Well I wanted to stop in ultra quick and wish you all Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas! If you are of another faith then I wish you the happiest of celebrations!

I’ve never had SO much to do on Christmas Eve! Goodness.

I want to thank you all for a wonder response to the “re-opening” of the store My Time Made Easy™ LLC 

I have never gotten more emails with happy and excited people. Many of you shared how you were able to get some last minute gifts done too! Amazing. You warm my heart. What a great venture this is going to be, and all because YOU motivate me, support me in my crazy ideas, and encourage me to do more and make it the very best I can.

Thankfully we have had little issues! WHEW! The *only* thing was some people didn’t clear their cache, and were using the site on the “old” host (yes it is still there), so PLEASE follow instructions in my previous post and reset your cache!! Otherwise it’s going pretty smooth.

I will be heading out to spend time with my family and will not be answering/checking my emails until the day after Christmas. I have been working around the clock to get everything set for the unofficial opening as well as our FIRST official release, and my family deserves 100% of my attention! I appreciate your understanding.

Now before I go I need to share a quick ( and I mean QUICK ) project I did for my children’s teachers.


I used the Cutesy Cover © Pretty Packaging template to make a snow man themed pocket!

This one was designed to accompany this gift ) Alexa’s one to one aid always gets something more from me-I LOVE her!). A super fun and simple project that the KIDS can do!

I didn’t score the lid, I kept it open to create the head, then the opening is where I was able to take 3 chocolate covered pretzels:

one milk, one dark and one white chocolate-to package up in a frosted bag then inserted inside the pocket for all the teachers.


It wasn’t much, but it was something!

I was SO consumed with all the business stuff that I really put off getting their gifts together. I had 12 gifts that I needed to get done, and yes, my children expected it to be a HOMEMADE gift! LOL! I have set a precedence with them and they of course deserve that. I was really tight on time. I’m talking 1 1/2 hours before school started, to get these all done.

I was the ONLY mom to show up for Noah’s party and he was beyond excited (last year I got the Thanksgiving party date messed up and I think it traumatized him!) So, seeing me show up with the gifts I promised for his teachers made his day. Alexa was also excited, and of course Amber was too, she helped a little on a couple, but I didn’t have time to let her do too much.

So I turned to the Pretty Packaging template: Cutesy Cover © to whip out what everyone seemed to thing was a cute gift!

Just took 12 sheets of white cardstock….and 12 snow pockets were created


Having had more time I’d of fancied them up a bit, but I finished like 3 minutes before the bus came.

Since I used my Cricut Expression I was able to cut, score, and assemble the 12 templates, in about 40 minutes. The other 40 were spent decorating! Not too bad for creating 12 gifts in a short time.


(only 9 are here because I had to give them out before getting photos of the rest)

I ALMOST didn’t get ANY photos, but I knew I’d kick myseld if I didn’t!


Amber wanted a googlie eye girl (in the lower left corner-so no its not a mistake! LOL!)


I kept it easy, using punches for the eyes (large googlie eyes would have been better but I didn’t have ANY! EEK!) a marker for the eyelashes, and coal smile, and pastels for the pink cheeks

My ribbon scraps were used for all the scarves!

Each snow person is different. Plus I was able to use my scraps!

SO there you have an EASY idea, if you are like me and need to really WHIP out something cute, fun and handmade!!

Well it is time for me to go be with my family! I promised Amber we’d get the gingerbread cookies made, and she waited patiently while I typed this post.

Thank you for stopping by, and Merry Christmas!