, there is always that ONE moment, in that day, that makes it all worth it. Like the hug and kiss for no reason followed by the best words a mom can hear “I love you bunches mommy”. Or the quick turn around, to blow me a kiss everyday as they get on the bus.

I’m thankful for our home. While we have a ton left to do, its ours!

I’m thankful for my mom-even though we have our ups and downs she has always been my best friend.

I’m thankful I have been able to accomplish above and beyond the goals I have set for myself. Let me tell you I had alot. I’m so very blessed to have had the opportunities open up to Lil Ole “ME”!!! Never did I think that when I began to pursue my dream, the doors would fly open that have. Big thanks to those I work with and for, and all you who inspire me and keep me going!

I am fortunate to work for the best, most amazing people, along side some of the most talented people, that I admire.

I’m thankful for my friends-be it in my life or here. I have grown to know so many amazing people though stamping! Its truly amazing. My cyber friends helped get me though those long hospitalizations, and have taken the rollercoaster ride in my life, with me, like they were right next to me. So thank YOU!

I’m thankful for those of you here who lurk, comment, and share.

I also try to Pay it Forward, as often as I can. Still need to work on that too.

Lastly I’m thankful that I’m making the most of the path that God has put me on. I’m not sure what is in the future, but I know it will be OK. If I can just keep my eye’s on all that I DO have.

At the end of the day that’s all that matters.

So I want to wish you and your family a wonderful, healthy and happy season. Not just today or tomorrow or on Christmas but all year, every year.

Tose of you going through difficult times or a broken heart, or missing someone-I wish you comfort, faith (which is not always an easy thing to have), peace and fast healing.

I would be so happy to hear what YOU are thankful for this year.

Till tomorrow! Friday is our blog challenge-and I have a cute Bella card to share in Honor of my anual shopping venture on Black Friday.

Saturday-Sketch Challenge time.

Sunday-More fabulous gift ideas-unless you are sick to death of my ranmbling about gift giving 😀

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.


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Ok quickie post going on right here cause like most of you I am SUPER busy today!

AND I want to spend my BABBLE on my Thankful post 😀 Which will pop up as soon as I get to it.

I thought I’d share to SIMPLE yet Yummy cards I made-perfect to attach to the yummy homemade (or store bought) cupcakes you send along for the holiday party or for a birthday invite-whatever!

cupcake time

Oh  how I LOVE cupcakes! And this ribbon was a true find-Michaels $1 spot.

It obviously inspired my cupcake design. Love that BLING Cherry.

I made these 2 cards using the Holiday Treats set from A Chemistry With Paper.

SUPER quick cards.

I case you have not noticed-its a must have set. I’m so in love it. Seriously. I dont have any sets remotely close to this one. Possibilities are endless.

 The think I LOVED about these 2 cards was the “frosting”.

I used liquid applique on them, then sprinkled some glitter on while wet!! Heat set it-then BAM!!! (in my best Emerill imitation) GORGEOUS looking frosted cupcake!

Honestly I did sort of rushed through these 2 cards, and feel they didnt do my cupcake images justice! I must re-do these when I have more time. Not too happy with the layouts and balance of them all. Especially the first one. Photos corners and ribbon were too over powering.

Let this be a lesson to you all! DONT OVER DO IT! IT CAN HAPPEN

Oh well.

I do love this one below but the photo was not very clear

Cupcake card 2

cute cupckaes Sorry about the “blur”

The patterned paper is by American Crafts

Wide regal rose ribbon is Stampin Up

Photo corner punch by SU!

Till later-I will be back

Warm up with these gift ideas!

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I cannot believe it’s snowing outside. A good sticky snow! Now that puts me in a HUGE Christmas mood.


I’m SO into it this year. Maybe because I started early? My Christmas cards, and teacher/other gifts are made?

Or maybe its the HUGE excitement my kids have! YEAH! That has to be it.

Kids make this time of year just so magical.

Remember being a kid, and having that magical feeling during the holidays? I know I do. When I hit like 9 or 10 it went POOF!!!! Every year I so missed that feeling.

It really hadn’t come back till my kids have now gotten the Christmas Spirit.

Seeing them be so excited, and already counting down the days. We have been watching Rudolph and Frosty for like 3 weeks now! LOL!

We put up our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, and go all out decorating inside the house. I cannot even wait.

Through Make-A-Wish Alexa gets a HOUSE visit from Santa himself! She is going to pee her pants! I dont know if it will be from TERROR, or excitement! LOL!

She loves the “idea” of him, but doesn’t like “HIM” in person. Wait till I post those photos! LOL!

I have no idea what Amber and Noah will do.

We are wrapping their most wanted toy ( Baby Alive for Alexa, Scooby Doo video game for Noah, and Dora Dance mat for  Amber) for Santa to bring them! We leave it on the porch for him and Mrs. Claus to present as they come in! Now if that doesnt make true believer’s of Santa NOTHING will!!!! I think Im more excited than they will be!

So to the shopping-

I got mega deals at Target last night, and the best part-NO ONE there!!!! It was very quiet. I have just about finished shopping for my kids 😀 Only 3 little things left to buy! GO MOMMY!!! We are only doing about 10 gifts each. Plus stocking stuffer’s. I don’t know about you, but my kids stuff is SO expensive!! Each toy is like $30 plus dollars! What is up with that??

I dont want to overwhelm them or spoil them too much either.

The cool thing was my Publications/Design  work paid for my kid’s Christmas gifts 😀

Now that is rewarding.

I also want to add that every year each of my kids picks out a toy for Toys for Tots, and we go tothe Giving Tree, which is a tree at Walmart, where you pick a gift for a child off the tree, and purchase it. I get so sad when a child asks for gloves or PJ’s or something they NEED as oppose to want. Make’s me realize how fortunate my family is. I usually add a toy to those requests.

OK now onto the stamping part. No one wants to here my blabbering. But I would LOVE to hear what you love to do this time of year to prep for the Holidays.

I’m sitting here with my steeping hot cup of Dunkin Donuts (I am a DD coffee snob) coffee, and thought I’d share some more gift idea’s with you.

One’s that will warm up even the COLDEST of days!

I made a few more samples with my sets from A Chemistry With Paper.

I used one of my fave’s Hot Holiday Drinks.

I LOVE coffee/tea sets!! You can never have too many of those. I love theirs because of the possibilities for words! Some I have never seen in a set before. So this was HIGH on my list.

Cocoa Cones

mytime-acwp-cocoa-cone.jpg Can you believe this SAME idea, not nearly as nice as mine (wink) retails for $4.99 in stores?? Oh My Word!!!

In case you haven’t realized it, I LOVE Archer Farms items! They are high quality, without the price tag! The cocoa you see in th photo is DELICIOUS!!! It retails for $3.99. It  comes in a variety of flavors :D, This is my personal favorite.

I put 7 tablespoons of cocoa mix, in the disposable frosting bag. This will make 1 1/2 cups of cocoa.

I added the marshmallows, and 2 delicious Ghirardelli peppermint bark squares (crushed up) to each one.

 So, to break it down for you-to make 12 Cocoa Cones-

 here is the list

3 containers of cocoa- $12 ($1 each bag)

1 pkg 12 disposeable frosting bags $4 (0.33 cents each)

1 pkg marshmallows$1 (easliy fills 12 bags 0.08 cents each)

1 9.3 oz bag of Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark  $5 (24 pieces = 0.20 each)

A grand total of $22.

That means each Cocoa Cone adds up to be about $1.83 to make! A far cry from $4.99, for cheap and stale cones.

Now that is with top of the line ingredients! This doesn’t count using a coupon, or getting items on SALE!

How cool is that?? Plus the personalized touch-PRICLESS 😀

Now to make my bag-I stamped the peppermint image from Holiday Treats with White StazOn on my frosting bag. I colored it in with a red Sharpie marker. Copic markers work as well.

For my tag I used the Hot Holiday Drinks set. Colored with Copic Markers. I colored the glass with my Clear Glaze Sakura gel pen. Makes it look so real in person.

mytime-acwp-cocoa-tag.jpg Tag close-up

White Liquid pearls make the “whipped cream”. YUMMY!!!

My paper is by Paper Salon -Holiday Swatches collection. Ribbon is by American Crafts. Did a bit of sponging to add to the chocolatey feel.

Now for the coffee lovers!


I covered this coffee bag! Super simple!

I just took ALL the words I wanted from the Hot Holiday Drinks set, and put them on a large acrylic block. Stamped my bkgd “paper”. EASY PEASY.

Now I have a personalized gift. You could put coffee flavored candy in there, or special cookies, like Biscotti. Possibilities are endless!!!

Hope you enjoyed. I was really long winded today-YIKES!!!

Till tomorrow.

A Pretty Pink Dirty Challenge

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mytime-dirty-girl-elzy.jpg Falling Snow

Well, some of us “Dirty Girls” from SCS got together for a Elzybells challenge! Since they are ALL the rage, we thought it would be fun. We all had to use Winter Song image, and pink! No patterned paper either.

I included the names of all the girls playing! You can see what each of us did by either going to our individual blogs, or going to the SCS gallery and typing the keyword DCE1107

Dirty Players


leigh obrien
Linda D
Jeanne S
mel mel

So for my girl-

I stamped in brilliance ink-colored with my Copic Markers. Added stickles to her coat trim, and the “snow”. I got these silver snowflakes from Target. They are actually table confetti!! I thought it looked like falling snow.

The ribbon was a $1 spot Target find.

The textured paper is actually Martha Stewart wrapping paper!! Loved it. That is why my main layer isn’t on dimensionals and seems so “flat”. I wasn’t too happy about that part.

Well I hope you check them all out! If you didn’t LOVE Elzy before-you probably will now 😀

And the winner is……….

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Good morning everyone!! The winner was picked by

Lucky number 78 was chosen! Dee I will contact you for your address!

Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone! I’m so happy you not only liked my project but the stamp sets as well 😀

Holiday Treats looks like the #1 pick.

Here is what the winner wrote. 


Hi lauren…
What a great gift..Who wouldn’t LOVE to receive these.
You did such a wonderful job ! They look soooo good !
I went to the link the other day when you posted it and had
three choices on my list. [love them all ]
The first on my list is labels and tags… can’t wait to get them!
I do have some gingerbread men already or that would have been in first place.
Thanks for the instructions…and Thanks for the chance to WIN.



Gingerbread House Treat Box

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Don’t miss your chance to win——-HERE

gingerbread house

So I have to say I am also in LOVE with the Holiday Treats set by A Chemistry With Paper!!

I can’t stop using it. I haven’t seen anything else like it, and am just working on putting all the possibilities in my head, onto paper!

Nothing say’s you care like the way your present a gift. Especially as crafter’s, making cute packaging can be so rewarding.

This Gingerbread House treat box was one of the many to come.

I saw these cute gingerbread house idea’s, by Martha Stewart. It was $7.99 for 6 SMALLER treat boxes!!! That’s a $1.33 per box. Granted it came with a tiny piece of ribbon/tag for each-but still.

I made my own with ONE sheet of creamy caramel cardstock 0.23 cents to make!

I just scored my cardstock  along the 11 length-with my Scor-Pal at 2 1/2, 5, 7 1/2 then 10.

I then scored along the 8 1/2 side at 1 1/2 and 6. This makes the top, and bottom.

For my house, I used the gingerbread-man border, from Holiday Treats byACWP, stamped around the box. Colored with Copic’s and white singlo gel pen. Red stickles on the buttons.

The “sign” is thier Holiday Cheer set-another great one.

I then used Papertrey Ink Borders & corners for the “window’s”, stamped in white craft.

For the trim around the box, I used Its Elemental by MFT Stamps.

 My Keytag punch made the door.

VIOLA!! My own holiday Gingerbread House treat box!

Here is what is inside-click for larger view.


These are two of the gourmet rice crispy treat’s I spoke of in a few other posts. They are by Archer Farms (Target), and two in a pack is only 0.80 cents!!!

These are peanut butter, with choc. drizzle, and a milk choc. with white/dark choc. drizzle! They are SO yummy!!! Plus since they are pre-wrapped you can start packaging them all up without making them or worry they’ll go bad.

Cute huh??

Hope you like it!

Till tomorrow. I have another Elzybell card, and MORE samples from ACWP!!!

Plus I’ll announce the winner of the Cookie Recipe Holder!

WOW is this post ever LATE! I hope it will have been worth it!

 I am doing a Christmas Gift Idea Giveaway! Keep reading.

Did  you all enjoy the weekend?

Anyone hit the mall?

Yesterday I hit the stores (PACKED with crazy shoppers) with one of my local reader’s “Margie”. We had a blast shopping, then had lunch at TGIFridays! YUM! Tomorrow I’m hitting Target AGAIN-cause of a 4 day SALE!!! I saw toys that were WAY marked down for the event 😀

Today I had a ton of stuff I had to do BEFORE my computer stuff was able to be done :C Sorry. BUT with this post I hope you will find another HELPFUL gift giving idea.

Well ,as you all know I am now one of the designers for this new company called A Chemistry With Paper.

I got 3 sets last week-Christmas Cheer, Holiday Treats, and Hot Holiday Drinks. I cannot put them down.

Let me say I am in LOVE with her images-seriously!! All this week I will post a new sample using the sets I have. They are mainly gift ideas too. So think Holiday ideas.

What I REALLY love is the quality acrylic. I’m talking GORGEOUS, CRISP images. The top quality acrylic is made by Stewart Superior! HELLO! Well worth every penny.

So, for my FIRST item, I will reveal – a Cookie Swap Recipe Booklet!

Now YOU have a chance to win this.

mytime-acwp-homemade-cookie-recipe-holder.jpg Cookie Recipe Holder

Is this not adorable?? Now, I want you to think of this as gift idea for a lot of people in your life.

When I saw these cookie image’s I went NUTS!

What I did was get recipe’s for 8 of my most favorite holiday cookies, and got I the photos of the finished cookies to match. I then made/saved my own recipe cards!!! All I have to do is print them all off. I used photo paper because I love the look. So clear, and professional-and brings out the YUM factor of the finished baked cookie.

The cookies I included in the gift packer are:

Raspberry Linzer Sandwich Cookies

Chocolate Almond Biscotti

Candy Cane cookies

Lemon Butter cookies

Oatmeal toffee cookies

Christmas ornament dough mix

Sugar Cookies

Peanutbutter Gingerbread man cookies

acfp-homemade-cookies-holder-recipes.jpg Photo of recipe cards I made  myself.

What a great variety!!!

Now, you want to step it up a bit?

How cool would it be to make a batch of all 8 recipes. Bag ONE of each up, as a taste sampler, and include this super cute Cookie recipe holder?

Considering each recipe makes a few dozen, that could be homemade DELICIOUS gifts-for ALOT of people. Without the HUGE cost.

This particular gift would be FABULOUS for those who organize a Cookie Swap, or just love baking/cooking.

This was also SUPER EASY!!! After I got the recipe cards cut- copied- pasted- sized- printed-and SAVED!!!

Now I can make a TON of these!

Here is a few more views-just click for the LARGER view

acwp-recipe-open.jpg Holder open    acwp-side-view-recipe-holder.jpg  Side View

Now here is HOW I made it

My recipe cards are 3 1/2 X 5 1/2. So basically you get about 4 per sheet of photo paper.

My cardstock was cut 6 x 9

Simply use your Scor-Pal  and score at 1 , 1 1/2, and 5 1/2. DONE!! If you are crunched for time-Use double sided cardstock and you are GOLDEN. Or wheel a pattern if you don’t have any you like.

The flap stays closed with Basic Grey magnetic closures.

I added ribbon to the inside to tie around the holder. This will hold the recipe cards in place, and adds a cute touch! Otherwise they may slip out the sides.

Now how seriosuly SIMPLE is that?

So do YOU want THIS holder? It can be all yours. For YOU or someone else.

Well, then all you have to do is comment here, and tell me which stamp set over at A Chemistry With Paper is your favorite!

I will pick a random winner Tuesdnesday morning by  That way I can mail it out Wednesday for you.

Now for a bonus-it you order, then reply back here and tell us what you ordered-that gives you another chance to enter. If you already have some of their images, then also respond with a link to your creation/creations! I’m sure we would all LOVE to see what YOU have done with them!

So stay tuned! More to come!!!

Thanks for reading. I look forward to seeing what everyone thinks.

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