Ok let me be straight with ya!

I LOVE making my own boxes, and giftlets (thats my lil word for them).

So if you visit me here-especially like the past month-you will see I have made alot of different styles of gifts, and boxes or bags. I TRULY believe it makes the simplest things WOW people. It also shows how much time and effort went into the easiest gifts.

I know BLAH BLAH BLAH-but to me its SO true.

I also figure I have saved quite the penny on designing the holder’s that I do. Plus I have FUN doing it. People are SHOCKED when they find you not only MADE it all, but designed the box as well. Sometimes the gift doesn’t live up to the packaging right! LOL!

Today I am sharing a FAVORITE of mine. Rather a lightbulb moment.

I LOVE chocolate! What woman doesn’t right? If you don’t, don’t admit it here! We chocolate lover’s DONT GET IT! NEVER will.

Anyway, alot of people seem to like the Ghirardelli Chocolate squares (as do I – raspberry filled being my personal fave, GODIVA Raspberry Starfish-Oh HEAVEN!!!!), as they come in quite the little assortment now! So I got several assortments.

 I bought some-on sale $2.33,  for a good sized bag. I thought how YUMMY they would be for my mail woman or Jason’s co-workers. I don’t know how about ANYONE that breathe’s. Just a great little gift PERIOD. Any occasion.

I also thought-I can’t just leave them in this bag. I wish I had a cute lil box-AH HA! Thats when it hit me.


So I did. I got out my Scor-Pal (yes I use it THAT much), and away I went scoring like a fiend.

I wanted it to house 10 little squares. Obviously the box can be altered for more or less, but 10 was good for me.

So I did all the necessary measuring, and came out with THIS (PS the ribbon really does match in person)

mytime-lulu-loves-chocolate.jpg LuLu LOVE’S Chocolate.

This box uses a stamp set that is NEW from C.C. Designs. The New! Little Bits Kits that sell for ONLY $11!!! This set will be on sale the 7th. Oh and wait till you see them. WAY too cute. I have more coming with them, so stay tuned. I’ve truly fallen in love with Lucky and LuLu!!!

I HAD to use my NEW! Large scallopnestability. You can see that it really makes any single layer SPECIAL.

I used the raspberry wrapper to draw my color combo from. Inside this are 5 raspberry, and 5 caramel squares.

Colored with myCopic markers (of course, what else right!! Hey I get my monies worth), and added strawberry ice stickles to the trim of the coat. You can’t see by the photo, but I also used my Atyou Glitter Pen, to make it all glittery.

HINT-honestly you don’t NEED all the coolors of the glitter pens! Just get the CLEAR one! It doesn;t change the color you put it over-just gives it a perfect touch of BLING. So, save your money for the ACTUAL Copic’s!!!

I stamped the window sheet with Snowflake Serenade by Papertrey Ink, in white Stazon. I filled in the bare area’s with the little snowflakes that come in the Little Bits set.

Here is the template-click for larger view. WAY TOO EASY.


Score per the guidelines.

On the bottom you will cut down the 2 flaps as shown, so the box will fold together perfectly.

Not for the top. the 2 side panels fold down (I secured them with my tape), and the front and back flaps are tied together. EASY PEASY!!

Any questions, let me know. And send me the link HERE if you try it out.

Now here is what Ilike to think of the same idea-only ALL occasion!

mytime-side-bloom-choc-holder.jpg Spiral Blooming square holder

Isn’t this so pretty?

I used ALL the same elements as above. I just made it EVERYDAY themed. This was done using the Papertrey Ink set Spiral Bouquet (LOVE IT)!!!

I stamped the flowers on the box and used my Poppin Acetate technique—–>HERE, for the design. My Pebbles Pearlescent pastels were PEFECT for the extra shimmer on the box. I also outlined the flowers with my atyou glitter pen, but didn’t capture it well in the photo. Oh well.

OK another rambling post.

Maybe this will be JUST what you needed for an idea for that “someone”.

Enjoy the day. The week is HALF over.

Stay tuned tomorrow-MORE ideas 😀 FUN FUN