I have received numerous questions about our Pretty Printables © digital paper (be sure to click each category to view it all!).

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Many of you out there are nervous to give it a go. Many skeptical as to WHY it is so much better than patterned paper you get in the store, or is it TRULY a good deal. All that is up to the individual, but if you haven’t tried it, you should!

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Like anything, there are going to be those who LOVE it and those who DON’T! It is totally OK to be on one side or the other. I found for the most part this is uncharted territory for most of you. I decided I would dedicate a post about digital paper and let those of you on the fence make a decision about what side you fall on.

Here is a quick video to show you how easy it really is to get started using the Pretty Printables Digital Paper.

I hope this was somewhat helpful in letting you see that it really isn’t scary at all! REALLY! If you can edit photos you can use digital paper.

To me is the Pretty Printables digi paper is one of best things since sliced bread 😀


 It is affordable-YES! It really is! You pay far less per sheet of digital paper than you do for actual patterned paper in the store (or online-don’t forget the SHIPPING charges!) 

You pay ONCE for the digi files (which our Pretty Printables © digi paper is a steal priced @ about 0.50 cents per design (and some will be cheaper!!) and you get UNLIMITED use!

Here is how you can figure your cost:

Look into your particular printer ink statistics as to how many sheets you print per cartridge. Range is from 100-500 (maybe a few more than that). Some ink cartridges for the same printer will have ink cartridges that print an arrangement of pages so do some research and ensure you are getting the best price! (also keep in mind you aren’t needing to print FULL sheets)

Then the cost of your ink cartridge (usually $10-$40 MAX)

Add the cost of your cardstock, which usually at the HIGHEST 0.20 cents per sheet. (Another perk! You can choose what cardstock you want to use! I also LOVE using Matte Photo Paper (super for printing digital paper :D) Printworks Matte Photo Paper (Target)

SO (going with everything being the MOST expensive)

Say your ink costs $40 (max) you get only the min. of 200 prints for your ink and your top quality cardstock is the MAX price at 0.20 That means to print one sheet of patterned paper it cost ONLY 0.40 cents to print a full 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of cardstock!

Now to buy it is usually more per sheet! You can research your favorite paper packs (which usually only have a few sheets you LOVE but you pay for several others you may never use just to get them) and do the math on those yourself, as those will vary company to company. Also factor in the SIZE of the paper you are getting. Some may be smaller than a project you want to do :C

Even if you add the fact that you pay 0.50 cents a sheet for the digi file (which you get to use FOREVER ) it still only costs you 0.90 cents (and that is saying you will only use ONE digi page ONCE!!)

So obviously the choice of whether that is “cost effective” enough for you, is up to you.

But that is how you can figure it out 😀

Here are some more perks!

No actual storage-I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a huge crafting space. When you get digital paper you get have as many patterns of paper you want without needing to store it! We all already have white or colored cardstock as a staple to store, now I don’t need the storage for all the digital paper patterns I can have! They stay in a folder on my computer and I can pick and choose what I want, then just print!

Unlimited use– this means actually using the patterns I love without having to repurchase them, or hoard them for fear of running out, to only find if I want more the pattern is retired! UGH! OR if I make a MAJOR mistake I can print another one, without running to the store! THAT alone is priceless.

Resizablitly-(if that isn’t an actual word it is now :D) You don’t have to print an entire sheet of patterned paper! If you only need a 2X 2 square, print that! No more waste, and endless little scraps to find use for. You can even put several snippets of patterns on one sheet! (depending on your software) You can also enlarge, or decrease the “scale” of the print. You can crop and focus on a portion of the pattern too!

How cool you don’t have to wast an entire sheet of cardstock or worry about too much/not enough scrap pieces. OR how often does a company carry a cardstock slab that is too small for what you want to use it for? Those 8 X 8 or 6 X 6 paper pads don’t always cut it, or go far.

Mix and Match– ever wish your paper was dual sided, or this pattern was with that pattern rather than the way it was purchased? Now I can choose what pattern is on either side of my cardstock if I’m creating a project! OR use all my designs to create a customized pattern! You can even print on colored cardstock. No limits. The choice is all yours.

Layering!! You can print one pattern over another! For example, a text print over a floral prints! As stated above, mix and match, or create your own NEW pattern by layering designs you have.

These are the perfect match for any of our templates and card creations.

So there you have it!

If you have any questions let me know.

I hope this was helpful, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’d especially love to know if it helped you realize you CAN do this too.

I honestly had to tape this clip 18 times (you can STILL hear my kids in the background! LOL!) because my kids were jabbering away loudly in the background, and playing in the other room. I finally said enough is enough because this is my reality! I’m a mom. I have 3 kids. So it is what it is. My house is never quiet, and I’m far from perfect. My children are active and often a little “energetic” but that is what I love about all of it. So I did what I could without making my kids something they aren’t- quiet! LOL! I’ll miss that “noise” someday.

Anyway, I wish I just said that after “take #2”! LOL! A short clip turned into over an hour of trying to quickly get everything done in silence! LOL!

OK I’m back to busy life and family.

 Enjoy the day and thanks for stopping by.